Tropical Truth Sex Pt. 03


All my stories follow on from each other even when they are not linked. For those who enjoy these stories, thanks for your feedback. I know some do not like that I mix categories up in stories but that is just how my brain works. I have linked this story to the last one and you will need to read that for this to make sense. These are for my dearest friend in the world. We have both been through so much and together we will always make each other better.

After the saga of being in public and being so hungry for that amazing cock, it almost felt like our marriage had become closer than ever before. We were in the Cook Islands with our closest friend in the world who had turned us both bisexual and we did not have a care in the world.

The day had passed us by with amazing views, fantastic snorkelling and my mind wandering off the morning’s events and being distracted by the occasional kiss, grope and eyeful of the three favourite women in my life looking stunning in bikinis in the water while I sat in the boat avoiding the beach (I sink in the sand with a cane).

As that evening the girls all went to bed, I stayed on the lounge chair outside where I had been fucked this morning and started to read on the tablet with a drink in my hand. I need the drink to calm the fuck down after where the day had gotten to. I was the geek; Tiff was the tough chick and now we are corrupted hedonists and quite frankly — I was OK with this as I love Tiff with everything I have.

Before I knew it, as I heard the waves crashing, I had nodded off to sleep in the chair. I did not know how long I was asleep, but it would have been longer than an hour and before I knew it my gorgeous fuck from the morning was walking past and came over. My heart was racing as he asked if I needed anything.

I stuttered like an idiot like this man had holiday hypnosis over me.

I asked if he could bring me another straight whiskey after sounding like a complete moron only for him to put his hand on my shoulder and ask, “Feeling OK that you are openly into cock and cunt now?”.

I was startled by the boldness of the question. This is not the type of humility I am used to in these parts of the world. However, he could probably tell the answer by the burning redness in my cheeks.

He knew the answer and seizing the moment he kissed me.

I had never made out with a man before but the raw power of it was intoxicating. It felt weird, I mean I had sucked him off and he had blown a load of cum up my ass but somehow this was odd.

I am sure there is a prejudice in there somewhere, but my brain was probably not the place where the blood needed to go at that moment.

Before I knew it, I had his cock in my mouth. This was familiar and I did not care. I teased his balls and took his cock as deep in my mouth as I could. By the sounds of his moaning, I was getting better at this, so I took that as a sign to keep going in the way I was going.

His moans were getting louder as his pants were around his ankles, so I decided to use a finger to tease his ass as I sucked him off. His moans went up an octave so everyone could probably hear the horny crew in the Villa fucking again…. If only they knew.

No one was on the beach, so I was not even worried about being seen at this stage.

“Such an expert at sucking cock for a married man, I am impressed.” He moaned to me.

I was so proud I had gotten this man to compliment my skills as a bisexual cocksucker and I renewed the fervour I was sucking him off.

Holding the back of his thighs I could feel his legs tense and I took this as the sign he was going to cum. The grunts got louder, my sucking got faster and before I knew it my tonsils were getting painted as I swallowed every drop like a champ.

As I fell back in the chair grinning like a Cheshire cat at my efforts, he pulled up his pants and told me that I was the best cocksucker on the island, and he loved that I had three women in my life who were all so encouraging for me to lean into it.

I told him to forget about the scotch as I got back up and took my ass and hard cock off to bed.

As I dozed off in the bed, I spooned Tiff and felt Misty scooch up next to me and whisper in my ear “You look fantastic with a cock in your mouth shithead.”

I drifted off wondering if this brat every missed a beat but as I spooned my dear wife, I knew I had a plan in place Misty would never forget.

I made sure to get up early that morning and join my dear wife in the shower of the Villa. We were both naked, showering, kissing and getting very handsy like a pair of horny teenagers.

Before we had finished, I had shaved my face clean, and Tiff had shaved her legs and made out with me deeply. At this moment I wondered if she would notice the cum before she kissed my neck and made me hard in an instant and start moaning as I teased her nipples hard as I groped her.

“Sucking cock without me… such a bad boy!” she whispered seductively in my ear which got me rock hard in a moment. I did ankara duşta veren escortlar not even care I had been busted as I started to suck her nipples to get them hard which made her moan.

I could see how wet she was and as she began to lightly stroke my cock, I kissed her neck then whispered back as I did it “How bad you want to be right now?”. She could see my devilish grin and knows that when I am smiling as I was — fuck have I got a plan.

I dragged her inside and inside my backpack, I pulled out two sets of handcuffs. Tiff looked at me shocked as I explained that I had got these for her and Misty so I could tease and torture them both side by side (to which my ass got spanked rather hard). However, considering the turn of events I knew I had an ally.

The sun was only just coming up at this point.

Tiff lifted Misty out to the sunbeds on the balcony naked and dead asleep. Turns out they both sleep deeply, and they are so light, so this was easy as.

As Tiff carefully laid her down in the chair, I snuck behind and handcuffed her hands behind her. We were both so nervous she would wake up but the noises they were making amazingly did not change.

Then for the piece de resistance of the plan — in the name of providing them with some dignity, Tiff slid on some bikini bottoms on them and slid in the vibrator pieces, so they had vibrating panties on.

The next part of the plan was to order room service.

Tiff had that order in faster than anything I had ever seen her do. She was very excited to see the fabulous cock I had sucked twice, although I thought she had other plans as well.

We resumed kissing and getting handsy under the shower so that our favourite room service provider could see us first before seeing Misty all tied up.

I started getting a hand job as I tease her nipples. This was all about creating sexual frustration and my dear wife knew better than even Misty how to deliver sexual frustration.

Right on cue, our main man arrived. Tiff was going to take the lead here and pulled him in and made out with him so deeply and had his pants off in no time. Then I stood there as a worthy spectator until we both got on our knees and sucked him off. Husband and wife sharing this magnificent cock in the open seemed somewhere between erotic and slutty all at the same time.

As we shared the cock sucking duties, I teased his balls as I had done the night before.

Then I went at that cock like it was my last meal….

Tiff crooned in my ear “Fuck you look amazing sucking cock… I am so glad you accept you are bi, love cock and remember it is all OK.”. I felt so relieved that our mutual bisexuality was going to be normalized and that made me go faster.

In my enthusiasm, I was deep throating the cock for the first time as Tiff whispered every slutty teasing thing she could think of as she teased my cock. I was so damn hard I was twitching under her light touch.

Before I realised it, she was up on the balcony ledge using her hands to brace against a tree with her legs spread ensuring that the sleeping beauties would get a good view.

I shuffled to her on my hands and knees and ate her amazing pussy like it was Christmas morning. I love eating Tiff’s pussy and the way it makes her moan and squirm. She is a kicker when I am into a particular rhythm and in the bed, she will squirm away from me. Here she was stuck and took her pussy eating like a champ.

It had been more normal for one or both of our special friends to eat her out but something was refreshing at this moment that I got the honours for once (Misty is a bit greedy at the best of times).

Then his tongue hit my ass and I moaned so loud into Tiff’s pussy which caused her to moan loudly. I enjoyed the amazing sensation of getting my ass licked as it felt so amazing but also, I knew it was a precursor to getting my ass filled with this amazing cock.

Then the stage was set for the next part of the act. The lube was squeezed into my ass from behind me as a shiver ran up my spine while I ate Tiff out like I needed every drop of her pussy juices. There was a sense of urgency in that moment I had not felt in a long period of time.

Then as he pushed his thick, large cock against my ass I pushed back on him as I was so greedy and eager for it up me. My eyes went big as he filled my ass up for the second time this vacation.

For all the butt plug time that my ass had been filled and all the time I had used dildos on my ass, nothing quite felt like the real thing and it hurt so much but hurt so good.

“GRRRR, GRRRR” he grunted as he started to pound into my ass.

I was begging for his cock quite openly and loudly at this point. I felt like a depraved actor in a porn movie and was completely ok with that.

As I grunted “Fucking pound my ass” two things happened almost simultaneously….

First, Tiff yanked my head into her pussy so that there was less yelling and more licking of her pussy. I might have been delirious in elvankent fetiş yapan escortlar pleasure but while my ass was going to get it, Tiff wanted to make sure she was not missing out.

My cock was leaking precum and I was so excited to have this threesome in public with Tiff and just be the newly minted hedonistic married sluts we now were.

Then the next part of the plan happened….. Misty yelled out “Hey what the fuck!.” Then it dawned on her she was handcuffed and could not move.

Tiff at this stage was moaning and welcomed her to the party.

Misty protested, he pounded, Tiff moaned and neither Tiff, nor I, nor the master of my manpussy was going to be interested in dealing with them in the moment.

Tiff was urging me on as she wantonly ground her pussy on my face and urged the guy in my ass to pound me as hard as possible. My legs were wobbly, and I had no way of bracing myself for the creampie in my ass I was inevitably going to get (so I thought).

Misty was getting whiny and complaining about their restraints. I thought this was a bit rich considering how many times they had tied me up but also, I think she was secretly enjoying the forcefulness Tiff was exerting over them.

They may have turned Tiff into the sex goddess she is, but she was going to get drunk on the power.

Sitting on the ledge was the tablet I had left there the night before. She could reach it and obviously between a cock up my ass and eating her pussy I could not deal with the technological requirements of the next part of our revenge of them.

As I ate her pussy I looked up at her and caught her eye. She looked at me knowingly as to the state of delirious pleasure I was in and then she mouthed to me “Should we begin the next part?”.

As I worked over her pussy like my life depended on it, it happened….

The next thing I hear in a horny, anxious American accent “You two shitheads are soooooooooooooooo ead!”. This from Misty earned a hearty chuckle from Tiff as I started to use my fingers inside of her as I worked over her clit.

Tiff had the vibrator humming along like the leader of an orchestra.

The moans were almost perfectly in sync.

Then as the man fucking my ass grunted that he was going to cum, Tiff surprised me and pushed me away as she began to get closer to her orgasm and begged the guy to fuck her ass as I ate her pussy.

This was the most erotic thing I had ever been a part to. Before I knew it I was on my knees licking her pussy in such a way that her ass was getting ready for a cock that was not mine. We had fantasised about her fucking another cock early in our relationship and I thought I would be jealous….

Jealousy was the last thought from my mind at this stage.

Then in one push Tiff screamed in pleasure and pain as her ass was filled. She looked at me and told me no wonder I was hooked on his cock as it felt amazing up her ass. He pounded with urgency into her as she screamed with pleasure as I licked her clit as fast as I could.

Tiff’s orgasm was coming, and the train had well and truly left the metaphorical station. Before I knew it, she was gushing on my face and I had the joy of licking up every drop of her juices like I was in heat for it. I loved the taste of her when she was cumming and I was never going to miss a drop of her sweetness.

In her delirium, she screams and hands me the tablet to make the next move. I stop for a moment lapping up her juices and change the settings to a pulse vibration and move the speed up to a five out of twelve.

I go back to lapping up her juices as we hear simultaneous screaming and begging for the orgasm that Misty so desperately desired — not a chance.

The grunting then came from him as he was preparing to cum. Tiff flung around, got herself in position and begged for him to spray his load over her face and tits, and my face as well. The scene looked something so fucking corny out of a bad porno but it did the trick. In less then a minute rope after rope of his cum was sprayed all over us as I ate his cum off her tits and nipples and we shared it in some of the sluttiest kisses we had ever shared.

I had not cum yet and was the most sexually on edge I had ever been in my life. I started to finger Tiff off again as he slumped away. Before he went, Tiff thanked him for a great fuck and before he went he got to move the settings on the vibrators.

As he skulked off with drained balls, he also told us there was a cute young local woman watching us beyond the palm trees off to the edge of the beach.

This revelation made the whole scenario even more wild.

Tiff then proceeded to bend over facing the stranger but ensuring to be just tantalizingly out of reach of the girls on the beds. She knew if she got too close, she would get kicked in the head in protest.

We did not care.

I then hollered the woman over. She would not have been more then 21 years old, was wet in the front of her bikini and had been etimesgut iranlı escort clearly fingering herself watching.

Her name was Kina and was a worker at the hotel.

Tiff made her a proposition, she could either have her tongue or mine, but she was not leaving without cumming and without participating in the torture of the girls.

She giggled and before I knew it, a stranger was sitting on my face as Tiff slowly rode my cock. She was teasing me so bad as I ate this small, smooth pussy of this Polynesian cutie. I was not interested in her bio and was more getting off on Tiff’s forcefulness and depravity.

Eating a second and new pussy before breakfast was not a part of the plan but my tongue was too busy for my geekbrain to function enough to care.

Then Tiff handed over the tablet to Kina and asked her to set the new torture settings for Misty. She sees Misty whimpering and begging to cum and so she ups the speed to ten out of twelve without changing the vibration pattern.

There is loud begging for my cum from Tiff and Kina’s legs are starting to shake as she kissed Tiff. Tiff complimented her on her soft lips and kissed her even more deeply and teased her nipples. I sped up the eating of her pussy as her pussy starts to drown me in her juices as they dripped down my cheeks.

Her legs were quivering, shaking as Tiff braced herself as she had an orgasm from nowhere rocket through her body. She is gripping on to my hips so tight she leaves marks and with her pussy gripping on my cock like a vice, I explode into her pussy like I had just let out a fire hose. I had not been so turned on in all my life and I just felt the cum flood out of my balls which gives good credence to the firehose metaphor.

Im out of breath and go limp before Kina lightly slaps my face and mocks to ask if I am still with the world. I quickly come too and get back to work on her pussy and then I decided this needed to get some pace to it.

I picked her up, pinned her down and used my tongue on her clit and fingered her pussy until the orgasm ripped through her as she called us every erotic curse you could humanly think of. As she calmed down the three of us kissed each other and licked my fingers and her pussy clean. There is no way any of us can walk at this point however Tiff looks at the girls squirming and getting so so close to the orgasms they sought.

At this point the two of them decided to move their pussies over each of their faces.

Both, in their post-orgasmic hazy state were so sensitive but intoxicated on the situation to have mercy.

However, I had the tablet now.

Misty did not realise where the tablet was… if she had the panic would be real.

I saw Misty’s legs start to shake and then I decide to be a premium shithead — I kill the vibrator. No vibrations of anything in an instant.

The screams from them into the pussies they were eating were so loud, but my evil laugh meant that I was going to get my payback for this.

For the second time in a week, I was depriving Misty and I loved it a lot.

Tiff and Kiana were screaming so loud because they were so sensitive this was not going to last long.

Before I knew it, both were holding each other up in their post orgasmic bliss as they drenched our gorgeous friends faces. Tiff was grinning from ear to ear and Kiana could barely walk. She was naked in public and had two orgasms in the space of ten minutes.

Tiff then grabbed Kiana’s bottoms and handed them to her and she sashayed away as all of us were staring at her gorgeous ass.

Misty looked stunning coated in the juices of Tiff and Kiana and were delirious for their orgasm…. So I acquiesced. I turned up the toys to full speed as Tiff and I reached for the fruit that came from the room service hours before.

Misty was squirming, begging, panting and urging herself to cum in a possessed chanting ritual. There senses were so tenterhooks and we were loving the sight.

Then as Tiff handed me a mamosa and she started eating the fruit I decided to kill the vibrators again.

The Misty then screamed “You bastard!”

Tiff and I snorted a giggle as we spent the next ten minutes faking small talk, drinking and eating the food.

The situation was ludicrous of course but we did not care. We knew how badly we were going to get it once we let them cum and out of the handcuffs.

Tiff then decided to go to a low speed, then slowly over the course of the next ten minutes slowly up the speed as Misty writhed on the spot.

I then kissed her neck like the insatiable, sex-drunk horny husband I was in the moment and she let them to full speed.

I then pushed her to her original position in the open-air shower and ate her out in the shower. Misty had eaten her pussy clean and it did not bother me at all even if I had eaten some cum out of her.

After a few minutes, we heard the delirious screams as Misty’s orgasms started to hit her. Misty is a troopes, this had lasted the best part of three hours teased and handcuffed in public so neither one of us reached for another stoppage in their orgasms.

I then bent Tiff over in the shower and powered into her doggy style. I was not going to stop until a second orgasm hit us both. I might have been older but I was not going to stop until we both were well fucked twice.

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