Trouble at His Place

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He wished it was her apartment they were walking up to. If it was her apartment, she would be leading the way and he would have a few moments to take in her figure. He had been trying to see it all night but it was hard to make it out in a dark movie theater. Or in the car, even though the seat belt had sat snuggled in between her breasts the entire car ride.

He was jealous of the seat belt.

He was fiddling with his keys to the building, pretending to find the right one while using the moment to stare down at her waist. Her jeans sat like a second skin against her hips. Glancing up, she was biting her lip, nervously waiting for him.

His moral fibers enraged all the other fibers in his body as he asked, “Are you sure you want to come up? If you’re having second thoughts we can always schedule dinner later this week and…”

She interrupted him, shaking her head, “I want to see your apartment. I keep imagining what your place is like and trying to picture where you are when we message back and forth. I’m way too curious to go back now.”

Popping the door open, he smiled at her, “Curiosity killed the cat. I hope yours isn’t infectious because Finnegan doesn’t need any extra encouragement.”

Her eyes laughing she looked up him, “Oh! Your kitty! I can’t wait to meet him!”

They stepped into his apartment and, as he closed the door behind them, he asked, “So? Is it anything like you imagined? We should do your place next so I can picture you sitting around the house in little, lacy negligees.”

Walking into his living room, she turned around to tease him, “Negligees? That sounds fancy and complicated. I just walk around naked.”


Was that a wink?


The word hung in the air, suddenly turning her laughing tease from a second ago into a heavy remark that reminded them both of why they were here. She stood, looking up at him. He wasn’t responding to her remark and she was nervously biting her lip again. Her bottom lip was full and his eyes traced the bottom edge of the soft curve.

He closed the few steps between them and slid his hand around her waist, pulling her body against his. She was smaller than him, but her body was soft and warm as he held her waist against his. It was almost as if a physical magnetism was holding them together. Slipping his other hand into her hair he said in a low voice, “Please, feel free to walk around naked here.”

The comment was almost lost on her as he leaned in and gently placed his lips against hers. She tasted salty from the popcorn they had eaten on their date and her luscious lower lip pressed softly against his mouth. She pressed her body even closer to his, her hands moving around him to rest against his back.

His hand was combing through her silky locks while it was as if her mouth was a hot enticement of what she had to offer. She overtook his senses and he felt his body respond with his growing excitement of the moment.

He tore his mouth and body from her, practically canlı bahis şirketleri dragging her into his bedroom. She pulled her shirt up and over her head and started to slide out of her tight jeans, bracing her arm on the nightstand as she lifted one foot up.

He had been unbuttoning his shirt, but now he stood still with fear as he saw his night ending. Her hand accidentally slid a motorcycle magazine off his nightstand to show what had been lazily hidden underneath.

He held his breath as she glanced over and gasped at the dirty magazine now facing her. It was flipped open to a page showing a well-endowed, skinny blond in small scraps of black material. The woman lay on a bed, her massive blond curls arranged seductively around her face and her red lips worked into a pout. She had on black fishnet stockings and her legs were spread showing off her shaved center.

He waited while she picked up the magazine and looked closer. The woman’s legs were spread because her knees were tied up to her arms and her wrists were tied to the bed.

She still only had one pant leg off and now she sat down on the edge of the bed, still holding the magazine. He stood frozen, unable to move anything but his eyes as he watched her, waiting for her ridicule.

She flipped through the book, glancing over the pictures. Finally, she cleared her throat and said, “Have you… are you…?”

Finally she settled on her question, “Are you into this?”

Should he lie?

She immediately asked another question, “Is this something you were going to eventually want me to do with you?”

He tried to reason with her, “We haven’t even had sex, yet. We don’t know where this relationship is actually going. Please, can you put the magazine down and forget about it for now? I don’t want it to ruin what was going to be a really great night.”

She narrowed her eyes at him, “A great night?”

Then she shook her head, “No, now I’m curious about it,” she flipped to a page and pointed to the woman on it, “She’s really pretty.”

He numbly moved to sit down on the bed next to her and leaned over to look at the picture. Were they really looking over a porn magazine on their first night together?

The thought of it stirred his excitement again. He put his arms out behind him and leaned back on the bed a little, watching her as she, a little hunched over, flipped through a few more pages.

She turned back around to look at him. She had taken her shirt off and now her breasts lay nicely mounded in a lace bra he itched to unclasp. He had unbuttoned his pants and now he sat on the bed with an obvious bulge through his boxers. She put the magazine back on the night stand and moved closer to him on the bed, asking, “Can we try it?”

He couldn’t believe he was still breathing as he asked, “Can we try what?”

She was on all fours now, crawling to him on the bed as her breasts were hanging, almost falling out of the bra. He stared down between them, suddenly jealous again of the canlı kaçak iddaa seat belt. She bit her lip, clarifying for him in a slow, unsure voice, “Will you tie my hands? I mean… is that… what you’re into?”

He let out the puff of air he had been holding in his lungs. Trying to keep his voice calm, he explained, “I’ve honestly never done that before. I feel guilty about liking it and have never brought it up with past girlfriends, much less on a first time. I would understand if you want to go back to how we were doing things.”

She was silent, nibbling her lip, this time thoughtfully. He smiled at her and said, “Unless, of course, if you’re now curious. I can go grab the tie to my bathrobe…”

Shyly, she nodded. She took her jeans off the rest of the way as he stood up and slid his pants down his legs. His robe was hanging on the back of his door. Sliding the tie out of the loops, he closed the door to his bedroom, as if he felt what they were about to do needed to be kept hidden.

He sat behind her on the bed and pulled her arms behind her. Wrapping the tie around her wrists in a figure eight, he tied it off and pulled on it, to make sure it was secure. He slid his fingers up the back of her arms and over to her bra clasp. Letting that go with a sigh of relief, he asked her, “Is it too tight?”

She shook her head, her hair brushing off one of her shoulders from the movement. He moved his hands to her shoulders and around to cup her breast in his hands. They were still sitting on the bed and he moved his body closer behind her and pressed his lips against her bare shoulder. Rubbing over her nipples with his thumbs, he felt them harden under his hands. His voice husky, he whispered into her ear, “I kind of like this. I can make you do whatever I want and you’re not really in a position to disagree.”

She licked her lips and he stared down at them from behind her. They had been teasing him all night and now he wanted them wrapped around him. He moved to lie down in front of her and, pulling her hair back from her face with his hand, he guided her head down.

She had to scoot forward to properly balance herself without her hands. Opening her mouth, she slowly sucked in just the tip, flicking her tongue over it from the inside of her mouth. He felt her swallow, then slowly move her mouth down. His tip slid far back against the smooth inside of her mouth as she took in as much of him as possible.

Inside, her mouth was warm and soft while she sucked her way up and down his shaft. The pressure shift as she worked her mouth around him, her lips pressing around him and teasing his tip, was tantalizing.

Her body was starting to shake. He could tell she wasn’t used to hovering in the position she was in so he said, “Stop.”

She pulled her head up to look at him, wondering what he wanted her to do.

He sat up and reached around to untie her hands. Gently pushing her down to the bed, her head on his pillow, he gathered her hands back up above her canlı kaçak bahis head and retied her wrists.

Leaning over her, his face close to hers, he asked, “Is it too tight?”

She shook her head and said, “No. It’s kind of turning me on.”

He smiled at her comment, thrilled that she was enjoying this with him. He softly brushed his lips against her cheek then trailed kisses down her neck to her breasts. Sucking one of her nipples into his mouth, he heard her moan and arch her back underneath him, pushing her breast up against his face.

Hovering over her, he braced his body with one arm and held himself against her with his other hand. He teased her by rubbing just his tip up and down the folds of her pussy. She was wet and he could feel her juices lubricating his tip while he teased her. She was arching her hips against him and crying out, “Oh my god, you have to… just… put it in! Please.”

He paused for a moment to look at her. Her hair was getting tousled already from their movements on the bed, her lips were dark with passion, and her eyes were energetic. She liked that he was in control. He could sense her arousal as she gave in to him.

He wanted to make her wait, but something about what they were finally doing was too much for him. He didn’t want to wait. He wanted to Be. Inside. Now.

Already slippery from his teasing, he slid in easily. Groaning from the sense of relief he felt at finally being inside of her, he set a fast, hard pace. Her arms pulled against the tie as she tried to use her hands to push against the headboard. He was moving fast against her and their bodies were sliding up the sheets.

She was warm and soft inside, her body closing around him as they moved. Her legs were in the air and she moved her hips up so he could push in as deep as possible.

For her, she found each hard, fast thrust more arousing than the last because she found a sexual thrill in submitting to his control. It was only her hands that were bound, but the act of trusting and giving in to him had charged this experience with a carnal, erotic feeling that wound its way from her bound hands and down her body. Every touch and thrust against him brought her closer to a feeling she was unused to.

The feeling built up inside of her as a heat pooled in her lower stomach and released itself as her legs shook with ecstasy and her moans grew louder.

After her release, she changed her pace. She pulled her hips away from him slowly and then pushed back against him hard and fast. The change in motion was bringing him closer to his own orgasm. He moved one hand to hold her bound wrists. Being in physical contact with what they were doing pushed him over the edge. He pulled out and hovered over her, feeling it start from deeper down. He felt his orgasm move up and out. An erotic energy coursed through his body, momentarily shutting off all other thoughts and feelings until he came, his warm cum dripping down her breasts and covering her nipples.

Exhausted, he moved to lie next to her on the bed. In a moment he would get her a washcloth so she could clean up and he could nuzzle into her beautiful, soft breasts. For now, he looked over at her and smiled, teasing, “I don’t have to untie you, yet, do I?”

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