Truckers delight


Truckers delightI’ve been chatting with Paul from PaulandHotwife and he wanted me to describe a fantasy he has of seeing his hot wife taking on all cummers at a truck stop from the point of view of one of the lucky truckers.I was reaching the end of my driving shift and had to rest up for a few hours. I headed for one of the laybys I knew around Birmingham. I pulled in and got in the back of my cab and started to read a book to unwind.Then I noticed this car pull in behind the trailer ahead of me. This woman got out, blonde hair, a fair old pair of tits on her, a short skirt and high heels. Must be on their way out or home from a party I thought. Anyway as I watched she hiked up her skirt pulled her knickers aside and squatted down to pee behind the wagon. I smiled thinking she hadn’t realised I was in the back of my cab and was watching her pee. Well she stood up, looked directly at me and blew me a kiss. Her skirt still around her waist and her knickers aside showing her furry pussy. Then she walked back to the car, opened the door and leant inside. She had kept her legs straight and was giving me a great view of a soft and very fuckable arse.The drivers door of the car opened and out steps her hubby. “here we go” I thought. He’ll come and tell me I shouldn’t have been looking at his misses, who was still walking round with an exposed pussy. He knocked on the cab door and I opened it. “Hi” he says, smiling up at me, “My wife tells me you were watching her pee.” I felt a bit embarrassed so just said I couldn’t really help it as she was doing it right in front of me. Still smiling the guy said “oh I don’t mind, in fact I quite like watching her being a dirty slut with other men. Would you be interested in fucking her?” I swear I was absolutely dumbstruck. The hubby smiled at me and said “Sorry, I may be being a bit forward, but I’ve always wanted to see her getting used in a truck cab.” I nodded and found my tongue. “I’d be happy to help you both out.” A smile spread across my face as his wife came out from behind the door pulling her top down to expose her fantastic full breasts. I held out a hand to help her up into my cab and pulled her onto the bed in back. Her hubby climbed up and as he sat in the front I heard him say “She’s really quite the submissive slut you know. You can tell her what to do and she won’t complain.” Now I’m not normally like this but what the hell I thought. No telling if I’ll ever be back this way, so I told her to take her top off and fondle her tits for me. And she did! I looked over my shoulder and there was hubby with a big grin on his face. “Told you” he said.Now I knew this wasn’t some twisted joke. I buried my face between her thighs and started eating her pussy. It was damp, from the fact she’d kayseri escort just peed or because she was turned on I didn’t care. I was getting turned on too. I hadn’t had a fuck for weeks and here was one going begging. I could hear her moaning already. This one was going to be a really enjoyable fuck for me I could tell. I got my cock out, it wasn’t rock hard but getting there. I got up on the bed and told her to suck on it and oh boy did she suck it. Her tongue licking my cock end then taking it fully in her mouth ‘til my balls touched her chin and then pulling her head off it to again lick my cock before swallowing it again.I was really enjoying this, all the while I had a finger or two working away at her pussy lips and thrusting them up inside her soaked pussy. I obviously wasn’t paying attention because of the pleasure I was getting. Another driver had his head in the cab and his exclamation of “Fucking hell!” caused all three of us to jump a little. Me and the slut sucking my cock blushed but her hubby, to his credit, just offered his hand and said “feel free to come in and enjoy my wife too. She’s a really good fuck and I’d like to watch her pull a train of you and your friends.” Hearing his words I swear his wife’s pussy got instantly wetter and her lips more swollen. He wasn’t joking when he’d said she was a great little slut. The other driver just smiled. You her that there are women dotted around the country that get off on fucking drivers, but I’d never had a clue they existed. The other driver must have obviously had some sort of experience like this before though because he smiled and said he’d be back in a bit with a few others.Having been surprised once I thought I’d better be a bit more careful. I closed the drivers cab door and opened the passenger side one as no-one would be driving past it, then closed the curtains inside the windshield. When the other drivers got here they would see a door open and could join in, just a bit more discretely. I suddenly realised I didn’t have a condom with me. I told hubby that but he said “No worries, you can drop your load in her or on her. I like fucking her after guys have emptied themselves on up her anyway. Turns me on.” He said as happy as you like. Well then there was nothing stopping me. I pushed down my jeans and pants around my ankles and got to work on pounding this slut’s pussy.Well I was so eager I didn’t even change position once. The warm wet gaping pussy around my shaft and her soft moans as I thrust away, getting faster with each stroke just mesmerised me. Before I knew it I was gasping out in guttural moans and giving those short forceful thrusts that are a sure sign you’re emptying your balls. I pulled out of konya escort her and looked around to see a few faces with broad smiles. Whether that was because of my performance (I doubted it) or because I was out the way and it was their turn next I didn’t care. I pulled my jeans up and got out of the cab.As I turned around there she was climbing down from the cab. Tits out and arse on display with a blanket over her shoulder. She lay it down on the grass verge and knelt down on it. One driver then got his cock out and she started sucking it like a real pornstar. She was licking it, sucking it, spitting on it and gagging on it (it was a fair old size after all). Hubby came over and shook my hand, “thanks for pumping your load up her. They can see it oozing out of her so hopefully they’ll all add their loads.”. Never having met swingers before I asked him how they’d started out. He explained that they’d gone to a house party a few years ago and she’d had a few too many. He’d been busy catching up with an old friend and hadn’t noticed she wasn’t in the room. When he’d finished his chat he went looking for her and overheard someone mentioning some dirty bitch was in one of the bedrooms having sex with two guys. He’d been a bit shocked when after not finding her anywhere else he opened the door a bit and heard her voice moaning in sexual ecstasy as she was being fucked in her pussy and arse at the same time by two younger blokes. He’d been surprised and a bit upset at first, but as he watched her being a wanton little slut he started to realise he’d gone rock hard and was enjoying it. As soon as the blokes had finished she got dressed and they left. He told her he’d seen her but it was okay as he’d enjoyed it. He proved it by taking her as soon as they got home. Things had gone on from there.Back on the blanket, his wife was now on hands and knees as the first guy had gone round the back and was fucking her hard. The sound of his body slapping against her arse with each stroke he gave her was like a slow round of applause that was getting quicker and louder. Her mouth was now occupied by two cocks as she sucked first one, then the other. “When that guys finished fucking your dirty slut pussy,” one of the guys said, “which of our loads of spunk do you want in it next?” She took the cock out of her mouth long enough to gasp “Yours!” Well that must have been enough for the guy pounding away because he grabbed her hips, gritted his teeth and just said “uuuurrrgghhhhh” as he blasted her cunt walls with his spunk. I swear the next guy left a dust trail and was behind her before the first guy had pulled out he wanted his fuck at her so bad. The guy who’d just shot his muck pulled out and came around to izmir escort hubby to shake his hand and thank him. “Sorry I didn’t pull out, is that ok?” “No problem” hubby said. He took in the crowd of 5 guys and said “feel free to empty your balls wherever you see fit. My slutty wife loves it wherever you put it.” To a man, they all make thankyou noises and smiled. The guy that had been left having his cock sucked couldn’t take any more and pulled out then told her to open her mouth. He then stroked his cock and directed his jets of come over her face as much as into her mouth. She spat it back onto her chin and rolled it around her face before pushing it back into her mouth and swallowing it. I think that was to prove how much of a cumslut she was and loved the stuff.The guy that was fucking her pulled out and got her on her back then asked two other drivers to hold her legs out to the side then really started fucking her cunt hard. She obviously was enjoying it front the incoherent babble of “oh god’s” and “yes’s” and general slutty moans she was making. Being encouraged by how filthy she’d been so far he started saying “You fucking love this cock don’t you, you dirty little slut!”, “Go on, take my cock, tell them what you are, tell them you’re a dirty little cum whore!” And she did, she told them exactly what a filthy whore she was and how badly she wanted them all to fuck her and spunk for her. Hearing a woman tell you this while you’re fucking her, surrounded by other guys she’s about to fuck with. It’s massively erotic. The guy soon got to his short strokes and was emptying himself. He was a real heavy cummer too. He pulled out after a few spurts but still had enough to pump on her belly, nearly got her tits too. The guys all looked to hubby to ensure he was okay and kind of get the nod they were still okay to fuck his horny slut wife.As each one took his turn fucking her on her back with her legs either over their shoulders or spread out wide they all congratulated him on his sexy wife and wished theirs was just like her. Telling him what a dirty bitch she was being and hubby was loving it. He seriously was getting off on guys telling him he had a slut for a wife and seeing her do all these guys. One after another. A constant stream of stiff dicks being pounded hard, fast and deep into her gaping pussy. Eventually we’d all had a go (in some cases more than one go) at satisfying our lust for the night with this hot and now rather sweaty but thoroughly satisfied little slut of a wife. She got up, a bit shakily, gave out a few kisses as she got her top back on and pulled her skirt back down. Amazing how just pulling her skirt back you’d have thought she was a proper and decent wife. Not a sex crazed slutwhore. I was picking up my blanket as her hubby came over and handed me a card, written on it was a mobile number, “next time you’re around give us a call. If we’re not busy maybe we can do this again!”Too damn right I’ll call. Hope I’m round there soon, my balls are aching to loose themselves with her again!

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