Trudy – My First Girlfriend

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Trudy – My First GirlfriendAfter sharing with you the account of my first sexual experience with my cousins Betty and Veronica, I thought I would share what happened with my first girlfriend, Trudy. I knew Trudy in junior high, but really didn’t pay her much attention at the time. By my sophomore year in high school, Trudy had blossomed into a pretty teenage girl. She stood about 5’ 5”, had blonde hair that hung down almost to her waist, green eyes and b-cup tits. She had a great figure and often wore clothes that really showed it off. After school one day, I was walking home and saw Trudy just ahead of me, so I caught up to her and started talking about school and such. She smiled and seemed to put a bounce in her step as we walked and talked. Just before reaching her house, I asked if she would like to see a movie this weekend and she said that sounded great, so we set a time for me to pick her up and we talked about what movie to see. That Friday evening, I showed up with my car and we headed for the movie theater in town. There wasn’t a large selection of movies playing and I really don’t remember what we saw only that it was a pretty lame movie. About half through, we agreed to leave. I took her to get something to eat and we ended up sitting and talking for several hours. This became our routine every Friday evening for a couple of months until one Friday movie changed everything. At the time, I was still having sex with my cousins and was eager to have sex with Trudy, but never knew how to bring up the subject without ruining a good thing. But this one night, one of the characters in the movie mentioned about finding out if his girl was a true blonde or not. I may have been experienced with sex, but honestly had no idea what the guy meant. Trudy and I were talking about the movie when I asked her what the guy meant. She chuckled and asked if I was serious that I didn’t know. I was embarrassed to admit it to her, but yes I was serious. Trudy proceeded to explain to me how so many blondes are actually brunettes that dye their hair. Then she told me that many of them don’t dye their pubic hair and those that do find that it canlı bahis şirketleri doesn’t take the dye as well as the hair on their head, so the guy in the movie was talking about seeing his girl’s pubic hair to find out if she was a true blonde or not.Then she floored me when said that I was probably wondering if she was a true blonde or not. I looked at her and told her that now that I know what it means that yes I am curious and then asked her if she was a true blonde. She told me that I would just have to find out for myself someday. I asked her when and she said perhaps next weekend. I asked her why the wait and she told me that her parents were going to a wedding out of town next weekend and she would be home alone. I got hard just thinking about it.That week was one of the slowest weeks I had ever experienced. Every time I saw her at school, she would smile and whisper that she couldn’t wait till the weekend. Finally Friday night came and her parents drove off. She called me and I went straight over. She greeted me at the door and asked me in. I was nervous and anxious and wasn’t sure how to proceed. Trudy then showed me a deck of cards and asked if I wanted to play strip poker. My pecker got hard faster than I could answer her yes. We sat down on the living room floor on opposite sides of the coffee table and Trudy began shuffling the cards. She dealt the first hand and loser had to remove an article of clothing. I lost and took off my shoes. Then I dealt and still lost, so I took off my socks. Trudy began teasing me that I may not get to find out if she was a true blonde or not. She dealt the next hand and lost, so off came her shoes. We alternated dealing and eventually I was down to my undershorts and Trudy was in her bra and panties. It was my turn to deal and I was praying she would lose and sure enough, she did. Trudy took off her bra and her breasts were amazing. They weren’t big, but they did have a noticeable puffiness to the aureole. The several minutes was filled with nervous talk and teasing as we both realized that one of us was about to reveal all. Trudy dealt the cards very slowly and I’ll canlı kaçak iddaa never forget looking at my hand and seeing 3 nines. I discarded the other 2 cards and was excited when I drew a pair of 7s. I was sitting there with a full house, 9s over 7s and knew I was going to win the hand and Trudy was going to take off her panties. It came time to show our cards and as I laid down my cards one at a time, Trudy laid down a jack, another jack and then a third jack to my 3 nines. I turned over one of my 7s and she turned over queen. Now I had serious doubts as to who was going to strip. I laid down my other 7 and all I saw was that Trudy laid down another face card and I thought that was it. Then I realized that her last card was a king and that I had won the hand. Trudy stood up, twirled around once and then with her back to me she slowly slid her panties off of her ass and down her legs. She wiggled her cute little ass back and forth and started to turn one way and then the other, always avoiding turning to face me. When she finally did face me, she dropped both hands to cover her pussy and pubic hair. I told that wasn’t fair and that I won fair and square and she had to show me. She told me that she would if I took off my underpants. Needless to say, they were off in an instant and Trudy stared at my erect pecker. It wasn’t huge like every guy writes about, but I never had any complaints about size. I gave her a few moments to look at my pecker and then said it was now time to reveal. She moved her hands, revealing a nice bush and light blonde hair. Betty and Veronica both had dark pubic hair and I had seen pictures in magazines and they all had dark pubes, so Trudy’s was the first blonde pubic hair I ever saw. I moved around to her side of the coffee table, told her how wonderful, pretty and sexy she looked and then hugged her tight against me. I could feel her firm titties against my chest and knew that she could feel my hard pecker against her belly. We kissed and held each for how long I don’t remember. Then we moved apart and both of us looked down at ourselves standing so close to the other. I knelt down canlı kaçak bahis and kissed all around her blonde pubes and noticed that they felt softer than Betty or Veronica’s. Next I kissed her right on her pussy and then ran my tongue along it as I had done so often to my cousins. Knowing what the cousins liked most, I worked my tongue around her pussy and clit bud and then began to suck and nibble on her little clit bud. Trudy moaned and started to sway so I suggested she sit on the sofa and I knelt between her legs and picked up where I left off. In no time Trudy was leaking juice all over me. Her juices really started flowing as she had first climax and then her second. She tasted different than the cousins, but different in a good way. I think she was a little more muskier than they were. She pulled me up by my hair and told me it was her turn to suck me, so we traded places and I sat on the sofa and Trudy got between my legs. I thought I was going to shoot off what she wrapped her hand around my pecker but I managed to avoid it somehow. She went straight to work sucking me and I realized that she had to have done this before, but I wasn’t going to complain. While she was skillfully sucking my pecker, Trudy started running her fingers around my balls and instantly shot stream after stream into her mouth. She never stopped sucking and swallowed everything I gave her. When she was done, I asked her if she had done that before. Trudy smiled and said a few times and I asked who and she said a couple guys. I told her she was great and we hugged and kissed some more. For the next hour we sat on the sofa, hugging, kissing and playing with each other. I guess I was waiting for her and she was waiting for me to make the next move when Trudy asked me if I was going to fuck and just sit here all night. I pulled her onto me and quickly slid my pecker into her wet pussy and the two of us fucked like rabbits the rest of the evening. I called my dad and told me I was staying the night at a male friend of mine and he said okay and that was it. Trudy and I stayed naked all night, all day Saturday, Saturday night and into Sunday afternoon. We fucked so many times that I lost count. Eventually, Trudy said that her parents could be home anytime, so we got dressed and I headed back home. Trudy and I were steady for almost a year after that and we fucked every chance we had. She was a great first girlfriend.

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