True Encounter

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Thank you to TheFlaneuse for helping me with my first story…I hope I do her assistance justice. This is true story about a very erotic encounter. Hopefully more experiences to be written and some to be developed.


The sexiest encounter I’ve ever had was meeting a gorgeous 22 year old girl named Erin Venice beach in the USA. I was strolling I simply asked her for directions to a bar She had blond, short hair, red lipstick with pouty lips and a curvaceous compact body, like a gymnast with great D cup tits. She was wearing a tight sweater that showed off the outline of a lace bra and was sheer enough to highlight her nipples. I love seeing what a woman is wearing underneath her clothes to see she had tight leggings that showed off her curves and the line of her G-string got my cock hard.. She had spunk (sex appeal plus confidence). I could tell she was ready for anything.

It is great having an Aussie accent as it becomes a talking point when overseas. As we strolled we just talked about what I was doing in the US, how a motorcycle accident had landed me in a wheelchair and generally small talk. When we arrived at the bar I asked her to join me. Taking a seat out doors we sat next to each other. The conversation was really easy, she was really open. Time to investigate how open she really was! In the next 10 minutes I found out that her nipples are incredibly sensitive, she has ejaculated and a month ago her and her best friend got drunk and played and loved it. The one discovery that allowed me to take this further was that she loves being an exhibitionist and public sex.

I took a leap of faith and placed her hand on my cock. That was a defining moment. She instantly became my slut. I told her that and also that I was going to make her cum in four different ways. The look of intrigue was priceless.

I told her I wanted her to dip her fingers into her cunt and place then in my mouth. She slowly slid her hand into her tight pants and arched back in her seat to get better access and I could see the pleasure on her face as she delved into her cunt. She pulled them out and, looking directly into my eyes, slid her fingers into my mouth. Oh my God….sweet and wet! The next request surprised her. I told my little slut to insert her fingers güvenilir bahis again but this time I wanted her to wipe her fingers behind her ears, just like perfume and a little under her nose. I also told her now to pull panties up between her lips of her cunt. I wanted her to have a camel toe for all to see but also see her walk with her panties rubbing against her clit when she walked. She was so compliant.

I explained that her cum is like an animalistic scent. I want to watch the men and woman’s reactions when she talked to waitresses and waiters. The scent was beautiful.

With that I told her to go to man at the bar and ask where the accessible toilet was. Then go to the toilet, strip to her underwear, spread her legs and fuck herself until I came in. I love meeting a willing slut.

As she spoke to the barman I could see him shift in his stance as if to acknowledge there was something different about this girl. The smell! He was like a dog on a prairie with the first scent of a rabbit. His nostrils flared. He looked at me and I just smiled. If only he knew I was about to explore my little slut’s mouth, cunt, ass and mind.

The moment I opened the toilet door and saw her straddling the toilet with her fingers buried knuckle deep in her cunt with a big smile on her face I knew I had found a pet. I went straight up to her and from a distance of 20centimetres I got my cock out and stroked it right in front of her face.

I believe I know how to make a woman ejaculate. Curl your fingers up to her G spot and gently rub it for a minute or two. Once you feel it get wetter it is time to insert one ginger and rotate it in a circular motion at the entrance of her cunt slowly pushing your finger further in with each rotation. Just when you she least expects it, thrust one or two fingers as fast as you can in and out of her cunt. She will feel like she is going to piss, but it is not piss it is cum.

She exploded, spraying her cum everywhere and screaming with pleasure. I have no doubt the owners thought she was getting raped. I didn’t stop. I pushed her legs back over her head and lapped at her clit like I was the slut. It the space of 1 minute she was crying out again as she came. I moved again and used the juice of her cunt and plunged a finger türkçe bahis into her ass. I had no idea if she liked anal sex, whether she was clean or dirty. It didn’t matter. What mattered was that I was getting off on this. Thankfully the first thrust confirmed my suspicions… she loved it. Mouthing nothing more than “YES” I pumped her ass with my finger… Same result. Screaming. One more come to go. Fingers back into her cunt and I pushed three fingers right up to the hilt and told her to squeeze her cunt and rock backwards and forwards. Two thrust and she was done… literally. I pulled my fingers out, placed them in her mouth and gave her the ultimate cocktail, cum, ejaculation, ass juice and now my cock in her mouth with my cum. OH MY GOD! I could not have written, dreamed or fantasised about anything as erotic, spontaneous or sexy as what we had just experienced. There wasn’t even any need for dirty talk. We kissed passionately, exchanged numbers and I told her I had2 hours to get to LAX to get my ass back to Australia.

All in the space of 1 hour of meeting as strangers from 2 different countries, we became lovers. I guess she started off liking my Aussie accent, then my cheeky nature, then my dominant streak, then, my fingers, then my cock and lastly my smile.

Spontaneous raw and erotic sex with strangers is the most amazing adrenaline rush. This is closely followed in excitement rating by having a stranger watching me or me watching them while you tease, expose and caress yourself.

.Every so often I identify with a woman of spunk who is mysterious and incredibly sexy. Susan is just such a woman. We have not met, but from my point of view she is a woman of refreshing spunk, laughter and playfulness. She seems very erotic and in one word… HOT.

I want to see her smile in real life… so I can tease her to insatiable excitement. I am starting to know more about her and love her energy. I think we would be dangerous together. But :-

What does her tongue feel like to suck?

What is her favourite perfume and where does she spray it?

What would she wear if we were going out to a fantastic restaurant?

How wet does her pussy get? How does it feel when it is wet without underwear?

Could I make her come as her güvenilir bahis siteleri still have her clothes on?

Does she like to tease?

Does she like to watch

Does she like to be watched?

Is she submissive?

Would she like to be my slut?

Would she suck my balls and finger my ass?

Does she liked to be talked dirty to?

Doe she like the word cunt, as a sexual expression?

Would she like me sliding my cock up her ass?

Does she like ice?

Can she massage?

Does she like to be dressed by me to go out?

Does she love the taste of another woman?

Would she liked to be fucked by another man while I watched?

Has she ever ejaculated?

Would she like me to take photos of her?

What does she like seeing a man dressed in?

Does she trim her pussy lips?

Can I dominate her?

Would she role play as a slut?

What are some of her fantasies?

So many questions. I have thought so much about meeting her and teasing her.

There are so many fantasies I want to share.

Stranger in a car

Meeting on a country road. Cars parked side by side with the drivers doors next to each other. The doors are open and we have turned in our seats to face each other. She wear shirt, no bra and a flowing skirt just above knees and black boots. Underwear – if any – is a surprise.

I wear a tight t-shirt, a pair or fawn colored pants, brown dress shoes. Like the underwear or lack of it is a surprise. A game of show and tell. One question. One tease.

I wonder how long we can wait until we can break and embrace. The first to break becomes the slave.

The gym

Training in the gym an hour from closing. Tight leggings, no underwear, tight top no bra. I am lying on a bench doing some bench press. She walks over and stands above me. I can see her cunt outline in her pants and a wet spot. She can clearly see my erection. Time for a sauna together

The Laundrette

Meeting in a laundrette and washing or underwear in machines that are side by side. The tease of watching as we slowly put our things into the machine knowing the other is getting turned on

These are the start. Questions to be answered, situations to be experienced, smiles to see. Wanna watch!

What ever fills the gaps of the questions asked is not important, what is important is that the gaps are filled with laughter adventure, no pain (well maybe just a little he he) and insatiable enjoyment and erotic moments.

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