Subject: True Life Of A Sex Addict – Part Two True Life Of A Sex Addict – Part Two Categories: Gay, Incest, First Time Written By Andrew Marcus hoo Please donate to Nifty and keep this wonderful resource free and available for future generations to come. First and foremost, thank you Nifty for putting my story on a wonderful site, secondly; a big thank you from all of you who contacted me, sharing your comments with me. It’s such a privilege to be able to share my life story all the while hearing from others who are members of an elite group of fathers and sons. -Enjoy- I was the youngest of 5 children in my family, I had three brothers; Dave(13), Pat(11) and Matt(7), and one sister; Karen(3). My mother was 36 and my father was 42 when I was born on October 9, 1970, two-weeks late mind you! My mother so desperately wanted another daughter, I don’t think my father cared either way, because I was conceived by accident! Typical for large Irish Catholic families! Later in life I’d joke with my mother, you got part of your wish of another daughter…as I liked men! I have a steel trapped photographic memory, able to recall dates, times and even smells with ease. My earliest memory I can recall; my mother bathing me in the kitchen sink as a baby. I can remember a lot of other life events as well, but I’m not going to bore you with the details! I only mentioned escort this memory of mine, because so many of you questioned if this was indeed true or fantasy! I can assure you; it’s 100% true and I plan on sharing with you my life story as my memory recalls the past. I grew up in a blue collar/rural/farming community about an hour south of Chicago. My parents were working class, both my parents worked. My dad was a plant foreman for a stainless steel fabrication factory who worked days and my mother worked the afternoon/night shift. This allowed my mother to be home during the day to take care of us five kids and my father would watch us while mom was at work, getting home between 9:30 and 10 PM By the time I was five years old, there were many nights it was just me and dad, my brothers were always doing whatever away from the house and my sister was always at friends or cousins houses and mom was at work. I enjoyed these alone times with dad, because it usually meant I was going to get McDonalds for supper which was a treat back in those days! Or a real TV dinner served on a TV tray while watching TV in the living room, followed by a trip to the Dairy Queen for a Mr. Misty. After supper, it was my bath time, and after that I’d lay in my parents bed and cuddle next to my daddy, I could always smell the Old Style Beer on his breath as he usually put a few away after getting izmit escort bayan home from work. This is how it all started with my father, the cuddling and the touching, nothing was ever rushed, my father was a very patient man, nothing we did felt wrong nor was there any abuse, everything happening between us felt natural and loving. I thought this was a normal thing, though he asked that we keep this our secret, which I did, I was never threatened nor was unwanted force used on me. After many nights of cuddling and touching, the gentle kissing started, knowing my father in the later years, you’d never suspect him of being a loving kissing kind of guy. But behind a closed bedroom door he was a completely different man. Licking my ears, kissing me on the mouth, whispering into my ears that he loved me and how special I was to him, he’d insert a finger into my mouth, probing past my tonsils, all the while whispering into my ears that he wanted me to make daddy feel good. Of course now it makes perfect sense why he was fingering my mouth and throat — he was training my gag reflex! Pretty cool huh? He knew exactly what he was doing, while remaining patient and gentle to me. Oh…you’re trying to develop a mental picture of what me and my daddy look like? I was a thin little kid, small frame, from what pictures I’ve seen as a izmit sınırsız escort child I had a beautiful bubble butt! I had shaggy strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. At 5 years of age I had 3″ cut dick…My dad was 47, 5’7″, 180, a little beer belly, dark brown hair, fairly smooth and 7″ cut We didn’t mess around every night, I’d say two to three times a week, especially on the nights mom worked and my siblings were out of the house, more so during the summer months. Whenever my dad was tenderly kissing and licking me and fingering my throat, I started to become aroused, popping my 3″ boner. This is when I became curious, if I was getting an erection, was my father? So my tiny hands went into his underwear. He always wore tighty whities to bed. He had a boner as well, but in my tiny hand and next to my small body, his 7″ seemed gigantic! You’d think he’d immediately make me put my mouth on his cock, only because he’d been fingering my throat for awhile now. Nope, instead he put his hand in my underwear and grabbed my little dick…I swear if I was able to cum at that age, I probably would have busted a nut the second he touched me. It was the most amazing thing I ever felt, up to that point in my life! All five years of it. The kissing, licking, fingering and now mutual penis touching continued a few more times, until one night while holding my dick in my underwear, he pulled my tighty whities off of me…he then crawled around the bed a put his mouth on my entire boy dick! I thought the touching was awesome, now having him licking and sucking my little dick was pure ecstasy. -To Be Continued-

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