True Story of a White Guy part 2


True Story of a White Guy part 2ASIAN CAT & WHITE CATPart 2In the morning I took my pho (a soup) after booked my bus ticket to Ha Long Bai and met my friend David with whom I spend the rest of the day. David was living in Hanoi for three years and worked as an English teacher. He said tonight at 6pm I have an appointment with a couple of my students so why don’t you join us, I said yes of course. And so it was 6pm and we were sitting on our usual table in the Rock bar with a view to the street, watching the people passing by. We ordered two beers and the students arrived. 4 girls and 1 boy all about 18 years old. David ordered them a drink and we started talking, about their studies, what they want to do in life, what they like etc. Now you have to know that most of the Asian women don’t drink alcohol. I had ordered a bottle of wine and the waitress had put a glass in front of each of us. I poured the wine in each glass, bottle was empty of course. Now the 3 girls drunk with us the other 2 not and they left 10 minutes after. David and I had a lot of fun with the 3 girls, we had some food, another bottle, you what I mean. Around 9ish David proposed to go to his top floor apartment with a beautiful view over Hanoi Lake District. Everybody agreed so we took a taxi. Now by that time I began to have fantasies I looked at David and he smiled. We arrived at his apartment on the 27th floor a beautiful view we had indeed. We had taken more wine with us so the glasses were filled up again and a nice background music of Indie rock songs was balancing us all. Two girls started dancing so I joint them, I love dancing, right away. The girls were giggling and started to make movements with their bodies which I call erotic, the invitation to a game that we all know. Now I’m a respectful man, I love women, but in the same time I needed to know how far this canlı bahis could go so I asked the girls if they would like to take of their shirts, thinking that it would probably make them stop dancing and leave after 5 minutes, but to my surprise the responded right away. In 30 seconds the 3 of us were dancing with our bodies close to one another. The skinny girl took off her bra too and her tiny breasts with big nipples were caressing my body. I had a look at David who had started kissing the third girl. Jesus I said to myself this is an amazing evening. I left the two girls dancing together, they had such an erotic way of moving their bodies. I was completely naked now, I love to be naked and even more with other people around. The two girls were stripping each other, very hot and nice to see. David was undressing the third girl she was very willing and when I saw how wet her G string was I felt the impulse of having all three girls lying on the table legs spread and my cock makes one stroke in one and one in the other pussy. The desire of making this real was so strong that I told David and he said convince the girls with a big smile.David had his girl lying on the table and he had already stuck his cock in her hairy pussy. I got one dancing girl on the table besides the other girl. I took her underwear off that was also dripping of female cum. I really wanted to put my dick in that perfectly shaven pussy but the third girl had to join on the table too. She told me that she wasn’t sure if she wanted to be penetrated by two cocks. I told her I understand but maybe you could lie on the table and she how you feel about it. She agreed and so all three girls were on the table completely naked and legs spread with dripping pussy cum running over their little asshole. David who had penetrated the first girl was now having his cock in the second bahis siteleri girl, I decided to start with the third one who was the most difficult girl. She said she would close her eyes and that I had to do it very slowly. My penis was so hard and thick now that it actually was too big for her pussy (not knowing I had an 18 year old virgin). I managed to calm down the blood stream in my penis and very slowly fucked in and out that virgin pussy. She said she liked it but it was still painful, I told to guide me you decide how deep and the speed. I was really respecting her and I think that I began to understand that I was her first penis. Now I have never had a virgin girl pussy in my life before but I can tell you now there is one point where the penis can’t go deeper. I was listening to her and feeling the rhythm she wanted but I felt that it should be more so I told her I will have to go deeper in one stroke, she understood and said yes. Now that moment I will never forget and she neither. I pulled my penis out and pushed it in determined fast and hard, she screamed of pain and joy, she smiled and cried at the same time looking in each other’s eyes. This moment was so strong that I had to do everything for not Cumming in her pussy. Remember I don’t do rubber. I decided to sit down a bit and have some wine David was taking the two girls by turn 5 strokes in one pussy and 5 in the other he was having great fun and the girls they loved it. I could see in David’s eyes that he was looking at that not virgin pussy anymore and so he pulled out his dick and wanted to take my virgin girl but she said no. I have to admit that David has a 6” cock but very thick. David understood and went back to his twins. My fantasy of having all three pussies had actually gone by this time, I was more wanting to back in that virgin pussy and open it completely bahis şirketleri finish the job. When I had finished my wine and stood up she opened her arm and made a sign to her pussy. I felt the blood streaming in my cock and this time the rhythm of penetration went higher, she still felt a little pain but pleasure was taking over, I made strokes as deep as I could stretching that virgin tight pussy to the size of my cock. Asian women cum very easily, I don’t know why actually, and so she cums and cums, a real pleasure for this male! I felt I was exploding and I felt that she wanted me to cum in her virgin pussy. The temptation was to cum in that pussy but I had to consider the consequences so I pulled out my cock jumped on her belly and sprayed the semen over her face, what a relieve that was.We all slept together that night and in the early morning the girl with shaved pussy started to touch my cock, she went down and sucks me, she thought she could make me cum ha-ha. I took her to the living and on the table spread her legs wide open and liked that smooth pussy until it cums then my hard cock goes in her with one big and deep stroke, she screams, my cock is much longer then David’s but less thick. She pushes my hips don’t go so deep, I have become wild now and my cock is so big I fuck her deep and wild. After half an hour I cum on her belly she’s exhausted. In the meantime David had been hearing us being busy. When I had finished with that exhausted girl David had a hard dick again so the half sleeping girl got now her second penis in the morning. I stayed with them touching her breasts while David fucked her hard with his thick penis. She was in a secondary state when David pulled his cock out of her pussy I opened her mouth, her head was lying on my legs, before she knew what was happening David’s cock starts like a Karcher filling up her mouth, David was always a big cummer. She had to swallow half of it at least and the rest ended up on her small tits. She was a bit upset and surprised but in the end she loved it.I love Asia and the Asian womenMarcel

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