Truths and Dares


Truths and DaresHow did I find myself here? Here being running down the side of the road completely naked. I suppose that is what happens when you mix some young adults with too much time and maybe too much alcohol. It was Memorial Day weekend, so naturally an excuse to have a party. It started off innocent enough, margaritas and hamburgers on the grill. The girls sunbathed in their bikinis while the menfolk prepared the fire cooked food. A few hours and six pitchers of margaritas later the sun was setting but things were only heating up for us. The five of us that were left were sitting around a fire pit making s’mores and passing around a few bottles of tequila (we ran out of ‘rita mixer). Somehow the bullshitting we were doing turned into asking invasive questions about our personal lives which then evolved into an impromptu game of truth or dare. Suzie went first. Chickened out into a truth about how old she was when she lost her V-card. 11, which threw everybody a curve-ball since she was the straight laced one. Ben went next. Also a truth. Also a sexually charged question but instead of his first the girls wanted to know when the last time he jerked it was. This morning, not terribly surprising. Jade went third. Another truth, this time confirming the long held suspicion that Jade had went all the way with her college roommate. Next up was Sam, Jade’s college roommate. She took a truth too, not afraid of what might come now that Jade had covered her dirty little secret. Jade wanted to know if there were any others besides her, to which Sam just held up ten digits, which was surprising if only because Sam usually seemed to be in a relationship with some guy or another, never a girl though. Finally it was my turn. I made a big show of taking a dare since everybody else seemed too chickenshit to do it. Which may have been what got me into this predicament but whatever. “Alright Petey, once around the block in the buff. Let’s see how brave you really are.” Sam said. I jumped up, quickly lifted my shirt over my head and, undoing my belt, slipped my shorts and boxers over my sneakers. I then took off out of the gate of the privacy fence and into the night. Parties must have still been mostly in full swing because I was lucky enough to make it around the block without encountering a single soul. Coming back into the gate, I made sure it latched behind me and finished with a slow jog back to the fire pit, taking care to have my floppy cock bounce off each leg with every step, just for a little extra show. I plopped back into my chair still stark naked. “Alright Suzie, it’s back to you. Truth or Dare?” I asked. “Aren’t you going to put your clothes back on?” She asked, obviously trying not to stare between my legs. “Nope. You can’t unsee what’s been seen.” I told her straight faced. “Plus that run got me a little hot…” I started fanning my face jokingly. “Alright then.” She said, focusing her gaze on mine to avoid looking down. “Truth.”I wasn’t really surprised by this, especially after what I just had to do. But I could still have some fun with this. “You want to look down, don’t you?” I could tell her face flushed even though the fire pit was casting a bit of a red glow on everything already. Instead of a verbal answer though I got something even more fun than I was expecting from Suzie. She simply looked down. Breaking our little staring contest she shifted her focus directly onto my cock for a few seconds and then gave me a wink of approval. “Well that answers my question.” I laughed. The others looked confuzed, having not caught her checking me out like I had. Suzie didn’t bother to wait for them to catch up either. “Ben truth or dare?” she asked quickly moving the focus along. He took a dare, not wanting to be outdone by me. Gotta love friendly rivalry. “I dare you to stroke it for us until you’re done with Jade’s next turn.” Guess we know who the horny one was in the group…Ben complied with no complaints. He undid his shorts and pulled his cock out without dropping trou. He was still floppy too, probably effects of the alcohol but he started tugging away all the same. “So Jade?” he said looking over at her while not missing a beat. “Guess I’ll have to be the first girl to take a dare.” Jade said faux reluctantly. “Bring it on big boy.” she said making the gesture with both hands. Ben went classic boy dares girl scenario, requesting her to kiss another girl, Sam in this instance. “Challenge accepted!” Jade shouted happily while jumping up and moving to sit in Sam’s lap. “Why do I always get pulled into your stuff.” Sam joked while making accommodations for having Jade in her lap. No other complaints were made as their lips collided and meshed, parting only to let tongues dance in between. Ben went from stoking his limp dick to pulling on at least seven inches of hard meat and continued his stroking until Jade and Sam’s lips parted for the final time. “Damn girl, you still got it.” Sam told Jade, licking the taste of her off her lips. Jade made her way back to her chair, scoping Ben’s erect shaft as she did. “Very nice Benny. Glad we could help you out with that stroke.” She teased. “But Sam, we didn’t get Petey up.” She made a little pouting face.”Dare me to remedy the situation.” Sam joked back. But Jade wasn’t joking. She definitely wanted me hard. So she dared Sam to grind on me until I was rock hard. Sam got up and sat in my lap. She was still in her bikini so there was very few places where our bodies contacted that it was straight skin on skin contact. She leaned back and whispered in my ear, “You feel nice.” That was a first for me, but I decided to take it both as a compliment and a sign that she was enjoying herself as much as I’d be enjoying her rubbing on me. “Truth or Dare Petey?” she said loud enough for the group to hear. She then began gyrating her hips. Her barely clothed butt cheeks began pushing my floppy cock around. I muttered out a dare, slightly distracted by what was going on below. “Alright, I dare you to give me a good rub down while I’m giving you a good rub down.” It was vague but I didn’t ask for clarification, I knew where I was going tuzla escort to go with this and surprise was going to be part of the fun. I started with her shoulders, rubbing her soft skin gently but deeply. I moved down her back, rubbing her shoulder blades, stroking down to her lower back and then working the area right above her bikini line. The whole time she gyrated like a machine, keeping constant rhythm. This made my next move slightly more easy to calculate. I slipped my hands under her bikini bottom and rubbed down her hips, working my way to her front. From there I dropped a little more down the front of her bikini and rubbed toward her clit. As expected her gyrating became more of a grind as she opened her legs a little wider, allowing me more access. I began working her clit over pretty good. She began having trouble focusing on her grind. It had turned into more of a grind/dry hump hybrid, as she would thrust up towards my hand, encouraging me to get after it more, but then remembering her intended mission of getting me hard and pushing back onto my cock. The whole thing was really working for me as I slowly began to grow until her ass cheeks were rubbing against my fully erect dick. But she didn’t stop. Not that I was complaining. Her breath was getting shallow, her eyes had closed, and she was moaning softly. Then I heard Jade’s voice to my side. “Ten” I kept working over Sam’s clit, not sure what to make of it. “Nine” Was she counting down to when they’d break this up? “Eight” I stole a glance at Ben and Suzie. Ben was stroking again. Suzie was staring at us lustfully. “Six” What happened to seven? “Four” Sam lifted too high, my cock sprung up between her legs. “Three” I guess they weren’t going to stop us after all. Sam pulled her bikini to the side, letting her lips rub on my bare cock. “Two” I thought about slipping inside of her. “One” Sam let out a primal grunt and fully lowered herself onto me, into the same position we started in. She remained there for half a minute before lifting off of me and returning to her chair. “Thanks for the O Petey. Sorry you weren’t quick enough with yours.” The smile she had betrayed her words though. She was quite pleased with leaving me hanging. I can’t say I was enjoying being left hanging but the fact she was pleased with it kinda turned me on even more.”So you want a dare right Suzie?” I said in mock desperation. She began nodding before confirming that she indeed wanted another truth. “You too Suzie?” I said, noting her pleasure in leaving me hanging too. “So how wet are you right now?” I said, too flustered to think of much more. She got up, walked over to me, and stuck her hand into her bikini bottom. She pulled out two fingers and held them in front of my eyes. “This wet.” I could see her juice glistening in the fire light. Without a word more between us I opened my mouth and Suzie put her fingers in, granting me a taste. The situation just drove me even wilder. My cock head was almost bobbing up and down it was pulsing so hard with desire. She left her fingers inside of my mouth as she turned back to her seat. “Ben?” She asked, letting her motion pull her fingers out of my mouth rather than taking them out herself. Ben was still slightly stroking when he quickly replied with a dare, eager for more action himself. “I dare you to suck Petey off.” Suzie said. In unison Ben and I both what’d. “Suck Petey’s dick until he cums in your mouth Ben. It’ll make me super wet.” My cock continued to pulse. Shit was about to get a little weird, but I was so ready to get off at that point in time I didn’t really care how. Ben got up and dropped to his knees in front of me. I guess he wasn’t too afraid either. He held his fist up. “Bros before hoes, am I right?” Any tension there happened to be was broken there. It was almost a pact to say that no matter where the night went, we were going to be down. I fist bumped him in response. As soon as my fist hit his, his head went down and my cock plunged into his mouth. He worked my knob, clearly an amateur on sucking dick, but having never done it myself I couldn’t really judge. His lips were rougher than a girls, his tongue more abrasive. His teeth scr****g every now and again. The girls watched intently. Probably not something they’d expect to be seeing tonight. After a few minutes of sucking and letting the girls enjoy the show Ben lifted off my cock, saliva trailing up to his mouth. “So Jade, this is probably going to take a bit so truth or dare?” He plunged back down while waiting for her answer. She stared in shock in reply though. Finally she stammered out a truth. Ben popped back up long enough to ask “How much are you enjoying this?” Before returning to his sloppy first attempt at a BJ. “Oh my god…I can’t even…” She stammered. “This is one of my secret fetishes that I thought I’d never get to see. I am so turned on right now. And I’ll make it up to you guys before tonight is over if the game doesn’t do that before then.” She kept staring and rambling, enjoying the moment too much to even process. “I mean that. I’m going to ride one or both of those dicks tonight. Maybe at the same time…””I’ll take a dare.” Sam interrupted, knowing now was the time to strike. Jade finally broke her stare to look over at Sam. With two words she said what Sam probably wanted to hear: eat me. Sam got out of her chair and got on her knees in front of Jade. She pulled down on Jade’s bikini bottoms, Jade lifted up to allow her to take them off completely. She then buried her face in Jade’s lap. Jade rode down in the chair to give her better access. Suddenly the patio was filled with the noise of Ben slurping cock and Sam licking like there was no tomorrow. I tapped Ben on the shoulder to get his attention and simply pointed at the other pair. Ben shifted his positioning so that he could suck and watch at the same time, at least partially. When he drove down his view was probably blocked because he started lingering at the head, circling it with his tongue – which was working far better for me. Across the way Sam seemed to be having no trouble with Jade. She was already moaning like Sam had been down tuzla escort bayan on her for hours, still staring at us. Sensory overload I guess. Her moans started to quicken and Sam suddenly put up five digits in the air. I guess they really got to know each other in college since they could predict each others orgasms. With Ben’s tongue doing ring around my rosey and the sound of Jade’s moaning to a swiftly approaching finish I could feel myself starting to build as well. Sam was down to just her pointer and middle finger when I whispered that I was going to cum to nobody in particular. Sam put down her pointer, giving us the middle a second before Jade let out the loudest “Oh God” moan I’ve ever heard come out of a woman. In the same second I felt myself let go all over Ben’s mouth. True to his dare he kept his lips sealed around my dick until I finished my eruption. Ben swallowed before releasing his lips from around my cock. Without a word he returned to his chair, scoping out Sam and Jade as he went. Jade was basking in her orgasm. Small shudders visible in her fingers as the after shocks wore down. Sam was still on her knees, kissing Jade’s inner thighs, but done with her hot button for now. “I missed this.” she said before finally getting up. “Petey, truth or dare?’ she asked as she sat back in her chair. I needed time to recover from what just went down so I asked for a truth and the bottle of tequila. “How’d you like that BJ?” Sam teased, her sexual mean streak continuing through.”I’m not going to lie Sam, Ben has some room for improvement, but it definitely wasn’t the worst knob job I’ve ever had.” Me and Ben looked at each other simultaneously. We pointed at one another “Bros.” we said in unison, showing no damage had been done to our friendship. I passed the bottle of tequila to Suzie. “You ready for a dare yet woman?” She took a long sip before spitting out a sure. I was not expecting this, but I had something in mind. “Well you and Ben are the only ones who haven’t gotten off yet, so how about you suck Ben off?” Another point and “Bros” erupted. Suzie laughed but got on her knees in front of Ben anyways. His cock was still a rock, but was now seeping pre-cum. “My my Benny. Even through having a cock in your mouth you still didn’t lose an inch.” she teased. Ben just shrugged and waited. Suzie dipped her head and went at him like a pro. She took all of him in before stretching her tongue out of her mouth to lap at his balls. Ben was already going crazy, there was no way this lasted longer than a couple of minutes. She spent half of that time licking at his balls with his cock buried in the back of her throat. She then rocketed back up his shaft without so much as a minor gag. Once back at his head she circled his dick with her tongue twice then kissed it on the side. At that Ben shot his load. Like Jade he had too much to handle and was quick to finish, shooting out mostly onto the patio floor, but catching a bit on Jade’s leg. She wiped it off with her finger before licking it off. “Not bad Benny. Maybe next time I’ll let you cum in my mouth.” she said with a wink as she got back up and returned to her chair. “Seriously.” Ben said. “Who is this girl and what’d she do with the normal Suzie?” I think the rest of us were in silent agreement, maybe willing to chalk it up to the tequila bringing this side out of here but ultimately knowing better. “Gimme a truth Suzie.” She looked devilishly at Ben. “Would you let Petey fuck you in the ass if it meant you got to fuck me at the same time?” Ben stared at her for a moment. It was unclear if he was considering it as a real proposition or if he was trying to decide if she was just fucking with him or not.”Yeah, sure.” He finally said. “In for a penny in for a pound. Jade?” Her eyes looked half glossed over, probably thinking about the man on man pounding. “Can we just do that please?” Jade responded. We laughed but you could see the seriousness in her eyes. “Dare I guess.” she added. “I suppose it’s time to get Suzie off, so however you see fit, just make her cum.” Ben told her. Jade jumped up and dashed into the house. A moment later she re-emerged, a big black dildo strapped to her hip. “You ready for this Suzie Q?” Jade asked, stopping next to Suzie so that the fake cock hung just below eye level. Suzie just mmhmm’d playfully as stared at the big dick. Jade grabbed Suzie’s hand, pulling her to her feet. She leaned in close and began kissing Suzie passionately. Their lips and tongues were a flurry of flesh. Suzie reached around Jade’s neck, pulling the string of her bikini top. The strings fell away from around her neck, letting her tits spill out of the top. Suzie bent down and took Jade’s left nipple into her mouth. Sucking hard she lifted her head back up, pulling Jade’s breast up with suction alone before it pulled free with a loud pop. Jade spun Suzie around and pulled her bikini bottoms down around her ankles, wasting no more time. She spread Suzie’s feet a little more to grant her access and bent her over her chair. She then guided her fake cock to Suzie’s lips. She rubbed the tip back and forth for a minute, letting Suzie’s natural wetness lubricate the dildo. The she thrust into Suzie not so kindly. She buried the dildo inside Suzie’s pussy up to the hilt of the strap. She pulled it back out about half way before ramming it back in hard. Suzie began letting out grunts of satisfaction with each inward thrust. These only seemed to egg Jade on even more. She began thrusting faster into Suzie without letting up on the force of her thrusts. Suzie’s grunts and moans started to blend together into some kind of sexual purr. In between thrusts Jade grabbed both straps of Suzie’s top, undoing both at the same time letting the top fall free. Free of any support Suzie’s perky little tits jiggled a little more visibly. I glanced over at Ben. He was already rock hard again and couldn’t stop himself from stroking some. I had perked back up myself. It was hard not to with Jade fucking Suzie feet away. Movement to my side caught my attention. I looked over just as Sam stepped in front of me and plopped herself back into escort tuzla my lap. This time there was nothing but skin on skin contact. She rubbed my cock with her bare cheeks for a moment. “Don’t be afraid to stick me this time.” she whispered at me, letting me know she had been having the same thoughts earlier. I grabbed her around her hips and guided her up enough so that I could get under her. Then I guided her back down on top of my cock. I slide inside of her like a knife into warm butter. Warm and wet her pussy seemed to make every concession to let me in. I let her take control of the motion. Her rhythm was slow but deep, savoring every moment I suppose. I reached up around her and grabbed a handful of tit with each hand. Across the way Ben had decided to get himself involved without prompting like Sam did. He had his dick back in Suzie’s mouth, spit roasting her with Jade. Suzie’s moans were starting to peak, even if they were muffled by Ben’s cock. Finally she let out a moaning sigh and slumped forward onto Ben’s cock. Jade pulled the dildo out of Suzie. “Mission accomplished big guy.” She said to Ben. “Maybe you should take over pounding this pussy now.” Suzie, her mouth still full of Ben’s cock just gave a thumbs up of approval for that idea. Ben jumped at the notion. He quickly pulled his cock out of Suzie’s mouth and got behind her. Just as he was getting ready to enter her though she turned her head. “Aren’t you forgetting something there Ben?” He looked baffled for a moment until he remembered her question from before. “It takes three to tango.” she said, the same devilish smirk spreading across her face. Jade was already by my side working the other half of the equation. “I need you to switch dance partners with me Petey.” she said, pleading in her eyes. “I promise I will definitely make it up to you.” I glanced over and saw Ben poised to enter Suzie but stalled and knew what they were aiming for. It was hard to agree to, being inside of Sam at the time. But Ben caught my eye and I could see the pleading in his eyes as well. Everybody but me and Sam were probably feeling the situation at the moment. I relented. Looking back at Jade I simply said, “In for a penny, in for a pound.” Sam reluctantly slid off of me. “We’ll finish this later.” I told her before giving up my seat to Jade. She slide into my place and Sam lowered herself onto the still glistening dildo. She resumed her pace but didn’t seem as content. Stepping behind Ben I said to the stalled duo, “Alright, let’s get weird up in this bitch.” Suzie just smiled and turned back around. Ben slide inside of her and held his position so I could take mine. I spit onto the tip of my dick, unsure that Sam’s remaining juices would be enough lubrication. Ben reached back and spread his ass cheeks apart. Not a sight I would probably ever get used to, but what the hell. I guided the head of my cock to his puckered hole. “Just relax man.” I said as I squeezed the tip of my dick against him. Slowly he began to spread and let me inside. I buried myself just past the head and told him to take point. Ben began rocking back and forth. With each forward thrust he rammed into Suzie, but in order to retreat for another thrust he had to impale himself further upon my cock. At first his pace was slow but as he adjusted to having a dick in his ass he began thrusting a little faster. He started huffing and puffing at first, which makes sense since he was getting it both ways. But he managed to hold his shit together. Soon after his thrusting picked up Suzie started purring again. I was having a hell of time keeping myself in check too, with the death grip that Ben’s ass had on my cock. I glanced over at Sam and Jade. Sam had switched off with Jade, who was now riding the dildo as opposed to wearing it. She must be in hog heaven, getting stuffed while watching one of her fantasies come to life before her. I turned my attention back to the scene in front of me. Watching Jade ride that dildo, her big breasts bouncing uncontrollably wouldn’t help me in this situation. Ben was about to lose his shit. He was grunting and groaning unlike anything he’d done so far tonight. Suzie’s purring had picked up too. I glanced back over at Jade and Sam and mouthed “reinforcements”. Jade was already on her feet and rushing over before Sam even seemed to realize what was going on. She jumped up, unbuckling the strap and letting it fall to the ground as she did so. They took a post on either side of Suzie and each latched on to a nipple. Sucking, biting, licking, and flicking unrelentingly they tried everything they could to get Suzie off in a domino effect that would ripple all the way back to me. Suzie held strong though. Sam wasn’t done yet though. She slid her hand down and started fondling Suzie’s clit. It seemed to be the saving grace as Ben had reached the end of his rope. Suzie let out one final moan of ecstasy, slumping forward again. Almost immediately Ben let loose a final grunt of his own, as he did I felt his ass tighten even more around my cock, and that was all I could take. I emptied my second load into Ben’s ass completely before slowly backing out of him. Despite it being my second release I was still semi rigid. Before I knew what was going on, Jade had my dick in her mouth, licking me clean. “Making it up to you starts now.” she said. I couldn’t argue. Her being a dirty bird only turned me on, so while I wasn’t quite ready for round 3 I wasn’t going to discourage it either. Sam showed up next to her and began tonguing my balls. Looks like round 3 was going to have to be on sooner rather than later. Looking up I saw Suzie take Ben’s hand. She had the big black strap on slung over her shoulder. “Well boys and girls, this has been a trip.” She said pausing next to us. “But I have to go completely break Ben’s asshole in.” Her smile was beyond devilish at this point. “If he’s lucky he’ll be able to sit tomorrow. If I’m lucky neither of us will be able to.” She dragged Ben off into the house with her. Jade and Sam stood up next to me. Each took one of my hands. “You’re in for just as rough of a night.” Sam said to me. “Not in the same way, but you have two pussies to pound. Maybe multiple times.” She and Jade began pulling me towards the house as well, huge smiles on their faces. The night was still young and there was still much work to do…

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