Subject: TUESDAY MATINEE CHAPTER 1 Adult/Youth Gay Please consider giving a donation to fty so that these wonderful stories can continue to be told. This story is FICTION and the character and events never happened. It involves a young boy and an adult. Do not read if you are under 18 or offended by cross generational sex. TUESDAY MATINEE CHAPTER 1 Christian realized that he did not have to get out of bed at 7A.M and that made him very happy. The alarm went off on his dresser precisely at 7 and he lazily reached up and turned it off with his right hand. Today, was the day for his Dentist appointment and that was at 10A.M. Christian’s Mom told him to just sleep in a few extra hours as there was no sense in going to school for a couple of hours and then having to drive back to school to pick Christian up. Waking up at 7 was such a routine for Christian that even after he shut the alarm off, Christian had a difficult time falling back to sleep. “Why did I turn that alarm on last night? he thought to himself” He tried to drift back into sleep but random thoughts began to flood his brain. Thoughts about his All Star Baseball game coming up on Saturday. The game would have Christian’s All Star Team from Canoga Park against another team from El. Centro. This game was for the Championship of the District The winner would advance and continue playing additional games while the losing team would ankara otele gelen escort be eliminated and not play again until the following season. Christian was the catcher for his team and was a vital part of his team. He had the highest batting average on the team and batted 4th in the lineup. He was also one of the teams best pitchers but was not going to pitch in this game as he pitched a 1 hitter in their previous game against another team and his team won the game 5-0. On Saturday, Christian would be back behind the plate with his catcher’s gear on. Christian was not the biggest boy on his team but he had one of the best swings on the team that had resulted in 9 home runs for the year. He was determined to get one more before his season ended, that would give him 10 home runs for the year. Nobody had done that in the league for the past 6 years. Besides baseball, thoughts about what he would do for the rest of the day after the Dentist appointment and how he would ever complete his Science Project that was due the following week for his 7th grade Science class. In between thoughts, Christian dozed off a couple of times and awakened to the shaking of his arm by his mother at 7:15. “Time to get up sweetheart. You need to shower and eat. You need to work a little on your Science project as well. GET UP” his Mom lovingly yelled to him. After öveçler escort Christian’s Mom left the room, Christian realized that he had that morning problem that most boys get every morning. His penis was erect and he wanted to be sure his Mom, or Tyler, were not in the room when he got out from under the covers. He had read in books that having morning erections was common for boys and men so he was not that concerned with getting one every morning. Quite a few times he noticed that Tyler would have one when he would get up early. Tyler would be half asleep and not realize that his 3 inch cock was sticking out of his boxer shorts as he pulled himself out of bed. Christian would pretend to be asleep but with one eye slightly opened, he would watch Tyler struggle with his hard cock and try to get it down. Many times watching Tyler with his erection would cause Christian to become aroused and Christian would soon be sporting his own erection. Christian had just celebrated his 12th birthday the following week and several presents that were given to him by his friends littered the bedroom floor. Above Christian’s bed was a poster of his favorite MLB player, Mike Trout. His dresser had several baseball trophies that he had won during his baseball career. Christian started playing baseball in T-League and had accumulated quite a few trophies as his teams seemed to always pendik escort do well in the standings. Also on the floor were two large albums that contained his precious baseball card collection. After a couple of minutes, after his Mom left the room, Christian realized that it would be safe to get out of bed. He pushed the covers off of him and stood up As Christian got up, he almost tripped over a gift that his grandmother had purchased for him. He loved the Transformers movie franchise and his favorite Transformer toy was The Last Knight– Knight Armor Turbo Charger Bumblebee . He picked up his Transformer toy and placed it on his dresser. He wanted to be sure he did not trip again and possible break his prized toy. The only things that mattered to Christian were his family, including his Mom and Dad and his little 9 year old brother Tyler. Baseball was fun but his family would always come first. Tyler’s bed was on the other side of the room and Tyler had his own pile of toys and stuffed animals all around his bed including his dresser. Tyler was already downstairs and ready for the school bus to pick him up at 7:45. He was always an early riser and had finished his shower and was downstairs before his Mom came in to awaken Christian at 7. Christian always wore boxer shorts because he felt that his “boys” had more room to move around as compared to being snuggled in the Fruit of the Loom underwear. Christian looked down at his bulge pushing his boxers out slightly and pushed down on his penis to try to soften it up. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, looked in his dresser mirror and his face and said to himself “You are so hot”. He gave one more shove to his penis and walked into the bathroom.

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