Subject: Turning Cop Higgins (4) This is a semi true story about my getting out of a ticket. It’s partly true because it did happen Some things altered to make the story hotter And it did change his view. If at least for a little while. Enjoy. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Turning Cop Higgins (4) ……I had been walking for at least 25 minutes or so before I found my car. The desert sun was rising fast and it was getting hot. So I jumped into my car and drove off. There was coffee in my car. So I drank it to stay hydrated for the remaining drive. I headed to my original destination. Getting there late if course. But it was the best reason to be late. Officer Higgins and his bull dick. I felt a twitch and throb in my ass as I thought about it. “Was stopped by a cop on the way here.” I said “He was such a prick” I headed back home after the meeting. When I got back to my town I was stopped again by another cop. The police car flashed his lights at me. I know why. The damage Higgins did to my car before. “God damn it” I bitched as I pulled over So I stopped the car and waited for the cop to come to my window. When he came up to the car I recognized it to be officer Jensen. I huffed as it was one of Higgins dick was lackies. “Well now” he stated with sarcasm “You again” “Jensen” I responded “You can stop right there” “Higgins already gave me a ticket on the light” I grabbed the citation and waved it at him. Jensen just snickered at me. Then he leaned in to the window and glowered at me. I so wanted to pounch this guy. He was as big an asshole as Higgins. But no where near as attractive. “Then maybe you need to get to fixing it boy” he laughed He tapped the door and walked off. “God dammit.” I stated “Why the fuck do I still live here.” “I need to move outta this fucking hole of a town” I went home and locked myself in the safety of my apartment. Or so I thought. I was laying around watching some TV when there was a knock on the door. More like a pounding on my door. When I went to answer it I peered through the peep hole. As I looked through it I saw Jensen and Higgins on the other side. “What in gay Hell” I exclaimed I opened kocaeli escort the door to see what these guys wanted. “Can I help you officers” I said with sarcasm I figured they just came to harass me. I was about to say something about the ticket when I was cut off by Higgins. “I have the ticket…” I started to say “Fuck your ticket boy” he growled “Jensen here says you were resisting an officer” “What the fuck..!” I yelled “Yer gonna have to come to the station boy” That’s when Jensen grabbed me and yanked my arm. “I didn’t do nothing you assholes” I yelled “Let me go!” I was then roughly turned around and quickly cuffed by the officer. I looked over at flat. He stood there and glared at me wickedly. Then he reached down and groped at his package. It when I noticed his bulge had started to push at his crotch again. He just stood there groping himself as I was manhandled by his lackey cop friend. “You are coming down to the precinct boy” he said “Gonna have to throw the book at ya” “Then we will teach you faggots a lesson” He said all this while blatantly stroking his big cock through his jeans. I looked up at Jensen as he too stared at his bosses big package. I noticed he had licked his lips as he looked upon Higgins. “Nooo!” I screamed as I was pulled from my home I was thrown into the back if a police cruiser and hauled off to jail. I was in the police station in 10 minutes. I sat there in what appeared to be an interrogation room. I began to worry that they planned on doing me harm. I sat there in that room alone for a good 20 minutes. Pondering the horrors that awaited me. Then in came Jensen and his boss. Jensen glowered at me and sat down across from me. Higgins just stood at the far end of the room. He just watched as his officer began to verbally abouse me. “Faggot, pussy boy” and all others derogatory names were called out at me Jensen slammed down his hand to the table. “We can’t have your sort of filth in our town boy” he growled “But”…. He paused as he decided his next words. Then he stood and placed his hands down at his crotch. Jensen had a hard on. I was shocked at it. It wasn’t big. But it was obvious. “But..” He continued “The boss suggests punishing you” kocaeli escort bayan His head motioned to Higgins behind him. I looked back to see Higgins also groping his much bigger bulge. The huge tube was already moving down his thigh. I remember it well. Even though I didn’t get what I wanted from him “Gonna teach you real good” Jensen said again Then Higgins came around and next to me. There just inches from me was his huge crotch. He moved behind me and I felt his big hnads on mine. I feltas he unlocked the cuffs on them. But he held me to his crotch. I could feel it against my shoulder. Meanwhile Jensen started to unzip his pants. He pulled out his dick. It was maybe 5 and a half inches long. He waved it at me. “You want this dick doncha boy” he said to me “You want my big ole cock” Higgins stayed behind me. But he grabbed my chair and rurned me around towards the other man coming around the table. Jensen came up in front of me and shook his hardened cock at me. “Now suck it faggot” he ordered Well it looked like I was gonna get a cock. Just not the one I wanted. Higgins grabbed my head and shoved me forward. I was thrust from the chair and to my knees before Jensen “You heard the man pussy boy” he growled as he shoved me down “Suck his dick” I was pushed at his cock. I opened my mouth and Jensen shoved his dick inside. I was pushed down to the hilt by his bosses strong hand. Jensen groaned as his cock was buried to his opened zipper of his pants. He loved as my mouth took him. I just swallowed him like I would any man. His cock was no problem for my mouth. “Yeah bitch” he shouted “Suck it like the whore you are” “Damn it feels good” Then I was pushed against the guys crotch by Higgins repeatedly. The strong arm pulling me from and shoving me back down the dick over and over. Jensencontinued to groan ffrom my expert mouth on him. My tongue licked at his delicious enough cock. Slobbering all over the man’s cock like it was a big lollipop. “Awee yeah fag boy. Suck!!” Higgins growled “Do what you pussy boys do so well” “Yeahhh. Sooo good!” Jensen moaned “Sucks better than any woman for sure” “Yeah. These faggots know how to suck alright” yahya kaptan escort Higgins added “Love getting them when I can” Jensen’s nphand then grabbed my head. He groaned really loud now. “Awee fuck boss” he then said “This little fuckers gonna make me blow” Higgins hand let go of me and Jensen took over. His hands holding my head as he pumped my face hard. His balls slapped against my lower lips making a ‘thwat, thwat’ sound as he furiously fucked my face. “Ughnnn. Fuckkk meeee!” He yelled “Gonna shoot bitch!” “Gonna shoot” He pulled his cock out and started to jerk himself in front of me. I just let my tongue out to let him know he could seed me. The his cock began to erupt. Shot after shot fired on me. My face, my hair and my shirt. Then I heard groaning from Higgins. I hadn’t even noticed that he too was playing with his dick. The big hunky stud was yanking on his cock too. “Awee fuck. Soo good” Jensen sighed “That was the best fucking blow job” Then I felt another hand in me. Higgins grabbed me and turned me towards him. I was now staring at Higgins massive cock again. “Here’s some more cum for you pussy” he growled Then his big angry dick also exploded. Another healthy dose of his cum splattered in my face. 6 maybe 7 blasts. Thick and creamy, like before. All over my face and shirt. I licked at the cum now. Tasting, savoring it. Then Higgins pulled away from me. He stuffed that big dick back into his pants again. “Fuck!” My head shouted. Again I was denied the man’s dick. “Look at him” he stated “He loves that cum” “Lock his fucking ass up” Then Jensen grabbed me. He pulled me and hauled out and to the doors to the cells. There were 3 cages as it appeared. I was shoved into one. There was a rough looking guy in the cell as well. He was full bearded and looked angry. He regarded me as I was placed in there with him. I wondered why I was put in the same cell with him. Why not put me in one by myself. I didn’t want to be in there with this guy. He was a criminal. “Here ya go Jake” said Jensen. “A little pussy for you” Jake glared at me as Jensen said that. His grimaced turned into a sneer. Then Jensen walked around and towards the door. “I want to call a lawyer” I yelled “Get me out if here you fuck” He just smiled, laughed and then walked through the door. “Play nice” was his last words before the door closed………………. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ More to cum

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