Turning Into A Cocksucker / Chapter 02

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Turning Into A Cocksucker / Chapter 02After spending a majority of the morning sucking off one of my closest friends, I spent a few quiet moments sitting on my bed, back in my own hotel room, trying to comprehend what happened. I nervously twisted my wedding ring around my finger, anxiously thinking about the pictures I had allowed Brad to take of me. What was he going to do with them? What if one of them found its way back to my wife?All the sensations I had just experienced came flooding back to me. The warmth of Brad’s stiff cock in my mouth and his manly scent when my face was buried deep in his lap were so vivid it was like it was happening all over again. Then there was the hot feeling of Brad shooting his cum over my face. The taste of Brad’s seed was still on my lips and in my mouth. I felt myself getting hard just thinking about how unreal the whole experience had been. I couldn’t believe I had let it happen.I stood from the bed and walked to the bathroom. I still looked like the same David when I looked in the mirror (except to my shock I still had globs of Brad’s cum in my hair). My cock was begging for attention because I had rushed from Brad’s room without shooting a load. I wrapped my fist around my dick and started to slowly pump. I closed my eyes enjoying the sensation of my hot throbbing cock sliding through my hand.I moaned. The feeling of my hand on my dick and the memories of what happened that morning were too much to handle. Suddenly, my cell phone rang. I tried to ignore it, desperate to get off, but as soon as the first call stopped my phone started ringing again. Annoyed I left the bathroom and searched the room for my cell which I finally found under my pillow. It was my boss, probably wanting to meet up to discuss everything that we had learned (or I was supposed to learn) over the morning and to strategize for the rest of the conference.The call acted like a cold bucket of water on my libido. What the hell was I doing? What happened with Brad never should have gone down, and as I rushed to get ready (including a quick shower to make sure none of Brad’s cum remained on me) I told myself that it was a case of temporary insanity and that it would never happen again.For the rest of the day I lost myself in my work. I went to several lectures and meetings with my boss and coworkers. Thankfully I didn’t see Brad in any of them. I wasn’t sure what I would have done if I did. The few times my mind wandered to my morning activity I sprung a throbbing boner that threatened to bust out of my pants. I felt like I was back in high school as I tried to hide it with my laptop or some pamphlet we had been given.I got back to my room around 6:00 and called my wife. Just hearing the sound of her voice made me feel guilty. Halfway through our chat my phone beeped and I looked down to see that Brad was trying to call me. My heart started racing and I quickly told my wife that I had to leave to for a dinner meeting. I kept telling myself not to pick up his call because it couldn’t turn out well. I never wanted to see him again. Despite my mental protest, my fingers pressed the answer button.”Dave, it’s Brad. I was wondering if you wanted to go out and get some dinner tonight. We can swap stories about how boring our afternoons were,” said Brad. His tone was completely casual, as if this morning I hadn’t been kneeling down before him with his man meat in my mouth.”Sure, what did you have in mind?” I asked. If Brad could play this cool, so could I. Maybe he never wanted to take about it again either.”Just come over here in like 15 minutes and we will figure it out.”I hung up the phone and nervously paced my room for the next 5 minutes trying to decide what to do next. I wrote half dozen texts to Brad backing out of our plans but didn’t send a single one. Eventually I undressed and jumped in the shower, my dick had been hard since Brad called and I kept the shower blasting cold to try and get it under control. When I got out I pulled on a clean pair of tight black boxer briefs, jeans, and a black polo shirt.I knocked on Brad’s hotel room door and when he opened it up he was standing with just a hotel towel wrapped around his toned waist.”Sorry, I’m not dressed buddy but I lost track of time in the shower. I would feel embarrassed but you’ve seen it all before,” he said with a wink.I followed him into the room and sat down on his bed. Brad dropped his towel exposing his soft member. Without thinking I licked my lips watching his dick flop around as he bent down to grab some clothes out of his suitcase. Brad didn’t say a word as he pulled on a clean pair of white boxers, jeans, and a tight t-shirt that accentuated his impeccable upper body.I just sat there watching the show wondering if Brad was ever going to bring up the elephant in the room . . . but he never did. He just stuck to small talk about his day and boss. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and Brad rushed over to answer it. When he returned he led two men back with him.”Dave, this is my friend Eric. Eric this is Dave my friend I told you about, who I worked with before I transferred,” said Brad tuzla eve gelen escort introducing me to the first man. Eric looked to be around the same age as Dave and I. He had brown hair that was short and shaggy and his face had a few days of scruffy growth on it. Eric wasn’t out of shape but nowhere near as fit as Brad was, I could tell there wasn’t a six pack hiding under his navy blue t-shirt. I stood up and shook his hand, and he had a nice firm handshake. My mind was racing, wondering what exactly Brad had told him about me.”Eric and I have been working closely together since I transferred. I think you guys would really hit it off. And this is his son Timmy. Timmy just started at the company fresh out of high school,” Brad said as he gestured towards Timmy. Timmy looked young and not anything like Eric. I would have never guessed they were related. Timmy was taller than his dad and muscular. I wondered why he wasn’t playing basketball in college somewhere. Timmy had a shaggy mop of red hair on his head that hung into his eyes.The four of us went to a restaurant a few blocks away. I learned that Eric was married and had gotten his wife pregnant their first year of college (which explained how he had a k** that was out of high school). Eric had gotten Timmy a job with our company so he could save up money for college and start his life with his fiancé. Timmy had been offered a basketball scholarship to one of the local universities but turned it down because it wasn’t enough to cover all the costs and he didn’t want to take a huge loan. He and his fiancé were high school sweethearts and had gotten engaged on graduation day.Brad and Eric both bought a round of drinks for the table. After awhile I got up to get the next one and realized for the first time I didn’t have my wallet. I couldn’t remember for a minute where I left it until I thought back to this morning. My wallet had been in my pocket and must have fallen on the floor in Brad’s room. Brad agreed to cover my costs but made me promise that I would pay him back. He kept smirking at me after he said that and my mind began to wonder exactly how I was going to get even with him.After a few rounds of drinks and very little food, Eric decided that we should play a game which each guy had to talk about his last sexual experience. My eyes locked with Brad and he tried to nonverbally tell Brad to not talk about what had happened that morning.Eric started the game by telling a filthy story about his wife. I knew that my wife would never be into the costumes and toys that Eric said he and his wife got into. Then Timmy told a story about how his fiancé had surprised him a few weeks ago by bringing home one of her cheerleader friends from high school and they had a three way.”Why don’t we go back to my room and finish up. I brought a bottle of Jack that we can share and it will be a lot cheaper than spending more money here,” said Brad. He looked me directly in the eyes the whole time we talked.Suddenly all my nerves rushed back. Brad wouldn’t actually admit to these guys that I had sucked his cock, would he? I trailed behind the others as we walked to the hotel and went back to Brad’s room. Brad kept looking at me the whole trip, only adding to my torture. I thought about acting like I was sick and going back to my room but I wanted to be with Brad in case he did decide to tell these two guys about me.Once we were in Brad’s room I sat on the corner of Brad’s bed as Brad broke out the Jack, and started his story.”So my last sexual encounter happened right here in this room gentlemen,” Brad said a cocky confidence in his voice. “This morning I had hungry cocksucker in my room begging to swallow my load.” I was horrified knowing that Brad was talking about me. He was calling me a cocksucker to my face although nobody else in the room knew it was me.”Bullshit Brad, your wife isn’t here, unless you have her tied up under the bed,” said Eric, ribbing Brad for his story.”Eric you’ve been on enough business trips that you must know there are ways to get off without your wife,” said Brad laughing.In response Eric placed his fist in front of his pants miming masturbating. Timmy laughed with a disgusted look on his face and punched his Dad’s arm to get him to stop. “Dude unless you are calling your hand a ‘cum hungry cocksucker’ I don’t believe you either,” responded Timmy.Brad looked over at me smirking. I could tell he was taking pleasure in making me uncomfortable. “If you look around the room I think you will find that this mystery person left something here,” Brad told them.Eric and Timmy got up and started looking around the room. I rushed up to hoping to find my wallet before they did but in just seconds Eric was holding it up. I watched as e flipped it open and I knew he was looking at my driver’s license.”Nice trick guys, you really had me going for a minute,” said Eric closing my wallet and tossing it to me.”Eric, just take a look at this. It’s all the proof you need,” said Brad tossing Eric his phone. Without seeing the screen I knew what was on it. Brad had taken two pictures tuzla otele gelen escort of me. The first showed my hand with wedding ring covering my face and the second was me drenched in Brad’s cum.I watched both Eric and Timmy’s faces as they looked from the phone to me and then back at the phone. “But you said you had a wife,” said Timmy looking shocked.”Oh, David’s straight,” said Brad coming to my defense when all I could do was look at the floor. “But Dave also likes a hot cock in his mouth.”I started to stammer a response, trying to defend my honor and masculinity but I couldn’t even form a complete sentence. I looked over at the two men I just met who were looking at a picture of me with cum on my face.”No such thing as a straight guy who sucks dick,” said Timmy.”Sure there are,” said Brad. “On my business trips I have found dozens of them. Some guys just are just wired to suck on big, fat cocks. They just see it and cannot control their cravings. They aren’t gay because they don’t want to cuddle with the guy after or go on a date with them. They just want to go down on him and get him off.””Dave you really did this?” asked Eric. Even with the picture right in front of him Eric couldn’t believe what he was seeing.I still didn’t know what to say but once again Brad spoke for me. “Eric just take out your dick and Dave will prove it to you.”My eyes darted from Brad to Eric to Timmy. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next but then Eric took another shot, walked over to me on the bed, and pulled off his pants.Eric was wearing a loose fitting pair of boxers and I just looked at from his crotch to his face. I can’t believe he thought that I was just going to get down on my knees and start blowing him. Timmy and Brad had moved over and were sitting side by side on the bed watching to see what would happen.”Brad I think he’s broken,” said Eric looking over at his friend.”No b*o, you just need to get it all the way out. Once he sees you hard I’m sure that he will be deep throating it.”Eric slid his boxers all the way off and I was suddenly looking at his soft member. He looked to be 4 inches flaccid, and his dick hung down over a drooping pair of balls. Suddenly I felt my mouth start to water and my own dick begin to stiffen in my jeans. Eric started to rub his junk working his hand slowly up and down the shaft. He then put his hands on the back of my shoulder and guided me from the bed to the floor. Turning my head to the left I could see Brad had started to rub at his own dick through his jeans.Eric then started to take his semi hard dick and rub it across my face. I kept my lips tightly together despite my increasing desire to open my mouth and suck his cock.”Maybe he’s just nervous,” said Brad. He stood up and pushed Eric out of the way. He quickly took his own shirt off and then his jeans and boxers. Once again I was kneeling in front of Brad and his amazing dick. My willpower not to suck lasted about three seconds before I leaned in and took the head of his cock in my mouth. My tongue swirled around it tasting once again the sweet flavor of his precum. An involuntary moan escaped my mouth.”Holy fuck,” said Timmy from the bed as he watched Brad inch his way further into my mouth. I looked over to see that Timmy’s mouth was hanging open in awe as the scene unfolded in front of him. Timmy was the only one still fully clothed but he had a stiff tent forming in his pants and I wondered how long he would last until he had to release his b**st.After a few minutes I had worked my way down to the very base of Brad’s cock. He was enjoying slowly pulling himself out of my mouth and then slamming himself all the way back in. All eight plus inches of Brad’s monster thrust through my mouth to the back of my throat where he kept me buried in his pubes for a few seconds. I locked eyes with him as he did this and could tell he was excited to be showing off in front of the other dudes.”Dave are you ready to suck Eric’s dick now?” asked Brad looking down at me. I nodded my head obediently as Brad stepped to the side let Eric slide back in front of me.Eric’s dick was no longer at half mast growing to full length as he watched me slobber over Brad’s knob. His dick looked just a tad shorter than Brad’s but had a perfectly defined mushroom head. Not ready to take the whole thing in my mouth just yet I leaned forward and started to lick his balls. They were slightly hairy and I sucked on them one after the other. Then starting at the base of Eric’s dick I licked all the way up the shaft finishing by teasing his piss slit with my tongue. Eric’s cock had started to leak precum heavily as I worked him and I couldn’t help but compare his flavor to Brad’s. I assumed that all men would taste the same but Eric was different, less sweet and tangy then Brad’s precum had been.”Don’t hold back buddy, suck it,” instructed Eric. He grabbed a hold of either side of my face and brought me down on his swollen prick. I opened my mouth as he forced me to go down as far as I could. Not prepared I choked as I adjusted to the dimensions of the new dick in my mouth.Quickly tuzla sınırsız escort Eric and I found a rhythm and my practice with Brad made it easy for me to go all the way down. Eric started to moan as I let him fuck my face. I looked up and saw that he had closed his eyes and was fully enjoying my efforts. Every few thrusts Eric would hold me in place as I was at the base of his cock, my nose nestled into his slightly trimmed pubes.I glanced around to see what Brad was doing and saw that he sat back down on the bed and was slowly stroking his dick, watching the show. Timmy was still sitting next to him and had finally removed his pants. His red pubes matched his shaggy hair and he had an average dick. I guessed that Timmy clocked in at just over 6 inches.I couldn’t believe that Timmy had gotten hard watching his Dad get a blow job but when I looked at his face I saw that he wasn’t looking at his Dad and I at all but was transfixed on Brad’s glorious penis. This hadn’t escaped Brad’s attention either and I watched in amusement as Brad placed his hand on Timmy’s hand and guided slowly over to his prick which was slick with my spit. Reluctantly Timmy started to slowly slide his hand up and down Brad’s shaft as Brad nodded at him encouragingly.”How do you like my hard dick, cocksucker?” asked Eric. He was so focused on the blow job I was giving him that he was oblivious to the fact that his son was being seduced by Brad just feet away from him.Eric took his dick out of my mouth and slapped it across my face a couple times making a splat sound with each hit as a mixture of precum and saliva struck my cheek. Then he started to work his dick back into my mouth slowly. Instead of fucking my face like he had just done he instead fed me his member slowly, inch by inch. Eric started with just the head letting me explore it with my tongue. I licked all around his bulbous knob letting the precum soak my tongue and I enjoyed the soft rubbery feeling.Over the next few minutes, Eric fed more and more of his cock to me. Eric had started to let out loud moans of pleasure as I did things to his dick that no woman had ever done. He knew that he couldn’t hold back much longer and tried to think of other things to make the blow job last longer. As he was about to reach the brink he turned and looked over his shoulder and for the first time saw what his son and Brad were doing.I had been sneaking glances to see Brad slowly seduce Timmy. Brad had allowed Timmy to work his dick with his hand for only a minute or so before he placed his hand on the back of Timmy’s neck and guided him down to his dick. The big redhead had put on a show of resisting but ultimately couldn’t resist Brad’s huge cock.Brad didn’t let Timmy take it slow but kept the pressure on Timmy’s head until his mouth was halfway down Brad’s pole. There he waited allowing Timmy to adjust and explore before thrusting the rest of his cock into Timmy’s throat. That was about the time that Eric turned around. His son’s face was buried in Brad’s bush and he was chocking on Brad’s eight foot monster.”Holy Fuck, no!” shouted Eric but he couldn’t stop himself as he had reached the point of no return. His cock started to explode cum as he watched Timmy come up briefly for air before Brad filled his mouth with his swollen dick again.Eric’s first blast of hot cum hit the back of my throat and I greedily swallowed it down. Eric stated to pull away but I placed my hands on his ass checks holding his spasming member in place. A few more volleys of cum coated my tongue and throat before I finally allowed him to pull out. I then dragged his dick across my face and lips until he was finally completely spent. Overwhelmed he sank down onto the floor still watching his son blow Brad.”Brad what did you do to my son?” he asked, huffing and out of breath from his huge cum shot.”Like I said before Eric some guys are just cocksuckers. I didn’t say a word to your son and he had to wrap his lips around my pole. Right k**?” Brad asked looking down at the muscular red head. Timmy tried to say yes but it was muffled by the eight inches Brad had buried in his throat.It was a new experience watching any person go down on Brad. I had seen the pictures of his prior conquests and been in awe that others had done it but now I was getting a live performance. Still covered in the spunk of Eric I was almost a little jealous of Timmy and that he was going to get to have Brad’s seed all to himself.Before I had a chance to do anything about it, Brad let out a loud moan and started to shoot in Timmy’s mouth. Timmy tried to drink down as much of it as he could but as Brad continued to pump his cock in Timmy’s mouth but Brad must have shot a huge loud because cum started leaking out of Timmy’s mouth and down the sides of Brad’s cock. Timmy didn’t seem to want to let go of Brad’s dick and continued to keep his softening member in his mouth until finally Brad pushed his head off and stood up.”Well thanks for a good night everybody, but I think I need to get some sleep,” said Brad looking at the three men in the room. Timmy and I both had cum all over our faces and Eric was sitting with his head in his hands after watching his k** eat Brad’s load.I just couldn’t believe I had let it happen again and I had enjoyed it just as much, or even more, than the first time. As I rushed out of the room, the reality of my actions setting in I wondered if I really was a cocksucker.

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