Tutoring Jahzara


The memo on the information board in the foyer was a request for volunteer tutors. As I had a light schedule in this semester of college, I decided to attend the information session and see what’s involved. There were a dozen others in the room as they discussed the need for tutors to assist immigrant students with their English language skills and studies. I signed up and was told to report back the next day to meet my student.I was both pleased and surprised to meet Jahzara. She was a young and attractive girl of seventeen, not what I was expecting. I was informed that she had recently arrived from Ethiopia and had requested an English tutor.Jahzara was tall, almost six foot, with a slim build and a bush of long, black hair. Her dark eyes smiled when she spoke and revealed the intelligence behind them. She had a wide, bright smile and an easy-going manner. We set up a schedule with the program director and agreed to meet the following day in the main library to begin our sessions.***As she approached the table, I noticed a few others admiring the lean yet curvy beauty that took a seat across from me. She gave me a big smile, opened her purse and handed me a note. I opened it to discover an address written on it.”What’s this?” I asked.”My address. You will need it to do your tutoring,” she replied.”You don’t want to do it güvenilir bahis here?””Um, let me explain,” she began. “I don’t need a tutor. I signed up to find someone to tutor my mother.””Your mother?” “Yes,” she nodded. “My mother needs help with her English. She doesn’t let me help her… you know parents… so I was hoping you would be willing to help her for me.””I don’t think the program is for that; it’s for the students who need help,” I responded.”I need help,” she insisted. “With my mother. The adult language classes are full and she’s having a hard time. I will let everyone think you are tutoring me… no one will ever know.””Well, I guess it doesn’t matter who I’m helping, so why not,” I shrugged. “I’ll give it a try.””Great!” she said excitedly. “When do you want to meet her and start?””We already have a schedule, so it’s best to start with that,” I replied. “We can see about changing it later if things work out.””Okay, I will tell her. Do you live far from here?””No,” I answered. “Actually, your place is very close to mine. I can walk there, so that’s not an issue.”We exchanged phone numbers and agreed that we would meet at her place for the next session on the schedule.***Jahzara was sitting on the front steps of the house as I approached and greeted me with a wide smile and a wave of her hand.”Good day!” she güvenilir bahis siteleri exclaimed. “I am so happy you came.””Good day to you, too,” I replied.Dressed in running shorts and a tank top, she stood up and put her hand out to me. I gazed at her for a moment and admired the beautiful girl in front of me. Her dark skin glistened in the sunlight, her slight curves and lean body youthful and appealing. I reminded myself that she was only seventeen and reached my hand out to hers.Instead of a handshake, she took my hand in hers, moved close to me and spoke quietly in my ear.”My mother is a very serious person,” she warned. “She does not trust boys and can be stubborn.””Okay, thanks for the warning,” I replied. “Are you sure she is good with this?””Yes, she is willing to meet you and try.”She led me up the steps and through the front door.”Wait here,” she instructed as she dropped my hand and disappeared down the hallway.She appeared in the hallway and waved me to come in. I took off my shoes and followed her into a small dining room containing a small wooden table, two chairs, a few plants and an older version of Jahzara in a yellow sundress.”Jean, this is my mother, Zala, and Mother, this is Jean.””Nice to meet you,” I grinned as I extended my hand.She looked me up and down before extending her hand to mine. iddaa siteleri Her long, slender fingers grasped mine firmly as we shook.”You are a man, not a boy,” she stated. “How old are you?””Um, twenty-one, almost twenty-two,” I replied.”Hmm, you look older. My daughter told me it was a boy from school coming, not a man,” she stated as she looked over at Jahzara. “Clearly, she does not know the difference yet.”Jahzara rolled her eyes and let out a sigh. “Mother….””It is fine,” Zala said with a wave of her hand. “I prefer to spend time with a man; it will be more comfortable.”Zala looked me over again. “Jean? Are you French?””Partly,” I answered.”Hmm, I wonder which parts?” she mused as she pointed to a chair. “Have a seat and we will begin.”She took a seat across from me and sent Jahzara to the kitchen for two glasses of cold tea. We sat silently until Jahzara set the tall glasses on the table.”You may go now,” Zala told Jahzara. “You do not need to be here to distract my tutor.”Jahzara sighed and said she would return in a few hours. She flashed me a smile and patted my shoulder as she left the room.”So, you like my young daughter?” Zala inquired.’Um, yes, she’s very nice,” I replied.”You know she is not of age, correct?””Yes, she told me she is seventeen,” I said hesitantly.”Yes, not ready for a man,” Zala said with a slight smile as she gestured at me.”I hope you don’t mind my asking, but your English is very good. Do you really need a tutor?”Zala grinned and let out a little laugh. “No, but my daughter thinks I do. What does she know? She is a young girl.”

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