Twelve Toes

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Let me tell you about my boyfriend Mark. If I asked you to guess his age, I’ll bet you’d say late thirties, just like everyone else does. Well, you wouldn’t even be close – Mark turned sixty this year. There’s not a trace of flab or wrinkle on his splediferous physique nor a grey hair anywhere, although that might be more about the fact that he shaves everything. That’s right, I said e-v-e-r-y-thing. No six pack abs, but no gut either and I’m just fine with that. Add to the picture the fact that he regularly visits a tanning salon and you’ve got one helluva package. Actually we’ll get to the package later and that’s really the best part.

He has deep brown eyes and a scruffy head full of sandy brown hair. He dresses like a gentleman, no ass crack on display ever, no tattoos, no wife beaters, often in a well tailored Saville Row kit, and comfortable enough with his own masculinity to sometimes even wear a pink shirt as part of the ensemble.

There was something very unique about him when we first met and I had a feeling we would be naked together someday. After a few weeks of flirting we were out at a waterside party one afternoon, me in my teeny tiny white bikini and he in shorts and a polo shirt. I was staring at his beautifully tanned legs and perfectly manicured feet when suddenly it hit me.

He had six toes.

I stared and he caught me at it. I was embarrassed to be caught, but he didn’t seem the least bit bothered. No one else around us seemed to notice, but then, I guess unless you have a foot fetish you don’t do a lot of staring at other peoples’ feet. He put a hand on mine and I shivered with delight at my first touch by this extraordinary man. His touch and gentle smile put me at ease again immediately. After another margarita he asked if I’d like to go grab a quiet dinner and I jumped at the opportunity. I changed back to the short little frock I’d arrived in and we headed out.

Over dinner he offered an explanation with regard to his “pedicularity” as he put it. His mother had taken an experimental prescriptive back right after the second World War and later had gotten pregnant. An unforeseen latent effect of the drug was that the children born to mothers that had taken it developed additional digits. He showed me his hands and explained that the small bumps to the side of each of his “pinkies” were actually the stubs of sixth fingers that had been amputated when he was an infant. I shuddered but he assured me that it was nothing he even remembered, that it had been done within weeks of his birth and was not unlike being circumcised at that age. The decision had been made not to alter his feet, as that was less likely to be considered as freakish and even if it became an issue, it was easily concealed with shoes.

What a unique and fascinating man I thought to myself. I was smitten by the fact that he was willing to share his secret with me. Our dinner proceeded with tales of his youth in Manchester with me totally mesmerized by his voice and his quiet confidence. I was smitten and as the evening went on, I believe he realized I was.

Outside the restaurant, he slipped an arm around me and I absolutely melted into his embrace. Our lips met and I was treated to a kiss that started out soft and sweet, before turning to firm and passionate. The second kiss found our tongues becoming aquainted in a juicy pas de deux. His hands wandered across my back and into my hair. The next kiss was to the nape of my neck and I was helpless from there on. I knew I would do anything for this man.

In his car my dress rode high up my thigh and I left it there. He noticed, smiled, and rested a hand on my thigh in between shifts as he throttled his Vantage through the evening atmosphere. His fingers wandered to the inside of my thigh and that gushy excited feeling of lust began to occupy my lower regions.

I’d had no idea where we were going, but we pulled up to a smallish, well kept place just a stone’s throw from the shops on Lido Key. It was contemporary and looked to be from the fifties or sixties, well kept and resplendent in tropical foliage. He parked, opened the passenger side door like a true gentleman and then led me inside. A bottle of Remy Martin appeared, two glasses were poured and then clinked. We sipped briefly and the kissing resumed.

Before I really knew it, my dress was off and he was unfastening the clasp on the lacy balconette bra that I’d worn. It fell to the floor and his hands cupped my breasts as his fingers found my nipples, gently teasing them into an ever more excited state. It had been a while since I’d been fondled by anyone and I was enjoying every moment. These were the hands of an experienced connoisseur of the delights a woman has to offer. I could tell he was savoring every moment.

Now wearing only my heels and a lacy thong that illegal bahis matched the now discarded bra, I was led out through a sliding glass door into the back garden and the night air. The full moon made it easy to negotiate the pathway through the plantings and past a pool. A heady floral aroma filled my head and a warm breeze drifted across my naked flesh. It was absolutely delicious.

At the far corner of the property stood a smallish structure which turned out to be a poolhouse. We entered and I could make out in the dim light that it held little more than a large bed. Mark struck a match, the acrid sulphuric odor a sharp contrast to the scents of the garden. After lighting several candles he returned his attention to me, this time bending slightly to enable his lips to meet my nipples, kissing, licking and gently nibbling at them while at the same time exploring the rest of my body with his hands. He cupped my ass with his hands and slipped fingers between my thighs, stroking them gently before meandering up and pressing against the crotch on my thong, driving me crazy with the almost there contact.

I could stand it no more. I slipped my thumbs into the waist of the thong and slowly slipped it past my hips and off then stepping out of it with his assistance. I stood there naked save for the shoes, legs slightly spread, offering my sex to him.

His fingers gently explored me, stroking, fondling, cupping my fruit before finally penetrating me. I was obscenely wet, ready to be entered, dying to be. A second finger joined the first and he explored me inside, knowing just where to rub, how deep to go, and knowing that I needed to feel friction as well, sliding the pair of digits in and out, up and down, bringing me to the verge of a climax, but then withdrawing them, instead choosing to now focus on my clitoris. This time his dexterity continued until I cried out in ecstasy as the glory of an intense orgasm engulfed my entire being.

I wanted to satisfy him now and started to undo his belt and then zipper. He pulled away and suggested that I have a seat on the edge of the bed. Slowly he unbuttoned his shirt, kicked off his shoes, and unfastened his pants. I caught a glimpse of two sets of six toes before his pants fell to his feet and he then stepped out of them. He stood there for a moment clad only in a pair of striped boxers and then they too dropped to his feet. And then I discovered his next secret.

He had two cocks.

Two lovely moderately sized perfectly formed penises stood at full attention. For a moment I thought perhaps I’d had so much to drink that I was seeing double, but then I heard Mark’s voice telling me that if it was too bizarre for me, he would put his pants back on.

But I was having none of that. I was absolutely mesmerized – two gorgeous cocks and they both were connected to this wonderful man. I held out my hands and motioned him forward. When he came close enough, I took one in each hand. Each was rigid and firm, each was fat enough to nicely fill my hand, and each proudly sported a fat mushroom head, tips glistening in the candlelight with droplets of pre-cum.

There were four gonads to accompany the two penises. Four neatly shaved little sacks of flesh holding what felt like little marbles inside. They were smaller than what I assume must be normal. I can’t say that I’ve inspected all that many testicle sacs, but I’ve seen a few and these seemed a tad on the smallish side.

I realized I was pumping away each cock and eased up a bit. Staring into his face I slowly worked them over and he closed his eyes in a combination of supplication and enjoyment. I leaned over and took first one and then the other in my mouth then licked and inspected them as best I could in the dim candlelight.

I wanted so badly to feel one or the other of them inside me. Asking how to proceed, Mark told me it worked just like any other man, except that one was outside while the other was within. I asked if one preferred going first over the other and he just laughed, saying no that there was no pecking order involved.

Sliding back on the bed I lay down and spread my legs wide, presenting myself for impalement. Mark approached me on all fours, lowered his body until it met mine, then gently guided one of his cocks against my pussylips and into my vagina. At first it was a little strange with one cock inside and another rubbing against the front of me and then we got our positions adjusted so that the one on the outside was rubbing against my clit with every stroke and it was nothing short of sensational. I came several times from clitoral stimulation and was about to ask him to stop because I was becoming overstimulated there when I exploded in a mind-numbing vaginal climax. At that point he did as well, pumping a load inside me.

We collapsed illegal bahis siteleri together side by side, him pulling out and holding me in his arms as I shivered a little from the intensity of all that had just happened. Little by little I returned to reality and my body began to regain a semblance of control over itself. I wondered at the incredulity of this man and his dual cocks. Reaching over I found them both still there, although one was a little limper than the other, which was still rock hard.

Poor thing, I thought, this one didn’t get to come. Sliding downward I brought my face to Mark’s groin and took the hard cock in my mouth then proceeded to perform the best fellatio I knew how. It didn’t take long before it exploded in my mouth, releasing torrents of hot semen that I swallowed like a hungry little kitten. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

In the morning I tidied up a bit in the bathroom in the poolhouse then slipped the thong back on and walked barefoot back through the garden to the main house. Mark was wearing a fresh pair of cobalt blue silk boxers and fixing breakfast. Offering me a mimosa he said that there was also coffee if I preferred. I accepted the mimosa before settling into a stool and diving into a plate of the most delicious scrambled eggs I’d ever tasted accompanied by toast points. Mark poured himself some pineapple juice. I sat there feeling completely at ease with nothing on but the lacy thong, luxuriating in the companionship of this extraordinary man.

It wasn’t long after breakfast before we were making love again and I began to develop an ever greater appreciation for him and his special gifts. Over the course of the next two hours, Mark came four separate times. I’ve never been involved in a gangbang, but it seemed to me like I had myself my own personal gangbang machine. Every time one cock came, it seemed the other was ready for action.

Since then we’ve had many many variations that we’ve employed. I have two favourites, the first of which is watching him stand and stroke himself, a cock in each hand, pumping away. Sometimes I just position myself so that I can get a nice shower of hot cum as he blasts both barrels all over my naked body. Mark has incredible control over his orgasms and seems to be able to virtually come on command. The second variation came into play only recently. I’ve found that I can accommodate both his cocks in my pussy if he’s warmed me up a bit with one or the other first. It’s an incredibly filled up kind of feeling and really intense when he pumps two loads of cum simultaneously into me. It also makes a helluva puddle if I lay there too long afterward.

We’ve talked a great deal about what he refers to as “the mutation”. Over the years he’s done a lot of research and since the advent of the internet has made contact with many others with similar conditions. The most common affectation is extra toes or fingers, but often it is accompanied by other things. Many times it’s simply what is often referred to as a “tag”, a small piece of fleshy material that grows out from the body like an extended wart or pimple and is easily removed surgically. Another common version is a third or fourth nipple. I guess there are a surprising number of men with three nipples as well as three gonads. Some girls have multiple nipples as well, but these are usually removed when puberty sets in as they often develop into extra breasts. The concept of a mastectomy is disturbing enough to me when it’s necessary because of cancer, but to have to have that sort of radical surgery because you have an extra breast is really sad.

Just recently we spent an evening with Milton who Mark had run into through his internet searching. Milton was in town on sabbatical for six months and before he left, Mark convinced him to come have dinner. We go barefoot at the house all the time now and Milton felt comfortable enough after seeing Mark’s extra toe exhibitionism that he took his shoes off as well. Sure enough, six toes.

At twilight, I often take a naked dip in the pool. Although I had no intention of doing so on this particular evening, Mark talked me into it, telling me he really wanted to show me off for Milton. I acquiesced and treated Milton to a display. After I’d been in for a few minutes, I was surprised to see Mark peeling off his shorts, polo shirt, and finally his boxers. I couldn’t believe he’d be comfortable revealing to anyone else that he had been blessed with a double dose of manhood but soon he was in the pool with me, naked as a jaybird.

The next surprise was that Milton decided to join us. He had been wearing slacks and a shirt and once they were off it revealed that he was wearing very form fitting briefs. I could clearly discern the outline of his penis and it was obvious he was pretty well endowed even canlı bahis siteleri before he slipped out of them. The real surprise happened a minute later when he approached the side of the pool and I realized that he too had two cocks only in his case one was larger than normal while the other was smaller. And unlike Mike’s side by side boys, Milton’s were one in front of the other, with the big one in the lead and the smaller one behind. His gonads were to each side, one pair left and one pair right.

Mark saw me ogling Milton’s package(s). He explained that they’d compared notes with regard to their genitals. We believe it or not chatted rather innocently about each of their situations, even discussing sexual positions.

I’m not certain exactly how it all transpired, but before I knew it I was once again in the poolhouse and Mark and I were demonstrating for Milton the various ways we had sex. He looked on avidly, stroking away on his larger member. He really was big in that department, probably by more than three inches over Mark’s boys. I’d never seen a big cock in the flesh before and was fascinated.

Mark again picked up on my ogling and suggested that Milton give me a closer look. Milton came over and held his big rod just a few inches from my face. I could also see the little guy too and suddenly felt sorry for him. I reached out and took hold of the smaller shaft then began to stroke. Milton continued stroking the big one.

At this point Mark had both his cocks inside me. We were in a doggy style position and I was feeling delirious with pleasure. I opened my mouth wide and pulled Milton toward me. The head of his big member entered my mouth and I did my best to accommodate him, all the while playing with his smaller dick. I sucked and sucked and Mark continued to fuck away for a while before pulling both his cocks out.

Milton swapped places with him, slipping his big member into my quim. I had been stretched by Mark’s double penetration, but nothing had gone as deep as Milton did then. I’ve never been fucked so deeply in my whole life and it felt good, really really good. In addition, the base of his smaller cock rubbed against my clit with every stroke he took.

He started playing with my asscheeks and fingering my anus. Squeezing my cheeks wide my bunghole was spread open and I felt like he was trying to see his cock inside me from his vantage point on his knees and upright. Then I felt something liquid dribbling into it. Mark had produced a bottle of lube from somewhere and was pouring a tiny stream into my ass.

I hadn’t had any form of assplay or anal sex in quite some time. I love a nice gentle assfucking but Mark doesn’t seem to have any interest in it normally. As it turns out, he still didn’t, it was Milton who slipped first one and then the other of his thumbs inside me while he continured to ream my pussy. Enjoying all the sensations immensely it took me a few minutes before I realized that the next thing to go in there just might be the monster shaft that was now drilling my womb.

I was on the verge of coming but he withdrew then flipped me over onto my back. Almost immediately he positioned mr. big at my pussylips and then thrust it deep inside again. I could feel his little guy rubbing against my perineum and it almost felt as good as it had when I was on all fours and it had rubbed against my clit. I savored the sensations until I felt the head of mr. little poking at my sphincter. Milton reached down and slipped a thumb into my now well lubricated orifice, prying it open just enough that he was able to start the cockhead in. Once started, it glided further fairly easily and then there I was, filled in both holes, and by the same man no less.

Milton continued to doublefuck me like that for quite a while. Eventually I reached the edge where sensual bliss erupts into the cataclysm of orgasm and this time it happened, an earth shattering climax that surely must rank as one of the all time great orgasms of (wo)mankind. I howled in ecstasy and thrashed about as though insane. Milton just held rock steady throughout, allowing me to twist and shudder throught the throes of complete abandon. At one point both his cocks throbbed within me as he exploded in his own “little death”.

Throughout all this Mark stood by, a cock in each hand, stroking away on the rigid shafts. He had stopped stroking by the time I had come back down from the ephemeral heights where I had been. I slid off the bed and crawled over to where he stood. Taking a cock in each of my hands I began to pump them furiously until they simultaneously gushed a hot white shower of cum all over my tits and abdomen. I giggled uncontrollably as he did, eliciting a broad grin from him.

Milton gathered his clothing together and dressed. Mark and I stayed naked and I popped into the shower for a quick hosing down. We saw Milton to the front door and made him promise to visit again next time he was in the area.

What an evening it had been – three hours, two men, four cocks, one pussy, and …

…thirty-four toes.

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