Subject: Twelve Year Old Tyler, Chapter 2 HOLA PEEPS!! Finally got a chance to write a second chapter, on this story, my apologies, I have been dead busy at work with almost no free time this week. Hope I’m forgiven? Haha. Your continuous feedback is SO appreciated!! Seriously you just love seeing a bunch of emails when a story is submitted, saying how much y’all enjoyed it. It makes writing WORTH it so much more!! Please enjoy, and thanks for reading xx Peace and love, Ryan TWELVE-YEAR-OLD TYLER CHAPTER TWO By Ryan White “Wanna play some ball?” Tyler swung around from where he was watching TV, the humongous big ass TV that Kyle and his family owned, so much bigger and so much clearer than the TV’s that he remembered from 2002. These days, he couldn’t get enough of a certain show called The Suite Life on Deck, where there were these insanely cute two blond kids about his age, or what he felt was his age, starring in the sitcom…and oh my GOSH, they were something else. Every time that he watched an episode, a feeling of warmth and excitement seemed to spread through him as he laid his eyes on the handsome as hell Sprouse twins. As he switched his view from the TV towards whoever had spoken to him, he saw that Kyle…no…no! It wasn’t Kyle, for what felt like the millionth time…it was his son, Frankie! God…three and a half months since Tyler had woken up from his twenty-year-old coma and he still couldn’t fathom that he had no parents, both tragically passing away in the time that he was in said coma, but even more, that his best friend, the one boy on whom he ever had a crush over, Kyle, was now an adult. No shit, he was a fucking surgeon! It seemed just so…unreal, and not something that Tyler wanted to think about. What’s ever more fucked up was that Kyle had eventually gone on and married his childhood sweetheart Kimberley, and Tyler had a hard time coming to grips that the biggest bitch in their school year was now a hard-working mother and a loyal wife to her family. But the cherry on the cake…and this is what was truly fascinating…Frankie was the god damn spitting image of his father when he himself was twelve years old. It was so insane; it couldn’t be more written if someone had tried. And it didn’t help AT ALL, that Frankie was just as handsome, just as cute as a button, just as muscled…as his dad was twenty years ago. Even in his coma induced brain, Tyler knew that he was now, technically, thirty-two years old. And even if he didn’t remember twenty years of his life, he sure as hell knew that men his age, definitely weren’t supposed to be attracted to twelve-year-old boys like Frankie any more. Tyler sighed, as he stood up and faced Frankie. He was still twelve years old inside his head and inside his heart! He couldn’t help it! Every time he was even as much as near Frankie, all those feelings he felt towards his father just resurfaced like to was the most natural thing on this earth. The boy was dressed in his school’s soccer gear, the very same school he had attended, and Tyler remembered that Kyle told him that just like himself and Tyler was back in the day, Frankie was now centre forward for the school’s team, the exact same position that Tyler had played in. “Hello? Earth to grown dude in a kid’s body…!” Tyler smirked and with just sheer instinct, he grabbed one of the couch cushions and threw it towards Frankie, who caught it in mid air and cackled in total and utter laughter. “Gotta be quicker than that, old man! Come on, lets go have a game with the boys in the park! My dad told me you were this crazy ass striker back when you guys were young and shit, you wanna come along and prove it?” In Tyler’s hindsight, he suddenly had what could only be called a semi epiphany…suddenly he felt himself relieve the injury he suffered, bits and snippets of that horrible day flashed through his mind like a film of noir. How that idiot boy, who had been personally attacking him all game, how the referee seemed not to wanna do anything against the high tackles said boy was getting into him, how the goalkeeper of the opposite team slipped as he attempted to clear the ball, how it was wide fucking open and all that Tyler had to do to win the game, was to kick it into the back of the net… …only to be rugby tackled in such a horrific manner that he had spun in mid-air for a few seconds, before hitting his head hard, incredibly hard, on the playing surface…from where, the coma that he had been in until only three months ago. “What, are you scared?” Frankie taunted him, but Tyler knew that it was just banter, nothing malicious. Even though he had tried his best to keep away from Frankie, because he didn’t know how to cope with what he was feeling towards the boy, the two of them had managed to get along just fine, but this was the first time that Frankie had invited him to go and play soccer with his buddies. “No, I’m not scared, I’d love to play…it’s just…well, the last time I played…you know what happened,” Tyler muttered, sticking his hands inside the pockets of his shorts and looked down at the carpet on the floor. Once more, twelve-year-old Frankie couldn’t believe how much this dude who was his father’s best friend, and who was his dad’s age, how much he resembled what he actually was…a fellow twelve-year-old boy! The way Tyler spoke, the way he walked, the way he ate, the way he lived his life, was all through the eyes of someone much younger than his body was showing to the public eye, and where it had freaked him out at first, the more fascinating it now was. “Dude, I get it, but I promise no one is gonna hurt you. Not when I’m there. Okay? Anyway, my dad will kill me if anything happens to you, so there’s that. Come on! You coming or not?” Tyler looked up at Frankie…and Jesus…that look on the boy’s face, full of lust and a passion of life and sport, was so much like Kyle’s had been…and those exposed biceps was just something else as well, the cute freckles that was shattered across his nose and upper cheeks…those beautiful blue eyes that was now drilling through his own in searching for an answer. “Deal. Let’s go!” Tyler shouted at the top of his voice, so much so that Frankie just shook his head, and headed the ball across the room towards Tyler, who caught it with his feet, with amazingly accurate precision and eye co-ordination. Frankie’s eyes widened just a tad as Tyler gave him a real show of how kids were keeping themselves busy with a soccer ball for hours on end some twenty years ago…before he carefully slid the ball back towards Frankie. “Oh wow…dude…how the fuck are you so good?” he asked, with nothing but awe inside his eyes. Tyler smiled happily, whilst his heart swelled at the words from the boy he was liking and getting attracted to more and more by the day. “Who’s the old man now, huh? We going, or what?” Together, both adult and child run out of the house, as if they were trying to see who was the fastest between the two, and they were off towards the park, whilst complete and utter childish laughter of pure abundance could be heard across the street. ** “What is the freak doing here?” “Jesus, Brandon! I told you not to call him that!” “He’s a grown up, Frankie…he should be at work bursa escort with the rest of the grownups, not here with us playing soccer!” Frankie ran his fingers through his sweaty jet-black hair and sighed. He knew bringing Tyler with him, might cause some anger with his friends, but he didn’t know that Brandon would take it so personally. Since they arrived, Tyler had more than shown what a capable soccer player he was, as he had already scored two goals for his “team”. All of them had been dividing themselves into shirts and skins, of which Tyler had also had assisted one goal so far, scored by Frankie. Brandon, probably used to all the accolades and all the attention on the soccer field as a fellow striker, well, let’s just say, he didn’t like that. Frankie had a lot of patience and a lot of loyalty towards Brandon as they had been friends for yonks, but there was also just so much of his moaning that he could take. “Dude, he’s scoring goals for fun! He’s a great ass soccer player! What’s your problem? He can’t help that he was in a coma for twenty years! Inside his brain, he’s still twelve years old, just like us! Can’t you do math or something?” Brandon pumped out his chest and looked towards Tyler with nothing but sheer pre-teen disgust and distain inside his eyes. He then turned back towards Frankie. “Why not just let him back into school then? Then your new best friend can be on that team too! We’ll see what my parents say about that! I’ve always been on YOUR team, even when we were kids and now all of a sudden, you’re choosing that freak over me?” he sneered. “What? I didn’t choose anyone over you! Me and you are tight, homie, always have been…I really don’t get you right now!” Brandon smirked, looked one more time over at Tyler, and he spat on the muddy grass… before he ran back towards his group on the left side of the pitch. Frankie wiped the sweat from his forehead and morbidly walked back to his own team, which was on the right. “Are you really our age? But like…how?” he heard some of his buddies pound poor Tyler with question, after question. “It’s called being in coma, guys. You don’t wanna go through that, ever, trust me!” Tyler answered back, throwing up the soccer ball and balancing it perfectly on his head without it ever falling off the sides. “So, you’ve been in a coma all this time? So, you are still a virgin?” The ball FINALLY fell off. Both Tyler and Frankie looked at the boy who had asked that, their mouths wide open whilst the others snickered…albeit an innocent question, but neither knew what to answer. Finally, Tyler cleared his throat and kicked the ball over to Frankie. “You can’t talk, dude. You’re still a virgin yourself.” The entire group except Tyler burst out in sudden shrieks of laughter, even the boy who had just been roasted couldn’t stop laughing and holding his stomach. When the laughter died down Tyler frowned and said… “What’s a virgin?” If the laughter had been bad before, it was literally uncontrollable now. Two of the boys were on the ground, pounding the wet grass in total and utter giggles, and even Frankie struggled to keep a straight face as he suddenly and just out of instinct, placed his arm around Tyler’s midriff, simply because he couldn’t reach his shoulders. “Stick to soccer, dude…” he said, with a twinkle in his eye, looking up towards Tyler’s own chocolate brown eyes, and suddenly noticing an incredible vulnerability inside them. Once more, it hit him with a right smack inside his balls just how much Tyler didn’t know, just how much he had missed out on…how horrible and insane it must be to feel twelve years of age when in reality, he was twenty years older. He couldn’t imagine it. Not for one second. The game between the two sets of friends went on for another hour, with Tyler scoring one more goal, but after that, choosing to rather set up Frankie for the goals, getting three assists for the boy to score a fantastic hattrick. In the end, the group containing Tyler and Frankie won by 7 goals to three, a score that only happened when pre-teens play the game in a muddy park, that was for sure. Frankie fist bumped everyone on his team, and then finally he came face to face with Tyler, and he held out his fist. For a few seconds, it was like Tyler didn’t know what to do, or how to react. Then, it was like a memory had clicked inside his brain, realising what he had seen the other’s do, and he clumsily pressed his first towards, and finally onto that of Frankie. Electricity, sheer raw threads of voltage seemed to spurt within Tyler’s veins as he felt Frankie’s skin on his own, and for a freak moment, he could have sworn that Frankie had felt it too…his eyes were wide and his mouth was half open…as the handsome boy stared at their fist pressed tightly together, before looking up towards Tyler himself…as if in a sudden trance. “Get a room you two!” some of the boy’s shouted, eliciting even more laughter among the group, and the two immediately removed their hands from each other, neither one wanting to look at the other right then, and instead, Frankie left Tyler were he was, and ran over towards Brandon. “You wanna sleep over tonight? We can…you know…” he whispered, making sure that no one else could hear them, before looking anxiously at his best friend. Brandon wanted to agree, but at the last moment, his attention fell onto Tyler, all alone, a few feet away from them, looking like he had just been struck by lightening, and he shook his head. “Not whilst the freak is gonna be there! What if he walks in on us?” Frankie rolled his eyes, grabbed Brandon’s arm and pulled him a little further away from the rest of the group. “Why would he? And stop calling him a fucking freak! He’s like my dad’s BFF from way back, if he hears you calling Tyler that, he’s literally gonna ban you from ever coming over again! And I can’t..e on man…you can’t let that happen!” Brandon’s eyes softened a little, and as always, when he was near Frankie, his life long bestie, a warmth of note spread through his heart as well as his chest. He so much wanted to take Frankie’s hand inside his own right there and then, but he knew it was impossible with so many kids and that freak around. “Okay, whatever. I’ll keep quiet and come over. But I still don’t like him,” he said, getting a sexy ass smile from Frankie in return for his efforts. ** Tyler shook awake. His entire upper chest was heaving like crazy. Sweat was running from his forehead like a bloody fountain and he reached over urgently towards the glass of water that was next to him on the bedside table. He took a few gulps of the cool liquid, before forcing himself to calm down. He had a nightmare…he couldn’t remember what it was about at that moment, but all that he could place was it was awful. He was still shaking slightly, when he stood up and took off the shirt he was wearing to sleep in. Half of it was soaked in sweat and he swore silently. He had no fucking idea how to work a washing machine from the year 2022, so he’d have to ask Kyle to help him and that’s exactly what he didn’t wanna do. Kyle has been nothing but supportive to him ever since he woke up and always wanted to help and always asked if Tyler was okay, but it seemed that Kimberley bursa escort bayan always had a scowl on her face when he did so. And to be honest…the spark of platonic friendship that had once been between himself and Kyle, was gone. It was sad, but it was true…There was nothing left from his side…all jokes were there, the “do you remember” tales from way back, but apart from that, he and Kyle had absolutely nothing in common. That stark realization hurt him more than he ever thought it would. For the first time in a while, Tyler turned towards the mirror and looked at his physique. He would literally kill for a six pack like Kyle had. Instead, as a result of being comatose for twenty years, it was a skinny ass thirty-two-year-old man looking back at him. There were a few features he could make out from his twelve-year-old self…the nose was still the same, his eyes haven’t changed, but apart from that…he hardly recognized the man he had become. Why…why did this have to happen, and why to HIM! Really, if he EVER, EVER found the boy who did this to him, that idiot fucker back in 2002, he didn’t know what he would do. Well, he couldn’t just leave the wet shirt here laying around, I mean, Kimberley already had a go at him for just accidently breaking a cup the previous week, so he opened his room door and quietly as he could, he tip toed towards the bathroom. The least he could do, he supposed, was to place the shirt in the laundry basket. He had to, however, pass Frankie’s room in order to get to the bathroom and the last thing he wanted to do was to wake him. His heart fluttered when he thought of him…he didn’t exactly know if they were friends at this point or not…they were getting along just fine, and that was because in their hearts and minds, they were the exact same age…but not in reality and NOT biologically. Tyler clenched his teeth and held his breath as he sneaked past the room, but not before he heard… “Ah geez…fucking hell…man…you’re so good at that…” Tyler froze. He might have been in a coma for twenty years, but even he knew those was no ordinary words being said. A further moan coming from Frankie’s room confirmed that there was something very weird going on. “Stop being so loud, you want the freak to hear?” Tyler’s fists balled. He knew that Brandon was sleeping over tonight and that’s why he went to bed early, because he was at his wit’s end being called a freak…nevertheless, he tip toed closed to the door and, just like any curious twelve year old boy would, he tried to listen as carefully as he could. Sounds…strange slurping sounds could he heard faintly as his cock was beginning to plump up ever so slowly. Tyler groaned inwardly as his now adult dick sky rocketed inside his shorts, and if anyone were to see him right now, there would be no way he could hide his seven-inch organ…he quickly looked to his left, and then his right, but there was no one in the corridor apart from him. “Suck me…suck me…fuck yeah dude…” Tyler’s cock was no doubt reacting to the words, but he didn’t know what it actually meant. He knew it probably had something to do with sex but…JESUS! It was Brandon in there! The thought never occurred to him…Frankie was doing this…with another boy! Tyler’s eyes, now as wide as saucers, held his hand before his mouth as he tried to process what was going on. Was Brandon giving Tyler a blowjob? He had heard of those things, but never before actually SEEN it…all he could remember was that in his timeline, people used to say “suck my dick” and that was called a blowjob… Was Frankie gay? Was Brandon gay? Both of them sure didn’t LOOK gay? But then again, Tyler had no idea how a gay person even would look. “Dude, I’m gonna blow! Get off, I said I’m gonna blow!” Tyler listened in more closely, with the classic bed springs bouncing could now be clearly heard. His cock as stiff and hard as if had ever been, he heard a massive inward grunt from someone, which he imagined would have been Frankie, followed by several “hmm” sounds which must have been Brandon. Was he…and Tyler felt kinda nauseous about the sheer thought…was he actually drinking…tasting Tyler’s cum? “Jesus…Jesus..e here…fucking get up here…” he could hear Tyler whisper urgently, following by the creaking sound of a mattress and then…and for some reason what he heard next sent a shiver of sadness across his entire body… …he clearly heard some kissing going on. It was literally unmistakable. A blind man in New Jersey would be able to identify that sound. The kissing went on from about a minute or so, before everything was quiet. “You’re so hot, dude…you’re so sexy, Frankie…” Tyler had enough. He didn’t actually wanna hear what Frankie replied, or even if he did reply. He simply just didn’t wanna be there anymore. He squeezed the wet shirt, still balled tightly inside his fist hard, before he spat off towards the bathroom. He didn’t even bother to switch on the lights as he quickly closed the door…as a mass of depression managed to sink over him. Why he felt so…so incredibly sad and depressed at what he had just heard, he didn’t know, and he didn’t care. Brandon…that fucking jerk was able to do whatever he wanted with Frankie, but he couldn’t…the thought perished before his eyes. The realization that he was jealous…he was actually jealous of Brandon being able and being LEGAL to do that stuff with Frankie was hurting him and badly so. He felt tears well up in his eyes, and he angrily wiped them away. This…this whole entire fucking saga had cost him EVERYTHING! His parents were gone. His best friend from since kindergarten and himself had nothing more in common and his wife couldn’t stand Tyler being there, he just knew it… …but he thought he had made a real friend in Frankie…who looked so much like the young Kyle of his timeline, the Kyle that he remembered so well, the boy who he had the BIGGEST crush on and he didn’t even know it until this day… …and all because some bastard on the soccer field wanted to show off and be a brat that day. If it wasn’t for that boy…whoever he was…none of this would have happened. He would have LIVED these past twenty years. He would have the brain and the mind of a thirty-two-year-old. He would probably still be gay but he would be attracted to men of his own age…not twelve-year-old boys. The bathroom suddenly and unexpectedly light switched on, drowning Tyler in sudden light, and around the corner of the door, there was Frankie. My god…he was shirtless and only wearing shorts, just like Tyler was at that moment and time. Both stared at each other in total confusion before Tyler held up the shirt as if he wanted to prove why he was in the bathroom. “Had a nightmare. It’s soaked. You’re gonna have to show me how this machine works tomorrow,” he said quickly, before opening the door of said washing machine and placing the shirt inside as quick as he could. There was caution inside Frankie’s eyes at first, as if he KNEW that Tyler had overheard something he shouldn’t have, but he relaxed somewhat as he nodded, and then walked to the basin and drank some water right out of the tap. Wiping his mouth, he turned towards Tyler, who finally, FINALLY, escort bursa got to have a good look at Frankie’s shirtless pre-teen boy body. It was definitely still very much a twelve-year-old standing before him but already his chest showed definition. His tummy was flat, with the typical outie navel, and there were most definitely signs of a six-pack waiting to be released inside there somewhere. The boy was beautiful, that was all word Tyler could use to describe what was before his eyes…that V-line going into the boy’s shorts, knowing what he and Brandon had done mere moments before… “My eyes are up here, dude,” Frankie said as he giggled. Tyler shook with embarrassment, he felt his face turning redder by the second, and he looked down once more, to afraid…to scared that his deep dark secret was discovered, at last. “Sorry, didn’t mean to look or anything. I’ll just go…” Tyler opened the bathroom door and ran towards his bedroom as fast as his adult legs could carry him. Inside, he threw himself onto his bed and he cried his eyes out. He didn’t even try and stop the onset of tears, he just let them keep coming. Devastated, his heart was aching and his chest felt as tight as if had ever been. The unfairness of it all. IT WASN’T FAIR! He was twelve years old, god damnit! The same age as Frankie! So why did he feel like such a sick, pervert psycho! He was twelve, not fucking thirty-two! But each and every passing day, each time he looked in a mirror, he was reminded that he wasn’t…and that people would literally lock him up, for doing for felt completely and utterly natural. A knock on the door startled him and he stopped crying immediately. He didn’t really see any one right now and he surely didn’t want anyone seeing him like THIS… “Tyler? You okay in there?” Frankie. Jesus. Tyler kept quiet as a mouse whilst he in typical boyish fashion wished for Frankie to just go back to his room. Back to that jerk Brandon. At least people won’t think those two are perverts for getting together…finally it seemed as if Frankie had given up because Tyler very clearly heard footsteps on the hard wooden floor walking away from the door. He sighed, and wiped the remains of his tears, before he tiredly closed his eyes. ** “I know you’re busy, dude, but you gotta help me. I can’t stay here forever, and I need a job, I guess. Dunno what the hell I’m gonna do, but I’m an adult, I think I need to work.” Kyle’s eyes softened as he poured his best friend a cup of tea and handed it to him…the taste of coffee still sickened Tyler, before he sat down before him. “Look man, I get what you’re saying, but it’s not really like you’re qualified for anything. I’m sorry, okay? Look, I suppose you could always go back to school. If we discuss things with the teachers and we tell them about the coma, who knows? They might understand.” That was the last option that Tyler would wanna do, but he felt like he didn’t have much of a choice. To get a job, you need papers and stuff and he wouldn’t get that without finishing school. He sighed and looked up the moment when Frankie and Brandon entered the living room. Both were cracking jokes and shooting the shit, and for the first actual time Tyler realised how often Brandon was touching Frankie…whether it was an arm around his shoulders, or a pat on his back, or playfully messing with his black hair…how didn’t he see this before? He smiled as Kyle rolled his eyes, so much as he did when they were kids, before he addressed the besties. “Come on, you two! Outside now, Brandon’s dad will be here any moment, or you’re gonna be late. And who knows, maybe one of these days you might even have a new…well, an old student joining class with you,” Kyle said, hanging his own arm around Tyler and squeezing him tightly to his body, the affection for his own best friend still evident after all these years. Frankie stopped what he was doing and looked his dad straight in the eyes. “What…is Tyler going back to school? But how? Is that even possible?” Frankie asked, a frown between his eyes. Tyler felt Kyle’s arm stiffen around his neck before the latter released him and looked down sternly at his son. “Of course, he never finished school, because of what happened. If we explain it to the school, maybe get a good lawyer, then yes, it should be possible,” he said, his voice as cold as ice. “Don’t think my dad will allow that, Uncle Kyle. How is the fr…I mean, Tyler supposed to like, fit in there? He’s old!” “He’s my age, thank you, Brandon. But good to know, I guess,” Kyle sneered back at his son’s bestie. An awkward silence filled the living room until the doorbell rang, to which Brandon mumbled it must he his father and he ran off. Frankie rolled his own eyes and grabbed his back pack, before he slowly walked over to Tyler. My God…did Frankie have ANY, ANY idea how hot he looked in his school uniform… “I’m sorry, if I sounded weird. It’s just…I get you’re twelve inside your head, like me. But look at you…how’s that gonna go on the playground? I’m just worried about you. And I mean that,” Frankie said, slowly, carefully, as if Tyler might bite, placing his hand on his shoulder and squeezing it softly. Tyler wanted to say something…do something…anything else than staying quiet…fucking hell, Frankie was standing so close…he could literally smell the boy’s shampoo he used…his deodorant…he desperately wanted to tell him how he felt about him. But in doing that, would probably have the kid and himself locked up for different reasons…nope…had to keep quiet. “Thanks,” he whispered, hoping to God that Frankie wouldn’t see the desire for him inside his eyes. “Kyle, you in here?” Frankie looked around behind him, before he stepped away from Tyler. A huge ass man marched into the house and the living room, as if he was searching for something or someone, and his attentions then turned towards both Tyler and Frankie. “Hey Frankie, is your dad here? Brandon’s mom is sick or something, and I’m afraid it’s Covid or some crap, because then me and Brandon have to isolate, you know the drill. Was hoping to have a chat with him before I drop you guys off.” Just as the man was finishing his sentence, Kyle walked in. He straightened out his tie before his eyes fell on… “Jim! Hey man! How you doing?” “Who’s this?” Tyler asked Frankie quietly whilst the two men talked. “Jim Johnson, Brandon’s dad,” he whispered back. Tyler looked up, only to see the man smile towards himself and Frankie. A sudden wreath of horror flooded through Tyler and he didn’t know why. All that he knew was…there was something…something REALLY familiar and really horrible about the way Brandon’s father had smiled at him…he couldn’t place it, but it was there. “See ya after school,” Frankie said before he dashed off with his back pack, leaving Tyler still stunned. He crossed his arms…and stood up. There was something…it felt like his brain wanted to let him remember what it was, but also not. Tyler rubbed his eyes and tried to focus…he has been in a coma for twenty years, so in what world would this man look or seem even remotely familiar? Still…he couldn’t dodge the feeling that he had seen him before…somewhere… ** THANKS FOR READING!! Wonder how Tyler could possibly know Brandon’s father… THANK YOU again to everyone who send me some feedback. It’s really appreciated and it really encourages you to just get out there writing more chapters LOL ail

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