Twenty-First Birthday Gift

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Carol and Wendy left the disco inebriated. They were in high spirits after celebrating Wendy’s 21st birthday with friends. Wendy had promised her boyfriend she would be home no later than 2:00am and it was getting close to that time now. They hailed a taxi, then another, but neither stopped for the fare.

“Well girl, it’s a good hour’s home walk. We can hang around waiting for another taxi, or head off and stop try one en-route,” slurred Carol, mixing her words and adjusting her short, low cut black little number and hiccupping.

Giggling, Wendy slurred, “Well, I guess we’d better make tracks or we might be here until morning.”

“It is bloody morning,” laughed Carol drunkenly.

The girls huddled, then arm in arm they began their slow, zigzag walk home. Each told the other jokes to keep themselves amused and to take their minds off the chill of the night air. Anyone who might have overheard the jokes wouldn’t have seen the funny side, as the girls, too drunk to verbalize properly, slurred their words, and only the two close friends could understand their own ‘language’ and what the other was saying.

Thirty minutes later, partially sobered up, and a half-mile down the road, the girls came along an itinerant. He was huddled under a woollen blanked and as the girls passed, he admired their bodies, Carol in her little black number, and Wendy in a leather mini and cropped, low-cut blouse. Both wore black 3″ heels that enhanced their bare, tanned legs.

“Corr, I could do a bit of fluff,” he announced in a gravel voice just audible for the girls to hear.

The girls burst into another fit of drunken laughter. Turning, Wendy slurred, “You wouldn’t know what to do with it if it was spread on a plate,” both laughed again.

The itinerant stood and unzipped his filthy trousers. Pulling out his cock he said, “And I bet you bitches couldn’t take half of this.” In the glow of the sodium streetlamp, the girls saw the biggest cock they had ever seen. Flaccid, it protruded from the itinerant’s fist another 7″ or so, and it must have been 3″ in diameter.

“Shit, take a look at that,” gasped Carol.

“Look all you like bitches, but there ain’t nothing like the feel of it pumping into your cunts,” the itinerant eased back his foreskin, revealing the purple head. He began to urinate; hot steam rose from the line of urine as it left the end of his cock and splashed onto the floor.

“You dirty old man,” whispered Carol as she watched the itinerant begin to masturbate, pulling on his foreskin as the urine stopped, leaving droplets fall to the cold concrete. Neither could take their eyes off the giant cock. Carol thought the itinerant might be right; perhaps they couldn’t take half his cock. The biggest Carol had had, had been her boyfriend’s, Dave, at a healthy 7″. She felt her pussy dampen as she gazed at the itinerant’s weapon.

“Come on, come and touch bahis firmaları it,” the itinerant egged the girls on.

“Have you seen anything like that before?” asked Carol. Wendy silently shook her head, no. Carol wanted to touch the monster to see if it was real, but she could now smell the stench emanating from the itinerant and that was enough to snap her out of her daze.

“I’m going to get a closer look,” whispered Wendy as she took a few paces. She now stood within arm’s length of the itinerant. She reached out and took hold of his cock. The firm organ began to harden, and Wendy felt the blood flow through a large vein. The heaviness made her mouth pop open to let out a silent sigh. She thought ‘if only Mark’s was half the size of this, I’d be blessed’.

“Come on,” called Carol, “let’s go.”

“Wait.” Wendy wanted to feel the monster grow in her hand. Now, it must have been at least 12″ long, maybe 13″. She was transfixed. She began to pull its foreskin back and forth over the large purple bulb. The itinerant closed his eyes and smiled, exposing piano teeth. Wendy had blocked out the smell, the ugly appearance of this man and focused purely on his hardening, pulsing cock.

Carol slowly came and stood at her friend’s side. “I’ve never seen anything like it in my life,” she whispered, trying to block out the stench. She reached out and touched the cock.

The itinerant undid his belt and dropped his trousers, revealing his hairy pubis and a scrotum that could have held a pint of fluid. “Fucking hell,” gasped Carol. The itinerant cupped his balls and lifted them, taking the weight and allowing a testicle to sit either side of the base of his shaft.

Wendy, still transfixed, wanted to feel it between her legs. She suddenly became aware of the urge to fuck this stranger, this walking compost heap. The unpleasantness of the man’s demeanour was now, by far, outweighed by Wendy’s sexual desire.

Carol, also curious about what it might feel like to have, what was now a 13″ long, 4″ thick chunk of human flesh stretch her pussy. Carol too was beginning to let her sexual desires overcome the unpleasantries of this society dropout.

“Come on bitches, you know you want it,” the itinerant teased.

Wendy lifted her mini and removed her cotton panties. “Fuck me!” she demanded. Wendy placed both hands on the wall, her back to the itinerant, and spread her legs. Carol couldn’t believe what her friend was doing, but at the same time was intensely jealous and also wanted the itinerant’s cock.

The itinerant stood behind Wendy. Holding his cock, he rubbed its head over Wendy’s ass; allowing it to explore the soft, white skin. He then pushed forward slightly, his cock sliding under Wendy and over her labia. He could feel the wetness as his cock slid forward, parting her labia, lips spreading either side of his shaft. The head passed Wendy’s opening and kaçak iddaa up onto her clitoris. She let out a gasp as she felt the hot cock-head glide over her clitoris. She reached down and took hold of the itinerant’s cock, now sticking out several inches in front of her pubic hair. She felt her own juices on his cock as it had lubricated itself in passing between her labia. The itinerant eased back, and then with a little assistance from his own hand, he pointed the head at Wendy’s opening and applied pressure.

Wendy felt the cock trying to enter her. She began to worry that it might not fit. Mark’s cock was tiny, a meagre 4½” when hard and barely an inch in diameter. Wendy loved Mark very much, but she was desperate to fulfil her needs, and after making love to Mark, she would excuse herself to the bathroom and frig herself to orgasm. Mark thought he had always satisfied Wendy’s needs, as she had never complained, Wendy always came to orgasm every time they made love. But what Mark didn’t realise was that Wendy faked her orgasms to please her man.

The itinerant applied a little more pressure and Wendy felt her vagina give way as his cock popped into her, forcing her vagina to stretch so tight, she thought she might split wide open. She screamed in pain as his cock slowly sank deeper into her. Her gasps for air and cries of pain soon turned into pants and groans. Wendy felt her body shudder as her first orgasm exploded deep inside. She moaned and began to cry as she felt the cock slide back and forth, with each thrust forcing it deeper inside.

“You want more, bitch?” the itinerant whispered in her ear.

“Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me!”

The itinerant slid another couple of inches into her soaking pussy. He could feel her cervix hard against his cock-head. She had taken almost 8″ and he was still sure she was going to take more. He fucked her with a slow, steady rhythm. Her pussy juices flowing freely from her vagina and onto his shaft, glistened in the orange glow of the street lamps.

Carol watched in amazement as her friend was impaled on this human weapon. She couldn’t believe Wendy could do such a thing. Wendy was such a quiet girl; she rarely spoke about sex apart from the odd snippet in conversation when others broached the subject. Carol suddenly realised that her hand was inside her panties, gently stroking her own wetness. The scene in front of her was beginning to arouse her to a level where she began to want the itinerant’s cock now. Carol moved closer and touched the base of the itinerant’s shaft. She felt Wendy’s juices as they had oozed from her friend’s pussy.

“You want some too?”

Carol nodded, unsure what she was doing, but the nodding became more vibrant as she realised she was going to get a good fucking from this stranger.

Wendy was now in a state of continuous orgasm. She was shuddering with each thrust. Her arms began to kaçak bahis buckle and she almost fell. The itinerant caught hold of her around the waste to break her fall, his cock slid out to an audible squelch and pop as the cock’s head exited a stretched vagina. He let Wendy fall gently to her knees and turned his attention to Carol.

Carol took the same pose as her friend. She too assumed the ‘arrest’ position and felt the itinerant’s hardness probe her sex from behind. She felt his cock enter her pussy as it stretched to accommodate. Her wetness along with his lubricated cock, allowed him to slide in relatively easier than he had with Wendy. Carol took his first 8″ with ease.

“Ah, I see you have a bigger cock at home,” he whispered in her ear. He applied more pressure and forced another 3″ into Carol. She gasped as the pressure on her womb became almost unbearable.

“Wait, wait,” she told the itinerant. He paused, allowing Carol to get comfortable, then, she slowly pushed back onto his cock, letting the remaining few inches into her vagina. She came to orgasm as she felt his pubic hair brush against her ass.

“Ah, good girl, you are one of the few I have fucked who have been able to take me whole,” he told Carol. “Your friend here needs more practice.” They looked down at Wendy who was now beginning to recover.

Wendy looked up and saw her friend leaning against the wall. At first she couldn’t make out where she was, then, suddenly, she remembered. She reached down to touch herself. Her vagina was still stretched and had not yet recovered from its intrusion. A finger slipped in and barely touched the sides. Wendy gazed at the cock as it pounded her friend’s pussy. She couldn’t believe Carol could take such a hammering, but, it was clear to see, Carol was enjoying every thrust.

“I’m coming, I’m coming, fuck me, faster, faster,” she ordered and the itinerant responded. He too was about to cum. A dozen or more strokes and he exploded deep into Carol. Carol felt his cock explode inside her, his semen spewing out of his cock and running down her thighs.

He pulled out, allowing his cock to fall. Still almost at full length, he offered his cock to Wendy. Wendy took hold and licked its head clean. Carol, now partially recovered from her orgasm, joined her friend and licked his shaft clean of juices.

“Ha, ha, ha,” laughed the itinerant as he gloated. The girls stood, pulled on their panties, and hurling verbal abuse at the itinerant, resumed their walk home.

Breaking the silent walk home, Carol said, “Fuck, that was something else. I thought Dave’s cock was big, but that just pushed the boat out.”

Wendy simply nodded her head. She was still dazed and confused. The alcohol was wearing off and she realised that, after cumming for the first time ever with a cock inside her, she was going to have to do something to satisfy her sexual needs. Wendy even considered leaving Mark to find someone with a bigger cock. But as they neared her home, she realised that size was only part of life. After all, if size really mattered, she might have invited the itinerant home to stay.

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