My wife Audrey has an identical twin Ashley. Nobody could tell them apart. Not even their parents. Both are natural brunettes, with strikingly dark hair, whose contrast with their light skin was stunning to see in person. They had the same sea blue eyes, and identical buxom bodies, and glutes that were made to ogle. Needless to say it made me ridiculously happy that my wife was such a hottie.They even shared body language, which was very disconcerting for family and friends. I, for one, wondered how that came about. They had the same neuro linguistic programming? How does that come about? Whatever the case, we were left to deal with it.The reason we didn’t really have problems telling them apart is that Ashley went blonde for the most part, and that made all the difference. We all dreaded the time she decided to go back to her ‘roots’. That would mean having to ask them who they were each time. I’d never experienced that phase during my relationship with her.As it turned out, we ended up having more confusion than ‘The Twelfth Night’ and more guilt than a Catholic household very soon, because of a particular incident. My lovely Audrey is a bit of a prude really. bahis şirketleri We are crazy for one another, and being so completely in love we tend to sweep lots of minutiae under the rug. Nonetheless, these minutiae exist. In our case, we used to fuck like bunnies, but it was always plain old regular vaginal sex. Audrey tolerated me giving her cunnilingus, but that was it. Any mention of sucking my cock and a storm cloud would descend on her face, and we would have yet another fight – which was very inconvenient, because Audrey is at her hottest, IMHO, when she is furious. Color me disturbed, but that is when she absolutely gets me hornier than a stallion in heat.Her reaction to any mention of cock sucking, of course, is mild in comparison to how she reacts to any mention of anal sex. One whole week in the doghouse – I think that should tell you the entire extent of the prudishness. More prudish than a Victorian minister!She has loosened up a little bit though. She still gives me the stink eye when I bring up sexually adventurous positions and topics, but it is a lot milder than in the past. So, when, after years of talking about it, she returned early from bahis firmaları a business trip one afternoon and spoke about cock sucking without any hints from me, I knew that I was in for a spurt of heaven. She walked in, with her jet black locks flowing down over her shoulders, obscuring her breasts from view, and creating a neat little contrast with a new maroon tee shirt she must have bought on her trip. I looked into her blue eyes, and saw her pupils dilate. “Weren’t you going to be back tomorrow, Audi?” I said. “What happened to your corporate creativity workshop?”That was what I called her. I also drove an Audi, probably some form of subliminal programming where I felt close to the car brand because I’d fallen in love with her.“Management cut it short,” she said. “Not really sure why – someone important said it was too much time away from the office.”I nodded. “Jake,” she said, in her no nonsense manner, “you’re always talking about oral sex this and oral sex that. Of course you’re a horny old goat, and I shouldn’t expect any different after all these years of marriage. You’ve never ever forced me to do it though, and for that I love you all the more.”She kaçak bahis siteleri kissed me on the cheek as she said this. I smiled, and waited for her to go on.“Today,” she said, “I am willing to give you one blow job. That’s it. One single blow job. If I enjoy it, and I don’t find it degrading during the experience, we can discuss further plans.”I kissed her on the lips. She resisted for just a second, and then yielded. That used to be how she was when we’d first started dating. I wondered about it for a second. Then I realized – sucking cock was really something that built up a wall of resistance inside her. I loved her a lot more than I loved blow jobs, so I spoke to her about it.“Audi,” I said. “If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. Not ever.”She looked into my eyes again. She was different today. Not sure how, or why, but it felt great.“I’d like to suck your cock, Jake,” she said. “I want to do this.” So we did it. She took me in her mouth, and surprised me with oral skills. It almost seemed that since she had resisted it for so long, she decided to give it all her attention. She slurped and sucked along the length of my cock, and nibbled my balls, and appeared to really enjoy herself during the blow job. Almost, I daresay, as myself. She even swallowed the entire length of my shaft, and almost gagged on it a couple of times, as though she were loving the process of deep throating.

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