Twisted Step-sister XV (She gets some help)


Twisted Step-sister XV (She gets some help)Jumping forward to Saturday morning I wake by being shaken as I open my eyes I see Mom trying to get me up. I learn that it is just after 9am. The last time I was still in bed this late yes this is late for me I was sick.I am tired and ache all over not sick just feel like I was in a fight and lost.Last night I played every down of offense and defense. I ran the ball 19 time for 79 yard and two TDs. Mostly used for blocking made a key block that fueled a 45 yard TD run. On defense I had a pick for a 10 yard return to their 30 yard line we later scored. A QB sack that caused a fumble that we recovered and nine other tackles. Yes I was listed in the Stars Of The Game list again in the news paper. Mom was going to get Kim to give me a massage she told me to go to the bathroom and get ready kim was home and would be here in a few minutes. AS I walk out I see Kim and her table is already set up. She gets my legs and back first they really hurt, she had me sit up and drink some water then she went back to work. She gets every muscle and I start to fell better after about 45 minutes she has me roll back over to my back, yes I do get the happy çankaya escort ending but she works up to it really slow using both her mouth and hands. Just as I start to cum I hear Jen moaning she has been watching and rubbing her self off too. She walks over to us and offer each of us a finger both covered in Jen juice. Kim gives her a kiss and tells her she needs to shave me again. Yes Jen shaves more than my head. I get a quick peck from Kim and she leaves. Jen tells me to go shower and she will be a few minutes behind me. Well, I get that shave and another happy ending two in less than 30 minutes. Jen is now so horny she demands her turn. I pick her up and set her on the counter she spreads her legs and I knelled and started eating her all ready juicy pussy. Ten minutes later she is squirting and trying not to scream. She grabs my ears no hair she needed my handles pulls me up and hands me a condom with, “put it on and fuck me.” I don’t have to be told twice and 10 minutes or so later we are both cuming again. Another shower and we head down for breakfast. We learn we are alone in the house get our food ready and eat by the pool. After we balgat escort eat we jump in the hot tub for about 45 minutes. She gets a call and runs to put clothes on and leaves.Now alone I do not know what to do, still tired so I head up to my bed. I fell asleep and was again shaken awake but this time it is Kim. She wants to know how I feel, “better but would have loved to sleep a bit longer.” I learn it is 7:30 pm and everyone is down stairs ready to eat I get ready and join them. Was not aware how hungry I was until I started eating.Now wide awake I watch some TV after I eat. About 9pm I get a call about half the team is at Mikes one of the other players and they are having a party. Not sure this was a good idea but I get ready and go over their. Mikes house is only about a mile away once I hit the main road. I can hear them out by the pool so I go around go in the gate by their garage. Well not half the team but maybe 10 players and at least a dozen girls and they are playing nude volleyball. I quickly get in the game I guess I feel a lot better now. They have a great beach volleyball area sand and every thing. twenty five minutes later we elvankent escort pair up, “one lucky dude get two girls that was Mike.” host rules he says. I take my “date” Corinne over to the shallow end of the pool set her up on the edge and do what I know I do better than anyone around here. I have to back off a bit a couple of times and lick around a bit to let her calm down until I am ready for her to cum. She explodes in my face and screams so loud it was good Mikes parents and sister we gone for the weekend. As I look up everyone was watching us and were in a circle around us. Both a bit embarrassed but smiling too. She jumps in the pool and I swim after her. We get out and go into their pool house she did not want an audience again and it was my turn. Well I was hard and did not last as long as I wanted and I really tried to make it last but just could not help it.I got home about 2am I knew I better set my clock so I do not sleep in again or I would get a lecture this time.Well Sunday was just another day I was up at 7am ran and hit the weights I did really feel better not sore at all. I got a nap in after lunch because I was alone.This is a good place to stop, I hope you like this part sorry it took a while to put in down but have been busy and I was also sick for a few days too.Thanks for reading if you got this far. Still looking at just a few more chapters I may go a couple more I have a great twist for you, hey after all I do live in a twisted environment.

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