Two Black men using me

Two Black men using meSo I was there, in that dirty motel room, in the hands of two huge black bastards who were now using and abusing my whole body.I had gone to the local bar to have some drinks; I was feeling alone at home and needed some relief. My loving hubby had been out of town during the last five days…And those two niggers had offered me to get Heaven in my hands.Now I was lying naked on my back onto that filthy bed and shivering from the first orgasm that had stolen Horse from me; just using his expert tongue. After the orgasm had passed, I knew that Horse was not stopping yet.Then I heard the deep voice of his partner, Darnell.”Turn the white bitch over on her knees…” Horse stopped eating my pussy and rolled me over onto my belly.I lifted myself up so that I was on all fours. Horse immediately attacked my pussy lips again, licking along the sensitive area between my pussy entrance and my tight butthole…Then I looked up and found myself staring at Darnell’s black cock.It was perfectly shaped. The head was thick and hard. It seemed to throb with each beat of his heart. “Your turn, bitch…” Said Darnell; pointing to the tip of his dark cock.Horse was teasing the area around my clit with his tongue and soon I felt another orgasm coming. It was incredible…I was sweating and panting from the approaching orgasm. “Just suck me; bitch… or Horse will stop in your little cunt…”“No, please…” I moaned, as I approached the head of his cock. This orgasm had built up longer and was going to be even bigger than the first one. I started kissing the head of Darnell’s cock.As I touched his cock with her lips, Horse’s tongue flicked roughly over my clit until the orgasm exploded from my body. I grunted and moaned in pleasure feeling Darnell’s dick pushing at güvenilir bahis my parted red lips. But I could not handle it at this moment and moved my head forward; feeling his cock slide up my cheek as I was trying to catch my breath. “Man, you will love this pussy…” Said Horse, stopping for a moment; but quickly went back to munching on my hungry pussy. I recovered my breath and faced that huge ten black dick again.Then I touched his tip with my tongue and Darnell closed his eyes.I licked completely around the head and moaned as I felt Horse’s tongue lick a similar circle around my wet labia. My hips were making little circular motions around Horse’s long tongue and my own tongue was now quickly licking Darnell’s cock head.I pushed down feeling my red lips part as his cock head entered my mouth. I teased little slit with my tongue and he shook in pleasure. “Yeah; bitch… lick my slit…” He moaned. Then I jumped forward when Horse’s tongue began running the length of my slit. And I jumped again when his tongue touched my tight rosebud. He started licking around my tiny butthole…Then he pushed his tongue in a little. I knew Darnell wanted to fuck me in my ass; but then I would need Horse to loosen me up for him. The bastard licked back again my clit and then I came again…As I recovered from my third orgasm; it felt like my entire body was on fire. I felt Horse’s tongue on my pussy entrance as I took Darnell’s cock head into my mouth again. He ordered me to take more… Then I loosened up my jaw and pushed a couple inches into my wet mouth. I sucked up grasping for air. I sucked up and down feeling the giant black cock throb deep in my throat. As Darnell pushed his two last inches deep inside of my poor throat; Horse pulled out his wonderful tongue türkçe bahis from my cunt and replaced it by two fingers. Both fingers were even longer and thicker than my loving husband’s dick.I moaned with my mouth full of Darnell’s dick as Horse finger fucked me…It felt so fucking good in my cunt…Darnell’s dick seemed to be swelling up even bigger in my throat. Then my body started to jerk uncontrollably around Horse’s fingers and I felt another brutal orgasm approaching. I sucked that dick faster; feeling Horse also teased me even faster. Then I felt Darnell’s cock head swell in my throat and a big amount of warm semen slid through my throat. In that same moment, Horse’s fingers gave the biggest orgasm yet and I screamed in awe at the feelings of pleasure I felt throughout my whole body. Then a second blast of semen flew into my open mouth and I could not help but swallow most of it. Darnell smiled to me and he grabbed my head, pulling it forward and then the bastard shoved his cock into my mouth again. I swallowed more of his seed, as I recovered from my own orgasm.Horse licked up my juices around my pussy entrance. Then he announced it was his turn…Darnell sat down on the couch and Horse stood up before me.He grabbed me by the waist and I could feel his thirteen inches dick poking me in the belly button. I shivered as I looked down at that monster black cock… I could see lust and desire in his eyes…I looked into his eyes and my knees began to wobble. They shook uncontrollably until I dropped down before his cock and stroked it with my hand. This man had given me so much pleasure in the last hour; he deserved the best blow job I could give him.His cock was even bigger and thicker than Darnell’s. Then I understood why his friends called güvenilir bahis siteleri him “Horse”…I leaned forward and kissed the tip of his cock while pulling back with my hand so that the thick head emerged from the foreskin. Then I finally attacked his black monster dick. I sucked and licked around the head; but then Horse withdrew his cock from my mouth. He sat down on the carpet. I looked over and saw that Darnell was staring at us and he was rock hard again…Then I crawled between Horse’s legs. His massive black cock was lying on his stomach, waiting for my wet mouth.I bent down and took the head into my mouth; I started sucking it.Horse moaned as his cock started sliding slowly into my throat. I tried as hard as I could, but I could only get less than nine inches into my greedy mouth. Luckily, he seemed satisfied and then I began to suck his cock.Meanwhile, Darnell moved behind me and began eating my pussy.I immediately felt another orgasm building in my hungry cunt.Horse started to grunt and buck his hips to meet my mouth. I was relieved when Darnell quit eating my pussy so that I could turn my full attention to sucking Horse’s thirteen inch black cock.But then I felt Darnell had knelt behind me and was rubbing my wet slit with his hard thick cock head. I knew he was going to tear my pussy apart with that size of cock…But the black bastard guessed my fears, because he whispered:“Do not worry; bitch… let me put just the tip in…” And he smiled.But before I could accept it, a burning volcano erupted in my throat; as Horse came in my mouth. I felt my swollen pussy lips stretch out around the head of Darnell’s cock, wrapping around it and trying to suck it in deeper. It felt incredible, but I tried to protest, taking my mouth off Horse’s cock. I tried to speak, but my mouth was filled with more sperm then I could swallow. The black bastard was now pushing his cock in deeper…As he was pushing deeper, I thought the night was at the beginning yet and I would enjoy too much those black bastards…

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