Two Married Dudes


Two Married DudesTwo Married DudesIt was a Sunday afternoon. Peter had been busy working in the box officeall day and was ready to call it a day. He brushed his brown curly hairfrom his forehead as he climbed the stairs to the office. His 5’10” 165lbframe ached as he crossed the booth. He was tired and you could tell hewas tired if you looked into his eyes behind his octagonal eyeglasses.His eyes were brown and a little red from a day full of customers andstress. As he entered the office he heard Jeramey over the walkie talkie,”Peter, I need your help in the stock room.””Ok, I’ll be right there,” he replied. His imagination wandered as hethought about helping Jeramey. His balls immediately began to tingle ashe thought about another chance to be alone with the masculinity thatJeramey leaked. Jeramey was maybe an inch taller than Peter, with shortbrown/blond hair and green eyes. He looked like he belonged in themilitary if he didn’t have a gotee stretching around his mouth. Jeramey’sbody was larger than Peter’s, with more large muscles where as Peter wasmuscular and slimmer compared to the 30 something man.As Peter entered the stock room, conversation began, “So, what do youneed done?” Peter asked.”Well…” Jeramey rubbed the facial hair on his chin, making Peter wantto rub it with his tongue, “I need you to help move this palette overthere. So we need to start by moving these boxes in front of that door.”Peter closed the door and they began stacking the boxes against it in aneffort to finish organizing the room.”I hope there isn’t a fire…” Peter Joked. As he finished chuckling tohimself he found himself stumbling on his shoe laces. As he startedfalling face first onto the box he was carrying, he threw it as far as hecould in order to catch himself on his hands. Jeramey was following andtripped, causing the same box reaction, except Jeramey’s crotch ended updirectly tuzla escort in front of Peter’s face, since Peter was already turning overas Jeramey began to fall. Jeramey’s crotch rubbed directly on Peter’scheek. Trying to hide his excitement Jeramey got up as quickly aspossible. Peter already felt Jeramey’s hardon next to his face. The smellgave Peter an instant erection.”Alrighty, that was fun, let’s get you back up,” Jeramey said to Peter ashe reached for his hand. “That’s better.” He said as he pulled Peter fromthe ground, left hand to left hand. They both looked at the other’swedding band and then at each other.”You can let go of my hand now.” Peter said regretfully.”Sorry, your ring is just so new compared to mine.””Not all that new in the long run.””I want to kiss you.” Jeramey admitted.”What?” Peter stammered. “Why would you, a happily married man want tokiss me, another happily married man?””Well…” Jeramey leaned forward and grabbed Peter by the back of theneck, sucking him into one of the most sexual, forbidden, and forcefulkisses ever. Peter kissed back. Their tongues danced as they ran theirhands all over each other’s bodies. Grabbing each other’s asses, grindingtheir hard cocks together through their clothes.”You feel that?” Peter asked.”Yes, it feels mighty big, I haven’t gotten this big in a long time.”Jeramey confessed. “I really want to fuck you, but first I really wantyou to show me what else that mouth is good for.””Yes sir.” Peter knelt to the floor. He began rubbing his face inJeramey’s crotch, removing his glasses as he started to bury his nose inthe khaki fabric.”Take out my cock you little fucker.” Jeramey was beginning to getintensely aroused. He whipped off his belt and unsnaped his pants.Grabbing Peter by his hair he said, “Smell my fucking man scent youlittle fucking faggot.” He pushed Peter’s face into his crotch again,grinding maltepe escort his still covered cock into Peter’s face. Peter managed to pullJeramey’s pants down to reveal blue bikini briefs. “You fucking likeseeing my hard cock head outlined in that tight underware don’t youfucker!””Yes sir.” Peter did love it. He loved this entire experience. Howsuddenly Jeramey became a teacher, drilling everything that needed to bedone into Peter’s mind. Jeramey was only wearing his underware now withhis white socks. “Please let me suck your beautiful cock sir!” Peterbegged.”If you are really good I will. Now get up and strip for me. And don’tjust take it off, dance for your cock provider.” Peter danced as sexy ashe could. Swaying his body to the way he wanted to be fucked. Thrustinghis hips. Rolling his body as perfectly as he could. As he took off hispants to reveal his Joe Boxer Thong Jeramey began to laugh. “You littlefucker, men don’t wear thongs. Only pussies that want to get fucked.Don’t you know that thongs are just to reveal that you are a fuckingslut? I’m gonna fuck you harder than anyone before you prick you.” Aftersaying this he made Peter leave the thong on, “you do look good in it.Now get on your knees again and get ready to fill your mouth.””Yes sir.” Peter knelt in front of Jeramey as Jeramey ripped off hisbikini briefs. Revealing his swollen 8 inch cock. “Fuck man, how did youget so bi…””Did I tell you to talk!” He jammed his cock into Peter’s eager mouth,filling all the way to his throat. It was big and Peter starting gagging.”Take it like the little fucking stud you are.” Jeramey began pumping hiscock in and out of Peter’s mouth. It felt huge to the younger man and hedidn’t know how much more he could take. Jeramey kept pumping, usingPeter’s hair as handles. “Damn you are a fucking great cocksucker. I lovehow you are playing with my huge cockhead kartal escort with your tongue. Fuckingawesome.” Jeramey pulled Peter off of his cock and kneeled down to kisshim. He loved how this “k**” kissed. “now get up, I want to taste yourmeat stud.””Yes sir.” Peter stood in front of Jeramey, pulling off his thong in onemotion.”Nice dick k**…” Jeramey cut himself off as he began sucking on Peter’s7 inch meat. It wasn’t as long or thick as Jeramey’s but still prettysexy. Jeramey could fit the whole thing in his mouth and throat easily.He knew how to suck.”Holy shit Jeramey, how do u do that?””Shut the fuck up k**, do you want me to suck it or do u want me to talkto you?” Jeramey was pretty pissed off acting. He bobbed on Peter’s cocklike a professional. He either watched a lot of blow job videos andpracticed on a banana or he had a lot of real practice. He loved it,either way. He didn’t even touch his cock as he sucked and he stayed hardas a rock.Jeramey forcefully turned Peter around and pushed hit to his hands andknees. After a few quick spits his lubed cock was ready to penetrate.”Take this fucking cock,” Jeramey groaned as he pushed into Peter’s tightass. As Jeramey started to pump his cock into the younger stud hecouldn’t help his cussing and slapping Peter’s ass. Grinding not only hishuge cock, but his whole body as he slid in and out. Making Peter bitehis lip – trying not to attract any more attention to the stock room.”Alright stud, flip onto your back and show me that hot asshole,” Jerameyordered.”Yes sir.” Peter did just as he was told and was rewarded with a big dickup his ass. Jeramey turned into a wildman, fucking like he couldn’t stop.Biting at Peter’s chest, neck, and lips. Pounding him until finally hestopped when Peter’s cock shot jizz all over both of their chests.Jeramey climbed onto Peter’s chest and jacked off right in Peter’s face.”Now you’ll be my little cum slut too…” Jeramey groaned loudly as heshot a big load onto Peter’s face and in his mouth. “We should do thisagain sometime.” Jeramey decided aloud as they both dressed.”You bet we will.” Peter smiled.

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