Two Years and Counting.


Two Years and Counting.**Mistress:** Congrats on making it two whole years, I am so very proud of you!?????**Slave:** ????Oh please!???I don’t know what the hell I am thinking here but……. Oh please write me!??????????????**Mistress:** lol??????????????**Slave:** Oh god?? Now I’m really in for it???? What are your thoughts? Are you in the mood to be one HEARTLESS woman??????I am hoping this STUPIDITY of mine goes away soon! Lol.??????????**Mistress:**Maybe, what are you seeking???????????**Slave:** ????I don’t know……. One final extension? One last real real “good” one.??????????????**Mistress:** I do have a giant ass bag of dice beside me??????????????**Slave:** One that would be a “you asked”…. “Deal bitch”!????? Oh fuck!??????????????**Mistress:** But, there will be conditions?. It’s been two years and we’ve played fairly nicely, we’ve done things.. your way?? “sorta” but now, we will play My way.????????????**Slave:** Yes ma’am!??????????????????**Mistress:** ???First thing you will learn is protocol. I think it’s time you start taking that seriously.???????**Slave:** Yes ma’am??????????????**Mistress:** Ma’am, yes Ma’am, Ma’am, No, Ma’am, and of course Ma’am Thank You Ma’am, and Ma’am Please Ma’am – always delivered like that. Is that clear???????????????**Slave:** Yes ma’am????? Fuck??????????**Mistress:** ????If you wish to interrupt my day with a silly request, you will ask permission in the prescribed format. “Ma’am, I beg permission to speak Ma’am”?Is that also understood?????? Also, That’s two demerits right there??????????????????????????**Slave:** Ma’am yes ma’am??**Mistress:** Every demerit will be the equivalent of ten ball slaps unless otherwise stated. Is this also understood???????????**Slave:** Ma’am yes ma’am??????????????**Mistress:**Good. That’s 2 demerits already. I suggest you take notes, and start keeping a Tally.??????????????**Slave:** Ma’am yes ma’am??????????**Mistress:**????You will get yourself a small notebook, a little black book in which you can keep track of things like demerits and assignments. If you don’t have one, make sure you get one asap. I am tired of you forgetting the commitments you have made.??????????**Slave:** ????Ma’am yes ma’am?????. Ma’am dice do unfair things to my mind ma’am??????????????**Mistress:** Mmhm, I am aware.??????????**Slave:** Ma’am….. This isn’t going to be good for me is it ma’am?????. Ma’am, may I watch you roll them ma’am???????????????**Mistress:** **Mistress:**I’m not done informing you, that’s another demerit for interrupting. Other things you should acquire, rubber bands or elastic hair ties. ?clothes pins?and a wooden ruler??????????**Slave:** ???? I have most ma’am??????????. Ma’am All but book ???????????????**Mistress:** Really. Well then Get all of them now.????????**Slave:** ??Ma’am… They are not here right now ma’am. They are in my lock box at my other home. Ma’am?? ???I can get tomorrow ma’am??????????????**Mistress:**That’s two more demerits, plus one more for being unprepared.??????????????**Slave:** türbanlı balıkesir escort Yes ma’am??????????**Mistress:**????How many demerits are you up to now?… ut oh, one more??!????????????**Slave:** Ma’am yes ma’am?????, Ma’am yes ma’am??????????????**Mistress:**I asked you a question??!????????????**Slave:** Ma’am four now ma’am??????????**Mistress:** Incorrect, add again, and then add one more.????? We began with two for protocol failure, then I gave you two more for forgetting protocol, another for being unprepared and then another for again forgetting protocol -again-.??????????????**Slave:** Ma’am yes ma’am. ?????Ma’am six ma’am???????????**Mistress:** Much better. ?Are you safely alone right now? Do you have private space???????????????**Slave:** Ma’am decently ma’am??????????????**Mistress:** Will you be able to follow instructions if I give them to you???????????????**Slave:** Ma’am I think so ma’am??????????????**Mistress:** Is it your will to keep serving me???????????**Slave:** ????Ma’am yes ma’am?????. Ma’am keep my cum in ma’am??????????**Mistress:** ????Excuse me? Was that a command or a request?????? 3 more demerits for insolence.??????????????**Slave:** Ma’am request ma’am??????????????**Mistress:** Rephrase it then, in the correct form.??????????????**Slave:** Ma’am can you please make me hold my cum in much longer in your great name ma’am?????? Ma’am was that good ma’am??????????????**Mistress:** Much better.??????????**Slave:** ????Ma’am thank god ma’am?????Ma’am almost said something so dumb ma’am??????????????**Mistress:** Right now you are saying something dumb by speaking out of turn??????????**Slave:** ????Ma’am I am sorry ma’am?????Ma’am I apologize ma’am??????????????**Mistress:** We’re racking up the slaps like crazy. You are not asking permission to speak, just blah blah blah.????? No, you will apologize when your balls are making you sing??????????????**Slave:** Ma’am……… My full balls are singing and aching now ma’am. They are terrified ma’am??????????????**Mistress:**Now, I want you to think, and I mean, really think about this next question. I want you to answer from your most honest place, the most vulnerable place you can be.?I want you to start jerking off. I want you to get to that place where you can feel the cum ready to go?????As you are stroking I want you to ask yourself “Who am I?”??????????????**Slave:** Ma’am yes ma’am…. Start now ma’am???????????????**Mistress:**Yes.??????????????**Slave:** Ma’am… Building ma’am??????????**Mistress:**????Who are you, who do you want to be, why do you want to serve…??????????**Slave:** ????Ma’am you make me most excited ma’am! You make the biggest rush ever ma’am! You know my thoughts ma’am!?????(So fucking close ma’am)?????((Clenching muscles))?????MMAAAAM????????**Mistress:** ????WHO ARE YOU??????????????**Slave:** Ma’am I’m your bitch ma’am??????????**Mistress:**????That’s right. You’re MY Bitch.??????????????**Slave:** Ma’am my cum türbanlı balıkesir escort bayan is about to shoot ma’am??????????????**Mistress:** Now, keep that damn cum in! But keep stroking… don’t you dare fucking cum??????????????**Slave:** Ma’am. Oh ma’am??????????**Mistress:** ??Why do you want to serve.?????Why do you want this so bad.?????Tell me.??????????**Slave:** ????Ma’am your my ma’am ma’am??????????**Mistress:**????Not good enough. Why do you need me.??????????????**Slave:** Ma’am your my best ever turn on ma’am??????????**Mistress:**????Don’t you fucking cum, and don’t patronize me. ?????Not good enough.??????????**Slave:** ????Ma’am you hit every turn on ma’am??????????????**Mistress:** NOT Good enough. Keep Stroking, and keep that jizz inside.?????WHY do you need this.??????????????**Slave:** Ma’am……… My balls are boiling maam??????????**Mistress:**????It’s been 2 years you’ve not been allowed to jerk off. Why. Why. Why THIS path?????You could have served by being my cum **Slave:** , jerking for me everyday. But no, you chose chastity, you chose to be a cumsafe.?????WHY?????! Don’t fucking spill that cum. If you do I will make you pay like you’ve never paid before.??????????**Slave:** ????Ma’am you are the boss ma’am. ?????You have always been????? Ma’am. I’ve never had to cum so bad??????????????**Mistress:** Two more demerits. Keep Stroking.??????????**Slave:** ????No please??????????????**Mistress:**: Another Demerit. Still no why, why this does it for you, why do you need it so bad. Come on now.??????????????**Slave:** Maam no please??????????????**Mistress:** Excuse me? Two more.????? Stroke little bitch, stroke it and confess, the words you are scared to say??????????????**Slave:** Ma’am your my goddess! My empress **Mistress:** goddess Sarah ma’am!?????**Slave:** MY NUTS ARE GOING TO RUPTURE!?????I’m holding it?????It wants to shoot so hard??????????????**Mistress:** Confess. I know who I am. Keep stroking. There’s more.. there’s so much more.??????????????**Mistress:** LOL Wow, you are racking up the demerits??????????????**Slave:** Anything?????Your everything?????Ma’am?????Mmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmm??????????????**Mistress:** Don’t You fucking dare.??????????????**Slave:** I can’t hold much more??????????**Mistress:** ?Then tell the truth, it’s not just who I am, it’s something you need. What is it you want more than anything in the world??????????**Slave:** ????I NEED YOU TO OWN MY CUM! It’s always been yours!?????Ma’am please ma’am?????. My balls are on fire??????????????**Mistress:**Haha, not yet they aren’t two more demerits?????. Beg me, ?????Beg me to let you stop??????????**Slave:** Please??????????**Mistress:**????One more demerit??????????????**Slave:** Ma’am please let me stopmam!??????????**Mistress:**????Keep begging, I don’t think you mean it.?????????????**Slave:** ,Ma’am my nuts are so full??????????????**Mistress:** another demerit??????????????**Slave:** It’s so hard to hold türbanlı escort balıkesir it????? Please have a heart!?????I can’t type?????I can’t hold it anymore??????????????**Mistress:** 3 more.?????4????? Lol. Are you sure…??????????**Slave:** ????Ma’am I’m going to cum everywhere??????????????**Mistress:** If you do you will be licking it up??, and another demerit. ????????**Slave:** ?Ma’am please let me stop ma’am??????????????**Mistress:** As soon as I’m done counting these dice… you better pace yourself..??????????????**Slave:** MAAM I GOTTA CUM SO BAD MAAM!!!?????Ma’am yes ma’am????? MAam I gotta hold it in my balls ma’am???????????????**Mistress:**Yes you do, now… stop distracting me from counting?????i have to start all over again…??????????????**Slave:** Ma’am sorry ma’am??????????**Mistress:**????keep stroking??????????????**Slave:** Ma’am yes ma’am????? Ma’am it’s so damn sensitive ma’am ?????Ma’am I’m going slow ma’am????? Ma’am I had to ma’am??????????**Mistress:**????Do you want to know how many dice there are???????????????**Slave:** Ma’am my nuts feel like cement are I them ma’am?????Ma’am yes ma’am??????????**Mistress:**????230??????????????**Slave:** Ma’am….. 230 dice… Or 230 the number they rolled??????Ma’am??????????????**Mistress:** lol 230 dice, i haven’t rolled yet??????????**Slave:** ????Ma’am oh my ma’am ma’am??????????????**Mistress:** How badly do you want to stop stroking??????????????**Slave:** MAam….. Please let me stop ma’am!??????????**Mistress:**????Send me proof that you are desperate…??????????????**Mistress:** aww poor little bitch??????????????**Slave:** Ma’am please ma’am?????Ma’am you can see they are so so so so full??????????????**Mistress:** More demerits all over the place… Send me another, begging to stop.?????properly begging, none of this anything goes crap.??????????**Slave:** ????Ma’am please let me stop ma’am Ma’am my nuts are ao stuffed N dying to release ma’am?????Ma’am I can’t take much more maam?????Ma’am I am going to cum ma’am?????MAAM PLEASE MAKE ME HOLD IT MAAM?????Ma’am??????????????**Mistress:** STOP??????????**Slave:** ????Ma’am????? Thank you ?????Ma’am????? ?????Ma’am…… It’s going back in ma’am! It’s TORTURE !!!!!!!??????????**Mistress:**????lol?? another demerit.????????????**Slave:** Ma’am… It was so close to out so many times ma’am??????????**Mistress:**????Mmhm??????????**Slave:** ????Ma’am I must try to sleep ma’am ?????Ma’am up at five forty five ma’am??????????**Mistress:**?????????????????Lol. Yes you must try. Good luck with that.??????????????**Slave:** Ma’am is it ok ma’am??????????????**Mistress:** Sometime this week we will play our dice game and see how well you fair.?????Why don’t you thank me for tonight??????????????**Slave:** Ma’am thank you????? Ma’am thank you immensely for tonight ma’am?????. Ma’am you are the greatest ma’am ever ma am??????????**Mistress:** So many demerits to count – I hope you do so accurately. You’re a good little bitch. To bed with you now.??????????????**Slave:** Ma’am I am so sorry ma’am??????????**Mistress:**????Lol, not yet, but you will be??????????????**Mistress:**Go to bed?????Now now, no more talking?????????????**Slave:** Ma’am thank U ma’am?????maam?????Come on… Last one was funny??????????????**Mistress:** lol?? more demerits. It’s gonna be one long ball slapping session isn’t it… ????????????**Slave:** : ?? Ma’am Yes Ma’am

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