Subject: Tyler’s first camping trip (Part 1) The tent was set up on a rocky outcropping at the edge of the river, next to a beautiful and wide slab of rock that the water poured down. Alex and Tyler had been swimming all day, but right now Alex was sitting down taking a break, watching his younger cousin, Tyler, up by the upper pool. Alex was an average built 25 year old. He had a slight belly from his love of beer, but he wasn’t fat by any means. Tyler was a slender 13 year old. He was a little bit of a late bloomer, having just started puberty, and his body showed that with the lack of body hair and muscle definition. He was skipping rocks with all his might, when he turned around and shouted to Alex. “I’m so glad you convinced my mom to let us go alone. This is an amazing spot!” Alex chuckled to himself and shouted back. “Yes it is! Your mom used to take me camping here all the time when I was a kid, so I thought it was time to return the favor.” It really was an amazing spot, and it came with a beautiful view of the river. Alex was taking it all in when his wandering eyes fell upon Tyler. His wet skin glistened in the afternoon sunlight, and his swimming trunks glued to his body, showing off his slender figure. The thin material outlined his perky butt perfectly, leaving just enough to the imagination. Tyler turned and headed toward Alex, sitting down next to him. “Oh yeah? She knows all the good spots,” Tyler said. “It’s like we’re all alone here, I haven’t seen another person since we set up the tent.” “Not a lot of people come out this far,” Alex replied. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t see a single person the whole time we’re here.” Alex looked over at Tyler, who had just crossed his right leg over his left, exposing the the bottom of his foot to Alex. “Wow.. he looks super cute. How did I not notice how cute he’s gotten lately,” Alex thought to himself. Tyler’s smooth foot was now brushing against Alex’s leg, and Alex got an idea. “Hey kurtköy escort bud, can I ask you something?” Alex said. Tyler leaned back, resting on his elbows. His slim body made a perfect curve along his stomach, reflecting the late afternoon sun. “Yeah sure. What do you wanna know, Alex?” Tyler replied, bouncing his bare foot in the warm breeze, smiling up at Alex. “Are you….. ticklish?!” Alex jumped at the word ticklish, and swooped his arm down as fast as he could, grabbing Tyler by the ankle, and began to tickle his incredibly smooth foot. “Wha… wai…. hahahahahahaha” Tyler’s confusion quickly turned into laughter. Even before Alex’s fingers found his foot he was trying to squirm away. His sides started to shake, and he curled up into a ball, desperately trying to bat Alex’s hand away. Alex continued to explore Tyler’s soft pink sole for a few seconds before finally releasing his ankle. Tyler gasped for air, tears streaming down his face. “Haha, I guess you are!” Alex said with a good laugh. “It’s getting kinda hot out here, isn’t it? You up for another dip in the river?” Tyler stood up, a little shaky, and wiped the tears from his pink cheeks. “Yeah! Ooh, if we’re here all alone, I wonder if anyone would care if we skinny dipped? Tyler asked, giddy with excitement. Alex’s eyes widened. “Uhh… well… aren’t you feeling a little daring today,” Alex replied. “Did I hear him correctly?” He thought to himself. It was definitely not something he was expecting, but maybe he would just let it play out and see what happened. “Well, nobody is here, so I don’t think anyone would care,” he finally said. “That wouldn’t be weird for you though? I mean most boys your age are kinda awkward or shy about being naked in front of others, especially family members, am I right?” Tyler was smiling again, and he had a glint in his eye. “Dude, you know me, I’m not shy, and most boys my age are dumb. It’s just us guys!” Tyler said. He stood up and stretched aydıntepe escort luxuriously, the sun catching his blonde hair in a halo. He then bent over and pushed his trunks down off his hips and toward the ground. He had a major tan line, and his ghostly white butt reflected the sun even more than the rest of his body. He let out a whoop and raced toward the river. ——– Alex sat there, stunned, as he watched his little cousin run toward the water, the sun still reflecting off his cute little butt. “God help me,” Alex said to himself. “I’m really about to do this.” Alex stood up, took his swimming trunks off in one swift motion, and ran toward the water after Tyler. He reached the water and dove headfirst into the river pool. The water was murky, but Alex attempted to open his eyes, in hopes of maybe getting a quick glimpse of his nude cousin. To Alex’s surprise, there he was, right in front of him! Alex could see very few blonde pubes and a smooth pink nut sack. He scrambled to collect his thoughts and came up for air. “Woah! Alex shouted. “I didn’t realize you were gonna be right in front of me. My bad, buddy.” Suddenly Alex was aware that he was standing up in waist deep water. His own dick was now exposed right at water level. Tyler just shrugged in response. “No big deal. Guess you got a chance to count my pubes, huh?” Tyler jokingly replied. He let out an innocent giggle and looked up at Alex. “Yeah, I think I counted about six,” Alex laughed. “But I can recount them if you want me to.” Tylers face turned a little red at the fact that his older cousin might have actually checked out his junk up close. For the first time he felt slightly embarrassed, but he didn’t have time to fully process it before Alex playfully tackled him into the water. Tyler could feel Alex’s warm body around his, and the contrast between him and the cold water sent a tingle through his body. Alex made sure to keep his eyes open again, in hopes to catch tuzla içmeler escort another glimpse of Tyler’s naked body, but he was surprised by what he saw. Tyler’s boyhood was now stiff underwater, measuring maybe three and a half inches if Alex had to guess. He couldn’t help but stare at it, and for a moment he forgot he was underwater. He quickly surfaced, gasping for air, as Tyler surfaced next to him. Tyler’s face was still red, knowing that he had a boner and nowhere to hide it. He quickly changed the subject back toward Alex. “Well I guess it’s not like your big ole bush! I bet you have to keep birds from nesting in that thing!” Tyler said. Now it was Alex’s turn to blush a little. He knew he should’ve shaved, or at least trimmed before camp, but he didn’t expect to be naked around his little cousin, never mind him actually making a comment about how big his bush was. “Look you little smart ass,” Alex said, but with a smile. “No birds are nesting in there, I just didn’t think I had a reason to take care of it before coming to camp.” All this talk about public hair was starting to make Alex’s dick twitch, and knew he was going to get hard soon. It didn’t help that Tyler’s full undeveloped teen body was right in front of him. Alex quickly attempted to change the subject, but his mind was elsewhere. “But um… if my bush is bothering you so bad, I have scissors back in the tent that we could use to trim it. You could even do it for me if you wanted, “Alex finally said, half joking half serious. “What do you think, bud?” Tyler bit his lip. He wasn’t sure what what happening, but it seemed beyond their usual rough housing. He could feel Alex’s eyes traveling up and down his young body, and he felt that same tingle throughout his body again. However, he shook it off and turned his attention back to Alex’s suggestion. “You trust me with scissors down there? Oh you’re so on!” Tyler said with a laugh, and started to run out the water toward the tent, splashing Alex in the process as he ran by. Alex watched him eagerly run out of the water, his hard on swinging back and forth. He watched as Tyler ran by him, blinding him with the sun that reflected off his pale butt cheeks, and eventually ran after him.

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