Unblocking Bettys drain


Unblocking Bettys drainLast Sunday morning i was in the back garden doing some weeding and enjoying the sun when Betty the elderly widow who stays in the house behind mine saw me and asked if i knew anything about washing machines. As a bit of a handyman i agreed to nip over the fence and come and have a look at her washing machine which had stopped working.Once in Bettys kitchen i saw that the washing machine was stopped mid-cycle and so i started to investigate. I soon ascertained that the machine wasn’t draining, I crawled on my back into the cabinet next to the washing machine and started investigating the drain pipe, meanwhile Betty was standing over me watching, I realised that i had a fairly good view up her knee length summer skirt and caught glimpses of her big white cotton granny panties. I then felt my cock starting to stir in my shorts and getting semi erect. Taking the drain pipe apart i found a blockage just inside the pipe near the joint, feeling with my fingers i soon felt a piece of material, soft and lacy. I managed to grip the blockage and pull it out. As it came out of the pipe so did a splash of water, soaking me and running across the bottom of the cabinet. I took the piece of cloth that had been blocking the drain and held it up and unraveled it to discover a pair of very scanty black lacy panties.I said to Betty “are these yours”? Holding the lingerie up with both hands towards her. She gasped and went scarlet spluttering that they were her granddaughters who had been staying the week previous. I laughed and said to her they were probably samsun escort a bit too small for her (Betty) and also a bit too scanty. Betty recovered her composure and laughed at my remark saying ” I couldn’t get this fat ass in those” turning and sticking her ass out towards me, as she did this her skirt swirled out giving me a fantastic view of her panties and her plump ass. My cock was no starting to ache and press against the front of my shorts. Betty looked round and caught me looking almost directly up her skirt.She looked almost shocked and then she grinned as she noticed the bulge in my crotch.She said to me “do you find an old bitch like me sexy”? To which i replied by pointing at the front of my shorts and smirking. She sank to her knees and pulled at the waistband of my shorts grasping and pulling them as hard as she could. My cock sprang to attention as soon as my shorts were pulled down. Betty eagerly started wanking my dick as hard as she was able to, i stammered to her to slow down as she would have my cum out of it too soon. She looked me in the eyes and asked me to eat her pussy, almost in tears she said she hadn’t had her pussy eaten since she was a teenager as her late husband didn’t like oral and she hadn’t ever strayed after she had met her husband.I pulled her summer skirt up around her chest and grasped the big white cotton panties by the waist and peeled them down her thighs exposing her wonderful grey almost white bush, i couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw such a luscious looking hairy cunt, antalya escort with big hanging labia. I got her on her back in the middle of the kitchen floor hooking her legs over my shoulders and burying my face in between her legs. My tongue sought out her cunt lips and i licked and probed until i her labia opened and my tongue started probing inside, her pussy was moist and musky and i pushed my tongue in as far as it would go, Betty started to squirm and thrust her hips up into my mouth as she groaned and shook. With an almost ear piercing shriek she flexed, went rigid and then flopped back against the carpet, my mouth was met by an almost overwhelming flood from her hairy hole. She had just had her first orgasm in over 10 years (she told me this afterwards), and went all limp and floppy on the floor. I asked her if she was okay to which she croaked “put your thingy in me now”.I obliged by climbing on top of her and inserting my 6″ inch throbbing stiff member into her now dripping hole and i could feel her muscles working on me. She squirmed and groaned below me her old cunt seemed to squeeze my throbbing cock like nimble fingers. within 30 seconds she was squirming and panting as she climaxed again.Betty then gasped at me to fuck her harder and faster and within another 20-30 seconds she was climaxing again, this was enough now for me to reach the brink and i gasped at her and said i was about to cum. She told me to shoot inside her as deep as i could. I flexed and bucked on top of her and thrust as deep as my ankara escort 6 incher would go as my cream spurted from my cock. Betty smiled at me and asked me if i had enjoyed eating her pussy to which i replied “I love eating pussy” ! She then asked me if i would do it again if she asked me to. I thought my birthdays had all come at once when i heard this. I eagerly replied that any time she needing satisfying just to give me a shout. She giggled and said that she would need more at least once a week and could i pencil her into my diary for every Sunday morning. After half an hour of sitting chatting over a cup of coffee Betty started to tidy up the stuff that had been taken out of the cabinet to access the drain for the washing machine. As she bent over to put stuff back in the cabinet i started to feel her ass through her skirt and realised she hadn’t put her panties back on, my cock was stirring when i noticed her ass was bare beneath her skirt and i slid my hand back up between her legs. She pushed her ass back towards me and moved her thighs apart. My fingers found her sticky slit instantly and i slipped my middle finger and fore finger deep inside her and she squirmed and moaned as i moved my digits in and out and twisted them back and forth. Her inner thighs were now slippery and a mixture of her own and juices and my sperm from our earlier escapade slid down her legs. She pushed her ass back towards me as my fingers probed and twisted inside her. Betty screamed and groaned again as she had yet another orgasm.Betty then asked me to go home as was shattered with all her juicy goings on, but she did also add that she was serious about me giving her a seeing to every week. She also added that she was willing to suck my cock next time as she needed to pluck up some courage before her first ever blow job. We’ll see what happens this Sunday.

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