Unbridled Lust Ch. 04

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Chapter Four: Breakfast Surprise

Much to her surprise, Cassandra woke up early the next morning; the clock beside her bed read seven o’clock. She groaned as she sat up, trying her best to stretch, but her body ached. She tried to stand, but it took awhile before she could steady herself. After a minute or so she was able to slowly walk out of the bedroom, wobbling into the bathroom in a dazed state as if she was hung over. She showered then dressed in a white clingy cut off tank top that molded to her breasts and a pair of super low rise denim shorts that exposed the firmness of the bottom of her ass. She wandered into the kitchen to start a pot of coffee and waited patiently for it to brew.

With a hot cup of the Kona coffee she walked out onto the lanai overlooking the beach. It was such a peaceful place to sit and look at nature’s beauty in the comfort of her home. The horizon looked like a painting of an ocean of deep blue with white peaks and caps upon the waves, the landscape of clean, soft, tanned sand stretched from side to side and seemed farther than the eye could see with a variety of green brush and trees aligning the beach. The sound from the waves crashing in the distance made it so calming, so relaxing. She placed her cup onto the table, sat back on the lounge chair, closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath of clean salt air. Suddenly the doorbell rang.

“Who could that be this early in the morning?” she thought to herself.

Cassandra walked towards the front door and looked through the side window. Officer Williams was standing at her front door dressed in street clothes.

“Morning,” he said softly as she opened the door.

“Morning, what brings you here?” she asked.

“You’re going to find this really stupid, but I forgot to return your paperwork and driver’s license last night.” His cheeks blushed red with embarrassment as he handed her the items. “I’m really sorry,” he paused and looked at her standing there with her hair wet. “Did I come at a wrong time?” He acted and sounded like a schoolboy by shifting his weight nervously.

“Uh no, do you want to come in? I’ve got some coffee already made.”

His face lit up, “Sure that’d be nice.” Then he hesitated, ashamed of his brash actions. “You sure it’s not an inconvenience?”

“Nah, come on in.” She led him into the kitchen, grabbed a cup and poured coffee into it. “Sugar? Cream?” she asked.

“Black will be fine. Uh, by the way my name’s Cole.”

“Hi Cole,” she teasingly said as she placed the hot cup of coffee on the table in front of him before turning towards the refrigerator and pantry to grab a few items to cook breakfast.

Cole offered to help but she insisted he sit back and relax. He took advantage of where he sat at the table and watched as she walked back and forth to the refrigerator; reaching, bending and moving, His cock began to harden and twitch in his pants while he hungrily eyed her tits bounce about and her hips sway.

The tank top she wore barely covered the bottom of her large tits; it was thin and almost sheer enough to see right through the material giving him a good view of her pinkish brown nipples and tanned tits. It sent thunderous sensations to his loins. Her short shorts didn’t help matters either, as her ass cheeks peered out and teased him. He tried to keep his composure and hide his massive hard on from her. Cassandra had already spotted it but did not let on.

Within the hour they finished eating breakfast and she began cleaning up. Cole insisted on helping her with the dishes so she gave in.

He could smell the sweet fragrance of her shampoo and conditioner from her hair and the light scent of soap as he stood beside her. Her skin looked smooth and enticing. Cole began to playfully splash water at her and eventually she splashed back. Before long her top was soaked; he could see her nipples piercing against the flimsy material.

Cole wanted her right then and there. He reached illegal bahis up and held her face in his damp hands, leaned forward and kissed her hard, working his tongue into her mouth; a moan escaped from the back of her throat. He leaned her against the sink moving one hand down the side of her neck to her heaving bosom; lingering, feeling her tits through her wet tank top. Lower and lower his hand traveled downward to her flat stomach then the side of her hip. Cassandra wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him back passionately with her tongue meeting his.

She felt his hand on her outer thigh, working its way up. His hand worked towards her inner thigh. She parted her legs to accommodate and welcome his exploring hand.

He found the valley between her legs, rubbed his hand back and forth against the denim material. Immediately Cassandra began to rock her hips. Her pussy was already damp and her body craved his touch.

Cole broke off the kiss and looked at the young Filipina, Spanish woman; reached for the bottom of her tank top and raised it over her head while keeping his eyes upon her. In the daylight her tits looked more luscious and larger than he remembered seeing just hours before. He leaned down, taking a nipple between his lips running circles around the erect nub with his wet hot tongue. She gently held onto the top of his head as he moved from one nipple to another.

He looked into her eyes while his fingers worked on the buttons of her shorts. She brushed his hands away, gently nudging him towards the chair. He sat down as she stepped in front of him, far enough to see the show she was about to put on for him.

Cassandra swayed her hips side to side seductively dancing to the music that played in her head. Slowly she bent down to a squat swaying her hips while her hands began rubbing, caressing and grabbing her tits. Cole’s cock ached in his pants and the growing bulge was very visible to Cassandra as she squatted down between his legs.

“Why don’t you get comfortable and unzip your pants? It looks like your cock wants to come out and play,” seductively she said, continuing her floor show.

Cole kept his eyes on the topless woman. His stood up and quickly unbuttoned, unzipped and pushed his jeans to the floor. His cock sprang freely as he sat back down openly stroking his cock and watched her continue with her strip show.

“Mmm, that’s a lot better,” she mewed running her tongue around her lips.

Slowly she moved her hands down and across her flat stomach then back up to her tits. Enough was enough; Cassandra reached down, slowly unbuttoned her shorts, peeling the garment open. The top part of her shaven pussy tanned and smooth was the first thing to be seen. Cole licked his lips at the tanned woman. Hooking her thumb into the sides of her shorts she seductively wiggled the garment down her hips until it fell on its own to the kitchen floor and stepped out of them, lifting the garment with her left feet up high enough for Cole to take it. He could see the dampness of her pussy as her leg lifted and enjoyed taking his time in retrieving the shorts from her foot.

The wanton vixen stood in front of him, her legs wide apart and her hands down between her legs rubbing her pussy. She really enjoyed putting on a private strip show and the effect it was having on the off duty cop. She used her fingers to spread her pussy lips apart then pushed her hips slightly forward so Cole a good look of her wet pussy. She toyed, rubbed and pinched her clit, causing her body to heat up to a boiling point. Boldly she inserted her middle finger into her wet hole and worked it in and out. Cole stroked in perfect synchronized timing with her fingers, imagining it was his cock plunging in and out of that juicy hole.

Cassandra withdrew her finger, stepped forward brought her hand up to his mouth. He could see the glistening juice on her finger. The smell of her sweet pussy permeated the kitchen air. She illegal bahis siteleri placed her finger between his lips and he sucked on the tasty treat.

“Does my pussy taste good?” she asked in a low sexy voice.

“Oh yeah, it’s the sweetest I’ve ever tasted,” he replied grabbing her by the waist, pulling her to him. Her tits were in perfect alignment for his mouth. He flicked his tongue at the pinkish brown nipple leaving wet circular trails while his hands moved up and down her back, caressing her silky brown hair and backside. One hand rested on her left ass cheek and squeezed.

Cassandra was on fire! She wanted him inside of her! She pulled his head back and kissed him passionately. Her tongue probed his mouth hungrily signaling him of her urgency. He probed back with his tongue then reached between her legs and plunged a finger then another into her wet pussy. He continued kissing her as he fingered her hole; his objective was to make her cum. Within seconds he achieved his goal. Cassandra tossed her head back, which caused her to arch her back and thrust her tits into his face. He broke off the kiss and immediately began sucking on one of her nipples while he continued fingering her gushing pussy.

“OH FUCK! YES! YES! YES!!!” she loudly screamed as her body trembled and her orgasm raged through her loins.

Cole removed his finger from her hole after she calmed down; the sticky sweet juices coated his fingers down to his knuckles and onto his hand. He brought them up to his face, but before he could savor the sweet nectar Cassandra took hold of his wrist and licked his fingers and hand clean. She was a wanton vixen in heat and she wanted her actions to show Cole.

He grabbed her ass and pulled her to him. She climbed up, placing her feet on the side rungs of the chair and straddled his lap. Cole placed his hands on her hips and guided down onto his hard cock. Slowly he felt it slip inside; the slick walls caressed his cock. She began riding him steadily. Her tits bounced and teased him long enough so he reached up and took hold of the large luscious globes. One by one Cole wrapped his lips around the hard nipples; sucking, nibbling and biting on them.

Cassandra rode him hard, her long hair bounced and swayed as she lifted herself then slammed down onto his lap. She steadied herself by holding onto his strong broad shoulders. Minutes later Cole stood up, with Cassandra’s legs around his waist. He turned and laid her down onto the kitchen table. It was his turn to take control.

Cassandra ran her long fingernails down through the hairs on his chest encouraging him on.

“Give it to me! Fuck me hard!” she commanded.

On and on Cole pounded hard, causing her to jerk upward. She gripped the edges to stop her from flying off of the polished wood. Their bodies loudly slapped as the couple fucked on the kitchen table; the curtains were wide open for her neighbor to see. This made Cassandra hotter knowing someone may see and hear them.

“Oh fuck,” Cole groaned as he placed his face in the crook of her neck and shoulders. He kissed and licked her left ear whispered breathing heavily. “Baby, you’re so hot. I’d fuck you day and night if I could. Mmm, you’ve got such a sweet, hot pussy.”

“Oh yeah, fuck me. I love to fuck. Anytime. Anyplace,” boldly she responded.

After a few more strokes Cole stood upright and ran his left thumb across and around her clit. Cassandra squirmed under his touch as she felt electrifying sensations rush through her body; her nipples peered out even more, as far as they possibly could. He wanted her to cum again.

“Yes, yes, oh my God,” she panted heavily. “You’re going to make me.” she stopped. Her body tensed as she the loudly exclaimed, “I’m cum-m-m-m-m-m-ing!!! Oh fuck, yes! YES!!!” Her legs tightened about his waist, her hands gripped his arms pulling him down upon her. She came hard, harder than she had last night at the roadblock. Her juices flowed canlı bahis siteleri and flowed like a raging waterfall; it seemed endless.

Within a short time Cole felt his balls twitched, signaling him they were ready. He rested down on top of her, breathing heavily then abruptly stood upright, throwing his head back.

“Fuck baby! Fuck! Fuck! I’m cumming!!!” He shot streams of cum deep inside of her, filling her to the hilt, mixing his cum with hers.

Their bodies squirmed and trembled on the polished kitchen table until they were spent and their orgasms subsided. Cole laid upon her with his cock still buried in her pussy for a few minutes. He couldn’t believe his cock was still hard when he pulled out of her sopping, dripping pussy. Cassandra looked at him and smiled before giving him a long kiss.

Thinking he had run his course with the young Filipina, he went to the bathroom to clean up. Deep down inside he wanted to spend the rest of the day with her, fucking, eating, and pleasing her. Silently he grabbed a washcloth. Suddenly Cassandra entered and smiled at him as she reached into the shower to turn the water on.

“Would you like to join me in the shower?” she asked as she took a step into the shower stall built for more than two people.

Cole did not say a word but he happily stepped in to join her. They took turns soaping each others bodies, causing the passion and heat to grow. Cassandra turned her back to him, placed her hands up against the wall and stuck her ass out to him. Cole took a firm grip onto her wet hips and pushed his hard cock deep inside of her pussy. He fucked her over and over again in the shower in various positions making her cum and cum and cum until the hot water ran out, splashing cold water onto them.

Cassandra giggled and soon Cole began to laugh as he frantically reached over to shut the water off. The playful look in her eyes told him she wanted more. He scooped her up in his arms and carried her out of the shower dripping wet.

“Wait!” she squealed before Cole carried her into the bedroom. “We’re soaking wet!”

“You’ll be more than soaking wet when I get through with you,” huskily Cole told her as she reached overhead for towels.

“Mmm, is that a threat Officer Cole Williams?”

“No ma’am, it’s a promise!”

At his request he put her down and watched as she dried herself off, gently dabbing away the water beads. Then she did the same for him, drying off every inch of his firm body. Cole couldn’t take it anymore, his cock was rock hard. He took the towel away from her, turned her around to face the vanity counter. She knew what was coming and bent forward, looking at herself with Cole towering behind her.

He entered her with a force, jerking her body forward. She let out a gasp before moaning as he rocked in and out of her pussy. Cassandra watched in the mirror as her tits swayed with every thrust. She could see the intensity in his face and feel it in his hands as he pumped faster, harder, and deeper.

“Oh fuck! Yes! Mmm! Yes!” Cassandra cried out as Cole reached under and grabbed onto her massive swaying tits.

He rolled the pinkish brown nipples between his fingers sending her into a heated frenzy. Her head bounced and moved side to side as she cried out in pleasure.

“Fuck me! Oh yeah, fuck me! Pound my cunt!!!!”

Cole slipped one hand between her legs and rubbed his fingers across her clit. That sent her over the edge. Cassandra’s body shook with an explosive orgasm.

“Oh!” she gasped. “Uh huh, yes! Yes! Oh fuck! I’m cumming!!!” she screamed.

Within seconds Cole joined her with his cock shooting streams of cum into her sopping wet pussy.

“Oh baby! Fuck! Fuck! Here it cummmms!!!!” he growled burying his face between her neck and shoulders.

Their orgasms were so intense their bodies trembled, almost convulsing, with their legs quivering beneath them. It took a few minutes before they were able to regain their composure. Finally Cole wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and smiled at their reflection in the mirror as Cassandra leaned her head back against his strong chest, reaching up with her right arm, placing her hand behind his head, sighing contently.

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