Uncle BIll. V

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Double Penetration

Uncle BIll. VComing inside and sitting at the table my butt hurt a little. Bill started making dinner. As he cooked I got up and stood beside him. He reached over and rubbed my butt. I arched my hips and pushed against his hand. He stopped rubbing and reached lower. Cupping the bottom of my butt he pushed a finger between my cheeks and slid his hand up. Reaching my waist, he slid back down. As he did I spread my legs and leaned against the counter allowing him to slip his finger deep in my chack. When he reached my hole he wiggled his finger, moving the grease that was left to it. When I felt him touch my butt hole I bent over letting my butt cheeks to spread open, giving him full access to his prize.Uncle Bill turned off the stove and took my hand. We went to his room and stood in front canlı bahis of the bed. He turned facing me, and picked me up. He said to put my legs around his waist. As I raised my legs I could feel his dick stiffening under me, and press between my legs. He sat down and laid back holding me. He moved his hands down me to my hips and stopped on my butt. He squeezed my butt cheeks and looked me in the eyes. He asked, you want me to. I smiled and pulled my legs higher, yes I told him. He pulled my butt open wider and I felt his finger slip down to my butt hole. He circled it a minute then pressed on it. Still tender it hurt a little put I didn’t stop him. As he pushed on my butt hole he held my head with his other hand. I closed my eyes and laid my head on his shoulder. I gasped as his finger bahis siteleri pushed in me. He held it in place a few seconds before pushing in farther. He stopped when his second knuckle entered my butt. Slowly he pulled out till just his finger tip was in me, then pushed back in. My heart was pounding and my breathing sped up as he fucked my butt with his finger. He whispered, you’re so tight. I asked, is that ok. He turned his head, kissed me, and said oh yeah. I felt my dick pressing against his stomach as it stiffened. After a few minutes his finger was deep in me. Bill said to push up with my hands. When I pushed up he said lean down. As I did he raised his head and kissed me on the mouth. Stunned I didn’t move. He opened his mouth and pushed his tongue out and parted my lips. Not bahis şirketleri moving, Bill held the back of my head and push me down. Our lips met and he moved his tongue around my mouth. Not knowing what to do, I sucked on his tongue. Bill wiggled it around in my mouth and moved his finger faster in my butt. I had the uncontrollable urge to meet his hand as he pushed in. Bill broke our kiss and said to relax my butt. He pulled his finger out, then I felt two fingers press on my hole. I felt a sting as he pushed both in me. Slowly he fucked me with them. When I felt him press against the back of my dick I came without anyone touching it. I could feel my butt hole tighten and relax around his fingers as he slid them out and in. As my dick stopped pumping he held them in place. Bill said, just lay still and relax some. After a minute, my dick went down and I felt him twist his hand left and right. My breathing was shuddered as I took quick short breaths. I laid my head back on his shoulder and pushed my butt up.

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