Subject: Uncle Carl, Gay, Incest, 4 of 10 Preamble Author: Spike Meyers Date: 07/10/2020 E-Mail: ail Donate: Please consider donating to this website. Without your donations, Nifty may not be able to keep this site up and running for your reading pleasure. Whatever you can afford will be appreciated. Notice: This story is a work of fiction and contains explicit sexual material. It may also include, incest, sex between a minor(s) and an adult males(s), and sexual fetish. If you are offended by such material, do not read this work of fiction. The character(s) in this work are not based on any known person(s). Uncle Carl — Part 4 of 10 He looked over at Carl, Jake was so content in his uncle’s arms. Colt rested his leg on top of Carl’s, their legs crisscross, Colt’s balls resting on the couch. Carl looked at his brother with such lust in his eyes, it made Colt’s cock twitch. He loved the way his brother desired him; it was the best feeling. The boys fell asleep in their arms. Colt stood up and motioned to Carl that he was going to take Josh up to bed. Carl stood up, Jake in his arms, grabbed the remote, and turned the TV off. He followed Colt up the stairs, staring at his brother’s beautiful ass all the way up. Colt turned into the boys room and gently laid Josh on the bed. Carl did the same with Jake. They left the door ajar on their way out. Carl followed Colt into the bedroom; Colt closing the door behind them. Carl grabbed his brother and pulled him tightly against his body. “Do you know how fucking sexy you are?” he whispered in Colt’s ear. “You make me crazy brother. I think about you all the time; I can’t get you out of my head. I don’t even want to. All I have to do is look at you and I get hard. I love you Colt, you fill me. I have repressed my feelings for a long time, and now I want you to know how I feel about you. How I have always felt about you.” Colt was a little taken aback by Carl’s confession of love. The truth is, Colt was having similar feelings recently. The relationship with his brother has grown into more than just two brother’s indulging in incest just for the sheer fun of it. He was having serious feelings about Carl. And, now that his sons are involved with both of them sexually, he was a little confused navigating this new territory. He cupped Carl’s face in his hands and kissed him on the lips. Let’s sit down for a minute brother. They walked over to the bed hand-in-hand, and sat down. “Carl, I have so many things bouncing around inside my head right now I don’t know where to start. First, our lives have completely changed and there is no way to reset the clock, and honestly, I don’t want to. The last few days with you and the boys have been exquisite. For the first time I almost feel free to be myself with you. Your personal relationship with my sons has turned into this wonderful thing that just completely blows me away. You know how much my boys worship you. Even more so than I, you are their hero. With this new dynamic to our relationship collectively, I suspect that their love of you will grow immeasurably from here on. It has become obvious to me, that our relationship, you, and me, has completely changed direction. We are not just two brothers committing incest occasionally just for the sheer pleasure of it. Our relationship has grown into something that I couldn’t even imagine a few days ago, and it has happened so fast it makes my head spin. The truth is brother, that I too, find you irresistible. I find myself longing for you when you’re not here, and looking forward to your return. I love having sex with you; it’s the best sex that I have ever had in my life. Sex with you is completely fulfilling and utterly satisfying. You make me feel wanted, loved, desired, sexy, attractive, confident, and a constellation of other things. You make my dick so fucking hard it hurts. You are so fucking sexy; it makes me dizzy. I want to eat you all the time. I think I’m in love with you Carl. You are not just my brother, you are my lover, my confidant, my friend, my protector. I want to let myself go and completely give in to you, and to us, but this thing hanging over my head with Deb, stops me from doing that right now. I feel that has to be sorted before I can move on with my life, with our life; you, me, and the boys. Carl wrapped his right arm around Colt’s shoulder, pulled him in close, and kissed him gently on the neck. “I understand brother; no pressure, and judgement from me,” he whispered in his ear. Carl reached over and rested his left hand on Colt’s inner thigh, he could feel his brother’s ball sack against his fingers; it sent a tingle right to his cock. Carl looked down his brother’s torso, taking in the beauty of Colt’s, slender, toned, physique. His beautiful, soft cock, the musculature of his legs; it filled him with such desire. He reached up and placed his hand on his brothers face. “God Colt, you are so fucking beautiful. You make my blood boil.” He grabbed Colt’s face with both hands and kissed him passionately. Colt completely surrendered to his brother’s desire. Carl released Colt’s mouth, and growled in his ear, “I want your beautiful cock brother. I have to have it; I need it! I want to feel you shooting in my mouth; feed me. I want you so bad!” Colt licked his brother’s lips. He felt Carl’s desire and his cock sprang to full mast. “Eat me Carl,” he growled. “Suck the cum out of my cock!” Carl kissed him hard again, and quickly dropped to his knees in front of Colt. Colt leaned back on the bed, supporting his weight on his elbows and forearms. His stomach muscles tight, displaying a subtle six-pack. He looked down at Carl, kneeling in front of him. He could see the flame of desire in Carl’s eyes. Colt could feel Carl’s desire for him and it made his cock throb. Colt spread his legs wide, feet flat on the floor. “Eat me Carl! Suck my hard cock!” Colt commanded. Carl grabbed Colt’s thighs in each hand and swallowed his cock in a single gulp. Colt threw his head back when he felt Carl swallow his cock. He knew that he was not going to last very long. He looked down and watched as his brother bobbed up and down on his cock. He could feel the precum oozing as Carl squeezed his cock each time he came up just to plunge back down again. Carl let go of Colt’s cock. He wrapped his finger behind the base of Colt’s throbbing hardon and pulled it forward. “Look at the fucking hard dick Colt; it’s just throbbing. I can taste your precum. Fuck! I love your cock brother.” Colt looked down at his throbbing cock, and then at his brother. Carl had an almost frenzied look on his face. He was filled with such desire. Colt flexed his cock making it twitch for his brother’s benefit. “Fuck!” he exclaimed. Your cock is so fucking hard!” “Eat my dick Carl! Suck that hard cock. Make me cum in your mouth!” Colt ordered. Carl immediately swallowed Colt’s cock and started sucking like his life depended on it. “Yeah, that’s it brother. Eat my dick.” Colt moaned. Carl loved hearing his brother talk like that. It made him crazy, totally cock starved, ravenous. “You want my load don’t you brother. You want me to cum in your mouth. Fucking eat me; suck that sweet juice out of my cock.” Carl growled, muffled by Colt’s cock in his throat. He grabbed Colt’s hips and plunged Colt’s cock down his throat again. Colt could feel his balls churning and knew he was going to shoot any second. “Fuck brother, you are going to make me cum. Yeah! Make me cum. You ready? Here it comes” Colt yelled. “Ahhhh, fucking eat me Carl!” Carl felt Colt’s cock harden and start to pulsate in his mouth. He knew his prize was on the way. He backed up a little on Colt’s throbbing dick, and waited for the first blast. His own cock ached it was so hard. Suddenly, there it was, that hot, creamy, sweet, slightly salty nectar he so desired. He felt blast after blast shooting in his mouth. He held Colt’s juice in his mouth, savoring the flavor, to make it last as long as possible before swallowing it all down. Colt felt the pleasure wave throughout his entire body. His balls felt like they were bone dry. He collapsed on the bed, arms fully extend out to each side, as he tried to catch his breath. He could feel Carl’s tongue rolling around in his cock juice on his softening dick. Suddenly, the warm fluid he felt on his cock was gone. Carl started to slowly suck out the last drops of the precious fluid. Carl stopped sucking and let his brother’s cock go soft in his mouth. He caressed Colt from his chest all the way down to his ankles as his cock tuzla eve gelen escort rested in his mouth. Carl was in heaven, Colt’s cock in his mouth, the taste of his cum still on his tongue, and the feel of his beautiful body in his hands. He could spend eternity like this. Carl was just not quite ready to release Colt’s soft cock in his mouth. They stayed in this position for a long time. Just when Carl was about to release Colt’s cock, he felt a hot, slightly bitter, fluid on his tongue. Carl moaned and started to swallow. The stream became stronger and stronger and he had to swallow quickly so none would go to waste. When the stream stopped, he slowly and gently sucked the last few remaining drops out of Colt’s soft, sensitive cock. Carl didn’t want to move; he was so content just as he was. “Brother, are you going to keep my cock in your mouth forever?” Colt asked. Carl let out a muffled moan, and reluctantly let go of Colt’s cock. He looked up at his brother and said, “I’m seriously thinking about it. I could stay like this forever and die a happy man.” Colt laughed and said, “Get up here and kiss me.” Carl crawled up Colt’s torso and laid on top of him. He brushed back the hair from Colt’s forehead, and kissed him gently on the lips. “Damn!” Carl said, “That was so hot. You came in buckets. I fuckin love your cum. I want more right now.” Colt kissed him. “Did you like my surprise?” Colt growled and said, “Fuck that was so nice; I loved it. Then again, anything that comes out of the gorgeous cock of yours I love.” “I had to pee even before you started sucking my cock. After I came, you kept my dick in your mouth so long; I had to piss so, I pissed in your mouth.” Carl leaned up and rested his weight on his elbows, and cupped Colt’s head in his hands, “I loved it Colt. I loved everything. I could eat you all day and never grow tired of it. I can’t tell you how much I fuckin love you.” Colt could feel Carl’s cock twitching. He kissed Carl passionately, exploring his mouth with his tongue. He grabbed Carl’s head and growled in his mouth, “Feed me Carl. I want your cum.” Carl kissed him hard, and jumped up off the bed. His hard cock, standing tall and proud. He crawled up Colt’s torso, and straddled his chest, his cock aimed at Colt’s face. Colt looked up at his stud of a brother and his cock started to twitch. “You are so fucking sexy Carl. I love your stud of a body. You are so freakin hot! Jerk off in my mouth stud. Feed me your load.” Colt loved hearing his brothers words, his cock throbbing in his brothers face. Carl moved forward and placed his cock head in his brother’s mouth. “Lick the juice off my cock baby.” Colt needed no encouragement; he wrapped his lips around his brother’s cock and licked up the sweet nectar. Carl withdrew his cock from his brother’s mouth and slowly started to stroke it. Colt watched his brother stroking his hard dick; he could see the precum oozing down his fingers. He couldn’t wait to taste his brother’s load. He grabbed his own cock and started stroking. “Feed me Carl! I want your cum now. Carl knew he was going to cum fast, he leaned forward. “Open your mouth brother” he commanded. Colt opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. Carl ran his cock head over Colt’s tongue, wiping the precum from the tip of his dick on Colt’s tongue. He hovered his cock head just above the tip of Colt’s tongue. As he stroked his cock, he could feel Colt’s tongue on his knob occasionally. He increased the rhythm of his strokes and felt his balls begin to pull up tight. “I’m gonna cum Colt,” he groaned. He placed the head of his cock on Colt’s tongue, and continued little, quick strokes on his cock. “Ready brother? Here it comes.” Carl cried out as his cock exploded, shooting ropes of goo in Colt’s mouth. Colt wrapped his lips over the head of Carl’s cock, feeling his mouth fill with Carl’s juice. Just as Carl had done to him, he rolled his tongue around Carl’s cock head savoring his load, before swallowing it down. Carl’s cock stopped spirting and he collapsed over Colt’s head, supporting his weight on his forearms. He could feel Colt swallowing several times on his sensitive dick. Colt reached up and grabbed Carl’s ass, pushing him onto his face, swallowing his dick down his throat. Carl could feel his throat muscles working his softening cock. Carl’s breathing started to return to normal, and he leaned back up, his cock still in Colt’s mouth. He looked down, and Colt gave him a look as if to say, “you’re not done yet stud.” Carl immediately knew what he was waiting for. He opened up, and let the piss flow into Colt’s mouth. Colt moaned and swallowed. Carl backed up just enough to keep half of his softening cock in Colt’s mouth. He felt his cock resting on Colt’s tongue letting his piss flow into his brother’s willing mouth. He squirted the last remaining drops on Colt’s tongue, and slowly slid his whole cock in Colt’s eager mouth. After a few seconds, he pulled out completely, letting his cock fall and rest on his brother’s chest. He bent down and kissed Colt hard, tasting his own piss on Colt’s tongue. He cupped Colt’s face in his hands, and whispered in his ear, “I fuckin adore you Colt, you fill me.” Colt wrapped his arms around his brother and pulled him down to lay on top of him. He loved the feel of his brother’s weight on him. Colt grabbed Carl’s ass and pushed their cocks hard against each other. He could feel Carl’s cock against his and it sent a shiver through his body. Carl felt it, “What was that?” he asked. “That was your fault,” Colt responded. “What do you mean?” Colt squeezed his ass, “I felt your cock on mine and it sent a shock wave thru my body.” “I love that my cock can do that to you.” Carl rolled off Colt to his side, and threw his leg over Colt’s pelvis. Carl felt Colt’s hardon under his leg. “You’re hard again stud. Is that my fault too?” Colt nodded his head. Colt scooted up the bed and rested his head on the pillow. Carl followed him up the bed, threw his arm over Colt’s chest, and cuddled in for the night. “Am I really the best sex you ever had?” Carl asked. “Yeah, but don’t let it go to your head; the head on your shoulders I mean” Colt said jokingly. “Have I ever told you how much I love your cock; your cum, your piss? If not, I do; I love it all. Jake seems to like your cum too, he ate enough of it today.” “He did?” Carl asked. I didn’t know that, I had Josh planted on my face so I couldn’t see him.” Colt smiled, “Oh yeah, you came in his mouth, he swallowed as much of it as he could, but a lot leaked out. He stayed right on your cock though, the whole time you were spewing your load. He was a real champ. It won’t be long until he master’s sucking and swallowing. Did I tell you Jake took my entire cock in his ass?” “Shut up; he did not.” Carl laughed, “Yeah, he did. I let him do the driving until I saw you cumming in Jake’s mouth. When I saw you cumming, I shot my load in Jake’s sweet, little ass.” He took your load and mine all at the same time. I think Jake is going to be a power bottom. He seemed to really like getting fucked.” “Damn! That makes my dick hard. I’m sorry I missed that. But I really loved eating Josh’s ass. I love having sex with the boys I have to tell you.” Colt nodded his head, “Yeah, me too. I love to make them cum. I also enjoyed it when they saw me swallowing your piss; initially I was a little freaked out when they caught us, but then, it turned me on. I can’t wait to see if they like piss play.” The next morning, they woke up with two naked boys sitting on them, tickling their ear lobes. Colt opened one eye and heard light giggling. He opened the other eye, and seen Josh smiling down at him. He reached up and started to tickle Josh who rolled over and impacted his uncle, who was still sleeping. Carl immediately woke up when Josh rolled over against him and saw Jake sitting on him. “Hey buddy. Good morning you sexy thing.” Jake leaned down and gave his uncle a big hug. Josh was still squirming around due to his dad’s tickling. Colt reached over and grabbed Josh and pulled him tight against his body, and started to nibble his neck. “Umm. I’m gonna eat you,” he said in a loud growl. He squeezed Josh tighter and stopped growling and the boy settled down. He could feel him breathing hard in his arms. “Dad,” Jake said, “your dick is hard.” Josh looked over at his brother, “Dad’s dick is always hard in the morning. Uncle Carl is hard too.” Jake sat up and looked behind him. He saw his Uncle’s hard cock and wrapped his tuzla otele gelen escort hand around it. “Uncle Carl’s dick is really hard,” Jake says. “Hey guys, we have a surprise for you today. In fact, we have two surprises for you today.” The boys looked over at their father, Jake released his grip on his uncle’s cock. “What dad?” Josh said. “Yeah Dad.” Jake says, What’s the surprise?” `I’ll tell you at breakfast. But first, we have to get showered, dressed.” Josh started to wine, “Dad, do we have to get dressed? Jake and I like to be naked.” Colt grabbed Josh by the chin, “Do you remember our talk?” He looked Josh in the eyes, and then turned to face Jake, to make sure Jake was listening. “When we are home, just you guys, me, and Uncle Carl, you can be naked if you want.” Do you both remember that?” The boys shook their heads in agreement. “Good. The second surprise we have for you today requires you to be fully dressed. You can be naked for your first surprise. So, the first thing we are going to do is take a shower, then we are going to have breakfast. You guys don’t have to get dressed until after breakfast if you want your second surprise. How’s that sound?” Josh nodded his head, “OK dad, that’s fair.” Colt looked over at Jake, still sitting on his uncle. “How about you Jake; sound fair?” Jake shook his head yes and said, “Sounds fair dad.” Carl grabbed Jake and lifted him off his body. Colt did the same with Josh. Carl made a B-line to the bathroom so he could pee. The boys followed behind him, Colt right behind them. Carl walked up to the toilet, pressed down on his now semi-hardon, taking aim, and started to pee. The boys, standing on either side of their uncle, held their wienies in their hand and peed with their uncle. Colt stepped into the shower and turned the water on. Don’t flush yet, he hollered over to the guys standing at the toilet. The boys finished peeing first, and stared at their uncle’s softening schlong still peeing. Jake looked up at Carl and asked, “Can I taste your pee uncle?” Carl rested his hand on Jake’s head, I promise you Jake, you can taste it later. It does not taste very good the first thing in the morning.” Jake saw the disappointment in Jake’s face, he knelt down, and grabbed Jake by the chin, “I promise you sexy boy, you can taste my pee later. I promise.” Carl saw the relief, for the lack of a better term, in Jakes face. “Come on guys, let’s get showered.” Carl walked the boys over to the shower and guided them thru the door. Colt took the first boy, and stood him under the water, then passed him to Carl. Carl started to lather up the first one, as Colt was wetting down the second. They switched boys until the kids were clean. “OK guys, let’s get you dried off.” Colt said as he guided them out of the shower. As Colt was drying off the boys, he showered himself. By the time Colt had the boys dried off, he was ready to dry off. “OK guys, let’s have breakfast” Colt said. He started to scoot the boys out of the bathroom, while Carl was waiting to dry off. Colt leaned over and kissed Carl; he gave him a look that said, “I want to fucking eat you right now.” He bit Carl lightly on the chin, and followed the boys out of the bathroom. Carl felt a jolt rush down his cock when Colt bit him. He grabbed a towel and started to dry off. He went over and brushed his hair at the sink, and headed downstairs to breakfast. The boys were sitting at the table. He saw Colt standing over at the stove. He walked over, placed his hand on Colt’s hip, and gently kissed him on the neck. “He leaned in and whispered in his ear, “I love you.” He did not wait for a response, instead, he turned, walked over to the kitchen table, and sat down. “Dad, what’s for breakfast?” Carl asked. Colt turned his head slightly and said, “Spinach omelets, 9-grain toast, and juice.” Carl clapped his hands, “Sounds delicious doesn’t it boys?” The boys nodded their heads vigorously. Jake got out of his chair, walked around the table, and sat on his uncle’s lap. Carl adjusted him on his lap for comfort, and rested his hand in the boys crotch and started to fondle his cock and balls. Jake instinctively spread his legs enjoying his uncles caress. Jake leaned back into his uncles torso. Colt made three large omelets. He placed them on a large serving platter and walked them over to the table, placing the platter in the center of the table. He walked back over to the kitchen counter, retrieved a large knife and spatula, and plate of toast, already cut and buttered, and returned to the table. He cut the omelets in quarters, the spinach and cheese oozing out the side. He served the boys first, then Carl, leaving himself for last. He walked back over to the counter, and placed the knife in the kitchen sink. He poured the juice in the same order, and stood next to his chair at the table. “Jake, can you take your seat please baby boy” his dad asked. Carl helped him off his lap. Jake walked over to his chair and Colt noticed that the boy had a hard on. He looked over at Carl and smiled. Carl smiled back and shrugged his shoulders. Colt pushed Jakes chair in at the table and said, “Dig in guys, before it gets cold.” as he took his seat. Colt looked around the table, it’s always a good sign when the conversation stops. It means to him that everyone is enjoying the food. Colt was a fairly good cook and has always enjoyed cooking. Halfway thru his omelet, Colt cleared his throat. He could tell the boys were close to being full and satisfied. Carl helped himself to more omelet, and another piece of toast from the pile on the table. “Boys, do you want to hear what your first surprise is? Colt asked. The boys looked over at their father and started to cheer, “Yeah dad, tell us, tell us!” Josh said excitedly. “Well, your Uncle Carl and I have been talking, and, I asked your Uncle Carl to move in with us at least until your mom gets home. What do you guys think about that?” Josh raised his hands in the air and started clapping loudly. “Yeah! He exclaimed, “I want Uncle Carl to live with us.” Jake jumped away from the table and started to jump up and down. His willy flapping about. He ran over and hopped on his Uncle’s lap and threw his arms around Carl. Carl was all smiles at the boys reaction. “As you can plainly see brother, my boys love the idea of you moving in.” “Why can’t Uncle Carl stay with us when mom get’s back?” Josh asked. “We have the guest room. Nobody ever stays over except Uncle Carl.” Colt cleared his throat again, and looked over at Carl. “Well, Josh, we have to wait and see what your mom says when she gets back. Maybe Uncle Carl can stay with us permanently. We’ll see.” “I’m gonna tell mom that Jake and I want Uncle Carl to live with us permanently. Don’t you dad?” Josh asked. “Yes, I do in fact. I would love it if Uncle Carl could live with us permanently. We’ll just have to wait and see.” “OK guys, I want you to go upstairs, brush your teeth, and get dressed. I have to call your Uncle Douglas right now. When you are dressed, come back down, and I’ll tell you what your second surprise is.” Josh pushed himself away from the table and hurried out of the kitchen. Jake slowly extracted himself from Carl’s lap with Carl’s assistance. Colt noticed that Jake had a hardon again. Carl patted him on the bum and said, “OK sexy boy; go brush your teeth. Jake scurried out of the kitchen and up the stairs. “Did you see that brother? He had a hardon again.” Carl raised his hands in surrender. “Hey, this time it wasn’t my fault. I didn’t touch it.” Colt sighed and said, “I can’t blame him, I get hard just looking at you.” “Would you mind clearing the table while I call Douglas? I want to confirm that he still wants to go to the shelter today to get a dog.” Colt said standing up from the table. Carl nodded his head, while looking at Colt’s naked body, his cock dangling down. Carl’s cock started to twitch. Colt walked over to the house phone hanging on the wall. He dialed Doug’s number and waited for him to answer. `Hey Martin, this is Colton. I was just calling to confirm that the shelter excursion is still on for today.” Carl walked over to his brother and ran his hands down his back and cupped his ass in his hands. He leaned forward and started kissing Colt’s neck, then reached around and grabbed his soft cock. Colt attempted to wiggle away but the phone had a very short cord. He placed his hand on Carl’s chest and pushed him away. “Hold on Colt, Douglas is upstairs, let me go get him.” Carl was not letting tuzla sınırsız escort up. He dropped to his knees in front of Colt, and started to lick his belly. He wrapped his arm around Colt’s hips and pulled him into him, resting his face tightly again Colt’s stomach. Colt placed his hand over the phone and said, “Carl, not now. I’m on the phone.” Carl kissed Colt on the belly and took his cock in his mouth. Colt let out a gasp and leaned against the wall for support. He grabbed Colt’s head in one hand, the phone in the other, “Carl, what are you doing?” he said between gasps. Carl did not respond, he continued to suck Colt’s cock feeling it harden in his mouth. While waiting for Douglas to get on the phone, Colt started thrusting his hips back and forth, sliding his now hard cock in and out of Carl’s mouth. Carl quickened his sucking and soon Colt felt his balls pulling up. He grabbed a handful of Carl’s hair to hang on, “Fuck, you’re gonna make me cum!” and thrusted his cock down Carl’s throat as he shot his wad. Carl grabbed his ass and pulled him in as Colt thrusted forward. As soon as Carl felt Colt’s dick stop spasming in his throat, he released his cock. He gave it a final suck before he stood and walked over to the table. Colt was leaning up again the wall for support, breathing heavily. “Colton, good morning” Douglas said. “I’m so sorry to keep you waiting.” Colton placed his hand over the phone to take a few deep breaths to try and recover from Carl’s little surprise. “Colton, are you there? Colton?” he heard Douglas ask. He removed his hand off the phone, “Yes Douglas, I’m here. We must have had a moment of interference there for a second. I was just calling to confirm our excursion to the shelter today. I assume that is still a go?” he asked, panting lightly. “Oh yes, Colton. We are still a go. I figured we can leave about 10 o’clock this morning if that works for you. How does that sound?” Douglas asked. “That’s perfect Doug. I’ll send the boys over 5 minutes till.” Colt detected a pause on the phone, “Won’t you be joining us Colton?” Carl stopped to grab Colt’s softening, leaky dick before clearing the last items from the table. He ran his thumb over Colt’s cock knob, scooping up and remaining droplets and licked it from his finger. “No, I won’t be in attendance today Douglas. Unfortunately, I have some things that have popped up that require my attention. You guys have fun though.” “Alright then Colton. We’ll take good care of the boys; don’t worry. Why wait to send them over; if they are ready, send them over now. We can leave early and take the boys around when we get downtown. We can do a little site-seeing, have lunch, and head on over to the shelter. I have no doubt that the boys will enjoy that. We’ll be back around 4 or 4:30 this afternoon. Martin is going to drive.” Colt looked over at Carl stacking dishes in the dishwasher, and noticed his firm, round ass. He couldn’t believe that he just shot a load and the sight of Carl’s ass is making his dick twitch. “Colton, are you there?” Douglas asked. “Yes, I’m sorry Douglas. I’m here, 4 o’clock is fine. That’s perfect. You have my cell if you need it. I will see you at 4 — 4:30 then. I can’t wait to meet your new charge. Bye Douglas.” Colt hung up the phone and walked over to Carl, wrapped his arms around his waist, and kissed him on the shoulder. “What got into you stud? Sucking me off while I was on the phone.” Carl turned around and pulled Colt tight against him. “I just couldn’t help myself. You are so fuckin beautiful Colt; it makes me crazy.” Colt kissed him hard on the lips, exploring the inside of Car’s mouth once again. Colt pulled away after a few seconds, “I love you too. I need to check on the boys. They should be dressed by now.” Carl kissed him gently, and patted him on the ass, “Go on; check on the boys,” he said. When Colt got upstairs, he didn’t hear the boys. He checked their bedroom first, no sign of them. Then he checked the hall bathroom. Josh was standing at the toilet, butt naked. Jake was on his knees, naked, with Josh’s cock in his mouth. “Hey guys, what’s going on? You were supposed to be getting dressed.” Josh looked up at his dad. “We were gonna get dressed dad, but I had to pee first. Jake wanted to taste it.” Colt looked down at Jake, still on his knees, Josh’s dick still in his mouth, he noticed a fair amount of clear liquid on the floor, and down Jake’s body. He knelt down next to Jake. “Hey Jake, take your brother’s dick out of your mouth and stand up son.” Jake did as his dad asked. “Is that what happened son; you wanted to taste Josh’s pee?” “Yeah dad. I was curious. I wanted to know what it tasted like.” Carl grabbed his son’s hand, “Did you like it Jake? How did it taste?” Jake thought for a moment before he answered his dad’s questions. “At first I wasn’t really sure. It was kind of like what you said Uncle Carl’s pee tasted like. It was really warm, but not bitter. I really like it splashing on my tongue. There was a lot though. I even swallowed some. I like the feeling of Josh’s dick in my mouth when he was peeing. That was fun.” “Do you think you want to do it again?” Colt asked him. “Oh yeah! I definitely want to do it again. I want to do it with you and Uncle Carl too.” Colt thought to himself, my son is going to be a “piss pig” just like his dad. “Well, OK. We can do that.” “Uncle Carl promised me that I could taste his pee later.” Jake said excitedly. “Yeah dad, it’s my turn next.” Josh added. “Jake and I are going to take turns.” Colt turned to see Carl standing in the doorway. “The boys were experimenting with pee” Colt said. “Yes, I can see that. I heard what Jake said.” “Well guys, you need to get dressed now if you want to find out what your second surprise is.” Josh turned and ran out of the bathroom, Jake started to follow. “Just a minute young man. We need to wash you off before you get dressed. Uncle Carl is going to clean you off in the shower, while I get your clothes ready.” Colt looked up at Carl, “Do you mind?” Carl walked in and picked Jake up in his arms. He kissed him loud on the cheek and said, “Come on you little piss boy. Let’s get you cleaned up,” and pinched Jake on the butt. Jake started to laugh as they walked out of the bathroom. Colt could hear Jake laughing down the hall. When Carl returned with Jake, Josh was fully dressed. “Over here sexy boy”, his dad called to him. “Your turn, let’s get you dressed.” Jake looked at his dad and said, “I can do it dad. Are you and Uncle Carl going to get dressed too?” Colt placed his hand on Jakes head, “Yes we are. We are going to get dressed right now.” Carl turned and walked down the hall to the guest room. Colt went into his bedroom and threw on some everyday clothes. Colt walked out of the bedroom and saw Carl was on his way down the hallway, his backpack over his shoulder. “OK guys, are you ready?” The boys hurried out of the room and down the stairs. Carl was standing by the doorway. Colt looked over at him and felt a little sense of sadness. He shook it off, stepped over and kissed him on the lips, and headed towards the stairs. Carl set his backpack down in the foyer next to the front door. Colt knelt down to the boys, “OK guys, listen to me and remember our talk. You need to keep your clothes on until you get home, I don’t want you peeing on each other, or playing with each other’s dick. You need to just be Josh and Jake with Uncle Doug and Uncle Marty today. OK?” “We know dad. Don’t worry; we understand.” Josh said. “You are going to have so much fun today with your Uncles. Uncle Carl and I want to hear all about it when you get home.” The boys nodded their heads in unison. Colt gave each of them a big hug, stood up, and opened the front door. “Off you go now.” Colt said. He stepped out onto the front porch behind them, and watched as they walked next door. The boys hadn’t quite made it to the front porch when he saw Douglas step out of the house. Douglas waved to him, turned, and escorted the boys into the house. He felt that sense of sadness again, thinking about what might happens with the boys if his wife wants a divorce. He could not bear the thought of not having his boys. He turned and walked back into the house, and slowly closed the door. Carl could sense something was not quite right. He stepped over to Colt and wrapped his arms around him. “What’s with the long face? The boys are going to be fine; they’ll be back, and so will I.” Colt sighed heavily, “I just can’t wait another 5 weeks for Deb to get back and lay a bomb on me Carl. I have to find out what she’s referring to in her email ASAP; so, I am going to call her today and see if she will tell me now and not make me wait. Five weeks is a long time to let something like this fester. I’ll be a complete basket case by the time Deb gets back; I can’t let that happen.”

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