Uncle Eddie Vol. 6


Uncle Eddie Vol. 6Hi, my name’s Sarah and I’m about to share with you guys what happened with me in the last week.My family left me when I was 10 years old, after that, a guy named Eddie Found me and is taking care of me ever since. He has a big round belly fat guy, 5’10’’ and he is a nice guy for most of the time, except when I get my grades down. Whenever I get bad grades in any subject I get a hard spanking from him. Normally it’s supposed to be a punishment but I think I’m starting to enjoy it now, and I have a feeling he is always just looking for a reason to get into spank mode. That might be because I’m 16 now and I have a nice ass.Things kept on going, and I couldn’t get good grades, I actually on purpose failed in a subject, I just needed those hands spanking my ass. So, I went home and told him that I’m sorry I got failed in a subject, the next thing I know is he put me on his lap and started spanking my ass, the way he was spanking my ass it was clear that he also wanted to touch it. Those spankings really made my ass reddish. And I just noticed that he had a bulge on his pants, I purposely touched his pants there a couple of times and showed that it happened by mistake just to see his reaction. He didn’t stop me and I think he was excited about that. “Go to your room, That’s enough punishment for today”, He saidLater on,we decided to watch a horror movie,I really was having difficulty in sleeping that night.“Uncle Eddie, I think there’s a ghost in my room, can I sleep here?”, I said.“Hehe Sure, maltepe escort no problem hon, I’ll be right there in the next room. If your ghost comes back, just gimme a call”, He said.“Actually uncle, I was thinking if you could sleep here too, I’m just too afraid to be sleep alone tonight”, I said“Ah okay, no prob”, He repliedAnd then we both hopped into the sheets, he was on the left side of the bed and I was on the right side. I wasn’t actually thinking of anything dirty but, he was in his boxers….ah..he likes to sleep in boxers. I decided not to do anything and just go to sleep.Later that night, I woke up and I noticed there’s a hand on my ass.I felt someone was caressing my ass, and I just realised that I was sleeping with my uncle Eddie. Those big hands have always spanked me hard and now they were touching my ass softly…He gently pulled my PJs down, earlier only his hand was in my pyjamas, now my ass is fully exposed, and I just heard some noise, It was him taking down his boxers, I don’t know what to do, it would be very awkward if I told him that I’m awake. I felt something on my ass, he was kissing it, he kissed my ass a couple of times and then next thing I felt was something hard and warm, and fat, I just realised that he is rubbing his cock on my ass, and he was moaning lightly, enjoying it. A bottle opened and he put something on his cock, which I guess is lube. He slapped my ass with his cock a couple of times..“I know you’re awake”“I know you like it, I’m gonna push it inside escort maltepe you, okay?”, He saidThat was a huge surprise, Fuck how could this happen, I didn’t move a muscle, how did he know I was awake? Then I realized that my pussy’s all wet and maybe that’s what I wanted it too. Without a second thought, I nodded.He gently tried to push his cock inside my pussy, I haven’t been fucked a lot of times so.. my pussy’s tight. and his cock is extremely fat, wide and big.He tried and his cock was about halfway in and it got me into saying, “OH my gooodnesss, Slowly!!”.“Hehe So you are awake now, eh?”I didn’t know what to say, his fat cock was moving back and forth in my pussy, stretching my pussy walls… To be honest I’ve never been fucked by a cock more than 5.5’’, and Uncle Eddie’s cock is easily more than 8’’.His cock was still only halfway in, so, he adjusted himself and gave a strong thrust and his cock was like 80% inside me, I couldn’t breathe for a moment, then he grabbed my boob and pulled me close and kissed me gently, even when his tongue was exploring my mouth and his hands was caressing my boobs, he didn’t stop fucking me, he stopped fucking from my back. “Come one taste it!”, He saidAs ordered I started doing my duty, sucking on that big fat cock like a lollipop. His cock was so big that I couldn’t take it all the way in my mouth and he had this set of huge balls, that I fell in love with. After sucking his cock, he told me to ride his cock, although his cock stretch everything in my pussy maltepe escort bayan apart, I took it as a challenge and took it all the way in somehow, I finally got somewhat used to it and was riding it, and when he started thrusting, it was like the game has reached a completely new level. I’ve never been fucked this well before. Finally, he stood up and didn’t had much time left so, fucked or I should say, literally destroyed my tiny hole with his doggy style, and I received a nice load in my mouth.“Swallow it, like a real lady”, He saidAnd I swallowed it, after tasting his cum I think I am addicted to his cock now.We both smiled and we were both tired so we just slept.The next morning, I woke up and everything was getting back to me, what happened last night. I still want to feel that cock inside me. It was Sunday, so we had a lot of time. Finally, he woke up.“Good morning princess!! Did you see any ghost last night?”, He said“Nah, I think I’m just gonna have to sleep in your room from now on, your room is much more safe”, I saidThat made me realize that he’s still into it.In the afternoon I made the move, He was in the kitchen, and I just went and said pulling my pants down and bending over.” Uncle Eddie, I think there’s something in my pants, can you look over?”So, after he licked my pussy and fucked my hole again. This became a regular thing and we fucked every day when we get bored.Thanks to uncle Eddie my boring life have become much more interesting, and now I don’t have to find a boyfriend with a tiny, teenage cock for pleasure, we have sex whenever we want.Thanks for reading my story, please do give your feedback in the comments, and also what you would like to see in my upcoming story.Following are my pics with uncle Eddie:

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