Subject: Uncle Ian – Chapter 1 Uncle Ian Fiction by Greg Stevens This is a work of fiction. All names and places are fictitious. Uncle Ian — Chapter 1 It was after 11pm when I arrived at Uncle Jimmy’s place. The night was cold, and the mixture of snow and rain quickly saturated me as I walked up the steps to his house then prepared to knock. I had not told him I was coming, and I wasn’t even sure if he was home. As I stood ready to knock, I thought back on the shit I had put up with the last couple months at home. My mom’s new husband Andrew was a total dick. Any chance he got he talked down to me and treated me like dirt. I tried to tell Mom about it, but it was making it tough on her marriage, so I decided to just head out. After I graduated from high school, I tried to find myself and figure out what I wanted to do next; college, work, whatever. Andrew kept pressuring me to get a job and get out so once I turned 19 that’s exactly what I did. I packed up my car while Mom and Andrew were at work and started driving. I had no real plan but as I drove. The only person, I could think to go to was my Uncle Jimmy. I knew from an early age that Uncle Jimmy was gay. My dad and my mom never hid that from me. I think deep down at a young age I knew I was interested in men too and I think that is why I related so well to Uncle Jimmy. As the wet snow fell down on me soaking me, I finally knocked. Part of me was hoping no one would answer so that I could leave. Moment’s later the door flung open and there stood Uncle Jimmy, his face showing confusion as he looked at me. “Erik, what are you doing here?” he asked stepping out of the way to let me in. The warmth of the house immediately felt good as I stood in the entry way. Uncle Jimmy took my coat and grabbed a blanket then led me to the sofa. Tears started to run down my face as I quietly sat with him. I told Uncle Jimmy what had happened and what I was going through. He listened to me then wrapped his arm around me and gave me a hug. “Buddy you can stay here as long as you need to. Ian and I are happy to have you with us.” Uncle Jimmy’s words helped me to relax. “Let’s get you settled, and I am sure you could use a hot shower, kocaeli escort bayan some dry cloths and a good night sleep.” He said leading me to the spare bedroom. Uncle Jimmy handed me some clean towels and showed me where everything was located. “Hey, I need to get to bed kiddo, I have to travel tomorrow but don’t worry Uncle Ian will be here in the morning. I will call him and let him know you are staying with us” He said before giving me a hug and turning in. Ian was Uncle Jimmy’s husband. The first time I met him was when I was 17. Jimmy and Ian came for my graduation. I remember thinking this guy is huge when he shook my hand. Ian stood about 6’3 and had a big beefy build easily dwarfing my 5’9 stature. He had a full dark beard and green eyes that seemed to pop against his dark hair. Many times, over the past couple years I thought about Ian and what he might look like naked. How his big body would feel on mine. I had been with a few guys in high school but none of them ever seemed to excite me like Uncle Ian did. I showered and turned in and fell asleep almost immediately. When I woke light was streaming through the window as I forced my eyes open. I reached for my phone and saw that it was almost 9am. I wasn’t sure what time Uncle Jimmy needed to leave for the airport and I wanted to say goodbye and thank him for taking me in. As I entered the kitchen, I saw a note on the counter that read: “Erik, I had to leave for the airport super early. I wanted to let you rest. There is food in the fridge and cabinets, help yourself. I talked to Ian and let him know you would be staying with us. His shift should be over soon, and he will come right home. Please call your mom and let her know you are staying with me, so she doesn’t worry. I will see you in a week. Love Uncle Jimmy.” I put the note down and went to get some food. I found a box of cereal and got some milk and sat at the counter and started to eat. “Hey kid how’s it going?” I heard Ian say from behind me. I turned to greet him and there stood Ian in front of me in his full police uniform, black shoes, black form fitting uniform pants, grey shirt, black tie and his black leather jacket with the thick fur kocaeli sınırsız escort collar that fit his body like a glove. “Great to see you” Ian said pulling me into a great big bear hug forcing my face into his leather jacket. “Hey Ian, great to see you too” I said trying not to make eye contact. I could feel my dick start to harden down the leg of my sweatpants. I quickly sat back down to hide my growing bulge. Ian placed his jacket on the chair then grabbed a bowl of cereal and sat down next to me at the counter. I tried not to make eye contact while we sat and talked. “Well buddy I am going to hit the sack. It was a long night and I am beat” he said with a yawn stretching out his body then getting up and walking out of the kitchen. I couldn’t help watching his beefy ass in his tight pants as he walked away. When he left, I let out a deep breath I had been holding on to. There was something about Ian that was so fuckin hot. I had seen lots of guys in porn but all of them seemed to be the same types of guys. All with trim bodies, mostly hairless all very plastic. Ian was a real man. He was a mixture of sexy and scruffy, masculine and kind. I reached down and stroked my cock through my sweatpants as I thought about him. I was so horny that I could not focus on eating. My dick was rock hard, and I could feel the precum flowing into my shorts. I reached my hand into the band of my sweats and grasped my cock. My cold hand felt good on the shaft as I gave it a few squeezes. I started to get up and I saw Ian’s jacket sitting on the back the chair. It was still warm. I picked it up, the leather was thick but soft at the same time. I quickly slipped it on over my body so see how it felt. The jacket was at least 1 size too big on me, but it felt so warm and good on. The smell of the leather was incredible too. I sat down with the jacket on and started to stroke my dick. I closed my eyes as one hand ran up and down the shaft of my cock while the other caressed the leather. “Having fun” I heard Ian’s voice next to me. I jumped up so quickly that I bashed into the counter. Ian was standing there watching me. I froze not knowing what to izmit anal yapan escort do or to say. Then panic hit and I could feel tears running down my face. I just stood there in his jacket embarrassed with my hand still in my pants. I lowered my head so he would not see me crying. Ian came over to me and wrapped his arms around me. “It’s ok. This is our secret” he said. I thought he meant that he wouldn’t tell Uncle Jimmy, but Ian had other things in mind. Ian ran his hand down my body and then into the waistband of my sweatpants and grasped my hard cock. His rough fingers sent shivers through my body. “That’s a nice cock boy” he said softly as he slowly stroked me. “I bet it taste good too” he added. I did not know what was happening. I did not want it to stop but I felt so guilty. Ian then moved my pants down my legs freeing my cock. A trail of precum oozed over the head of my cock. Ian took a finger than ran it over the tip sliding the precum around, then he brought it to his tongue and licked it off. “I want more” he said then quickly easily lifted me up then sat me down on the table. Ian then bent down and swallowed my cock in one gulp. My eyes popped open as my dick slid into his wet, warm mouth. I buried my face into the fur collar of his leather jacket as he started to suck my dick. It did not take long before I could feel my dick starting to throb and my balls start to pull up. “I am close” I whined as he continued sucking. “I’m going to cum” I moaned trying to warn him. All the guys I had ever been with always stopped me before I shot in their mouth. “I’m cumming” I said trying to provide one last warning, then my cock started to unload. This did not phase Ian at all he continued sucking taking every drop of my seed. When my orgasm had passed, he held my dick in his mouth cleaning every drop of my cum. Then he stood up and came closer to me. “You have a hot cock and a great load buddy” and with that he bent down and pressed his lips to mine forcing his tongue into my mouth. To my dissatisfaction the kiss did not last long. Ian stepped back, and I could see the outline of his dick in his pants. “I am going back up to bed, now. You can come up and see me if you want” he said then just walked out of the room leaving me sitting on the table in his leather jacket. ————————————————————————— Please support Nifty Erotic Stories. Your donations provide great stories. You can donate at: fty/donate.html

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