Subject: Uncle Ian – Chapter 6 Uncle Ian Fiction by Greg Stevens This is a work of fiction. All names and places are fictitious. Uncle Ian — Chapter 6 I couldn’t stop thinking about the guy’s ass as I drove back to the house. He gave me his phone and he told me his name was Rob. My dick was hard thinking about how it felt shooting my cum deep inside him. Was that what Uncle Ian felt. I thought about Uncle Ian inside of me. I was trying to determine how I liked it better getting fucked or fucking. I had chatted with guys that claimed they were versatile, but I never really thought about liking both. I puttered around the house the next day, chatted with friends and basically just stayed in my room. I did not hear Ian come home in the morning and when I checked outside, I did not see his car. By about 3:30pm Ian finally came home. Ian was in his police uniform and that leather police jacket that he wore to work, and I could feel my chest constricting as I held my breath and my dick started to fill with blood. That fuckin leather jacket seemed to trigger some response in my every time, and it looked so incredible over his large, muscular body. As he approached, I could feel my ass start to twitch imagining his huge cock in my ass. “Hey buddy” Ian said a bit softer than normal. He looked exhausted. “Long shift?” I asked trying not to make too much eye contact. “Yeah I pulled an extra shift.” He said flopping down on the sofa. “Can you grab me a beer from the fridge, please?” He asked and I grabbed him his beer and brought it back to him. As I reached out to hand it to him, Ian pulled me onto his lap catching me off guard. “Did you have a good day?” he asked sounding complete casual as I sat on his lap like a little boy. “Um yeah pretty quiet” I replied not knowing what to say or do. Ian took a swig of his beer and gulped it down then leaned over and kissed my neck. His cold wet lips sent goosebumps over my skin. Ian took a second swig of beer and placed his lips on mine. As my lips parted, the beer slid from Ian’s mouth into mine. I was not expecting it and I coughed as it hit my throat. “It’s ok.” Ian said patting my back. Ian took another swig and again placed his lips on mine. This time I was prepared and accepted the beer into my mouth. Ian shared most of his beer with me before putting the bottle down on the table. Ian pulled me close to him so that my cheek was laying on the fur collar of his leather jacket and my face was nestled in the crook of his neck. Ian reached up and ran his hand over the bulge in my pants, gently rubbing my dick through the material. Neither of us said anything. I just breathed in Ian’s smell and the leather and kocaeli escort bayan allowed him to touch my bulge. “I gotta get some sleep” Ian said breaking the silence. I got up off his lap so he could go. “You come with me” He said taking me by the hand. Ian pulled me along with him up the stairs and to his room. Ian took of his leather jacket and placed it on his chair then removed his shirt, tie and holster. “Get undressed” he said before going into his bathroom. Nervously I did as he said. I walked over to the leather jacket and ran my hand over it, then I ran my hard dick over it. I loved the way the leather looked and smelled. It was incredible. Just as I was rubbing my dick on the fur collar Ian came out of the bathroom. I tried to walk away quickly but he had already seen me. Ian did say anything, he just continued to get undressed till he was completely naked. “Get into bed” he said, and I climbed in under the covers and moved over. Ian went to the chair and picked up the leather jacket then slowly put it on over his naked body as if he were putting on a show. Then got into bed next to me. “Rollover” Ian instructed, and I rolled away from him with my back to him. He came up behind me and wrapped a leather covered arm over my body. The leather felt cold against my naked skin. Ian brought his other arm under my head so that I was laying on it, then he bent down and started to kiss my cheek and my neck. Precum oozed from my dick. I could feel Ian’s cock growing hard against my ass as he continued kissing me. Ian ran his hand over my cock getting some of the precum then reaching behind and rubbing it on his dick. He did this several more times then he positioned the head at my hole and started to enter me. Pain hit my insides, but it wasn’t as bad as the first time. I started to learn how to breath and allow it to happen. Finally, Ian was deep inside me and he slowly began fucking me. It felt amazing being this close to Ian. This position seemed to be most comfortable so far and I loved being close to him in his leather jacket. While he fucked me, I reached down to stroke my cock which was rock hard. “No” Ian said sharply and held my hands so that I couldn’t play with myself. This was both exciting and frustrating. Ian began fucking me very slowly and deliberately. He would slowly slide in and out of me not in any hurry for it to end. Ian’s lips continued to kiss my cheek and neck, his scruffy beard brushing over my naked skin causing tingles fire through my body. “You have an amazing ass Erik” Ian moaned. “I could fuck it all day long” he added, and at the rate he was going he might just do that. All the sensations were driving kocaeli sınırsız escort me crazy; his lips on my neck, his dick in my ass and the smell of leather all drove my excitement. I wanted to touch my cock, but Ian would not allow me too. Ian began fucking a bit harder and a bit faster. The leather on my body was becoming a bit sweaty but I loved it anyway. The smell seemed to intensify as it got warmer. I needed to touch my dick so badly. I tried to pull my hands free, but Ian held tight. “You want my dick boy?” Ian asked as he began ramming my ass. “Yes, please give it to me” I wanted to feel his cum in me. “Beg me. Beg me to fill your ass with my seed” he said in a hot sadistic way. “Please give me your seed. Please shove that huge dick inside me” I begged. “What the fuck is going on?” I heard the voice. It took a moment to realize it wasn’t Ian’s voice. Then a cold chill ran down my body as realization hit. I pulled away from Ian so fast that he had to let go of me. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry” I began shouting as I tried to cover my hard dripping cock, my heart beating in my chest when I realized it was Uncle Jimmy. I stood on the opposite side of the bed. Ian did not move. Uncle Jimmy bent down and gave him a kiss. Now I was totally confused. “What the fuck are you doing starting without me” he said, then began stripping off his cloths while I watched. Ian rolled on his back and Jimmy bent down and took Ian’s dick in his mouth. “That tastes great” he said with a smile looking over at me. “You don’t have to stop” Jimmy said to me. I looked back and forth between Ian and Jimmy. My mind kept saying “what the fuck” Ian reached over and pulled me back into bed. I was in shock not knowing what was happening. Ian pulled me back into position on my side and returned his cock to my ass and began fucking me again. My mind was going crazy, but then Uncle Jimmy came around the bed and got down between my legs and began sucking my dick. It had gone a bit limp from the shock of Jimmy catching us. “Fuck this is a great ass Jimmy, you need to try it.” Ian said while driving his cock into me. “Let me check it out.” Jimmy said and removed his mouth from my cock. Ian and Jimmy helped position me on my other side so that I was facing Ian. Jimmy ran his hand down my body and between my ass cheeks, then he slid his body forward and his dick slowly made its way into my hole. It was interesting to see that Jimmy’s dick felt different then Ian’s. Jimmy’s dick had a big head. His dick shaft got bigger as it got down to the base. Ian’s dick was just one big, thick tube. With his dick in my ass, Jimmy began to slowly fuck izmit anal yapan escort me. Ian moved closer to me and I could feel the heat from his body and the leather jacket. He held my head and began to kiss me. His dick pressed hard against mine and each thrust that Uncle Jimmy gave me made our cocks grind together. “Fuck you are right his ass is hot.” Jimmy said as he pushed his dick into me. Ian did not respond his tongue was deep in my mouth and his hands ran over my body. All the sensations were intense, Jimmy in my ass, Ian holding me against his hairy body, the feeling of the leather jacket, the smell of the leather were all intense. “My turn, I want him back” Ian said, and Jimmy made a grunting noise and pushed his dick hard into me, before pulling out. Again, my Uncles turned me over like a toy, this time with my back to Ian. Jimmy placed his hand on my face and leaned in to kiss me. It was weird and hot at the same time. Never would I have imagined any of this would be happening. Jimmy leaned forward and softly kissed my lips, a smile forming on his face. “Enjoying yourself?” he asked. I did not answer, and he bent forward and kissed me again. This time his lips stayed on mine and his tongue entered my mouth. “You need to get fucked Babe” Ian said through a grunt while driving his cock into me. “Yeah I do” Jimmy said, and I waited for Ian to pull out of me again. Instead Jimmy turned his back to me and positioned himself near my cock. Then reaching back he took my cock and directed it at his ass. “Come on Erik, show Uncle Jimmy what you got” Ian said over us. Jimmy backed up onto my cock as it slowly entered him. “Your dick feels great inside me Erik” Uncle Jimmy moaned. I began to pull out then slide in. As I did Ian’s dick was pulling out of me and sliding back in at the same time. I began to adjust to being fucked by Ian while I began fucking Jimmy building up a rhythm. The harder I fucked Jimmy the harder Ian’s dick fucked me. The feelings were intense, and I knew I could not hold off too long. Ian leaned over me and began to kiss my neck, his scruffy beard and the leather jacket touched my skin and I let out a loud grunt as a tingle went through my body. Then I thrust deep inside Jimmy and my dick started to unload. It was too late for me to hold back or even pull out. The orgasm was that fast and intense. As my orgasm filled Jimmy’s ass, I could feel my ass clamping down hard on Ian’s cock. As I continued pumping cum into Jimmy’s ass I heard Ian; “Oh, fuck yeah” and he shoved his dick in me. Then I felt the warm cum inside me as his dick started to unload. When it was over, we all lay panting on the bed. Ian draped his leather clad arm over me and began to run his hand over Uncle Jimmy’s skin. I liked the feeling of the leather on my body. ————————————————————————— Please support Nifty Erotic Stories. Your donations provide great stories. You can donate at:

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