Subject: Uncle Jamie and The Cigar – Part 7 (Gay incest) It had been a couple of weeks since I had sex and cigars with uncle Jamie. We had been messaging each other on Facebook and sometimes we would get a bit flirty and we’d send each other selfies but nothing rude. But I can’t wait to see him again when he’s by himself so he can fuck me again with a big cigar in between his lips. He asked me if my dad had mentioned the cigars but he hadn’t until now! It was a Saturday evening and mom was on a hen weekend in Paris with some friends. My relationship with my dad has always been a funny one. He’s never really been chatty with me but we’ll occasionally talk about school, football or cars. He was quite handsome for a guy who was nearly 40 but I’d never been attracted to him before. He looks after himself and goes for a run whenever he comes back from work. He called me from downstairs and he was holding the cigars in his hands. “How do you feel about smoking one of these with me, son?” Well I didn’t have to think twice about it. “Umm, yeah I’d like to give it a go…” Little did he know that I’d already shared 3 big cigars with uncle Jamie and that we fucked pretty much all of the time I was with him a few weeks ago. “Shall we go in the conservatory? I don’t really want to stink the house out!” “Sure…” I couldn’t believe dad was going to do this! So dad sat on the chair and I sat by him on the sofa. “I’ve had to do a bit of research on this, you know? I’ve only ever smoked once before and that was when I married your mom and I was very drunk!” “No worries, dad. We can help each other out. Thanks for doing this for me.” “I’m intrigued to be honest…either we’ll both throw up or become cigar connoisseurs! I think we’ll light you up first…” Dad handed me the cigar…I rolled it in my fingers and gave it a sniff…”smells good…” Dad gave me the cigar cutter that uncle Jamie gave him and he told me to cut the end off. He then struck a match and handed it to me. He told me to toast the end of the cigar evenly. I rolled the end of the cigar around the match. He told me to blow the end of the cigar and blow out the match. Dad then lit another match and told me to put the cigar in between my lips. God it tasted good again…I was already super horny. Dad looked at me with such concentration and put the match towards the end of the cigar. He told me to take little puffs. He looked at me to make sure I was okay. Of course I was…this was fucking amazing. Smoke was starting to come out of my mouth. Dad told me to take a bigger puff…finally I was all lit, ready to go and I was as hard as a rock. I took another drag on the cigar. Dad looked pleased with me, “You’re all set, son. You’re a proper man now! Right my turn now…” I took another drag and moved the cigar away to blow out the escort izmit smoke. “Impressive, son. You’re a pro already! My turn I guess. Do you like it?” “Yeah…it’s nice, dad.” Dad looked down at the cigar and looked at me. I could tell he was nervous and a bit reluctant. “It’s okay, dad. I think you’ll like it…” Dad cut the end of the cigar, struck a match and toasted the end. He put the cigar in his mouth. It really did make him look handsome. “I’ll light it for you, dad” I put my cigar back in my mouth and lit a match for dad. He pulled in close so I could light it. We both looked at each other when lighting it. Soon, little puffs of smoke started to appear and then came the big drag and he blew the smoke out. He looked so good. “Well neither of us coughed so I think we’re alright. Well done, son!” “Thanks dad, well done too!” We both started to laugh. I took another drag of the cigar. God it felt good to taste that smoke again. Dad took another drag. “I could get used to this. A nice bit of father and son bonding as well! Not the best habit to take up though is it…maybe a monthly thing.” “Yeah, maybe get uncle to join us too…” “I was talking about me, not you…you’re still a bit young!” “Oh…” I think he could tell I was disappointed. “Nah…if it stops you from getting into drugs and alcohol then I’m all for it. It’s pretty relaxing and it makes me feel like a rich man on a yacht!” He chuckled. So we sat there for a couple of minutes enjoying our cigars. Dad asked me about girlfriends. I blushed… “There’s something I need to tell you, dad. I hope you won’t get mad,” I took a double drag of my cigar, “I think I like men…” “What? I mean it’s okay but I’m shocked. I never had you down as being gay. You’re so athletic and you’re smoking a cigar. Are you sure?” I nodded and looked down at my cigar. “Hey, it’s alright. Come and sit next to me.” I got up and sat next to him. He grabbed me by the shoulders and said, “I’m here for you, no matter what, son.” I moved closer and he hugged. “I’m proud of you son.” And then he kissed my hair. “So, have you got a boyfriend? Have you been with another boy…” “No dad.” I wasn’t lying…uncle Jamie was a man! “Have you been with a girl?” I shook my head. “So how do you know?” “I just know…I know what I’m attracted to.” “Alright, son. I won’t ask any more questions. You’re still my boy…man!” We smoked a little bit more. I think dad was enjoying it. I certainly was…I was getting horny again and brave!” I had a plan… “Umm, there’s someone I like but I’m worried about kissing. I don’t know what to do…” “Umm when I was your age. I used to practise kissing my hand!” He chuckled again. “Dad, can you show me how to kiss. Please!” “Umm don’t think that’s a good idea, son.” “But I don’t izmit escort bayan want to mess it up first time, please dad.” We both took drags of our cigars. “Right, come here then…” He twisted my shoulders towards him and moved in towards me. I moved towards him too. He gave me a sweet soft kiss on the lips. “There, that’s how you do it. That’s a kiss and you kiss fine. Nothing to worry about, son.” “I mean a proper kiss, dad…” He looked at me, I turned him towards me and moved towards his lips. He didn’t move in this time. I kissed his lips softly, once, twice. He kissed me back. He opened his mouth and I slipped my tongue in. His tongue touched mine. We kissed deeply and then he pulled away. “There…happy now?” “Yeah, sorry dad. That was nice. How was it for you?” “Don’t worry, you’ll be a good kisser for someone.” He took a big drag of his cigar and blew the smoke out. He had a seductive look on his face. I moved in close, took a drag of my cigar and started to gently stroke his arm. He looked at me with his cigar in his mouth. He looked hot…I’d never really thought about it before but he was sexy. I put my hand behind his head and pulled him towards me. We kissed again. We kissed deeply. He didn’t pull away. I climbed on top on his lap. He was hard. I could feel his hard dick against my ass. We kept kissing. “Son, stop…this isn’t right!” “Dad, I want it. I want you to be my first…” “I can’t son…” he took a big drag of his cigar, “It’s so wrong…” I kissed his neck and then whispered in his ear, “tell me you don’t want me tonight. I want it…I want you to be my first. I want you to fuck me hard, daddy.” “Fuck son, there are plenty of guys your age…” I grinder him and took a deep drag before giving him a smoky kiss… “Fuck, fuck son. whatever happens tonight is between you and me, alright? This can’t go any further. It could ruin our family.” He started moaning, “Please fuck me, daddy…” I took a deep drag of my cigar and blew the smoke towards his face. “Fuck son…” He started grinding me back. “I’ve wanted this for so long…I want your dick so badly!” He took a deep drag of his cigar, grabbed the back of my neck and we shared a really deep smoky kiss. “If you want this, we’re going to do it properly, we’ll need some lube otherwise I’ll hurt you.” Dad pushed me to the side, put his cigar on the side of the table and went upstairs. I wasn’t sure if he would come back down so I went up after a few minutes. He was sitting on the side of the bed with his head in his hands. “Dad, please…it’s what I want.” I lifted his chin up and kissed him softly. “Please…” He reached for some lube out of a drawer. “C’mon back downstairs, we don’t want our cigars to burn out.” He took my hand and led me back down kocaeli anal yapan escort to the conservatory. We were standing up, we both got our cigars and took some deep drags. He came close towards me and kissed me hard. I could feel his erection poking me…I reached down and gave it a rub. I undid the button and zip on his jeans and pulled them down. Fuck, I saw the outline of his dick through his boxers. It was big, bigger than uncle Jamie’s. I took a deep pull on my cigar and knelt down, pulled down his boxers and blew the smoke towards his big dick. He was so fucking hard. I licked the tip…dad moaned. He took a deep drag of his cigar and blew the smoke at me. I slowly started to suck his dick. “Fuck baby, you’re so good at this. It’s been a while. Fuck…” He pulled me up and told me to lie on the sofa, I pulled my jogging bottoms down and lay on my back. He lifted my legs up and climbed in between. He started dry humping me. The cigar was clenched between his teeth. Fuck…my dad was going to fuck me. He pulled my boxers down. “Nice dick, son” He leant in for another kiss. He was such a good kisser, maybe slightly better than uncle Jamie. I liked the feeling of his stubble against my face, just like uncle Jamie. Dad reached for the lube. He rubbed some over his dick and rubbed some around my ass. “If I hurt you, you must tell me…” He put the cigar back in his mouth. I also took a deep drag. He pushed the head of his dick in my ass. He asked if it was alright. I nodded. He started pushing in a bit further. Fuck it felt so good to have a dick in my ass again. I reciprocated by pushing and pulling. “Fuck, son…your ass is so tight. He pushed deeper. It hurt a little but I was soon over it and it felt amazing. Soon, he was all the way in thrusting his dick inside. Fuck. I puffed hard on the cigar and started jerking myself off. Dad was panting…the cigar still clenched between his teeth. We’d smoked just over half way by now. He was moaning, I was moaning. All of a sudden, dad thrusted hard and shouted, “Fuck…fuck…that’s it son…I’m cumming. I jerked harder and felt my body tense up. Dad thrusted real hard and moaned. My cum shot all up my neck and on my cheek. Dad collapsed on me, looked at me and told me how hot that was. He pulled out and I pulled him up for a deep smoky kiss. “Dad, that was perfect. It was so hot. You’re the best. I love you so much…” We kissed some more. “We better get you cleaned up.” He came back with a towel. He lay next to me on the sofa and we kissed some more and finished our cigars. “I hope you’re happy now my beautiful boy.” “More than happy, that was amazing. Thank you…are we going to smoke cigars again, like you said earlier?” “Not if it leads to this again, son!” “I’ll try my best to keep my hands off you, you handsome hunk of a dad!” We both laughed and leant in and kissed. It was getting quite late and dad said that we should head for bed. I was ready to go into my room when dad said, “You can sleep in my bed tonight, if you want.” Hell yeah! To be continued…

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