Subject: Uncle Will’s Houseguest 60 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I hope you are enjoying this story. Please send any comments ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill UNCLE WILL’S HOUSEGUEST Chapter 60 It was their last night in Paris. As they walked back to the hotel after another lovely meal, Andy declared, “We must celebrate this trip by doing something special.” “In what way? Champagne for a nightcap perhaps,” said Will. “No. With some hot sex,” responded Andy. “I want you both to fuck me.” Simon looked shocked. He had seen Andy suck his uncle’s cock a few times but he was unaware that Will had been fucking Andy for almost nine months. “I don’t think…” Will began. “Why not?” Andy asked. He wasn’t going to reveal the secret so he just added, “We’ve done almost everything else in previous threesomes.” “But…but…” Will looked at Simon. Simon smiled. “He has a point. He has taken part in threesomes with us and you have sucked each other’s cocks.” Andy nodded at Simon, pleased but not surprised at having his support. He knew that Simon was adventurous when it came to sex. “Exactly. You fucking me is the next logical step.” Will looked at Simon. “You would be okay with that?” “As long as you don’t dump me for him, of course I am okay with that,” replied Simon. “I’m never going to dump you, Simon,” Will said as he put an arm around the young Frenchman. “Especially not for my nephew.” “And I don’t want a serious relationship with anyone, especially not my uncle,” said Andy. “I just want some sexy fun.” “Okay, let’s do it,” smiled Simon. Back in the hotel, Andy showered in his room before going to join Will and Simon next door wearing only a bathrobe. Will had already showered and he wore a towel around his waist. “Simon is in the bathroom but he won’t be long,” he told Andy. He lowered his voice when he went on. “We are lucky that Simon is so broad-minded. I thought he’d be upset at the thought of me fucking you.” “I knew he’d be fine with the idea,” said Andy. “He liked seeing me suck your cock, didn’t he?” “I suppose… Anyway try to pretend this is the first time,” Will said. “Do you want a drink? I’m going to get something from the mini-bar.” “No thanks. I’m fine,” replied Andy. He turned when he heard Simon coming out of the bathroom and whistled when he saw that he was naked. “What a sexy man!” Simon grinned. “It’s not often that I am naked before you, Andy.” Andy quickly took off his bathrobe. “Now you are over-dressed, Uncle Will.” Will smiled and unfastened his towel. “Group hug!” Andy shouted and the three came together to hug and kiss each other. Naturally Andy was already stiff. When they moved apart, Andy took hold of both men’s cocks. “Two big ones – I’m a lucky boy!” “Are you taking charge?” Will asked. “Yes. I’m the boss tonight,” Andy replied. He dropped to his knees and kissed each cock. “I will deep-throat the first one to become fully erect.” He wanked both cocks to encourage them while Will and Simon smiled and kissed each other. “I think it was a draw,” Andy replied when Simon asked about the winner because he wanted to swallow both men’s cocks. He worked on Simon’s first because it was the smaller of the two. He licked and sucked, gradually taking the cock deeper and deeper. “I’m always amazed to see him doing that,” Will told Simon. “Me too. I wish I could take all of yours in my mouth,” responded Simon. “I love what you do,” Will said before kissing Simon again. Simon groaned because Andy’s lips were now touching his balls. Andy hummed around Simon’s cock and then eased off. “Now yours, Uncle Will. That’s more of a challenge.” He didn’t want Simon to know that he’d had lots of practice sucking his uncle’s cock. The two men watched as Andy kissed, licked and sucked the end of the huge cock before slowly opening his throat and taking it all inside. “I wouldn’t have believed that was possible if I hadn’t seen it,” said Simon. “It’s amazing, isn’t it?” Will said. “I don’t know if he was born without a gag reflex or if he learned to control it very quickly.” Andy eased off the cock and wiped the saliva before his chin before smiling at the two men as he got to his feet. “I can’t remember but I started practicing with bananas a long time ago, as soon I learned about cocksucking. I wanted to be able to take the whole of a man’s cock into my mouth.” “Have you always fantasised about men rather than boys?” Simon asked. “Yes.” Andy smiled at Simon and then winked at his uncle. He had previously told Will that he was one of his earliest fantasy figures. “Men with big cocks. I only thought about sucking cocks when I was young, not about being fucked. Now I know that cumming while being fucked is the best thing in the world.” He grabbed hold of the two stiff cocks in front of him and added, “And now I want you both to fuck me. One of you can fuck my mouth while the other fucks my pussy, and then you can switch over. I want both of you to spunk off in my pussy.” “Do we give him what he wants?” Simon asked Will. “If he’s the istanbul travesti boss tonight, we can’t really refuse,” smiled Will. “You’d better fuck his arse first.” Simon was happy to go first because that meant he would be able to spend some time rimming Andy’s smooth arsecrack. He always enjoyed that. Andy climbed onto the bed and rested on his hands and knees. Simon climbed on behind, spread Andy’s arsecheeks and began to lick the pink puckered hole. Will watched for a few minutes and then fed Andy his cock. Andy sucked, licked and teased Will’s cockhead but occasionally paused to moan when Simon’s tongue actions became too much. He was aroused by the thought of serving two men at the same time and leaked a lot of pre-cum. When Simon raised his head, Will tossed him the KY jelly without having to be asked. Simon was soon finger-fucking Andy with one and then two lubed fingers. Andy moaned around the cock in his mouth and pushed back against Simon’s fingers when he added a third. “I think he’s ready,” Simon said. He greased up his own leaking cock and prepared to penetrate Andy. With the foreplay and Andy being ultra-horny, it slid in quite easily. “Yes, fuck him. Fuck my sexy nephew,” Will told Simon. Simon smiled. “You think that your nephew is sexy? You’re a pervert, Will.” “I guess I am,” grinned Will. “You’re no angel though since you’re taking part in a threesome with a fifteen year old boy and his uncle.” Simon laughed and began moving in and out of Andy’s tight hole. Will was turned on seeing this and began to take a more active role. Instead of simply allowing Andy to suck his cock, he was now fucking the teenager’s mouth and going deeper than before. That in turn made Simon hornier and he fucked Andy harder and faster. Andy occasionally whimpered and made other noises as he surrendered to the two men. His cock bounced up and down and leaked more pre-cum as Simon pounded his arse. Then he groaned around the cock in his mouth and began spunking off. The two men couldn’t see it but both were aware of what was happening. “I’m going to cum soon as well,” said Simon. Moments later, he cried, “Here it comes! Aaaagh!” He sent blast after blast of cum deep into Andy’s hot tunnel. “That looked like a good one.” Will smiled at Simon when he had finished and then leaned forward to kiss him. “I’m pretty close too so we’d better swap over.” He had previously pulled back so that only his cockhead was in Andy’s mouth. Now he pulled his rock-hard cock out and moved to the other end of the bed. Andy rested his head on the bed until Simon appeared in front of him. Then he raised his head and smiled at the sight of the still hard cock which was wet with a mixture of lube and cum. He kissed the cockhead and then took it into his mouth. Will meantime had applied a generous amount of KY jelly to his cock. He now rubbed some more over the entrance to Andy’s hole and said, “I think you will manage this fine. Simon has opened you up well.” Andy didn’t respond but when Will started pressing for entry he gave an exaggerated moan and then gasped when the thicker cock burst through his sphincter. “Are you okay?” Simon asked, holding his cock in front of Andy’s face. “Yes. It was sore at first but it’s okay now,” replied Andy. “Go on, Uncle Will. Give me all of your lovely big cock.” Simon watched as Will pushed the rest of his cock into Andy’s hole. He then looked at Andy and saw him smiling. “He likes it. He can take your cock just as easily as I can.” “Yes, and I want you to fuck me hard just like Simon did,” said Andy. Will went slowly at first but then moved faster. Simon saw that Andy was coping well and fed him his cock. Andy sucked and licked the end of Simon’s cock but Simon was more interested in watching Will’s cock thrusting in and out of Andy’s hole. Will slid a hand under Andy and grabbed the stiff boy-cock. “He’s still rock-hard,” he told Simon. “Wank him. Make him cum again,” said Simon. Will was close but he managed to hold back for several minutes. “I don’t think I can hold back any longer. I’m going to cum,” he said. Will continued to wank Andy as he pounded into him. “I’m cumming!” he cried. As he released his load, he could feel Andy spunking off. “He’s cumming again!” Simon was so turned on by what was happening that he took hold of Andy’s head and began face-fucking him. Moments later he gasped and came for the second time too. Will realised that Simon had just cum again and reached out to pull him closer. They kissed while feeding Andy cum at both ends. Finally they pulled apart and looked down at Andy. “Are you okay?” they asked at the same time. Andy had to wait until Simon pulled his cock from his mouth but then he grinned. “I’m feeling great! I loved that. We must do it again.” Will laughed. “I’m not sure that’s a good idea but we definitely can’t do it again tonight.” Andy smiled and rolled onto his back. “Ooh,” he said when he felt that his was lying in a pool of cool boy-cum. “I’m afraid I’ve made a mess of your bed.” “The room stinks of sex too but I think we will manage to sleep,” responded Will. He bent down and kissed Andy. “You need another shower.” Andy sat up. “I’ll kadıköy travesti shower back in own room. Thank you both for giving me this treat.” “We enjoyed it too,” said Simon. He kissed Andy and then gave him his bathrobe. “We’ll meet for breakfast at eight. I want to be at the Gare de Lyon by nine-thirty,” said Will. He gave his nephew a final kiss and sent him on his way. Will and Simon looked at each other and smiled. “Okay. We are two perverts and a perfect match for each other,” Will said before taking Simon in his arms. *** The train journey back to Antibes seemed to pass quickly even though it took over 8 hours. They had bought stuff for a picnic lunch. That included wine so it helped them remain in a holiday mood. Simon was pleased to find that Michel had sent his car to collect him from the station. “I will just be a few minutes,” he told the chauffeur after putting his luggage in the boot. He walked back over to Will and Andy. “Thank you both for a wonderful holiday. I really enjoyed my time in Paris.” “We enjoyed your company too,” Will said as he hugged Simon. He wanted to kiss him but felt unable to do that in public. “I hope to see you again soon.” Andy kissed Simon on the cheek. “I loved having you around. Tell Michel I will visit you both soon.” After waving Simon off, Will and Andy walked to their apartment. It was quite close and they felt a taxi was unnecessary. “I loved Paris but it’s nice to be home,” Andy said as they stepped into the apartment. “Home! Funny to think I will be moving back to Glasgow in a few months. I’m going to miss this place…and you, of course.” “I’m going to miss you.” Will grabbed Andy and hugged him. “But, thanks to you, I now have Simon.” “I’m happy for you both,” said Andy. “Now what are we going to do about dinner? I’m starving!” Will laughed. “That’s all you think about. Food and sex, and not necessarily in that order.” Andy shrugged. “I’m a teenage boy. What do you expect?” “You are going to miss sleeping beside Simon every night, aren’t you?” Andy said as he climbed into bed beside his uncle later that night. “I am but it can’t happen regularly while he has his present job,” Will replied. Andy cuddled closer. “Have you always been a pure top?” “No. Why do you ask?” “Well, Simon likes to top sometimes,” said Andy. “At present, he can top me but what happens when I go home? Maybe you should consider allowing him to top you occasionally.” Will thought for a moment. “Actually I might enjoy that. I’ll have a talk with him.” “Good!” Andy yawned. “It might make you both happier.” *** “What are your plans for today?” Will asked Andy during breakfast the next morning. “I’m going to meet up with Felix this morning,” replied Andy. “Oh, and I will probably visit Jean later. His friend Mico from Toulouse is here and I like him.” “Maybe we can take Jean and Mico out for dinner one evening. Suggest it to them,” said Will. Andy nodded. “I will. What are you going to do today?” “I’m going to meet up with Louis for lunch. He wants to drive up to Biot. I have nothing else planned,” replied Will. “Okay. I will be back in time to help you cook dinner,” said Andy. Andy walked to Felix’s house as they had decided it was time to meet his parents. “Only Mum is at home at present. Come in and say hello,” Felix told Andy after they had exchanged the customary kisses on the cheeks. “Maman, c’est mon ami Andy de l’école.” (Mum, this is my friend Andy from school.) Andy smiled and held out his hand. “Bonjour Madame Lefebvre. Je suis heureux de vous rencontrer.” (Hello Mrs Lefebvre. I’m happy to meet you.) The woman smiled and shook Andy’s hand. “Enchantée.” (Nice to meet you.) Felix patted Andy’s shoulder and said, “Andy vient d’Écosse. Son oncle est mon professor d’anglais.” (Andy comes from Scotland. His uncle is my English teacher.) “Très bien…sorry, I should speak English,” said Felix’s mother. “Good practice for me.” “Or I should practice French,” smiled Andy. “I really like living in France and I shall be sorry to leave.” “Andy will be returning home in July,” explained Felix. “He is living with his uncle while his parents are working overseas.” “I shall return to Antibes to visit my friends and maybe some – such as Felix – will visit me in Scotland,” said Andy. “That would be a good opportunity for you, Felix,” said Mrs Lefebvre. “Oui, Maman,” agreed Felix. “Now Andy and I are going for a walk. I need some fresh air.” Andy and Felix said their goodbyes and set off. “I haven’t told my parents that you are gay yet,” Felix told Andy. “I want them to know you and like you before I spring that on them. You made a good first impression though.” Andy smiled. “I think your mum was more impressed by the fact that my uncle is a teacher than by me.” Felix laughed. “Maybe but she will no doubt comment on your good manners. Now where shall we go?” “Down to Port Vauban and then into the Old Town?” Andy suggested. He told Felix some of the things he did while in Paris. Felix sighed. “I miss Paris. It has been quite boring here during the Easter break. I bumped into two boys from school one day and hung out with them for a while but mostly I’ve just bakırköy travesti been with the family. “You will need to find yourself a boyfriend,” said Andy. They were strolling along Avenue de Verdun admiring the large yachts when Andy spotted his friend Thierry. “I know that man over there. We must say hello,” Andy said before hurrying towards the 55 year old. Felix followed a short distance behind and watched Andy and the man exchange kisses. “Felix, this is my friend, Thierry. Thierry, please meet my friend, Felix.” The pair shook hands and said hello to each other. “Thierry owns a yacht,” said Andy. Felix’s eyes opened wide. “One of these here?” he asked. Thierry laughed. “No, one very much smaller.” “But still a very nice one,” said Andy. “He took Patrick and I sailing along the coast last summer.” “Perhaps you will join Andy for a sailing trip with me next time,” suggested Thierry. “Thank you for the kind invitation. Perhaps,” said Felix. “I’d love to go sailing with you again,” Andy told Thierry. He turned to Felix and said, “I swam in the sea and sunbathed naked last time.” “Did Patrick get naked too?” Felix could easily believe that Andy would get naked but not Patrick. “He did,” grinned Andy. “Don’t worry. It’s not compulsory,” smiled Thierry. “Now I must go. I am meeting old friends for lunch. Give me a call when you’re free to meet up, Andy.” Felix watched Thierry walk in the direction of Boulevard d’Aguillon and turned to Andy. “I can’t believe that you and Patrick got naked in front of that old man.” “He’s a very nice man and he’s not old,” said Andy. “Patrick liked him and Thierry left us alone most of the time we were naked. He didn’t join in the sex fun.” “You had sex with Patrick on his yacht!” Felix stared in disbelief. Andy smiled. “Only blowjobs. I have had sex with Thierry though and it was great.” “Wow! I know you said you liked older men but I didn’t know you meant that old,” said Felix. Andy laughed. “Sex with mature men can be really hot. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.” They carried on walking until they reached the Plage de la Gravette. “It’s busier than I expected. Perhaps we should have come organised for a swim,” said Andy. “I think the sea will be too cold for me,” responded Felix. “Do you see any hot guys?” Andy smiled. “We have already established that my definition of hot guys differs from yours.” Felix laughed. “True!” They looked around for a little while and then headed towards the Old Town. “Shall we find somewhere to eat?” Andy asked. “Good idea! I’m hungry,” replied Felix. They found a restaurant with some outside tables where they could enjoy the spring sunshine. Food was ordered and they chatted about returning to school in only a few days. They were almost finished eating when Andy leaned towards Felix and whispered, “Don’t look now but there is a guy two tables away to your right who can’t keep his eyes off you. Do you know him?” Felix immediately turned and looked, causing Andy to groan. “I said not to look.” Felix turned back to Andy. “Sorry. I don’t see anyone I know. Which guy do you mean?” “The blond guy, aged about twenty wearing a black hoodie,” replied Andy. “Try to be more discreet this time.” Felix took his phone from his pocket and pretended to be reading a message while he sneaked a look at the guy Andy described. He turned back to Andy and said, “I don’t know him but I think he’s cute.” “You should go and say hello,” smiled Andy. “Think of some excuse.” “I couldn’t do that,” said Felix. “It’s impossible.” Andy took his final bite, drunk some of his orange juice and then went over to the other guy’s table. “Excusez moi, monsieur.” Andy went on to say, “Are you visiting Antibes? My friend thinks he recognises you from when he lived in Paris.” The man smiled and said, “No, I’m not a visitor. I live here in Antibes.” He looked back at Felix and said, “I think I would remember your friend if I had seen him before. He’s a very handsome young man.” Andy smiled. “He thinks you’re cute. Would you like me to introduce you to him?” “I would,” replied the man. “My name is Gaston.” Andy led Gaston over to the table where Felix was sitting watching. “Hey Felix. This is Gaston. He just told me he thinks you’re very handsome.” Felix stood up, blushing slightly. “Gaston, meet my friend, Felix.” The pair shook hands and Gaston said, “I’m very pleased to meet you, Felix.” “Nice to meet you, Gaston. Please sit down,” responded Felix. Gaston sat down and said, “Your friend told me that I remind you of someone in Paris.’ “Eh?” Felix was puzzled but quickly recovered. “Yes, but not so much now that I can see you better. I’m sorry for disturbing you.” “I’m not sorry,” smiled Gaston. “I think I’d like to be your friend.” “Felix needs more friends. He hasn’t lived in Antibes for long,” said Andy. “Is that so? I’d like to know more about you,” Gaston said to Felix. Andy slid a twenty Euro note to Felix. “This is to pay for the drinks. I will leave you two to chat. I must get home now.” Felix looked a bit worried but Gaston smiled. “Will you have a coffee with me, Felix?” Felix looked at Andy who nodded and then he smiled at Gaston and said, “Yes, I’d like that.” “I will see you at school,” Andy said to Felix. He waved at the pair and set off home with a smile on his face. “Cupid works his magic again,” he said to himself. Then his cock stiffened as he thought about visiting Jean and Mico. To be continued

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