Subject: Uncle Will’s Houseguest 68 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I hope you are enjoying this story. Please send any comments ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill UNCLE WILL’S HOUSEGUEST Chapter 68 When Andy got home from school on Wednesday, he stripped to his briefs before deciding he might go for a swim in the pool downstairs. He went onto the balcony to see if anyone else was in the pool and smiled when he saw Remy, his neighbour. He changed into his skimpiest swimsuit and then set off for the swimming pool. “Hello Remy. It’s a nice surprise to see you here,” Andy said as he dropped his shorts near the pool. His stiff cock was straining his swimsuit and he made no effort to hide it. “Hello Andy. Always nice to see you,” smiled Remy. “Well, take a good look.” Andy smiled and then eased himself into the water. “I always like sharing a bed – I mean the pool – with a hot man. You’re pretty hot.” Remy laughed. “And you’re pretty.” “And you make me hot,” Andy responded. He floated on his back in front of Remy, making sure that the outline of his stiff cock was visible to him. “You said before that I was too young for you. Is that still the case? You’re definitely not too old for me and I love your hairy body.” Remy smiled and shook his head. “You are a tease, Andy Taylor.” “Maybe but I’ve been told that I’m a good fuck too,” Andy responded. “My uncle won’t be home for some time yet. This could be the perfect time to invite me to see your�apartment.” Andy winked and smiled at the man. Remy licked his lips and looked again at the bulge in Andy’s skimpy swimsuit. “He’s hooked,” Andy said to himself. He stopped floating and moved closer to Remy. “Feel my firm butt and think about how good it would be to fuck it,” he said in little more than a whisper. Remy put his hands into the water and then gripped the teenager’s buttocks. “You have a great ass but I’m not sure that you can take a man-size cock.” Andy smiled. “It’s obvious that you’re well-endowed and I’d love the opportunity to try taking it.” He rubbed his erection again Remy. Remy took a deep breath. “Okay.” “Great!” Andy grinned. “Let’s go.” Minutes later they were in Remy’s apartment. Remy had taken off his bathrobe and Andy had dropped his shorts so they were both wearing only speedo-type swimwear. Andy rubbed his erection again Remy’s bulge and asked, “Do you want to remove my swimsuit for me?” “No. You take it off,” replied Remy. Andy smiled. He just wanted to get naked. He slipped his thumbs into the top of his swimsuit and eased it over his rock-hard cock and down his smooth legs. He then stepped out of it and kicked it aside. “I’m naked and waiting for your orders, Remy.” Remy slowly walked around the teen, admiring the sexy body. He stopped in front of Andy. “Kneel in front of me, take my speedos off and then take my cock into your pretty mouth.” “Yes, sir,” said Andy. He smiled as he dropped to his knees and then ran his hands up the outsides of Remy’s thighs. He nuzzled the growing bulge with his nose, kissed it and then took hold of the swimsuit’s waistband. He smiled up at Remy and then began to ease it slowly, very slowly, down. A bush of curly black pubic hair was revealed. Then the base of a thick cock. Andy moved closer as his hands pulled the damp swimsuit over the large, well-rounded arse. His hands moved back to the front of the swimsuit and more of the cockshaft was revealed. Finally the cock was uncovered and it bounced istanbul travesti up to rest at a steep angle. “Wow!” Andy smiled as he saw the cock properly for the first time. It was thick, uncut and just over 20 cm (8 inches) in length. It rested above a pair of large, hairy balls. “Not as big as Uncle Will’s cock but still a nice size,” Andy said to himself. “Too big for you?” Remy asked. “No, it’s perfect,” Andy replied as he helped Remy to step out of the swimsuit. He kissed the cockhead and then looked up into Remy’s eyes as he licked it. He then opened his mouth and took the cockhead between his lips. Remy moaned softly as Andy worked on the cockhead, sucking it and then using his tongue to tease the glans and the piss-slit. Andy swallowed the pre-cum which leaked from the cock and then started to take more of the cock into his mouth. Remy groaned when Andy had taken more than half of his cock and then watched in disbelief as the teenager swallowed more. “How did you manage that?” he asked when Andy’s lips were wrapped around the base of his cock. Andy looked up into Remy’s eyes and then gradually eased off the cock. “I’m a sex expert,” he told the man. “You might be three times my age but I know how to turn men on.” “You certainly turn me on,” said Remy. He pulled Andy to his feet and roughly kissed him. “Are you also an expert when it comes to anal sex?” “Try me,” smiled Andy. “I love being fucked.” Remy took hold of Andy’s hand and led him to the bedroom. Andy giggled when the man lifted him and tossed him onto the bed. Remy crawled on top of Andy and kissed him again. He then kissed his way down the teenager’s body, pausing to suck each nipple before taking the very stiff cock into his mouth. He sucked the cock for a few minutes and then flipped Andy over. He caressed the smooth, well-rounded globes and then moved closer to them. He kissed each buttock and then spread them apart to gaze at the hairless crack and the small pink opening. Andy moaned softly when he felt Remy’s tongue licking his arsehole. “You like that?” Remy asked. “I love it,” replied Andy. “But I love having a big cock inside me even more.” Remy smiled and returned to licking and then probing Andy’s hole with his tongue. Soon a wet finger replaced the tongue. “That feels good,” said Andy. Remy removed his finger, gave Andy’s bum a light spank and reached for the lube. Having applied some lube to Andy, Remy proceeded to finger-fuck him using two fingers. Andy gritted his teeth and groaned when the two fingers entered him but he soon relaxed and enjoyed it. “Up on your hands and knees,” Remy said after some minutes. He then finger-fucked Andy with three fingers before greasing up his own cock. With one hand on Andy’s left hip and the other hand guiding his cock, Remy sought entry. Andy pushed back when he felt the pressure but let out a loud gasp when the thick cock penetrated him. Remy wasted no time in pushing deeper and sighed when the whole of his cock was inside the hot, tight tunnel. Then, with both hands now on Andy’s hips, he began to fuck with slow, steady strokes. “Oh, yeah. I’m loving this,” said Andy. Remy reached under Andy to give his cock a few wanks and then he began to fuck harder and faster. Soon he was really pounding into Andy, who now had his eyes closed and was moaning softly. Remy was the first one to reach an orgasm. He groaned loudly as he spunked off, sending blast after blast of man-cum into Andy’s bowels. He then abruptly pulled out, flipped Andy over and took the throbbing teen-cock into his mouth. With a finger once again moving in and kadıköy travesti out of Andy’s hole, Remy sucked Andy off and swallowed his teenage cream. “You’re a good fuck,” Remy said when he lay beside Andy moments later. As far as Andy was concerned, it was far from the best sex he had ever experienced but he was happy to have sampled Remy. “Thanks. I’d better go now before my uncle gets home.” He found his swim-suit and shorts and put them on. “Thanks again. I’ll see you around,” he said and then returned to the apartment to shower and change. He emerged from the bathroom with a towel around his waist just as Will arrived. “Hi Uncle Will. Did you have a good day?” “Not too bad. You?” “Okay. I’ve just been downstairs for a swim,” replied Andy. “I’ll help you cook dinner as soon as I’m dressed.” “No need to get dressed just for me,” smiled Will. “I like seeing you naked.” Andy whipped off the towel and smiled. “Like this?” “Yes. That’s a nice sight at the end of a long school day,” replied Will. “Sounds like you need a drink,” responded Andy. “Take a seat and I’ll pour you a glass of wine.” “You’re a good boy. I’m going to miss you when you return home,” said Will. *** Andy was in the supermarket on Friday afternoon when he bumped into Pete, his American friend. “Hey Andy! We must stop meeting here,” said Pete. Andy smiled. “We do seem to make a habit of it. How was your trip to Italy?” “Awesome! The Italian lakes are so beautiful,” replied Pete. “How was Paris?” “It was wonderful,” Andy answered. “That trip seems such a long time ago now.” “Yeah. We haven’t met in ages,” said Pete. “Fancy getting together this weekend?” “I’m not free this weekend but we must meet up soon,” responded Andy. “I always enjoy `doing it’ with you.” Pete waited until a woman moved away before saying, “I love `doing it’ with you.” Andy grinned. “I’ll phone you soon. Must go now. We have a friend coming for dinner tonight.” Walking back to the apartment, Andy felt a bit guilty to be thinking of sex with Pete when Tommy was coming for dinner. “He would understand, I hope,” said to himself. “I’m always horny. It would be different if we could be together more often.” *** Tommy came by bus because he knew that Will would offer him drinks and Andy was waiting at the Pole d’Echanges bus station to meet him. They hugged as soon as Tommy got off the bus and then kissed as soon as most of the other people had gone. “It’s great to see you,” said Andy. “Always great to see you,” smiled Tommy. “I’ve missed you.” “It’s a shame you can’t stay overnight,” Andy said. “I agree but I really need to meet my customer tomorrow. The project is worth a lot of money,” Tommy said. “But we’ll see each other on Sunday.” “I want to spend the whole day in your bed,” responded Andy. Tommy laughed. “Sounds nice but we must go outside for some fresh air at some point.” Will greeted Tommy warmly and thanked him for the bottle of wine he had brought. “You are in for a treat. Andy has cooked everything apart from the starter,” he told Tommy. “I want to prove that I can cook,” Andy told Tommy. “I hope everything turns out all right.” Will offered Tommy an aperitif and Andy poured himself some sparkling water. Tommy’s eyes alighted on the nude painting of Andy. “That is you, isn’t it?” he asked the teenager. Andy smiled. “Yes. Do you like it? A friend of mine did it for me as a present for Uncle Will.” “Really?” Tommy smiled at Will. “I have seen Andy naked many times around the flat,” said Will. “You will know that he is far from shy. The painting was a surprise but I do like it.” bakırköy travesti “I like it too.” Tommy turned to look at the painting again. “I’m going to finish off in the kitchen,” said Andy. The dinner which followed – prawns and avocado, duck breast served with a marmalade sauce, roast potatoes and green beans, and then tarte tatin – went down well. Tommy was very impressed. Andy was happy to receive praise but he also thanked his uncle for teaching him to cook. Then he smiled and said, “You already know I’m good in bed. Now you know I’m quite good in the kitchen too.” “You’re great in both!” smiled Tommy. He patted his stomach and said, “I’m happily stuffed.” “I wish you were stuffing me but I guess that will have to wait until tomorrow,” said Andy. “You shouldn’t say things like that in front of your uncle,” Tommy said. However he couldn’t help smiling. Will just rolled his eyes. Andy walked with Tommy back to the bus station and then declared that he was “really, really horny” when he returned to his uncle. “I need you to fuck me hard,” he said. “I guess I could help you out,” Will said. Andy grinned and immediately began to strip off. Will looked on in amusement and found himself getting stiff. “I love Simon but I’m going to miss having sex with this hot youngster,” he thought. Moments later Andy was on his knees between Will’s legs and sucking his cock. Will allowed Andy to worship his cock for a while but then took him through to the bedroom where they sucked each other in a sixty-nine position. Will soon began rimming Andy and then moved on to finger-fucking him. Andy moaned. “That’s nice but I really need your cock in me now.” “You’re so impatient sometimes,” said Will. He gave Andy’s bum a spank before lubing up his own throbbing cock. Andy moved onto his back, pushed a pillow under his butt and pulled his legs up and apart. He smiled up at his uncle and said, “I’m ready for you.” Will got into position and was soon pressing his cockhead against the entrance to Andy’s hole. Andy gasped when the thick cock entered him but then sighed with pleasure and leaked more pre-cum when it pushed deeper. Both of them enjoyed what followed. Will varied the speed and force of his thrusts, bringing Andy close to an orgasm twice before finally pounding hard and fast to take both of them over the edge. Andy had another of his hands-free cums and Will licked the boy-cream from Andy’s body once he had unloaded. The pair kissed and cuddled together afterwards and drifted off to sleep. *** It was twelve days later before Andy hooked up with Pete. Andy happily agreed to some mild bdsm foreplay because he had a favour to ask. With Andy’s wrists and ankles cuffed to the four corners of the bed, Pete applied tit-clamps and then lightly hit Andy’s erection with a cock-whip. Andy was then turned onto his front and bound again before Pete used a leather belt on his buttocks. When Andy’s bum was a nice shade of pink, Pete fucked them both to satisfying cums. Cuddling together afterwards, Andy asked, “Is your friend Dave still enjoying the sex video we made for him?” “He is, and I enjoy looking at my copy from time to time,” replied Pete. “Why do you ask?” “I’d like you to make another sex video with me. Just vanilla sex,” replied Andy. “As a souvenir of my time here in Antibes.” He didn’t tell Pete that he wanted the video for another reason as well. “I don’t mind but who would film it?” Pete responded. “I think my friend Simon would agree to do it,” replied Andy. “He’s 24, but he’s very broad-minded.” “Is Simon cute?” Pete asked. “He is. He’s one of the first guys I had sex with,” smiled Andy. “He’s in a relationship now though.” “Well, if Simon agrees, I’m happy to do it,” said Pete. “Fantastic!” Andy smiled. “I suppose I’d better get home now but I will be in touch soon about making the video.” To be continued

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