Undeniable Attraction

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My days are lonely ones. Doing dishes or laundry, finding something for dinner. The time passes slowly, and the clock glares at me with morning hours for what seems like eternity. Ah but the time must come for you to arrive, late in the afternoon. You walk in the door, and usually tell me about work, or traffic; complain about bills or the truck not starting again. You get so involved in your story, you don’t notice my smile. Boy am I glad to see you; I’m glad that you are home. Opening the fridge, you pull out some soda, rambling on about this or that. Sometimes I listen, but not today. Today I am lost in looking at you, taking in all of you. You have such a firm grip around the two liter. Your hands are so big and rough. A man’s hands. Your shoulders are wide, and arms big enough to swallow me in comfort when we embrace. The hair on your chin casts a shadow telling that you haven’t shaved in a few days. The sweat under your hat makes your hair go in all directions. A shower would be in your best interest.

But you smell so good. Maybe its what you ate for lunch. I just don’t want to stop hugging you yet.

The dryer buzzes and my job must resume again, but I can’t take my eyes off of you. I want to lose myself in these moments with you. I want them to last forever, but I know they can’t. All I can hope for is that these moments keep happening, and all I do is look forward to the next touch, the next kiss.

I plop down on the comfy couch we have had ever since we met. You stand over me while I fold clothes, bending down and hugging güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri me. The hairs on my neck stand up, the goose bumps trickle down my arm, and my eyes close as your warm breath washes over my ear, down my neck, and across my shoulder. You weren’t even trying to give me chills, yet it happens every time. You pull away, and I drift back into reality, a cold place without your warmth next to me.

You grab my hand, pull me off the couch and turn my back to you. Your arms fall just below my waist, holding me close as we waddle down the hall. The security you provide helps me fall for you harder each and every time. Jumping into the covers, we huddle underneath the blankets, your fingers intertwined with mine. The curves of my body fit inside yours like a missing puzzle piece as you pull me in closer. Your arm wraps around the small of my waist, holding me as if you never want to let go. My breathing pauses, my heart beats faster, and all I can think about is making love with you.

I slide my shirt off and lie there topless, with your arm still glued to my middle. My back begins to arch as your fingertips trace circles and imaginary lines all over my body. I love it when you caress me like this. The bumps rise again and my eyes close, taking in every movement you make. Your hands glide across my hips, and sit on the silky panties you like so much. My body shivers as I feel your breath moving towards me, warm on the smooth skin of my right shoulder. The stubble from your chin slides across my neck as you smell güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri me, pulling me in, closer than ever before. Every rise and fall of my chest keeps in time with yours, our breaths are on the same musical pattern, our movements are fluid, familiar, and have become one. The kisses your lips place on my neck warm the places I wish you would kiss. Your hands slide under the black panties, pulling them off gently, caressing my legs as your hands work down. I turn to look you in the eyes, and I know that you want me. And I want you too.

My nose nudges your cheek. Your tongue licks the curve of my ear. My arms wrap around you, clawing at the middle of your back. The shorts you wore to bed have been flung on the floor somewhere. Your hands squeeze my juicy tush. I flip the hair out of my face, kissing you on your soft lips. Your member pokes at me, begging for attention. I take you into my hands, closing my eyes. My lips meet yours in the heat of passion, and my tongue tickles your lips playfully. Your neck beckons me to tease you there, kissing, biting, licking you. My teeth nibble at your ear as I stroke you softly. Our breaths become shorter. My lips kiss down your stomach, inching towards the prize. Your muscles tense and your hands shake as you pull my hair into a makeshift ponytail. My kisses are slow and soft. All over. A lick here and there. My eyes meet yours, as I focus on your pleasure. Both of your hands rest on my head, pulling on my hair every now and then. You bask in the warmth swallowing güvenilir bahis şirketleri you whole. It is truly my pleasure to please you. The soft skin of my breasts rub against you as my movements grow steady. The rhythm of our own melody, one we have played many times.

My hair hits the pillow as you fling me off of you. Your body is ready to ravage mine, to soak me all up. The kisses around my nipples are the best. So soft. Gentle. And sometimes, you give me a good bite. Its that little bit of unexpected play that really sends me over the edge. You squeeze them together, licking all over on the descent. You are the only man I have met that can make me feel so beautiful. You love every curve, every soft inch, every twitch and movement I make. Your kisses make me squirm, and my body tingles with delight as you hit every note. You know me so well. What I like, what I need. My fingers run through your hair pulling you in as the world shakes all around me.

I can’t help but let you in. You fit so easily, sliding in smoothly. In this moment, you are all I could possibly think about. I feel so fortunate to have found someone that makes me feel so loved. My legs wrap around you, holding on and never wanting to let go. Your head leans into mine, eyes closed, kissing my collar bone as our movements mirror one another. I whisper sweet nothings in your ear, clinging onto your neck, pulling you closer. The sweat from your chest moistens mine, my heart races, and our bodies melt with the passion flowing through our veins. My eyes roll as my body is possessed by you, for you control every aspect of my pleasure. Your movements quicken, shorten, and in that instant you are paralyzed. We are frozen in this moment of ecstasy, and just as fast as it arrived, the intensity fades into the darkness. Your head rests on my chest, as I kiss your forehead goodnight.

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