Under my Father’s nose


Under my Father’s nose**This is the third installment of what may just become a longer series. So far it’s been received well and the constructive wheels in my head are turning.**Part 1: http://xhamster.com/user/barelylegalfan/posts/25847.htmlPart 2: http://xhamster.com/user/barelylegalfan/posts/25563.htmlIt was Sunday and time for the weekly yard mowing. I was surprised my Dad didn’t tell me to go mow, maybe he wanted the exorcise. Whatever his reason was, I was glad because it had to be 94 outside and very high humidity. We had the attic fan on and most of the windows open to try and cool the air but it was still miserable. Because of the heat I was walking around the house in only a pair of shorts. I could hear my Mom doing the dishes in the kitchen and a naughty little thought came to mind. You see, my Dad always starts with the backyard so he can also tend to the small garden they have and the kitchen is on the back side of the house with a smallish window directly over the sink at about head level. I quietly snuck up behind my Mom, put my arm around her waist and kissed her on the back of the neck.”What are you doing, he’ll see us!” She was obviously shocked to find me behind her.”Then I guess you had better not make any strange faces or move too much since I’m right behind you and you are blocking the view to me.” As I reached up to grab her breast.”Stop! I don’t want your Father to see us.” Her pleading was cute but futile.”Mother, if you really wanted me to stop you would have pushed almanbahis yeni giriş me away…But I’m still here aren’t I. I do remember telling you we were going to fuck even when Dad was around.” I had relocated my hand down to her pussy which was only panty clad plus her long t shirt on due to the heat. “And your pussy is wet already?” “If you’re going to do something you better hurry up, he’ll be done anytime now.” I couldn’t believe my ears, my Mother was now suggesting that her Son fuck her with her own husband mowing the backyard and in plain sight.”You don’t have to tell me twice!” I quickly removed my shorts and underwear then her panties. My dick was hard before even walking into the kitchen so there was no lost time. She stepped back a little so she could lean forward on the sink for a better angle and slightly spread her legs. I placed one hand on her hip and the other I lathered up my prick with her now soaked pussy, then guided it into her.”Ummmmnn” Was the only thing out of her mouth as I bottomed out inside her.”Now don’t move around too much and do try not to scream while I fuck you, you wouldn’t want Dad to hear you would you.” The smile on my face was apparent even though she couldn’t see me.”You smug little shit.” “You love it!” At this point I was already well into my stride. Although this would not be a marathon session but more of a quickie since time was certainly not on our side. I reached down with one hand and started frigging her clit almanbahis giriş while I fucked her to try and get her off faster.”Ohhhhhh, just like that. Keep that up.” Already her voice was trembling and it hadn’t been but 3 or 4 minutes.”I can’t believe I’m fucking my own Mother with my Dad not but 30 feet away.” That got a good response as she shook and came.”Fuck me harder!” Harder she wanted harder she got. I was a bit worried though as the noise was much louder now of our flesh slapping together. She didn’t seem to mind or care. “SHIT!” She exclaimed quietly. I peeked around her head just a tad and saw that Dad was mowing a path vertically right in front of the window and he was smiling and winking at her each time his path lead him towards the house. My Mom tensed up and I had to slow my pace as not to shake her much.”Hi love.” She said loudly and blew a kiss at my Dad out the window. This nearly made me come. My Mother was basically talking to Dad while her own Son was fucking her pussy. Could life get any better? Finally about a minute later he was enough off the window that I could continue pounding her hard.”Hurry, he’s almost done” She took over for me on her clit so I could use both hands on her hips to slam into her.”God I love fucking you Mom””I love it too, now come in me, hurry.” I was getting close as I slid in and out of her pussy over and over again. I was on a mission, a quest, a task to please her pussy no matter what.”I’m getting close Mom””Tell me almanbahis güvenilirmi when” I kept up my rhythm, knowing I didn’t have but a few more strokes left in me before filling her pussy.”Now Mom, NOW!” To my surprise she quickly pulled off of me, spun around and squatted in front of me. Right as I was about to burst she took my dick in her mouth. I can’t explain why but that was the hottest thing I have ever witnessed. There I am with my dick in my Mom’s mouth shooting volley after volley of hot sticky goo and she’s just drinking it all up. Right at that moment we heard the lawn mower stop. I went to pull my shorts up but she wouldn’t let go of my dick. She was milking me of all my come for lack of a better explanation. “Mom, he’s done mowing””You’re not done til I get all this yummy come out.” I’m surprised I didn’t faint hearing her say that. So there I stood, my Mother still sucking on my now softening dick, me and her were dripping with sweat and we hear the back door start to open. We quickly recover and I stand against the counter while she goes back to doing dishes. My Dad comes over to my Mom and kisses her on the cheek.”Wow, you two are all sweaty, what’s been going on in here?” He said with a smirk on his face.”You know why we’re sweating. When are we going to get air conditioning installed? It’s a damn sauna in here.” “Sorry hon, I’ll call frank tomorrow and see if he can quote it cheap enough.” My Dad patted her on the ass then walked to the bathroom.”That was close” My Mom said with a big smile on her face.”And you loved every second of it didn’t you….MOTHER?” I made sure to reinforce the word Mother. I then patted her on the ass as well and headed off downstairs to cool off a bit. As I walked down the stairs I could hear my Mom humming happily.”

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