Subject: Under the capes 2 The usual disclaimers apply here. Adhere to them the best as you can. I dont encourage or condone diddling in the taboo fun with family, yet I know it happens & will continue to do so. I’m an open book with my own experiences & wishing they had gone further. Feel free to send feedback, ideas, thoughts, or any fantasies/desires. Up to talk about experiences, past or present, no matter what. Now, Its been ultra hard to find pics to relate to one of the sexiest dudes I have ever seen upclose & known some. Let’s just say, the pics, if I find any, wouldn’t do him justice. Mmmmm, I’m bad, as I’ve imagined this dude as my primo & having all sorts of discreet wild fun. Or even being his dad..but we’ll leave it at this. We’re all horny bastards here, so donate what you can please. I’ve jerked to this site as a boy, and I know there are countless men, dads, teens & boys still doing so. So let’s help with what we fty/donate.html —————————————————————– As my eyes shot open, I can instantly feel how hot my body was and just feeling so damn centered inside. “What the hell!?” I thought as I continued to blink and try to realize where I was, as my boner strained in my shorts. “Fucking a” I thought, as the next second, I remembered much of the dream I just had. “Mmmmmm, fuck..I need fun with him. And I need to cum so good and hard” I told myself as I started to stretch on the bed. As I sat up in the barely lit room, I realized I was in the spare bedroom in my parents basement, and the door was slightly open. My ears started to register the music and noise above me, and noticed it was barely midnight. As I looked around, I saw my strong vodka & cranberry drink on the floor, which I happily drank down in one hit. That hit the spot as I burped and started to make my way out the bedroom. The light hit my eyes pretty hard in trying to adjust, but the noise I registered were of my primos playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on my switch. “daaaaamn, lazy ass. bout time you woke up!” yelled out one of my primos. I laughed as more of them chimed in and I yelled out “I’ll kick you in the neck, but you guys are lucky i’m hungry!” as I laughed. Grabbin onto the rail to head upstairs, I heard some yell out to bring them some food or drinks since I was headed to the garage. As I got upstairs to the kitchen, my mom hugged me from the side. “Hey sleepy head..you okay?” she asked as I hugged her back. “Yea, just needed a nap. Been a crazy work week and won’t drink too much more” I simply stated as I remembered being goofy & acting a fool before falling asleep. “Well, go get some food and say hi to your primo. He got here a bit ago” she stated as she checked and covered the food in the kitchen. I felt chilly and nervous as I was hoping she was talking bout samuel. A pack of butterflies played tag in my stomach as I went to the fridge and pretended to look for a drink. But was lookin out the kitchen window to see if I could spot him. I could see the kids running around, my dad, all my tia’s and tio’s, but no samuel. “Maybe it’s angel” I thought as I cooled down just a tad bit and put on my shoes. “Take the fruit outside hijo” yelled ma from the living room. Quickly, I picked up the large bowl full of berries to be eaten. The warm summer air embraced me as I pushed the door open with my shoulders and made my way to the backyard. Instantly I froze, barely able to breath, as there in front of me stood samuel, leaning against the wall, typing away at his phone. I just stood in awe as I absorb the image of him. Why I dreamt of him as stocky? I don’t know, maybe I wanted to imagine him in other hot ways. But there in person, he stood lookin so sexy, wearing a somewhat tight fitting muscle shirt, jean shorts, long white crew socks in skater shoes while his skateboard rested under his foot. He was so slim, and noticed his well shaped beard, as he must have just gotten it cleaned up. Honestly, I don’t know how much time passed as I stood there watching him, but it was long enough, as one of my tia’s yelled out “Traiga la fruta, o te vas a parar alli hablando todo la noche??” That broke both of us out of our spell, as he looked around and noticed me. “Heeeeeeey primo, how are you?” he smiled that fukin handsome smile as he walked up to me and hugged me from the side. I was overwhelmed with feelings as I trembled inside, and damn near dropped the bowl. With a cracked voice, I said “H-hey pri-primo..whats up?” His light cologne scent mixed with the smell of alcohol was so damn good even thought it felt like I had trouble breathing. It also felt like weights were tied to all over my body in trying to make my way to the outside table as my tia gave me a dirty look to bring the fruit bowl “NOW!!” Setting down the bowl much to her delight, I quickly grabbed some plates and attempted to cool myself down more. But there samuel was right behind me, asking how I was and how I’ve been. I forgot how much he likes to talk at times. I try not to make eye contact as I continue the small talk and ask him the same questions. Although I was nervouus some, being a taurus at heart, I easily got into the amount of delicious mexican, belizean and puerto rican food made for the party. “grab some coke and sierra mist” i tell him as we make our way to the basement. Our small chat comes to a pause as we drop off the food & drinks, ask who else wants and make two more annoying trips. My cousins are lucky I love them, as normally, two to three plates would only be for me. After they seemed satisfied, they continued playing games as me & samuel grab 4 plates of food & some drinks to take to my room. Luckily, I left some of my bottles in my old room as I’m a lazy fuck and didn’t take them all to my apartment. Once we get istanbul travesti to my room, he kinda pushes the door closed as I set the food down and get out my bottle of jack, rum & tequila. “Fuck, I’m already buzzed, maybe I shouldn’t have more” he states as I pour a lot of rum into my pineapple juice. The lil devious fucker in me comes out as I nervously tell him “You’ll be good. You can sleep here if you’d like. Plus, we’ve never had a drink together.” It seems to work, as after lookin at the jack bottle for a few seconds, he says “Fuck it, give me some” and spikes his drink strong like I did. Like nothing, time slips by fast as we catch up a bit, eating all the food we brought and even getting tons of dessert, drinkin some more, and playing Mortal Kombat 11 on my PS4. “Is it just me or is it hot in here?” he asks while slurring with an uncomfortable face. “Nah, def hot in here” I say as I get up to turn off the light. As I make my way, he unexpectedly takes off his t-shirt, making my stomach feel tight instantly. Out the corner of my eyes, I take a mental snap shot of how fit & slim he is, making me feel even hotter. As I reach the switch, my mom opens the door and ask how we’re doing. A bit nervous, I reply “We’re fine ma, just relaxing. He had too much to drink, so I told him he could stay here.” She takes a peak at him and tells use to get some sleep since she noticed I was very buzzed. After a kiss on the cheek, she flicks off the light and closes the door. With a deep breath, I head back to my queen size bed and plop down a bit away from him. I’m getting more and more frisky while failing to keep it under control as the white light from the tv makes him look even more appealing. In a feeble attempt to make a joke, I state “Well, well, well, look at mister muscles here” as I look at his abs and fit but slim arms. He laughs as he says “Fuck yea!!” and shows off his “guns” by flexing both arms. My cock starts to rise as I can analyze his body even more, noticing the lines in his abs, how flat his tummy was, those very soft colored nips, and more then anything, that fuckin hot superman chest tat. Still runnin with the joke, he wiggles his eyebrows in a cheesy flirting way asking “Like what you see gordito?” Not to be outdone, I act a lil fem and tell him “Whatevssss! Your such a basic man, all muscles and no personality!! So boring!!” as I roll my eyes and cross my arms. “Yea, sure, you know I’m turnin you on big boy” he throws back at me as he kisses the air. “You couldn’t handle this. I’m a buffet with dessert, and hotter then habanero!!” I retort as I throw a pillow at him. “You’re sooo gaaaaay!” he yells out as we both giggle. “Says you, takin off your shirt, tryin to seduce me!” I giggle back as I get comfy in my spot & he does the same. “Plus, bet you’d want me to swallow your gravy”. He makes a disgusted face while I reach for beers and toss him one. “Let’s not talk bout sex primo. I havent gotten any pussy for a good minute now, and ima get a big boner” he lets out with a somewhat disappointed tone. “Shit, makes two of us cabron. I’ve been busy with my two jobs and more.” As I switch from the game to netflix, he surprised me in askin “What’s it like to be with a dude?” “Huh?” I rhetorically ask as I look at him, and him at his beer. “Like, is it good and fun or does it hurt or…?” he trails off as I can feel the air start to get thicker and thicker. “Well, depends on what you do primo. I’m not a basic homo. I like to have all sorts of fun, just depends on the chemistry and vibe.” We just sit there quietly as a trailer for a movie plays on the tv but neither of us are paying attention to it. Somehow, I found the courage to break the thick ice a bit asking “how come? you’re curious?” If I wasn’t wrong, I’m pretty sure I saw him fidget just a tiny bit. He looks at the tv and answers “Nah…just that I saw some gay porn the other night by accident while I was drunk. Looked like they went wild at it” and takes a big drink of his beer. In trying to make him feel comfy, I confessed “Well yea, then that’s two of us again. I’m curious bout bald puffy lil pussies.” I give him a lil smile and a sip from my beer as he looks at me instantly. With a hidden energy in him, he states “You’ll love pussy, it’s so wet and tight. You’ll prob go straight once you try it.” I laugh as I respond “Sure, then I’ll be like you wanting to bury my face in them.” He makes a disgusted face and says “Ewwww, no. I don’t eat pussy…too weird.” I give him a curious look as we continue to drink beer. Now, I’ve been with my share of bi men..but none have ever responded like that when I mention pussy eating. With a nervous thought, but keepin myself cool, I respond with “Well shit, then you’ll prob love sucking dick.” I’m guessing I hit a nerve, as he looks away and angrily says under his breath “Whatever, I’m not a fag.” “Fuck, he’s a sensitive lil fucker” I think to myself before making yet another attempt to make him feel good. “Well, with that hot body, bet you’d get tons of guys to be your lil bitch. Even a big boy like me” I joke around and nudge him. Laying back down, I can feel the horny energy start to flow out of me as I close my eyes and feel up my chest and tummy lightly. “Yea, you’d get so many warm wet bjs..hot tight lil asses..and your milk swallowed without fail.” Light shivers run through me as I keep feeling up my hard nipples and lightly stroke my bulge in my flimsy shorts. “But yea primo..I’m jelly. If I had your looks, I’d be going after so much fun..get an endless supply of cock” I let out as the horny feelings in me let out and grow so much. The fact that I’m lost in it, and know that my sexy primo is right there, eggs me on to continue. “Yea, I’d have a boyfriend when I can, but mostly off all, kadıköy travesti just get all types of ass to fuck. Smooth, hairy, skinny, stocky, beefy and dads too” as an image of our tio rogelio flashes in my mind. Yea, tio’s a sexy fucker, but that’d be for another time, as softly, I open my eyes and look over, and noticed samuel is doing the same thing as me, but with his legs closed. He’s horny as fuck but can’t hide it, as his hand is right on his privates. I lean up a bit to see his eyes are closed as he’s breathing a bit hard. Feeling so warm and wicked, I lightly whisper “Yea, I’d get hot sexy guys like you all the time, show them a damn good time and drive them crazy..tasting every inch of them..” as he lightly moans and moves his other hand around ever so softly. Even though I’m horny, I’m so scared to reach over and touch him, but that wild fire in me takes over. And as if it grabbed my hand for me, I could see it start to move to him, as If I was out my body. I took one deep breath in as it slowly glided in the air, like I was reaching for a prize that could disappear at any second. “Hmmmmmmm” he moans as my fingers lay on his tummy, sending a shock through my entire being. Instantly, he rolls over to his side as I revel in how warm, soft yet strong his skin felt. The thick horny air must have been driving us crazy, as he bent in knees in and I swear he perked out his ass a bit towards me. I could feel my ears pulsing as I propped myself up a bit and layed my left hand on his hip. He moanded lightly again as he curled up more into the fetal position, making the fire in me explode without warning. I started to breath harder as I started to rub his hips and feel his warm cinnabuns in his shorts. “Fuckin fuk, I’m touchin primo’s culito!!” I hungrily think as I get more frisky with each passing second. His whimpers and moans are driving me crazy as he tightens up his position, making me want him even more. Quickly, I get up from the bed and take my shirt off, tossin it to the side. I’ll take care of you primito” I wickedly think as I kneel directly by his feet. It feels surreal as I take notice how furry his legs are, as I try to comfort him with soft, eager touches. Gently, I try to roll him on his back, but he resists a bit. After two more tries, I lean down and kiss his knees, sending a lil shiver through me. He whimpers as plant yet another one, and slowly start to turn him over. Thank goodness my bed and spring box are on the floor, as I sit back on my heels and feel my boner start to leak. I noticed he covered his face a bit with my colcha as he plants his feet on my bed, and ever so slowly, I started to pry his furry legs open. I slid my hands half way down his thighs, as I continued to push them open. The air seemed to stand still in my lungs as I absorbed his sexiness once his legs were wide open. “FuuuuuuuuuuK” ran through my head, as my hands absent mindedly rubbed his knees and inner thighs, noticing how his tummy puffed up and down with each deep breath. How light skinned he seemed..how hairy his legs were..how his lil moles were spreckled around on him..how wide and strong his chin looked. It felt so hard to breath as I barely got out in a whisper “You okay primo?” He just lightly shook his head yes as I contined to analyze his body. Needing to feel more of him, I leaned down and planted a soft warm besito right under his belly button, right on his treasure trail. “Uuugggghhhhhh” he loudly let out as his hands shoot straight to my head and grabbed onto my hair. I could hear his breathing studder as I ran the tip of my tongue on his lil fur and kisses him so more. I was going delirious in excitement as his strong fingers held onto me for dear life. I placed my hands on the side of ribs as I moved up to taste his nips. They seemed light in color as I couldn’t see much, but that wasn’t my purpose. I lowered my mouth to his right nipple and sucked the soft flesh in fully. My eyes closed in bliss as I slurped on his flesh and tongue the lil tip as best as I could. He pushed off the bed some as he moaned through gritted teeth, and not wanting his other tit to be neglected, I quickly switched and slurped on his left tit. I could feel my cock pulse in my shorts as his legs closed on my sides, too much for him to handle. I eased up a bit as he continued to breath hard and relax a lil. “Fuck primo” he let out as I started to place besitos all over his chest tat. “Get ready” I said as I planted a few more besitos on his beautiful ink. Quickly, I stand up as he places his hands on his chest, waiting to see what I’m up to. With a hunger needing to break out, I slip my fingers into his shorts and start to pull them off of him. Good thing he didn’t resist as he straighten out his legs. Eagerly, I pull them off and toss them to the side, kneeling once again while putting his legs back in place. I smile as I notice him discreetly lookin at me under the covers. “Fuck primo, your pink boxer briefs are fuckin sexy” I state as I see his hardon flex inside, making the wet spot just a bit bigger. With my right index finger, I curl it a bit and slide it under his balls, softly bouncing his warm scac around. His back archs a bit as place my thumb where his taint is and rub a bit, before feeling up his sac entirely. I’m loving his meaty inner thighs as continue to tease his hidden hardon. He lets out a deep “FUUUUK” as I rubbed the under side of his cock, from the base to the wet tip. “Damn, he has a big verga” I thought as I tickled his frenulum through his wet spot. He gasped as he gripped onto the bed hard, but I didn’t tease him anymore, as I needed to taste his pre-nut. “Mmmmm” I let out as I sniffed then licked my finger tip clean. It had a nice salty, bitter and lightly leafy taste. “Fuck, I NEED bakırköy travesti more!!” I hungrily thought as I shucked off my shorts. Then, pushing my hands between his thighs and calves and sliding my arms under his legs, I started to kiss from his knees to his inner thighs on both legs. It’s too much for him, as his legs flailed open and closed, and his strong hands right back to holding my hair. His breathing sounds ragged the closer I got to his bulge, so I placed my hands on his tummy to hold him. As my face was just an inch away from his bulge, he pulled his bent legs up more. Bliss flashed through me as I planted my nose in the middle of his pink bulge, and inhaled his sweaty musky scent. It was my turn to moan as I let out “Mmmmmmmmmmmm” and buried my face even more into his sac. The warmth of it made me smile as I sniffed the area between his balls and thighs. Eagerly, I nipped at his sac with my lips as I could barely hear him “Fukin shit primo!” My tongue lapped at those heavy nuts, gettin his pink boxers even more wet. It was getting too much for him as his hand slid under my chin to pull me off, but fuck that, I wasn’t done with him. I quickly lifted my head off his bulge as my hands reached the waist band of his boxers and started to pull them off. I barely saw his strong hands cover his privates as I got his boxers off. I open his legs and slide my arms back under them as I kiss and lick his hands. That seems to do the trick as he lets me suck a finger and get a small swipe onto his sac. As he lets his hands fall away a bit, I let out a “Daaaamn” as I noticed his package in total. I’m loving how his cock points straight up to his face, the light veins wrapping around his shaft, and how his frenulum is a bit wide open, made for me to slurp n tongue. I almost drool as I notice his nuts look like one good sac and hang close to his body, and not only that, but furry to match the curly jungle like cock hairs he has. I can hear him breath in sharply as I stick out my tongue and swipe it right in the middle from the bottom of his balls to the base of his shaft. The light salty, bitter taste is so damn good, as my mouth moves on its own, and starts to lick, slurp and nibble all over his sac. His legs close a bit hard on my head as my tongue drives into that salty skin between his balls and thighs. He stutters “D-damn..fu–fu-fukkk…shh-hh-hiiitt!!” as I don’t let up. Faintly, I can smell the aroma coming from his crack, but figured I can try to get to it soon. I’m enjoying too much how his legs stayed bent wide open and he keeps lifting his hips to meet my face, burying his balls harder into my hungry mouth. He seems like he’s on the edge, like he wants to cum, so I thought, “Let’s do it..lets get that super leche.” So quickly, I move my hands and drop his furry balls from my mouth. He looks at me through hazy eyes as lift his cock up with my fingers and move myself up to meet his throbbin mushroom head. As I do, I broaden my tongue and slowly lick up his shaft as he convulses every few seconds. Fuck, his cock tastes sooo good as tongue his wide frenulum. He grabs onto the bed hard and throws his head back as I tease the sensitive spot real well. A drop of hot, sweet precum leaks out and I can’t help but suck that drop down immediately spotting it. As I lightly suck the tip of his engorged head, he looks back at me with a desperate horny look. Keeping eye contact, I start to slowly suck and swallow his head right into my mouth. Once his head is fully into my mouth, I start lashing my wet tongue all over as I slowly move up and down, just nursing on his plump mushroom head. It seems to finally be too much for him, as several seconds later, he grabs onto my wrists with both his hands, groaning out “Uggggghhhhhhhhh” for several seconds. Right as his head swells, I kept it fully in my mouth as I feel his cock flex wildly, shooting ounce after ounce of hot, virile mex leche. I’m in heaven as I swallow every drop of salty, sweet & bitter cum he can give me. “Fuck, he was backed up for real” I think as I almost had trouble swallowin his load. Softly, I let his head fall out my mouth as I continue to lick and taste around. I needed to cum so fuckin bad, and was on the verge of doing so. In not giving him a second to think or resist, I get up and make my way onto my bed. I push some of my colchas and pillows out the way, as I firmly yet softly say “Ven samuel.” I lay down as comfortably as I can, and motion for him to straddle my face. He places his knees on the sides of my head as best as he can, as he falls face first into my bed. Hi body laying on me like this has me wild, as I start to suck and tongue his balls once again as I stroke myself. He moans and curses into the bed as he starts to grind into my mouth once again, as my left hand reaches up and feels his ass. Once my brain starts to register that his lil cinnabuns are furry, my vergita starts to shoot milk so hard, soaking my hands with my load. I can’t help but moan so loudly into his sac, as he drives it into my face and holds it there, giving me a chance to enjoy my pent up orgasm. It almost hurts from the amount of pleasure I felt, as I enjoyed and could’t get enoug of my sexy slim primo. My arms and body relax after a few blissful seconds, giving samuel the cue to slide off of my face. He plops down face first into the mattress, and in no time, I start to hear him lightly snore. I feel so calm and good, yet I know I’m going to want more with him. With a lil struggle, I get up from the bed and take in how adorable he looks sleeping…and that his cute butt really looks furry and delicious. But the kind side of me kicks in as I pull my colchas over him and tuck him in as so. I wipe myself down and put my pjs on, and get myself comfy on the other side of my bed. I drape my arm over my eyes as I lay on my back, thinking “Whats gonna happen now?..will we have fun again? hope he’s okay too.” The light and soft noise from the tv helps relax me enough, as sleep starts to win me over and knocks me out.

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