Underneath Ch. 03 – FINAL CHAPTER

Big Tits

This is the third and FINAL part of Underneath story.

This chapter is NOT standalone and needs to be read after Ch.01 and Ch.02.

It shows gay romance story between two males with women’s underwear kink. If you are not into gay love plots, it’s not for you!


The beginning of this week was rather hard for me. And I don’t mean it in a sexy-hard way. I felt weird, and angry at myself for letting my relationship with Nicholas get so awkward.

On Monday, I deliberately went to lunch one hour after the “main wave” of employees. I was left with some food scraps and cold leftovers and one very annoyed food server from the cafeteria, who probably wanted to go home, but I sat there stubbornly, dining alone, prolonging their normal shift.

I pulled out my cell phone and opened Messenger. I’ve been checking it obsessively since last weekend. The sweet pouty-kissy face of Nicholas was there – in the photo he sent me, looking at me seductively with his half-lidded eyes.

I squeezed the phone in my hand and put it aside, swearing under my breath. I wanted him. There was no lying about that. I wanted to fuck him. Not only rub or suck him off. I wanted to feel his pliant body under me, and rut against him like an animal in heat.

And I wasn’t even gay! How’s it even possible for a straight guy to want another male? What was happening to me?

There was also an additional problem, but I still had it under control. Something new happened, something very unnerving… lurking just under the surface.

I was beginning to… like him.


As crazy as that sounded.

He was still the same annoying HR worker I always passed by in the company corridors and looked at with contempt.

Yet, he was also something more.

As I closed my eyes, I could see him vividly, riding on my hips, with his parted, pink lips, hands clasped behind his head and his thighs raising his body up and down…

I had to pinch myself not to get hard again. My dick was a bit sore, since I jerked off probably seven times that Sunday, thinking about his slim body in sexy lingerie, moaning and begging me to fuck him.

And I wanted it. So much.

I could barely think about anything else but this picture that I had burned into my mind – a small pink place I glanced at, for a very short time. Tight, pink, small place.

I could be there. Inside. I could push my dick into his hot passage.

Would he allow me to?

Well, our funny power-play was maybe a bit kinky, but it would mean actually having sex with him, having intercourse was a bit of a different story than just sucking him off or licking.

I was never much into one-night-stands; I preferred to know the people I fucked, even though I did not have to actually love them or have very strong feelings toward them. But a bit of friendliness should be there. Nonetheless, I was not certain how Nicholas saw it.

Forcing him to have anal intercourse with me, if he never in fact had sex with a man before, could be a… big deal.

It was related to sexual orientation in an obvious way. What if he did not want to go “full gay” with me? What if it was only his lingerie kink for him? And the extension of it – that went into sucking off.

But nothing beyond that? He might have put a clear line here.

No fucking, no going full-on-gay?

To tell you the truth – I wasn’t so sure I was all that eager to jump into sexual intercourse with him, either? Having sex with him like that – was kind of a big responsibility. Would that mean for him – that we were in a relationship?

Some people regard sex that way, as a part of something more serious. I didn’t know him well enough to assess what he was expecting from me.

My head started to hurt from thinking too hard and going in circles.

Tuesday went along the same line.

I was the last remaining person in the cafeteria, eating my cold meal, and annoying the food server with my prolonged presence.

But on Wednesday Johan asked me again if I wanted to join him for lunch and I ran out of excuses for the third day in line. So, with some hesitancy, I followed him to the cafeteria along with the main wave of workers. Johan was droning on and on about our last project, and I was politely nodding and pretending to listen, occasionally adding some encouraging “Oh, is that true?”, “You’re right, yes”, “Sure, exactly!”.

He also mentioned that our company was planning on booking a big club for all employees on Friday night to celebrate the 15-year anniversary of the LA branch.

But I wasn’t listening too attentively because I noticed a slim figure walking toward the line with… yes, of course, that Alice girl from the Editor’s Department. I felt a slight surge of annoyance, rather unexpectedly. Why did I even bother? It was none of my business if he wanted to stick his pretty cock in her pussy…

Wait! Stop! Did I just call his cock pretty?

C’mon. It was bad. Yes, to be honest, yalova escort his dick was really nice, but should I actually be thinking about it at all? About somebody’s dick? Crazy.

As soon as they took their trays, they started to walk between tables searching for free seats. But it was very crowded today, and unluckily… our table had two extra free seats!

Fuck! No!

Alice was leading, and she noticed our table first, immediately turning in our direction.

I cursed under my breath. Johan raised his eyebrows.

“What’s going on, Jess?”

“Nothing, I just really don’t want them to sit with us…” I murmured awkwardly, but it was too late to do anything about it.

Alice was already standing next to the table and asking:

“Hey guys, can we sit with you?”

“Sure, sure,” I made a fake-as-hell smile and gestured toward the chairs.

“Thanks, Jess”

Did she call me by my name? What a bitch. It should be ‘Director Moretti’ for her!

She sat beside me, so… Nicholas was forced to sit across from me.

His face was a bit tense, as if he almost expected me to out him here! But the fear was misplaced, of course, as outing him would also mean outing me, so I only clenched my jaws and muttered:


He did not respond, just kinda sank in the chair and started to eat right away, his head low.

I turned my gaze toward Johan, but with a panicky realization, I noticed that his eyes were fixed on Jessica from Customer Service, who was just passing us by, and he had that stupid look that I already knew…

“Jess, sorry, I have to go, I need to, uhm… invite her to Friday night’s…” He made awkward gestures toward the girl.

And without waiting for my approval he stood up and marched toward Jessica.

The fucker! He left me alone with those two.

Not a good situation.

Alice fixed her big eyes on me, as I forced a smile.

“So, Jess, are you planning on going to the company’s anniversary party on Friday?”

She asked this in a very cheerful and light voice. She was the kind of person I always hated. Overly friendly and easy-to-talk to. Uhhh!

“I don’t know yet,” I responded tersely. But after some hesitance I decided to go for it:

“And what about you guys? Are you going together?”

I could see the rising tension in Nicholas. His eyes remained obsessively fixed on his plate. Although Alice had no problem answering me:

“Yes, we are, it will be fun, free food and drinks! How could we miss that?!” Her stupid giggle miffed me beyond comprehension.

I really was in no mood to talk with her or to look at her pretty, olive face with big dark brown eyes and full red lips. She was attractive by conventional means, but for me, she suddenly became as ugly as an old hog.

Suddenly, I became even more annoyed, but this time I had done it all to myself.

I was behaving irrationally. This innocent girl could not possibly know what was going on in my crazy head.

I started to chew my meal as efficiently as I could, avoiding Nicholas’ gazes, but he also was not eager to exchange glances with me. When we were alone, he was the first to start a staring contest. Now we both were doing virtually everything humanly possible not to look at each other.

And the funny thing was… I wanted to. I wanted to look at his pearly-white skin, his soft lips, his auburn hair… I wanted to unfasten his pants and suck him off with the whole cafeteria full of people staring at us… Yes, madness, huh?

But I could not. I would not.

Alice started to talk about some funny situation she had with a client recently, and I pretended I was listening and politely nodded my head, but I was too agitated to focus on her words, as I was sucking Nicholas’ beautiful dick in my mind the whole time she was speaking.

Then suddenly Alice asked:

“So, I heard you managed to give Nicholas those annual questionnaires in record time, is that right? It’s a big deal as the other directors still have not given them to him. Poor Nicholas is going to be in serious trouble because of it.”

I froze a bit and for the first time I fixed my gaze on his face.

He was blushing, and he looked very overawed, even vulnerable.

“Is this true? Are you in trouble?” I asked him, before I could really think it through. I realized it was weird, as soon as I could see Alice’s eyes on me, her mouth opened. She seemed surprised by my directness.

Nicholas swallowed and responded in a very quiet voice:

“Yes, well. Director Jones is not a very forgiving person. And I was supposed to give all the questionnaires to him last Monday. You were the only one who gave them to me on time. Randolph and Martinez did not.”

I was the only one?

My eyes were stuck in his eyes. I can’t describe it in any other way. My dick was suddenly painfully hard. I could see slight redness on Nicholas’ face, spreading down his neck. Was he also aroused?

Alice started to mumble something about how it’s unprofessional to leave such things to the yalova escort bayan last minute, but I could not tear my eyes from him. His face – probably rather normal and inconspicuous for other people, but for me… it was so fucking cute and pretty.

Nicholas was also looking at me, noticing my intense gaze. And then he did it. His hand moved a bit to his sweater’s collar and grabbed it with two fingers. As soon as Alice lowered her head over her plate, he pulled it a bit aside and then back to its original place. But I managed to see it.

Blue bra strap.

Naughty boy!

I pursed my lips and swallowed hard, feeling my dick throbbing in my pants.

As we all finished eating, we stood up and headed toward the elevator. There was a group of people waiting for it, so Alice said she was going to take the stairs, as Customer Service was on the first floor, and the cafeteria was on the basement floor just below. So, I was left only with Nicholas and a couple of people from other departments, waiting for the elevator.

Soon the doors opened and we all went inside. People started pressing different buttons for different floors.

I pressed the button for the floor with the conference rooms.

I could see Nicholas noticed that and his eyes met mine all-knowingly.

We waited patiently as other people got off the elevator on their respective floors, but as soon as the elevator stopped at the conference room floor, Nicholas and I were the only two people to get out.

The door closed and we were alone. I could feel my heart beating fast.

We slowly headed toward the bathroom, not one word between us.

I entered the bathroom stall, and he followed me, closing the door behind us.

We were now facing each other.

I could hear only our breaths in the silent stall space.

Then I slowly moved closer and grabbed the lower part of his brown sweater and pulled it over his head along with his undershirt. He let me do it.

He wore a blue lace bra, very well fitting, almost sporty in design. I looked at it for a while, trying to calm my breath down a bit. My dick was bothering me like crazy, pressing on my zipper.

I wrapped my hands along his waist and put my mouth on his neck in a soft, light peck. I started to kiss him like that – only gentle, subtle kisses, along his jawline, neck, shoulders, collarbones. He tilted his head back giving me more access, and sighed almost with relief, like a cat, wanting to be petted. I continued to slowly kiss him and lick over his skin with my soft tongue.

“I love when you kiss me…” he murmured.

“I love to kiss you…” I responded, again, without really thinking about what I was saying, only then realizing how… intimate and almost tender it sounded.

But I was so deep into this feeling of being intoxicated with his body, that I did not correct myself.

I slowly raised one of his arms up and slowly licked under his armpit. He opened his eyes with a bit of a surprised gaze.

“Are you into smelling armpits?” he asked with slight amusement.

“No. Never was. But I’m into YOUR armpits, as you don’t stink, but smell like heaven… so fucking sweet…” I mumbled, immersing myself in his subtle, yet manly scent.

To tell the truth, I was disgusted by the stink of old sweat, but it was entirely different with him, he smelled of shower gel, and the scent of his sweat was very faint, yet extremely sexy. I felt my dick leaking now an insane amount of pre-cum.

So, I licked him everywhere I could, and pulled aside his blue bra to suck on his nipples. He was almost purring with pleasure, his hard dick pressing on my thigh.

Suddenly, he grabbed my head and pulled it back. Our gazes met.

And then he began to slowly slide down. I observed him with widened eyes.

What was he planning?

He was on his knees now.

Looking from above I could see his auburn-brown hair, his horn-rimmed glasses and the slender frame of his white shoulders with the blue straps of his bra.

He put his hand on my zipper and said in a submissive voice:

“Let me suck your big dick, Jess, with my soft, warm lips…”

Well, how could anyone say no to such a request? Hm? Anyone?

Nope, no one. That’s what I thought.

“All right, sweet boy, suck me off…” I muttered, leaning on the stall wall a bit.

He freed my dick, which was so fucking hard that it slammed him on his chin a bit.

I fixed my gaze on Nicholas’ lips. The naughty HR worker licked them and looked me in my eyes.

He was so fucking sexy on his knees, the blue bra contrasting with his naked torso.

Soon I could see his pink tongue slowly lapping over my dick’s head, licking over the slit, tasting my pre-cum.

My dick throbbed anxiously wanting to be swallowed, and Nicholas gave it to him. He closed his pink lips over the head and made a nice, purring-humming sound.

“Fuck…” I muttered, fighting the powerful urge to push my dick much, much, muuuuuch deeper into his willing throat.

He started escort yalova to suck on my cock slowly, taking it deeper, approximately half of the length, pressing his tongue up from the bottom.

“Fuck, Nicholas… Feels so good…” I could not hold back these words; they just slipped from my mouth.

I put my hands on his head, stroking his hair. He was doing such a fucking enjoyable, solid job. He bobbed his head without stopping and although did not push me as deeply as I took him last weekend, he was definitely efficient. Soon he made me feel a well-known wave of pleasure closing on me like a fucking tsunami.

“I’m… Nick…” I tried to politely warn him, in case he did not want to take my load, but he continued, even quickening his pace, so I could not hold it much longer.

I tilted my head back, groaned, and shot in his inviting mouth, and it felt soooooooo gooooooooood I was dazed for a couple of seconds.

He stood up slowly, with a very subtle smirk, looking at my blissful face.

Our eyes locked again.

“Please, suck my beautiful dick, Jess” he said slowly, and his hand rubbed over his bulge.

I was going to do that whether he asked me to or not. I just wanted to feel him come in my mouth; I needed to give him this. So, I mimicked his previous slide down, and soon I was also on my knees.

His dick was no less hard than mine was earlier. Did he get off on sucking me? Maybe he was gayer than I thought he was… Maybe he would even be eager to… go deeper into gayness with me?

But before I started to suck on his cock, I licked my two fingers and… as soon as I pushed his shaft in my throat, I put my wet fingers on his… hole.

I was expecting him to protest in some way but no, he only moaned as I pressed into his rim.

He even pushed his ass a bit more to the back, to make it easier for me.

So, I started to suck him fervently, fingering him, and he was moaning so fucking loudly, that I was afraid that somebody walking down the corridor would actually hear him, but I was so far off myself, that I did not care at this point.

I just wanted to make him feel so fucking good, and I was successful, as far as I could tell. His moans were very telling. He suddenly clenched his ass around my fingers and I felt his salty load exploding in my mouth – I swallowed it all with encouraging humming.

I slowly raised to my feet.

Nicholas was panting and had his head tilted to the back, presenting me with his tempting neck. So, I took advantage of this invitation. I wrapped my hands around his ass and his waist and started to kiss him and lick him all over again, caressing his silky skin with languorous slides of my tongue.

He was murmuring something unintelligible and threading his fingers through my hair, letting me go on as long as I wanted, obviously not in any hurry to end our endeavor. Sadly, I knew I would have to go soon. My hands ran over his springy buttocks; I squeezed them, massaged them, and the fucker started to moan again a bit, pulling me closer, his dick… hardening again.

“Fuck, Nicholas, we can’t. I need to go back to work, I have a meeting soon…” I murmured, with my mouth still on his silky skin.

“Just one second longer…” He groaned, giving me even better access to his neck. I could lap my tongue over it, nibble on his skin, suck on it even a bit, but I was careful to leave the red marks just below his collar line, so nobody could see them. I was responsible enough not to get him in trouble with… Alice?

Ehh, I did not want to think about that.

I sniffed between his ears, put my nose into his silky hair, smelling shampoo… and then he suddenly turned his head to my side, which resulted in his mouth almost brushing over mine.

I froze and noticed that he… kind of… made a small adjusting move with his head to grant me better access to his lips… I looked at his pupils, from that close I could almost not see them clearly, it was just too close to focus my eyes for a clear vision, but I knew. Everybody would know – if the other person wants you to kiss him/her. It’s just something lovers know, subtle things, sometimes obvious – the silent language of making out.

And he wanted it.

He wanted me to kiss him. Of that I was sure.

I was too frozen, stuck between my need, my want, that was so obvious and… the fear. Fear that we would be going far too deep. Nicholas had his own life, that didn’t necessarily include me. He was starting to date Alice. I wasn’t relevant.

I was just too overwhelmed with this new discovery in my straight life – that I also had a thing for males… that I really did not know what to do with this knowledge at this point.

So, I backed up a step, and suddenly, there was a foot of cold air separating us. No longer bodies squeezed together. It felt so wrong. I felt this instant surge of unpleasantness. I wanted to go back to hugging him, but…. I should not. I could not.

So, I remained at this distance.

“Nicholas… I have to go. I’m sorry.”

I could see the obvious disappointment on his face. He surely noticed that I rejected his attempt to kiss. He realized that I was trying to distance myself from him. He pursed his lips a bit, a bitter grimace on his face.

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