Unexpected Jungle Treasure

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By the third day in the jungle tempers were wearing thin. The oppressive sultry heat, dim light and impassible undergrowth made progress an agonizing ordeal. She struggled to recall just why she had been so anxious to make this trek and slowly it filtered back into her heat-addled memory: The years of research at the university, the long nights spent poring over dusty, crumbling texts, painstakingly teasing out their secrets, gathering the clues from arcane sources around the world. Clues that led her to the belief that this particular patch of trackless South American jungle was home to a priceless treasure lost to history.

And finally, the last piece had fallen into place when a reply to one of her many careful inquiries landed in her inbox. A professor at a respected college in England had also been on the same quest for as many years and a cautious partnership was forged. Now, after long months of preparation they were on the trail of the ancient artifact they were both sure existed, despite the skepticism of the scientific community.

He had been a surprise to her when they first met at the airport. Far from the dry academic he had seemed in his correspondence, he was lively and enthusiastic – even after a long, tiring flight. He was not a young man, but still fit and strong and he radiated a vital energy that she responded to immediately. They stayed up almost all night, too excited to sleep, making final preparations for the adventure ahead of them. His quick wit and probing intelligence further attracted her and made her think of what she might have missed all those nights of solitary research with only the company of her cat.

But now, those thoughts were far behind. Despite the stimulating conversations in the cool of their night camp, the brief moments of contact when he grasped her hand to help her over a fallen tree, even the anticipation of realizing the goal of years of painstaking research, conditions were so wearying that soon her only thought was to put one foot in front of the other. They began to snap at each other over trivial things. Was any prize worth this much agony? The last straw was a lost camera carelessly left behind at the last campsite and the prospect of going back for it was more than she could bear. They stopped for the day and she stalked off to find a moment of solitude – to try to get her bearings and restore some semblance of her original drive and excitement.

After walking a short distance, she noticed a splash illegal bahis of sunlight ahead in the murky jungle and pushed through ferns and vines, drawn to light like one of the gaudy moths that flitted about their lanterns at night. In just a few minutes she came to an astounding and most welcome sight. In a small clearing was a limpid pool. The water was so clear she could see to the black rocks in its depths. It was surrounded by moss-covered rocks and fed by a small splashing waterfall. Wild orchids draped their curling tendrils to the glassy surface of the pool and dragonflies hovered like brilliant jewels in the rare sunshine.

How could she resist after three hot, sweaty days? She immediately peeled off her damp clothes and stepped out onto an overhanging rock. The water looked deep and cool and so inviting. She dived off the rock and the water enveloped her at once, washing away her fatigue. It felt delicious – weightless and cool. She swam across the pool underwater and surfaced at the little waterfall. The water was only thigh deep there and she gloried in a stimulating shower – letting the water pour over her hair and body, sluicing down her breasts and back. She had no soap but rubbed her skin until it tingled, washing away the last traces of grime and her tension along with it.

Suddenly she had the distinct feeling she was not alone. She dropped down into the water up to her shoulders and scanned the shore. There, standing on the rock she’d jumped from was her colleague. He was still dressed in his dirt-smeared clothes and sweat still glistened on his skin, but he no longer had the tired, irritated look he’d worn for much of the last few days. He had clearly been standing there for some time. Watching her. Their eyes met across the pool and the fire in his gaze was unmistakable. She felt her skin begin to burn even under the water. Without breaking her gaze, he slowly undressed until he was as naked as she. With a last intense glance that sparked a sudden, melting heat low in her body, he tensed and sprang into the water.

She ducked below the surface and watched him slice through the clear water, a trail of silver bubbles streaming behind. He swam straight to her and without hesitation, took her face in his hands and pressed his mouth insistently to hers. They rose together, breaking the surface of the water still locked in that kiss. Water streamed down their bodies as she reveled in the sensation of his lips crushed to hers, his tongue illegal bahis siteleri probing her mouth, his hands tangled in her wet hair. At last they broke apart and drew back far enough to search each other’s eyes, looking for meaning, confirmation, permission.

After a long moment, she grinned and fell away from him into the water with a small splash and swam lazily away on her back, daring him to follow. He chuckled and let her swim away. Finally, he lunged into the water. She turned and made a quick dive down to the bottom of the pool. He followed with strong strokes. She felt his eyes watching her strong legs, her lean torso stretched beyond them and the long hair swirling across her back.

At the bottom of the pool she turned just as he reached her and his hands slipped around her slim waist. Her hands rested lightly on his shoulders and their bodies drew close. Her nipples grazed his chest and her inner thigh brushed his hip as he pulled her nearer. They floated in the water, suspended and weightless together in shimmering underwater light. They rose slowly to the surface to catch a breath and both decided not to speak, not to question the wisdom of what they were heading towards, not to deny the heat they felt building between them in that hidden pool.

They began an unhurried exploration of each other’s bodies as they floated in the pool. He moved behind her and cupped her soft breasts. She gasped as his fingertips lightly caressed the sensitive tips. He ran one arm around her waist and pulled her close. She could feel him aroused and pressing lightly against the small of her back. She turned in his arms and ran her hands down his chest and stomach. His muscular thighs were parted and her fingers were free to discover the length, hardness and shape of him. Their gentle explorations made him groan with desire. He spread his hands across her firm ass and pulled her closer still, licking the water that ran down her long neck. She sighed as his lips found her earlobe and gently sucked and nibbled at it.

They drifted towards the edge of the pool, where they could find some footing on the bottom and their bodies slowly emerged from the water into the warm air. He grasped her waist and lifted her onto a smooth rock covered with thick soft moss. Thoughts of lost treasure vanished as his body moved between her thighs and he pulled one nipple into his mouth, sucking and flicking it with his tongue. It was as if there was a burning line of canlı bahis siteleri electricity directly from that nipple to her pulsing clitoris. She arched her back and closed her eyes as he moved to the other nipple. If he did nothing more than that it would have been enough, but he didn’t stop there. Strong gentle hands moved down her back as his questing mouth moved down her belly. The hands slid around her hips to her inner thighs, encouraging her to open to him. She complied and groaned aloud as his tongue found its way to her aching core. Every teasing touch was like fire, inflaming her desire. His hands joined his mouth and when he pushed back the hood of her clit to feast on that tender nub she screamed aloud and came with violent convulsions. He held her firmly in his strong grasp and continued his attentions as she writhed helplessly beneath his mouth.

Finally his own passion aroused beyond endurance, overcame him and he climbed onto the mossy rock and entered her in one smooth thrust. He stopped for a moment as he struggled for control, both of them panting and trembling. As they calmed, their eyes met and she was overwhelmed by the raw desire she saw there. She wrapped her arms around his neck and they kissed deeply as he began to move in long, deep strokes. She felt the relentless thrusts of his hard cock as it slid into her, the angle of his motion perfectly aligned to meet to her most sensitive interior recesses. The world contracted. Nothing existed beyond the points where his body met hers; his lips kissing her face, his arms locked around her shoulders, his belly sliding across hers, his hips moving between her thighs and his cock driving her to another shuddering climax. As she felt his body begin to tense and shake to its own inexorable culmination the world contracted once more. Everything vanished except for his cock moving inside her clenching pussy and then that mystical moment came when that most intimate point of contact expanded to fill the universe and they came and came and came.

They had no idea how much time had passed when the world finally returned to its normal dimensions. They moved slowly together, gently caressing and kissing, happily bewildered at the unexpected perfection of their coupling. The light was beginning to fade, sunlight sliding up to the top of the tree canopy towering above them. They would need to get back to the safety of their camp before darkness fell and reluctantly pulled their bodies apart.

As they walked back to camp, they had no thought of the dangers or discoveries that lay ahead of them in their quest for the long lost treasure, but they both knew the quest had led them to an unexpected new treasure and that this would not be the end.

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