Unexpected Morning


Unexpected MorningUnexpected MorningWhen looked upon her eyes shined as if to radiate the passion for life which lay within. Eva stood in the cool morning air, her flesh tingling after the cold water of the lake. Every morning she took delight in the peace this sheltered lake gave her before the day really began. It made her feel centered and had the effect of purifying her of any worries she might have of what the day held in store. But as she stood there naked letting the suns spring rays dance on her body she was startled by a rustle coming from the trees!”Well it is not everyday I am lucky enough to happen upon a beautiful naked lady on my morning ride,” his polite manner unable to disguise the glint in his eye. Despite her timid glance she felt anger inside at having her morning ritual disturbed. Andre was out on his regular morning ride when he had taken a detour and found himself lost in the beauty of this spring morning.”Not even an apology!! At the very least you could avert your eyes”!! Eva’s anger at being caught now mixing with mild pleasure at having her shapely form gazed upon by this pair of soulful eyes. She felt perfectly in control despite her nakedness, fully aware of the effect her body had on men. Reaching for her riding trousers and shirt covering her perfect form she then strode towards her horse, which was oblivious to the situation and quite happily eating grass under her favorite tree. “You are right, I owe you an apology,” replied Andre after he had regained his composure at having this early morning treat. Just as Eva reached for her mare’s reign’s the horse spun and trotted towards Andre’s mount. “Thanks a lot, you do pick your moments,” Eva thought to herself.“I really am sorry; it wasn’t my intention to startle you. I seem to have gotten a little lost this morning! Tranquil place you have here.” He trotted over and handed Eva the reigns of her horse.” Would there be any chance you can give me some directions back to the main forest track? Then I will be out of your hair.” Placing her foot in the stirrup Eva swung effortlessly up on to her mares back, loosely taking the reigns in her slender fingers. “No problem, follow me up to the house you can see it from there. Confident rider are we?? No helmet or saddle?” “Angelica and I have been together a while now, she trusts me and I trust her. It gives us both a better sense kaçak iddaa of freedom, not to mention that she can stretch out more and make me work harder to keep my seat,” Andre said with a smile. Eva just now noticing the well fitting pair of Levis straddling the horses back, his toned physic pressing against an old white t-shirt. “Well let’s see just how confident you guys are together, if you beat Sienna and I back to the house you can have a coffee.” With that she gently squeezed her thighs together and with no further encouragement Sienna’s hooves dug into the dew soaked earth and they were off!As they both emerged from the trees Andre could see the house on the top of a little hill. The rough path they were galloping along leading to a gap in the fence before going up to the house. As Eva broke right following the path towards the gap Andre suddenly swerved left heading straight for the fence and a more direct route to the house. Dirt flying as both horses raced along, riders smiling but determined! “No cheating!!” Eva screamed after him just as Angelica’s front hooves left the ground, both horse and rider sailing effortlessly over the wooden fence and speeding towards the house.“Not fair young man, do you always cheat?” “Only when I haven’t had my morning coffee.” Andre replied with a cheeky smile. Eva’s stable girl came jogging over to take the reigns as she swung out of the saddle. “Morning Elisabeth, can you pop this young chaps horse in one of the guest boxes after cooling them both down.”“No problem.”“Well I suppose you better come in then, a deal is a deal after all.”“Well thank you, how very kind, beautiful place you have here.”Picking up her phone as they walked into the kitchen Eva checked her messages. “Damn, I can’t believe he has canceled again!!”“Nothing wrong I hope?” “No, it is just the second time this week my masseuse has canceled and I am going to be stuck in meetings all day!” “Ok this is going to sound a little strange but I actually work with massage. So why don’t I have a coffee whilst you shower then I can see what I can do for you?” Eva laughed.“Are you serious, do you really think I am that easy?”“I am serious, look here is my card with my website on pop it in your phone and check it out.”“Ok maybe you are legit, are you expensive?” “Well, you have been good enough to provide coffee so that should cover it I think.”“Ok then illegal bahis why not, give me twenty minutes to shower and get ready then meet me up stairs, second door on the left.”Striding up the stairs she entered the bathroom.Slipping her clothes off Eva admired her body in the full length mirror. “Not bad for forty,” she thought to herself. Running her fingers over her smooth skin, brushing gently over her breasts, nipples hardening as she thought of the fit young man waiting in her kitchen ready to massage her body. Stepping into the shower, the warm water easing her aching muscles, daydreaming about his strong hands releasing the tension from her body. Feeling herself getting more and more turned on as she slowly washed her tingling body.Andre finished his coffee and made for the stairs. Opening the door his nostrils filled with the smell of incense his eyes adjusting to take in the candle lit scene…..Eva lying on the massage table under a towel in front of an open fire the sound of the wood crackling…. “Hope you don’t mind the fire, I always like the room to be hot when I am massaged, the oil is on the side, I am all yours….”Slowly sliding the towel off her Andre admired the smooth body that lay before him. “Just relax you are in good hands, I am sure I can relieve that tension for you….” Starting to relax Eva felt her muscles start to release as her body sank deeper into the bench, his strong slippery hands working her flesh……..hands moving down her back working the knots out her firm body……the candlelight dancing off Eva’s glistening skin…as he moves closer to her pert buttocks she tightens…..”Breath,” he says in a soothing voice…As she relaxes her legs fall open feeling the damp warmth between her thighs….His hands sliding over her firm cheeks formed from hours in the saddle, releasing the knots.Hands slowly working down the outside of her leg her skin soaking up the warming oil…starting to work up her inner thigh his eyes can’t help but notice the smooth pair of moist lips framed by her perfect butt….the tips of his fingers gently brush over the her glistening lips….Eva lets out a soft moan as his fingers gently tease her… lifting her hips slightly to encourage him…wanting his fingers deep inside her….but he doesn’t respond. “If you role over for me,” he says rubbing her back. Rolling over on to her back Eva opens her eyes and bahis siteleri sees that Andre is stark naked next to her….she was right about his physic….. his hard body shining in the candle light before her……”close your eyes young lady and lie back”……lying down her body burning with desire…..feeling his electric energy next to her head, filling her nostrils with his scent as he starts to run his hands over her shoulders……strong hands moving down her body…..moving around her breasts……..her nipples already swollen with excitement, her body shakes as his fingers move over them…..teasing and sliding them between his strong fingers…..hands moving gently over her stomach down towards her open legs……..easing the oil into her soft skin…..just when she thinks his fingers are going to slide over her smooth wet lips he stops and runs them down the outside of her thigh……..lifting her leg he slowly starts to kiss along the inside of her thigh……his lips and tongue brushing over her sensitive skin…….lowering her leg his lips move closer towards her moist pussy ……..slowly moving his lips around the outside he kisses and licks his way over her flat stomach and up to her rock hard nipples……sucking a nipple into his mouth Eva gasps as his lips hold it tight…..flicking his tongue over its swollen tip!!Eva’s hips writhing as Andres hand slides down her body……. moving between her legs over the perfectly trimmed hair…..fingers gently opening her wet lips and moving up over her hard clitoris…….her hips press up as his fingers move over her.Releasing her nipple from his mouth he moves down the side of her body…..opening her legs he pulls Eva down the couch kissing along her inner thigh……this time his lips meet hers……she moans bucking as he strokes his tongue over her swollen clit……his finger moving inside her…..circling and stroking her g-spot with every pass….moving faster…..Eva’s forcing her wet lips into his face, panting……..her body electric every cell on fire……..white light fills her head….feeling like her body his about to explode……sucking her clit into his mouth, his tongue flicking over the top….finger moving faster…….the white light explodes behind her eye lids as her body goes rigid…..paralyzed with ecstasy.Lying there panting her body shining Andre covers her body with the towel. Opening her eyes she smiles, “ well that was an unexpected morning, thank you for the massage, I think you earned that coffee.”Andre smiles warmly, “well you have my card so any time you need a massage, I might even let you win the race next time. Have a great day!” With that he leaves The End

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