Unexpected Pleasures

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Jenn grabbed Doug’s hand as left their table to dance. Already, there were hundreds of people packed on to the club’s dance floor. The crowd seethed with the music. The pair moved with the crowd as they slowly pushed through the mass.

Having suitably immersed themselves into the throng, Jenn turned and began to move to the music. Doug followed Jenn’s lead. The drinks and the heat and the flashing lights of the darkened room soon left an otherworldly feeling impression upon Doug. It was hard not to keep from bumping into those around him. At times, it seemed that the only think keeping them up was the support of others.

Jenn and Doug found themselves uncontrollably bumping into each other as well. Doug didn’t mind. How could he? Jenn was as beautiful as anyone in the club. On this evening, she had chosen to wear a plain, black dress. Though the high neckline concealed any hopes for cleavage, bahis firmaları the high hem left plenty of leg in view. Doug looked down at Jenn’s legs as they danced. They were tan from the summer sun and the ever building sweat made them glisten in the light of the strobes.

Jenn now turned her back to Doug. Her hair brushed against Doug’s face. Suddenly, she fell into him. He caught her by the waist and pulled her back to her feet. He could tell that she was as affected by their drinks as he was. As time went by she brushed against him more and more. Soon, the constant rubbing had created its own effect upon Doug. He now tried to hide the hardness growing inside his pants, but it was challenging with Jenn’s repeated nudges. He didn’t want her to know the reaction she was creating.

Jenn turned around and looked Doug in the eyes. Without looking away, she grabbed his back and pulled kaçak iddaa him against her. He could feel the mounds of her chest against his. Now there was no hiding the his growing erection. He could tell by the look in her eye that she knew exactly what he was hiding. Her belly now pressed against him. Then she pulled her mouth to his and kissed him. He felt the wetness of her mouth in his. The feeling was overwhelming – the warm massage of her tongue in his and the pressure of her body against his.

Soon she slipped her hand between their bodies and felt his erection. She pressed her palm against its length. He could feel the explosion growing inside. If she was intending have a more noticeable reaction, then she was getting close to succeeding, he thought.

Then once again looking up at him, she began to slowly unzip the front of his pants. Suddenly, he remembered the crowd around them. kaçak bahis Sure, they were caught up in their own world, but what if someone noticed. Even more, what if someone cared.

But Doug was unable to stop her. His desire overcame his concerns and soon the warmth of her hand wrapped around his stiff shaft. He looked back at her and she had a grin on her face as she began to pump it up and down. Now his eruption was imminent, and there was no sign that Jenn wanted anything else than to make him cum. Then, he could hold back no more, and a rush of warmth shot through him, onto Jenn’s gratifying hand, and into the front of his pants. Jenn giggled and retrieved her hand.

She zipped up his pants and looked down at the small circle of wetness soaking through his pants. She then took her hand and rubbed it against her neck as if massaging out the stiffness at the end of the day. Finally, she took one finger and brought it to her teasingly to her mouth before sticking it inside and licking it.

Then, without speaking a word, Jenn grabbed Doug’s hand and led him off of the dance floor just as they had come.

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