Unfolding Dreams


All the characters involved in a sexual relationship are above the age of 18 years. This story is a prologue to my previous story- ‘An affair for life’. Hope you enjoy this. Comments both rude and good are always welcome so that I can improve upon my mistakes.


The waves of shyness were gradually drowning me. Sooner or still sooner, I was going to submit myself to his manly wishes. Yes, definitely we were in love with each other and he wished to take our relationship to the next level. His demands were genuine perhaps but I was conceived and brought up in a village. So sex before marriage was not in my list at least that was what I was taught.

Girls in my village had their taste of independence by going to school and that was all. Post school, they were packed off to their in laws. The laws were still worse when I was born some twenty years back when female sex was meant to toil at home grossly unaware of the existence of a school. The midday meals scheme had ushered in the female child into the premises of the school. My strong determination or the poverty in our family provoked my parents to push me a step further beyond education to establish a career. That was where my independence had come to a halt. I had been warned by my parents that they will decide my life partner. In other words, it was my parents who would decide whom I will sleep with.

I stood naked in front of the mirror of the room. I had a 32B sized breasts which stood perfectly over my chest but still untouched by a man. They looked fleshy and were silky to touch. The very sight or touch of these seductive melons would make my lover go wild. Thus they were now very vulnerable to be offered as a bounty to his lustful desires. Yes, certainly we had kissed a couple of times but the only time his hands moved to feel my soft mounds, I had to abruptly stop the intimacy.

“Sorry Rajib, I am not ready for this right now.”

A quest for job had landed me in this town and my shy attitude had encrypted my name in the rejection list in all the jobs that I had applied for. Fully disappointed when I finally planned to go back to my home, my tough luck had brought me to a beauty parlor and there I faced a woman in her late forties. She introduced herself as Maya and she loved it when I addressed her as ‘madam’.

Beautifying a person was new to me but as a girl I had a certain idea regarding cosmetics and that was what impressed Madam.

“It seems you have a lot to learn but then praise your luck one of my staff has left the job just a week ago so I can keep you for this job.” Madam said.

The salary she decided was meagre in comparison to the jobs I was searching for, but certainly just enough to make my both ends meet. She also made arrangements for my stay with Rita, the other co-worker at the parlor. The room was small with a bathroom but that had a roof that could take care of all weathers round the year. It was an eight hour job and a small hope in an ocean of disappointment.

Initially, Rita helped me a lot in blending out the herbals in the correct quantity, but then I was a fast learner. It took me a fortnight to be a favorite among the customers. It was during this time I realized that by owning a beauty parlor I could actually make a fair amount of money.

It was during these initial days that I first saw Rajib. There were no customers at that hour and Rita and I were into a light chat. Rajib entered into the room and asked in a hurry.

“Where is maa?”

Rita got up and greeted him with a namaste. I followed her steps with a still quizzical expression on my face. And that was when our eyes met.

“She is out to the market. She will come in a while.” Rita answered but he seemed unaware.

“Are you new here?” He asked with his eyes still fixed on me.

“Yes,” I was feeling uncomfortable.

“What’s your name?”

“Samita.” I answered in a blink.

I was justifying myself as to why did I disclose my name when madam entered the scene from nowhere and that broke his gaze of me.

“What’s the matter, Rajib?”

“Maa, I needed some money.”

“For what purpose?” Madam asked him.

“We friends are going out for a party.”

“How much?”

I studied the boy named Rajib. He was of average health, dark, well combed and well shaved boy. His accent was that of a convent educated. Most importantly, there was something in his look. I felt disturbed or it was a strange feeling that could not be described aptly. Nobody had looked at me before the way he had.

After an extensive bargaining between the mother and son, Rajib finally left the shop with the money in his hand. Just before he left the room, he looked at me again and this time with a smile. My eyes looked away.

Back in our room, Rita started a topic which I had a certain interest but could not inaugurate.

“Did you notice the way the boy was staring at you?”

I pretended as if I was unaware of the fact.

“Was he?”

“Yeah, I will bet a hundred rupees for that.”

“I could not make it out.” I continued escort lying.

“Seems he is interested in you,” she confirmed.

“That’s too much a conclusion from just a single meeting.”

“Take my word,” Rita winked her eye at me.

It was a difficult night to pass especially after such a discussion. Each time I closed my eyes, Rajib’s face would poke up. The cycle of entering my dreams proceeded for quite some time post-midnight. A single look had made my life restless and I was afraid of what the days to come had in store for me.

A message in my mobile greeted me the very next morning.

Good morning, Samita. I am Rajib and I got your number from my mother’s mobile though without her knowledge. I want to meet you. However, if you don’t want to meet me then it is okay but let not my mother know about this.

My heart skipped a beat. It seemed Rajib was interested in me and Rita seemed correct. Even my own doubts were confirmed by the message. But falling in love was not my cup of tea. Everything looked exciting but I had come to the town with a distinct aim to achieve greatness. I didn’t deem it necessary either to tell Rita or reply to the message. I went about in finishing the morning chores and get ready for the parlor.

Everything seemed normal at the parlor and so was the day. Rajib didn’t come to the parlor and I thanked God for it. It was not before night before the familiar message ringtone alerted me and I checked it to find the same number.

Hello Samita, it seems you are not interested in me but still can I call you or can you reply to my message. I am waiting for your reply.

Now I was feeling myself in an awkward position. These messages had to end somewhere. So I decided to write back.

Sir, I come from a poor family and I have to work hard to send money to my family. I don’t want to hurt your feelings but I don’t feel there is any reason that I should talk to you. Please forgive me.

A few seconds later there was another buzz in my mobile.

Don’t call me sir. Rajib will be okay. I am not hurt but thank you for being so open to me.

I didn’t reply to the message and then there was another.

Can that one reason for talking be friendship? Can we be friends?

I didn’t reply again, but deep within my conscience pushed me hard to acknowledge the fact that being silent was like expressing rudeness. It was a strange dilemma in my mind whether to accept his friendship or not.

The next day at the parlor at somewhere around five in the evening Rajib came along with a teenager. His mother, madam, was not present usually at this hour. He avoided my stare and looked at Rita instead.

“I have brought coffee and cakes for the three of us. Hope you are free.”

This was something new and Rita was taken aback by the offer. Her suspicious mind had come to the conclusion that it had something to do with me and she accepted the offer.

“Yes Sir. Actually we were feeling sleepy and thinking of ordering coffee.” She replied slowly.

I was surprised by her lie but remained silent instead.

The teenager poured in coffee in three paper cups and handed each one of us a cake before leaving the room. So it seemed Rajib had planned for the coffee even before taking our permission. It was obvious those were means to talk with me.

Rajib talked with both of us alternatively regarding our families and dreams. There was no way I could be silent as I didn’t want to create an awkward situation. By the time we had drank our last sip and ate the last bit of cake, I had disclosed to him about my family and my village. He looked at Rita again and asked her permission if he could get us a coffee again tomorrow. Rita accepted his invitation much to my dismay.

Once Rajib left the room, Rita gave me a smile and said:

“It seems your beauty has bowled him over completely. What do you think?”

“How do you conclude it so soon?”

“Oh this coffee and cakes incidence has taken place the first time in my entire career. The credit has to go to you.”

Rita’s detective mind was catching hold of something, the proof of which was being carried in the inbox of my mobile. I was getting a bit excited but had to control my excitement as my dreams were my top priority till then.

A month passed and the coffee breaks had brought both of us closer. Somedays Rita would escape herself and that would leave both of us together all alone. Being alone together was initially an unwelcoming situation but with time I became acquainted to it. Unaware to me, love was towering its presence in my mind and in another one month my eyes had started to crave for him during his absence.

Teenage hormones and first love often go together. Though late at the sunset of my teenage, but love finally popped its head in my life. Every moment spent together was precious and beautiful like an oasis in a desert or the first kiss of the glowing sun on a winter morning.

Three months from the date of our first meeting, the one-sided messages had suddenly transformed into both sides. It was izmit escort bayan on one such divine night I received a message from him.

“Can I call you?”

“Sure,” this answer was obvious.

We were desperate to talk but it could only commence after Rita was asleep. We talked for long and long till the birds chirped in the morning sky. I hardly got to sleep for three to four hours in a whole day and my fair skin developed dark circles under the eyes. But that didn’t halt the telephonic conversations.

And, then one day I heard the sounds of chewing from the other end.

“What is that you are chewing at this hour in the night?”

“I am not chewing anything, just kissing you on the lips.”

There was a silence on either end of the phone before I spoke up.

“Do you like them?” I asked.

“I am falling in love with them. Someday they will surely meet.”

“They?” I asked quizzically.

“My lips and yours,” he confirmed.

There was again a pin drop silence.

“I want to kiss you the next time we meet.” He continued.

Dawn was setting in and the phone got disconnected from my side without an answer. He didn’t dare to call back either to get an answer. There was an obvious excitement in feeling the lips of a man and disconnecting the phone was the best way in hiding it.

The next day was eventful. Madam had fallen down the stairs and sprained her ankle. There were only two customers to attend at the parlor and I rushed to attend her at her house. It seemed more of a responsibility than an obligation and Rita assured that she could manage the parlor.

“Bahuji (daughter-in-law), take care of your house.” Her familiar wink made me more nervous.

Madam was surprised but also pleased to see me. She complained that her son was not worthy of making a cup of tea and that she was falling short of ideas as to how to manage her house during her illness. Indirectly, she meant that I take over the household duties for this emergency period. In fact, I was more than ready to offer my services, of course for a lifetime.

I sat in front of her on the bed as she narrated the events leading to her fall. Her son, my love, stood behind me. When she finally finished, I excused myself on the pretext of making tea. She asked her son to show me the way to the kitchen. As he obeyed her, it left both of us alone on the way to the kitchen.

“Sami, the doctor said that there is nothing to fear but she will need bedrest.”

Rajib had christened my name to Sami.

“How many days?”

“At least for seven days. Never had I wondered that I will taste your cooking so early in life.”

Once In the kitchen he caught hold of my waist all of a sudden and turned me towards him. I made a desperate attempt to escape his embrace but then let go once my eyes met his. My heartbeat had reached a peak and I realized a kiss was the need of the hour. My lips had gotten dry but somewhere deep down in my pussy I was feeling some kind of wetness.

The tall man brought his lips closer to mine and said:

“You didn’t answer me last night, well it was today morning.”

“Your mother will doubt. Please leave me alone.” I had to conceal my feelings.

“Not before you kiss me,” was his firm reply as he gradually leaned his head onto me.

I was about to offer my lips when a familiar sound reached our ears. It was madam’s.

“Rajib, did you show her the kitchen?”

Our embrace got broken instantly as he answered back.

“Yes maa, just showing her the tea leaves and sugar.”

“Come here quickly.” She shouted back.

“The wicked world,” he murmured and left the room leaving me in all smiles.

His mother asked him to leave for college and Rajib obliged leaving me alone in the house. The kiss was still a distant dream. I went on to prepare tea for her and then prepared lunch for her. Madam had asked me to take lunch at her place and ask me to call Rita during the break for the lunch. I prepared lunch for the four of us. Madam was impressed by my cooking skills and she licked all her fingers post the meal. Rita left for the parlor again after the lunch and Rajib arrived for lunch only after his mother had fallen asleep. Of course, he had called me to confirm her whereabouts before coming.

Finally, we were alone to share our first kiss. It was the dining room. He caught me again by my waist and pulled me closer.

“I think you can’t escape me this time.” Rajib said.

“Neither do I want to,” I thought.

He brought his mouth closer to mine and I waited in anticipation for his touch. So, finally his lips met mine. There was a sense of urgency in him. Just as a hungry baby sucked at her mother’s nipples, he sucked on my lips. My soft breasts leant over his chest, while my hands held on to his back. My legs were getting weak and the familiar drops reappeared on my cunt. His lips moved over my entire face and all of my face bathed in the wetness of his saliva.

It was then I felt his hands moving from my waist to my boobs. It izmit sınırsız escort felt strange and I was not ready to submit myself completely to his carnal desires. The kiss was actually out of love and of course, I could not explain the wetness in my vagina. But then, I was not ready yet for my breasts to be handled by someone even if he was my lover. I broke the embrace and pushed him away.

He looked quizzically at me and said,” I love you.”

I wondered if that was a question or an answer.

“Sorry Rajib, I am not ready for all of this.”

“Okay, I got it. Can I taste your lips again? They are delicious”

I had suddenly lost my mood in all of it.

“First, finish your lunch. It’s already getting late.”

“Did you have yours?”

“No, I was waiting for you.”

“Wow that will be great. We can have our lunch together at my home.”

“Go and wash your hands while I serve the lunch.”

My seriousness was gradually melting back to normal. He obeyed me and was back in a couple of minutes. We had our first lunch together and it was just the two of us. There was innocence in the moment and I was enjoying every bit of it.

“How is everything?”

“Good. But your lips tasted better.”

“So what to do?”

“One more kiss after lunch, please and I promise my hands won’t go anywhere.”

My smile was back on my face and I couldn’t disagree to his suggestion. We kissed again and this time it was long and full of passion. His lips caressed mine more gently and delicately before our tongues met each other. I was getting wet again and this time it soaked my panties. My thoughts loitered to some thirty minutes back. Yes, his hands would have certainly felt good on my breasts. But, somehow I convinced myself to wait.

It was Rajib who finally broke the kiss sometime later.

“Please wait. I will come in a while.”

He rushed to the bathroom while I went on cleaning the table unsatisfied at his sudden withdrawal. His face looked tired when he came back a few minutes later.

“Sami, I am sorry to break the kiss and now I feel so sleepy. He apologized immediately.

“That’s okay.” I assured him.

“Will you come with me to the bed?”

There was this mocking smile in his face.

“Shut up. You look tired so better go and sleep. I have to go to the parlor.” I shouted back and he left the room to his bedroom.

I went on to check on Madam and she woke up hearing my steps.

“Did Rajib eat?”

“Yes madam, he had his lunch and has gone to sleep.”

“Nice. Then you go to your room and take rest.”

“Madam what would you like to have for dinner?”

“It’s okay. Rajib will bring something from the hotel. You go and take rest.”

I took leave from madam and proceeded to the parlor. Rita was alone and there were two customers in line. I preferred to stay there and help her out in managing the customers. After all the customers left the parlor, Rita and I were finally left alone.

“So did he kiss you?”

The question was a big surprise to me. How did she know? Is she in touch with Rajib too? I pretended as if nothing had happened.

“Why will he kiss me?”

“Now common, kiss is not a big deal. You both are in love with each other. You both must have been alone for a long time. Had I been in your place, I could have ended up in his bed. Damn, he is so cute.”

Yes I had been offered to sleep though in a jovial manner, I thought.

“At least his hands must have felt your boobs. Now, again don’t say no. This is so common for lovers.”

Now how was she so sure about our intimate moments! Was Rajib the culprit, I thought but didn’t let the guilt of being exposed come to my face. Instead I laughed aloud and replied.

“You are creating a fuss out of nothing, Miss Detective. Nothing of that sought has happened. It will be better if you write a book about the common things between lovers. “

“I wonder if you are telling me the truth. But I have seen lovers go out together and within a few months you find the girl’s breasts not fitting into the present bra size.”

Now was that true. Does fondling indeed increase the size of the breasts? I started wondering if Rajib would indeed play with my breasts it would certainly come to everyone’s notice. I tried to hide my curiosity.

“So when will your bra size change?” I veered away the topic into a new direction.

“Oh I would love to change, if Rajib takes me out.”

Now that was too much. I was not ready to share Rajib with anyone especially the moments of intimacy. I hid my anger and said:

“Spare him.”

We came back home after shutting down the parlor

I was caught in a morass of what was right and what was wrong but the conclusion that I drew from my interaction with Rita was that it was me who had behaved abnormally and Rajib was correct. People in big towns do believe that sex before marriage is normal and I am now a resident of a big town. I had to pace up like all the rest. I had to come out of my village girl mentality. There were a few more questions striking my head.

If my lips were indeed delicious, then why did Rajib break the kiss midway and rush to the bathroom? Did I breathe bad? Why did he look so tired when coming out that he proceeded to bed immediately?

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