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Disbelief. It’s the first reaction I had when I opened the door. It was quickly followed by excitement and an overwhelming arousal that almost brought me to my knees, not that he would have complained. The latter was a common reaction when he was around. Unfortunately, it was also something I hadn’t experienced in months. At least not with him this close. Lately, I had been reduced to phone sex and web cams to get off. Well, that and memories.

Malik’s job took him all over the globe for days, sometimes weeks, at a time. He was the primary account rep for a fairly new medical imaging company. They had proprietary equipment that was highly sought after in hospitals and with installation, training, and all the other details involved, each equipment install was guaranteed to take at least 6 weeks. I was incredibly grateful for today’s technology that let us be so close even across thousands of miles.

“Hi,” was all I could get out as I stepped aside to let him in, his 6’4″ size suddenly dwarfing everything around me. All I could see and smell was him.

I shut the door, purposefully locked it, walked over to the blinds and shut them, and slowly made my way back to where Malik stood, motionless, in my living room. My touch at his waist was all he needed to fly into action. Our mouths met in a tangle of heat and wet, dueling tongues as we tried to get closer to each other. My hands went to his nape pulling him down to me, his hands on my hips pulling me into his space. God, that’s what I wanted-to be in his space, consumed by him.

It’s always been like this, from the moment we first saw each other, strangers with a group of common friends, celebrating the end of Jason’s bachelor life. For me, the trip with Jason was meant to be our last hoorah, our last time together, the end of our long-time mutually beneficial relationship. We would go back to being ‘just friends’. For the guys, it was a time to do what guys all over the world do-try to show their boy a good time and make sure he knows exactly what he’s going to be missing. That might be why there were a couple of other girls on the trip too.

That was such a long, fantastic weekend. I met Malik minutes before we all left on the roadtrip. Having already started drinking that morning before being introduced, I gave him a more than friendly hug which he held for a more than friendly amount of time before I hopped in the limo taking us to one of the beach resorts a few hours away.

“He’s so big!”

This thought was followed immediately by the predictable curiosity of wondering if his size was indicative of what was in his pants. Little did I know how soon I would find out!

Alcohol was flowing in copious amounts and we were all having fun, watching Jason’s favorite porn on the limo TV and deciding which skin magazines had the best illegal bahis girls. As one of only three girls on the trip, it seemed my opinion was highly sought. While not bisexual, I have a healthy appreciation for beauty and beautiful women don’t escape my fascination. I was sitting between Jason and Malik, sharing my opinions on the girls, and listening to the other arguments the other 12 people were having over who was hot and who had to be totally airbrushed just to get on the glossy pages.

Have you ever sat between two gorgeous men, getting turned on with the intense maleness, the porn and naked women spread across the pages of a magazine? Maybe I shouldn’t say I was ‘sitting’. Sprawled is a better term. I had one thigh-high boot encased leg across Jason’s right thigh the other spread out in front of me and I was leaning into Malik. No doubt he had a fantastic view of my lovely breasts that were pushed up and spilling over the edge of my bustier. Jason had his hand on my thigh, caressing it as we chatted. Nothing overtly sexual but, knowing him, he was getting turned on by the second. What guy wouldn’t? There’s porn and a live half-naked girl who was enjoying looking at naked women in magazines. Occasionally, I would push Jason further by catching his eye and ‘readjusting’ my leg, making sure to graze the inside of his thigh, letting my leg stroke down it slowly before settling back again. The looks I got back spoke volumes. I would pay for pushing him.

Malik was engaging in his own subtle torture. He would lean in to look at whatever I pointed out and offer his opinion. It seems he always had to do it with his mouth just millimeters from my ear so when he spoke, his low voice rumbled across me. When he spoke it was like a direct path to my clit, teasingly flicking it to keep me on edge. My pussy was on fire.

This went on for a few hours. We made stops along the way. An adult bookstore, a titty bar where I won the amateur contest they were having, another bookstore. After stopping for dinner, we piled back in the limo, with almost the same seating arrangement as before. A few people repositioned. Not me. I was still between Jason and Malik and determined to turn the action up.

One of the guys put on another video but muted it and put on different music. It was time to dance! Now, I know you can’t tell from this story but I’m usually pretty shy and reserved. Like others I know, I love to dance but have to be somewhat intoxicated to actually do it in front of people. This was one of those times when I had enough to drink that I had no problems letting my exhibitionist nature out.

I opened the moon roof and stood up to dance. And to anyone driving by, I probably looked like a total moron dancing through the moon roof but at that moment, it didn’t matter. I was lost in the music and being illegal bahis siteleri so aroused and unable to do anything about it. Sex in public wasn’t a problem for me. Sex in front of a dozen witnesses wasn’t something I was looking to do. Not tonight. But, I realized, I was an expert at quietly getting off in groups. Ohhh, a fantastic idea had struck.

Sliding back down into the limo, I straddled Jason, who wasted no time sliding his hands under my little black skirt to my ass. He squeezed and separated my ass, sliding his fingers between my cheeks to graze my rosebud then back around to my hips and down to my pussy where he moved his thumbs back and forth across my heated lips. I leaned back, with my arms behind me resting on Jason’s knees, breasts thrust in the air, and gyrated. The movement of my hips caused my pussy to move against Jason’s thumbs, where he would occasionally tap or circle my clit. At the same time, Malik was getting to see my pussy since I had soaked through my sheer pink g-string. Appreciation and lust was in his eyes. Maybe he likes a girl shaved smooth?

Leaning up, into Jason, eyes on Malik, I whispered, “Make me cum.” It was an invitation to them both although I wasn’t sure Malik would understand. When Jason’s thumbs came to rest on either side of my clit again, I started moving on him. Slowly, not trying to draw more attention. At the moment, the guys all thought he was getting a lap dance and were egging things on. I guess he was but I didn’t care about him at that moment. The increase in noise level was perfect for me as it would mask any sounds I couldn’t control.

My hair fell down my back in curls, to my ass. Leaning back on Jason’s legs, pushing my pussy into his thumbs, I could feel my hair brushing across my lower back. It was like another hand, lightly stroking. Then I felt something else, something really stroking. Malik was running his hand across my back, dipping into my skirt to caress my ass, moving up my back.

“Ahhhhh. He understood!” I cheered to myself.

While I was cheering inside, he had worked the fastenings loose on my bustier so now I was gyrating on Jason in thigh-high boots, a mini skirt and a strapless bra. No complaints. From anyone. The group behind me now had a view of me from behind, bouncing around on Jason’s lap. There were definitely no complaints when Malik started caressing my breasts. My boobs are incredibly sensitive so when he started brushing his fingers across my nipples, I knew I was close. Reaching down, I slid my g-string aside and, looking at Jason, whispered for him to finger fuck me. I could feel his dick against my ass. He was so fucking hard. I hated that he and I wouldn’t be together anymore. We knew the others’ buttons and could get off with little time and effort.

Malik sat back, enjoying the show. canlı bahis siteleri I would glance over and see him, eating me with his eyes. I put a little more action into what I was doing, loving how he would get that sexy grin on his face as my breasts bounced in reaction to what my hips were doing. He had to readjust himself when I reached behind me and unclasped my bra and tossed it at him.

While working my hips in circles on Jason’s lap, I cupped my breasts and started playing with them, lifting one then the other to my mouth to lick my nipples and suck and bite them, teasing Jason as he was so impatient to get his own taste. And teasing Malik, not sure if I could push him any further without him breaking.

Giving into Jason, I leaned close so he could have his turn. Nibbling, he made his way to the underside of first one breast, then the other, back and forth sucking with different pressure. Driving me crazy. Then he would take a nipple in his mouth, lave it with his tongue and give me a teasing bite. After he had done this five or six times, he changed the intensity, pushing me closer to the edge. Me, leaning against his chest, moaning in his ear, begging him for more while watching the effect I had on someone else. Jason’s fingers between my lower lips were more deliberate, grinding, until with one final thrust from him and a hard biting twist on my nipple, I came on his hand. The only one who heard was Malik.

Taking Jason’s fingers from between my legs, I cleaned each one before kissing him. It was slow and deep and full of all the passion we had shared over the years. But at that moment, we let go. It wasn’t our time anymore. He was getting married. For the rest of this weekend, I would celebrate with him as his friend, not a bed buddy.

After pulling all our clothing back together in a semi-decent fashion, I sprawled back in my seat in the same position-leaning against Malik, who draped his arm around me and began to tease me. Oh, how the man could tease.

Not giving me time to relax from that intense orgasm, he began whispering to me. He described how sexy I looked dancing through the moonroof, with my hands skimming my body, moving to the deep rhythm of the music. His desire was palpable as he told me what he imagined doing to me. As he spoke, his hand was somehow on my skin again, teasing my waist, the edge of my breast, the underside of my arm. I couldn’t help it-the combination of his touch and his words made me want to rip his clothes off.

He kept at this for what seemed like hours. In reality, it was probably 45 minutes. By that time, we arrived at the beach house and unloaded from the limo, running in to claim bedrooms. As I was running up the stairs, I felt a smack on my ass, followed by a squeeze. Looking down, I saw Malik. Damn. A single look and I knew I would be sharing his bed for the weekend. Not that I was complaining.

* * * * * * * * *

So that’s the end. What do you think? Should I continue? Was it horrible? Let me know. Constructive feedback is welcome, lame destructive feedback isn’t.

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