Subject: Unintended Consequences Hey Mick, So I just couldn’t figure out where to begin when we were talking the other day, I wasn’t trying to be evasive there was just not a way to begin. So here we go, you know that Derrick was super into football and working out since he started high school. So the first thing I noticed and changed was when he didn’t even bother going out for football this year. Now, I know kids are kids blah, blah, but, that boy loved football and being on the team. At first I chalked it up to him maybe finding out what makes his dick hard. I remember what you were like when you finally started understanding why you really liked wrestling and how much harder (HA!) it became to keep yourself in control in the locker room and on the mat. I was really unhappy when you decided to hang up your singlet, then catching you and dad in the middle of your “big talk”. Damn that memory still turns my crank. So anyway, the next big red flag was that he really started to change the way he dressed. It was sort of gradual at first and I thought it was he was maturing. But the shift was so weird it was concerning. Derrick was never super into staying dressed and after he started working out it was even worse. You remember summer before last, when we went to the lake, he was wearing that practice jersey and those shorts from football camp. I swear it looked like he was wearing his peewee uniform, as he strutted around showing off his hard work in the gym. It looked like his big ass was chewing it’s way out of those practice shorts every time he walked. And really that was kind of the change, he slowly started hiding his body more, well, really just his upper body. At first it was a nice break from living with a mini you, only that was my son and who wasn’t so eager for my cock as you. (well, any cock, right;)) It was a relief not having to hide my big fucking boner every the time he was around. So after a few months of this there’s no other real changes, his shirts kept getting bigger and more lose fitting but nothing else until he sort of casually drops that he wants to visit the doctor but won’t tell me what about. After several assurances that he was ok, I made the appointment for him. He wanted to go to the appointment alone but would *let* me pick him up. (kids right) Anyway, so I go to pick him up and the doctor wants to see me. We go into his office and he starts in on how he’s really very healthy and in great condition even for a boy 10 years older, at this point I was kind of freaking out “Look Doc I need you to cut to the case, I’m starting to get real anxious here, my boy’s kind of all I got.” “Your son has a rather unusual case of gynocymastia. Most likely from a combination of his age and a few muscle growth supplements he was taking.” After some more explanation and assurances that it was mostly just cosmetic, Derrick and I went home. He went straight up to his room. I let him be for an hour or so figuring it was like when I told you I knew you were fucking dad and you freaked out. We’d have a much better conversation when he was settled with what was happening to him. Finally I go up to his room, the doors open a crack so I just push it open and there’s my son, my hot, kind of hairy muscled up boy standing in front of his mirror in those same damn lace up shorts that are obscenely to small not, they cant even really be laced up anymore and the legs of the shorts don’t even reach the bottom of his ass by several inches. But what does he have in his hands? Tits, my hot assed worked out son has cupped in his hands 2 of the most perky, full sized hairy tits on top of his meaty pec’s. His new tits had large round areolas with meaty paps. They took me aback a bit, but while I stood there a minute unnoticed looking a him appraising his body I noticed two things simultaneously, first that derrick was rock hard and leaking in his tiny practice panties and I was doing the same in my work pants. I swear to good it was the most insanely hot thing I’ve ever seen an amazing work of art. It was all at once hard square adult muscle wrapped up in youthful glowing skin, high round curves of hair flecked bulk massive heavy slabs of worked out pecs, thick and square on the outer edge but seductively sloping into ample downy breasts. I realized in the second that my son was in possession of the most perfect body I’d ever seen. I knew then the path I was going to go. It was a few seconds later that he noticed my reflection in the mirror. Staring at him in a daze of feelings. “I’m sorry dad, I know you think I look gross, like some freak. I know I should have read the warning labels and probably not mixed them together. Now, You know everything.” “No Derrick I have a medical explanation, now I want yours.” “I just started off wanting to be bigger, bulkier like you and uncle mick, I wanted enough gains to start varsity as a junior then this started happening and that was shot. Then the big shirts, escort bayan compression t’s and binding with and ace bandage to hide them. It’s the main reason I quit football. Can you imagine what those guys would do if I showed them all my body, like this.” “It would be a total mad house in the shower. So, that’s some of the why, what, when and where that only leaves how and the rest of why.” He considered what I’d said. “Its, well I made it, into a lotion. One short tracks your recovery time like a natural steroid, the other helps build and repair tissue 4 X faster and the third one was to minimize stretch marks and skin issues and used soy and a few other botanicals that it turns out mimic estrogen. The reaction was fast after I got the mix right, you just rub it in before you work out and lift away!’ “Now we get back to why….” “I told you what I wanted to…” “NO. WHY. DID. YOU. KEEP. TAKING. THEM.?” As we were talking I was slowly closing the distance between us, putting my hands on his shoulders pulling his arms down to his sides. He was a little resistant at first, then finally releasing his chest to just let his arms hang down. Starring straight into my eyes “Gains, it felt good. My body felt alive” “And when you grew these amazing tits? Why keep going, they must have gotten considerably larger as you went on.” I wrapped arms around him running my hands up his taut abs up to his chest, cupping them in each hand, lifting them, feeling their weight. His eyes stilled bore into mine but had taken on a glossy sheen. As I lifted them, my fingers ran across his swollen pulpy nipples, bringing a soft moan from his lips. “I like them’ He gasped ‘they feel really good. And I figured they would go away when I stopped” I was openly feeling him up now running my fingers thru their light fur as he said this I was slowly compressing Derricks breasts feeling their weight and how very natural it seemed that they would be backed by muscle. He closed his eyes and my thumbs closed on his nipples he arched his back in clear and frank sexual pleasure. This ground his sweet ass into my thigh and brushed the edges of my more than ample meat before catching himself. “But you didn’t stop, did you? You wanted to keep ‘em for a little bit, show’em off a little too, even if it was just for you. I can see why, they are pretty. You always liked to show off your body but now you seem kind of ashamed? But, I mean, you kept taking the stuff to make them grow, what gives?” “you really like them daddy, I do too, they feel, I don’t know, sexy I guess. But nothing fits me right. I have to wear these baggy shirts and stuff because I have these huge muscle tits.” He said, sounding every bit his teenaged self, looking at them in the mirror. He broke eye contact for the first time to lay his hands over mine giving his tits a firm squeeze. As I looked at him I noticed that his cock was hardening along his thigh again, like he was seriously turned on by himself, at least his supplements hadn’t damaged any of his growth in that area as far as I could see. “well baby boy, if you want to see how it goes, I can try and order some thing’s for you so you don’t look like you re trying to hide a pregnancy all summer. Would you like that?” He quickly spun around in my arms and threw his around my neck, I realized that I hadn’t had a real hug from him in a long time. This time how ever, after the comfort ebbed I felt something else. I realized I could feel his firm, unencumbered breasts against my chest as my hands slid down his broad back and came to rest on the top curve of his round ass. Mick, when I tell you my boy in that moment, pushed every deep crazy sexual button I thought I had, it was all I could do to not just flip him on his back right there. Thankfully after about a minute he pulled back, sort of panting. Naturally my eyes went down to his tits “thanks Dad, I really appreciate it.” I nodded still watching them sway as he stepped back “Hey Pops, my eyes are up here.” He said laughing. “Sorry son, it’s ugh, been awhile.” I said winking at his smiling face. “You um really like them hngh dad?” he said arching back, pressing his pelvis against mine. I opened my hands to grab him so he didn’t fall and got two handfuls of the most amazing ass. I kid you not I could have cum right then. It was like when you pulled your shoulder at the end of senior year and couldn’t work out for a while, man you were so hard and sort of soft at the same time, I couldn’t stop fucking you, like that only, you know my boy. Total mind trip. My head was really noisy with everything bouncing through it then full white noise. Derrick pulled my head forward and was kissing me right on the mouth, this was a lovers kiss, hungry with need. “Whoo damn buddy.” I said pulling my mouth back a little. “Sorry, Daddy…Dad I didn’t mean too…sorry.” He was trying to squirm out of my arms. I gripped his ass tighter at the bottom of his shorts pulling him kocaeli escort bayan up into me. “It ok baby, it’s all good, Daddy just likes to drive is all.” I dove back into his mouth and griping him tighter. As we made out I pulled on his ass grinding into him feeling the creamy skin hanging out of the bottom of his shorts. I could feel the straps of his jock and let my fingers follow them to the center. I could feel him lips were puffy and as I dug my finger into him I felt what seemed like lube and maybe something else. “You had someone up in here baby? You let someone inside you?” I asked, sounding more than a little angry, feeling suddenly really possessive. “NO, no daddy, no I, I promise” He said clearly afraid to ruin what was happening “It’s, it’s the lotion, it’s made my hole, I don’t know… I can’t stop playing with it. It makes me feel so good.” “Shhhh, shhhhh. Its ok baby, your uncle’s the same way. Turn around and let me see that little pussy.” As he turned around he asked about you, “Wait Uncle Mick went through this too?” “Not quite the same but you can talk about it with him later, first I need to………….. DAMN, I’m real glad you kept these little panty shorts. This ass is incredible.” I pulled his tight shorts down over his full cheeks, I had to pull pretty hard to get them to the tops of his thick thighs. “damn son, you are really stacked.” I ran my hands all over his supple skin and up his back and down his sides. His ass was so full you couldn’t even see the straps underneath them. I yanked the shorts the rest of the way down, tugging them over his sturdy thighs. As he stepped out of them, I ran my fingers up the inside of his thighs feeling his baby smooth skin and pulled his milky globes apart. I caught my first glimpse of his tight knot. I didn’t even try to stop my self from taking a swipe across his hole with my fat tongue and that first taste was like heaven. You know how I love to eat pussy and I really went to town on Derricks sweet hole, I sucked and chewed, tongued and jabbed his hot cunt as it bloomed open and I swear he was getting as wet as his ma did when I chewed hers. “do you always get this wet baby?” I said scooping up what was running down his thighs, I stuck my fingers in my mouth, sweet and meaty and unbelievably hot. When I didn’t get an answer I swiped it again and stood up behind him and looked at him in the mirror. There was my sweet little boy, standing in front of his mirror in a dripping wet jock strap, legs apart playing with his muscle tits and all the while nodding his head. I stuck my fingers in his mouth and he started sucking on them at the same time, he started trying to grind his hole against the lump in my pants. “hang on baby, let me get these pants off, I don’t want to stain them.” I reached down, undid my belt, shrugged them off my beefy ass and stepped out of them and toed off my shoes, straightened out my cock as best I could in my briefs. With the other hand I dipped a finger in his slick wet hole and brought it back to his mouth for him. He pushed back into me, grinding his hole on my cock like he was trying to get it inside his by osmosis. His evident desperation pushed us back onto his bed. We tumbled on to the bed together, making out and feeling each other up. I slowly inserted a finger in side him, making him squirm on my hand. I rubbed his juicy hole, feeling the swollen lips “Show me. Show me what you do that makes your pussy so swollen.” He blushed a deep crimson and tried to turn a way. “Show be Baby, show me what you do to get off.” He hesitated a minute before reaching under his mattress and pulling out a smallish dildo, a smooth black one that used to belong to his mom. It was fairly slim and smooth not much thicker that 2 fingers and a 4 or 5 inches long. I was happy you’d taken the real big ones after she passed or who knows what state that tight pussy would have been in. he turned away from me and started running the tip around his dripping lips. “here sweet boy, straddle my legs and face that mirror and show me. Show your daddy what you like.” Blushing, he got into position, his jock soaked thru, staring into me in the mirror as he twirled the tip around his cunt then brought the tip to his mouth and sucked it in, getting it really wet. Then, right there straddling my lap my sweet little boy pulled the wet dildo out of his mouth with a soft pop and staring straight into my eyes, slid it inside himself. It was the lewdest thing I’d ever seen. It set my blood on fire, watching him pleasure himself, grinding on the rubber dick and playing with his tit. I reached around and grabbed his free tit, feeling its heft and the taught muscle underneath. He let his other tit loose and reached down and I thought he was going to free his weeping cock but he keep going down between his legs. Then I felt his hand pull on the waistband of my briefs tucking them under my full balls. kocaeli escort As he sat back down my thick shaft laid right in between his cheeks. “you look so sexy baby, I love you.” I whisper in his ear as I watch him grind on top of me like a porn star “you want more baby? You want Daddy to really open up you up? Need me to bust your pussy open with my cock?” “please, PLEASE DADDY. Fuck me daddy, fuck my pussy.” “That’s my baby, that’s daddy’s sexy little muscle boy. Now raise that pretty ass up some for daddy” As he lifted up I let the dildo fall out of him on to the floor, and when he was about all they way up I pushed the head of my cock against his pulsing ring. Then grabbed his shoulder and slowly pulled him back down. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful as watching him sink down into my lap stuffing my almost foot of dick inside him. He struggled some with my size as it pushed aside some parts of him that had ever moved, then the last few inches trying it get it through that second sphincter, deep inside. It was tight as a drum but he was determined to take it all, he bounced a bit and wiggled his ass around until finally he rested that sweet ass in my lap. “Fuck baby, that muscle pussy was just made for Daddy’s cock. You’re so fuck hot inside, so tight around my big dick.” I pushed up into him looking for signs from his body he was ready. On the second thrust he reach down and pulled his ass as open as he could trying to get even more cock in side him. That was all I need to know he was ready for some real fucking. I pulled him down on his side facing the mirror. My cock sliding out most of the way as I tossed of the last pieces of clothing I had on and pulled his leg up to my shoulder. I grabbed his thick thigh and pushed all the way back in watching his eyes flutter as I lobbed my meat inside of him ” look there baby, look at how much fat dick your Daddy has inside your pussy” He looked in the mirror as I slowly started pulling my cock out of him, his mouth hanging, open tongue caressing his puffy lower lip as more of my steely cock pulled from his clutching hole. His pussy lips already deep pink and puffy were now griping my shaft as I pulled, finally bulging on the thick rim that flares out from the head and they chewed the head trying to keep me inside. ” Oh Daddy, put it back, fuck me, fuck my…” “Say it baby, It’s ok, Daddy love you and loves it..” nudging the head at his opening, letting him feel it leak inside him. “my pussy, fuck my pussy Dad.” “That’s it son, I’m proud of you, life will go a whole lot easier for you if you admit what you want and are honest with yourself. Now open up that sweet pussy baby boy Daddy’s coming in” I pushed forward popping my swollen head past his elastic ring and felt it chew on my knob trying to suck me all the way in. I moved back and forth massaging the hole with my thick ridge, leaking precum in to him like a sieve. Then I pushed back his thigh feeling the taught muscle and drove7 inches into him in one steady thrust. My large knob drilling right into his swollen prostate, causing him to whimper in time with the hits. I dropped his leg and flipped him onto his stomach, I grabbed his pillow and shoved it under his hips to make sure had the most access then started to work his second sphincter back open. I gave it the same treatment as the first one making sure it would always remember to open for me. When it was wide open again I sank the rest of the way in, soaking my fat cock in the moist heat of my youngest boys sweet cunt. I felt like I was 20 feet tall with 3 feet of dick, so powerful and manly. I was determined that he would never forget this fuck. For the next 30 minutes I slowly but firmly long dicked my boy as a stream of incoherent moans and whines fell from his mouth, making love to his sweet pussy. My sweat raining down on his back as I leaned over him spilling a steady stream of filth from my mouth of all the things I was going to do to him, how I was going to let you and his brothers fuck him all weekend, maybe take him to see his football coach and make him showoff his pretty body ect. Stoking my fire and his. I fucked almost all the way off his bed then pulled him up and pushed him in front of his mirror. He braced his arms on either side as I continued to plow his cunt. I grabbed his tits, squeezing the thick nipples between my knuckles. I could tell he was close to coming and I let myself get there with him. His wet cock had fallen out the side of his sodden jock and flung milky precum like webs around his feet. “look at my pretty little pussy boy, stuffed full of his Daddy’s cock, muscle tits bouncing away. Open you eyes baby and look at yourself” As he opened his eye I felt the spasms start, his pussy trying to choke off my cock inside him, then his cock shot off soaking the image of us in his mirror with thick globs. That’s the image that flipped my trigger, flooding his insides, his little brothers looking for a way to knock him up. Even as I unloaded in him that though reignited my passion and I know we weren’t through for the night. By the end of the night, I knew I wasn’t yet ready to share him. But after talking to you yesterday I knew it was time to share.

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