University Blues Ch. 04

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Disclaimer: the following is a work of fiction. It may contain scenes of violence, bondage and/or sexual situations which may or may not be consensual, and is intended for adult readers only. All characters portrayed in this story are adults. This work in not for profit and is intended as entertainment only. The author does not support or encourage violence or humiliation towards women or anyone. Characters in this story are fictional and not based on any person living or dead, and are not meant to infringe on any existing characters in other literatures.


Tom Brown, teacher in the history department at Penndale university, was entering his second week of courses and already, as far as he was concerned, he had made history – at least on a personal level. Given how much he had enjoyed in his new sexual partner’s company – the delicious and devious Myriam Holt, who also happened to be one of his students – Tom was living a fantasy many times dreamt of, but never truly expected. The impropriety of this relationship was not lost on him, but he couldn’t simply ignore his desires, not when she kept on teasing him (and honestly, he was doing the same).

Everything would have been perfect had Tom not been bothered by the personal trials of his friend and mentor, Dana Foster, whose relationship was breaking down. Several times in the past weeks, Tom had managed to comfort her over conversation, and he felt proud of this accomplishment, even though he hoped to do more.

It was a strange feeling, between torn between pleasure and pain every moment of the day.

On the Tuesday morning, as he was getting up, Tom checked his phone and saw a message from his younger lover.

MYRIAM: I’m ready now. Carry a condom on you at all times, just in case.

He paused, rereading the text twice. He replied immediately.

TOM: Results back already?

MYRIAM: Yes. All good.

The response came back quickly, and it made Tom smile. They had agreed to get tested for STDs before pursuing their physical relationship further. Still, she would only have gotten tested yesterday. Could she get results in less than 24 hours? Somehow, this wasn’t clear to him.

TOM: That fast?

MYRIAM: Went at 8AM yesterday. Because it’s important.

TOM: Ok.

MYRIAM: See you in class.

That would be at 10:30. Tom hurried dressing, suddenly eager to get to school. He realized he didn’t own any condoms – however, he remembered that his friend Porter had tossed one his way in the minivan encounter, one which he hadn’t used. He looked for it – finding it on the top of his dresser. He pocketed it before heading out.

Dropping by his office, Tom didn’t cross paths with Dana, not that it surprised him. He did notice on the messageboard that her morning class has been cancelled. Concerned but unable to do anything about it, he headed to his own classroom, walking in and making a conscious effort not to stare in Myriam’s direction. Luckily, she sat at the back of the class and kept mostly to herself, as most students in the back did.

In fairness to his worries, it did seem like Myriam was not expecting any form of preferential treatment in class. Of course, this was only their third such meeting, and it might show up only later when quizzes became an issue. As for now, she participated in group exercises, she never volunteered an answer (though that was hardly surprising since more than half the class didn’t) and she made no disruptions. The roughly two hours of class went by without Tom even thinking on the events of the weekend, too caught up in his material.

When he called the end, Tom went to check his phone. She had dropped a message his way at some point. He was glad he hadn’t checked earlier.

MYRIAM: I’m not wearing any.

The image associated with the message was taken between her legs. She had chosen to sport a short skirt today, and the picture plainly presented her lack of panties. Even though he had told her school was off-limits for their unusual relationship, he didn’t mind. Still, he decided to delete the picture, but he stopped right before doing so. He would keep it until he got home, transfer it to his hard drive and then delete it. Sneering, he walked her walk out of class without acknowledging him.

After chatting up with a few students who wanted some insight on their upcoming first exam, Tom headed back to his office. He walked in on his roommate and mentor on the phone. Quickly, she hung up after spotting him, barely saying goodbye to the person she was talking to, as if she had been caught doing something illegal or inappropriate. Tom, mindful of her current well-being, said nothing as he headed for his desk.

“Hi Tom,” she called him out.

“Dana. What’s up? How are you doing?”

As he spoke, Tom carefully placed his phone out of reach, given what was currently on it. Dana, unmindful of this, answered.

“Better. Better than Sunday, and much better than Saturday evening.”

“Glad to hear it.”

He turned around to face canlı bahis şirketleri his computer, telling himself that he had done his good deed, but she kept on talking, so he swiveled back in her direction.

“You know,” she said, “it really meant a lot that you would call.”

“Anyone would have done the same.”

“You know, it’s really weird.”

“What is?”

“That I would call you.”

There was no judgement in those words, only calm revelation which made Dana’s eyes wander, staring nowhere in particular. Tom waited for her to explain herself.

“I mean, I could have called my parents, other friends… my first thought was to call you.”

“Well, I’m flattered.”

“You should be,” she said with a smile.

She turned away to her computer, so Tom assumed she was done, swiveling back. When she continued chatting, he didn’t flip around immediately, wanting to know where she was going with this argument.

“When Randy came over on Saturday night, I was really… well, horny, to put it plainly. I don’t know why. My hormones were through the roof. And I’ve been with him for so long – well, it was easy to figure it out.”


Tom only half-turned towards her as he mostly acknowledged her comment. The conversation was making him uncomfortable.

“And of course, it would have been a bad idea. He went as far as kissing me, and then, I saw her face – you know, the one we had a… well, the one he fucked while I was watching.”

“And it turned you off,” Tom hazarded.

“God no! I wish it had. I kept seeing her face and the way he was pleasing her – lord, I wanted that to be me.”

The awkwardness was there, but not as much as Tom would have anticipated. Perhaps his last few weeks with Myriam had loosened him up – and hearing his mentor speak thusly wasn’t that shocking, to be fair. She was a woman, a mother, and a lovely person, beautiful and smart.

“But I pushed him away, sent him off – of course, he stole my phone. Claimed it was an accident.”

Tom fully turned his chair around. He noticed that Dana had taken off her glasses and was playing with them through her fingers.

“What can I do to help?” Tom inquired.

It wasn’t that the story or her plight or emotions had no interest, but Tom was a practical man who wanted to provide concrete assistance. She knew this of him, sometimes commending him, sometimes chastising him. In this case, she did neither.

“Just… listen, please.”

“Ok. Go ahead.”

She paused, considering her words, as if what she was trying to say was hard to express. She stood up, heading for the door and leaning against it.

“So Randy’s gone. I’m all alone at my place. Bitter. My son’s at my mother’s. And I’m still feeling anxious and… well, horny. So I let my mind wander, and I feel so alone… and then I think of you.”

“Of me? You called me.”

“Yep. But Tom… listen.”

He leaned forward, emphasizing his empathy.

“I am listening.”

“You’re not hearing though. All right. I’ll spell it out. I was looking for… companionship. You know. I was horny.”


Tom froze, unable to reply for a long moment. She stared and smiled awkwardly at him. She continued before he could gather his thoughts, hopeful to explain himself.

“I mean, I get it. You’re one of the few male friends I have, and you’re handsome. We get along great. You are kind and sympathetic, and you’ve been supporting me, so it makes sense I’d think of you. I do like you.”

“I like you too,” Tom awkwardly replied.

“Anyway… I just needed to explain myself. I don’t know if that makes sense.”

“It does. I guess.”

She smiled at him as he lowered his head, considering. The tension of the moment was defusing and her confession hadn’t seemed too stressful – as if she knew he would understand and respect her.

Except something rattled at the back of Tom’s mind, almost haunting, and he aired it out.

“So… you were looking for intimacy and you thought of me.”

“Yeah,” she repeated without too much hesitation.

“And you didn’t have my cell so you took your car, drove here, left a message on my voicemail…”

“Yeah,” she continued, shyly laughing about it.

“And you didn’t think to just log onto your computer at home to check it out?”

She didn’t answer, lowering her head, realizing the situation. She laughed further, aware of how she sounded.

“I guess I didn’t.”

“So you really were… um… preoccupied?”

“Yes. Yes I was.”

She hadn’t moved from the door, still leaning against it; she bit her lower lip as Tom stared at her.

“So what did you do?”

“What do you mean?”

“When you failed to reach me, what did you do?”

She stared back, then away, then back at him, then at her desk.

“Did you masturbate?” he plainly asked.

“Yes,” she hesitantly repeated.

“In here?”

“Yes,” and her reply was more confident.


“Because… this is our place. Yours and mine. I felt… it canlı kaçak iddaa made me feel connected to you, somehow.”

Why she was admitting to it went beyond Dana’s understanding and her face betrayed that uncertainty. Her eyes beamed with a strange energy.

“Did it help?” Tom asked her.

“Yes. Yes, it did. So much. Tom.”

She was smiling at him. Without looking back, she locked the door to their shared office, walked a few feet towards him, then froze. She looked down at her feet and closed her eyes.

“I’m no longer attached,” she whispered to herself, as if she needed convincing.

“Neither am I,” Tom replied in a hushed tone, and it didn’t feel like a lie, despite his ongoing affair with Myriam.

Dana leaned forward and got on her knees, facing him. He rolled his chair slightly forward to get closer. She moved her head towards his, but pulled it away before landing a kiss. Instead, her hands went to his hands, and she wrapped them tight.

“Tom… I don’t know if it’s a good idea.”

“It isn’t,” he told her, “but that shouldn’t be a reason to act on it or not. At least, I don’t think so. Ask yourself if you want this.”

“Right now?… yes. Do you?”

“I do.”

This time, she leaned in and they kissed gently. A moment later, suddenly feeling flustered and rushed, she started fondling with his belt and pants. As he was about to complain and tell her to take it slow, she shushed him with another kiss. Rapidly, she started pulling his trousers down past his knees. Too stunned to react and too motivated to continue, Tom allowed her access to his lower body; she pulled his underwear off as well. All of it stuck around his ankles.

For a moment, she stared at his hardening erection, a smile on her lips. The hesitation was mixed with desire and folly, but she was still aware of her actions and what they entailed..

“Do you have one?” she suddenly asked.

“One what?”

“A condom. Do you have one?”

Tom laughed. He did. It was in his pants pocket – the one Myriam had told him to bring. The irony was not lost on Tom but he kept it to himself. He told her and she quickly looked or it, pulled it out and tossed it to him. As he struggled with the plastic wrap, she started pulling off her own form-fitting jeans, revealing a nice white featureless panty which she also took down without hesitation. As he unwrapped the condom, she pulled him forward to the edge of his chair to give herself room to go over him, and she moved over to straddle him, grabbing the condom from his hands.

“Let me.”


Leaning over his shaft, she unrolled the polymer cylinder over it and down to the base of his now fully erect penis. She stared into his eyes as she gently lowered herself into position, her lips slowly parting above and below as the penetration happened.

There was no resistance. She was as wet as could be, and she wanted it badly. The confines of her vagina wrapped around his rubber-covered manhood; she moaned from the entry as her body welcomed him.

“…Dana…” he mumbled.

“Tom… Wow. So big inside me.”

It was flattery, the kind you use when you want to please your partner. Yes, he filled her up, but not in any exceptionnal way. She merely wanted him desperately and that made his presence inside her frame that much more pleasing and memorable.

At first, neither of them moved, trading kisses as their upper bodies, still fully clothed, pressed against one another. Tom could sense all the warmth in her mature body, and he was the first to start moving up and down. Because the chair had wheels, it started to slip backwards. The movement made Dana laugh even as her pelvic muscles tightened, and she took charge of the action, securing her feet to the ground to prevent rolling as she grinded on him back and forth.

“Oooh…” she whimpered, returning to kiss his lips a moment later.

Despite being involved with Dana, his erection trapped inside the confines of her sex, Tom couldn’t help but think of Myriam. He wondered what she would say if she knew of this or if she saw them so intertwined. Would she be jealous? Would she even care? Perhaps she would enjoy it, just stare and smile. She would probably masturbate to the sight of their passionate embrace. She might kiss either of them.

“Oh my…” Dana continued to echo, reminding her partner of the moment.

Tom suddenly felt guilty for thinking of another woman, and he returned his focus to Dana, moving his hands to her butt, supporting her as she continued to glide up and down on him.

“Aahhh…” he moaned in turn.

“…need this…” Dana mumbled.

And so they made love, awkwardly on the chair, in the middle of the room, Tom thrusting hard into her and Dana pushing back down with equal strength. Luckily, the chair was sturdy, although Tom’s behind kept slipping forward because he sat on the edge to give Dana room to straddle him.

When the orgasm kicked in, Dana bit into Tom’s shoulder – not hard, but enough that it might leave canlı kaçak bahis a mark. She rocked him hard and he was forced to let go of her butt and grab the chair while she forced more pleasure into herself. When she slowed down, relaxing from her release, she looked into his eyes.

“Wow… did you come?”

“No,” he replied, not that it was a disappointment – he would have been oddly content with the experience.

She had other ideas. Her only answer was to start swaying again – she wouldn’t be satisfied until he was. It didn’t take much longer. About a minute into the renewed intimacy and thrusts, Tom’s tip began to tingle, and his ejaculation shot into the condom. He grunted hard as she milked him with her inner muscles, slowing down only when he stopped grunting.

“Holy fuck,” he whimpered.

“Wow,” she repeated. “I can’t believe… we just… did that.”

He didn’t reply. He was as stunned as her, but he had no more words. His mind raced to the past week when he had masturbated in this very room to the sight of a half-naked Myriam. He now knew that Dana had also pleasured herself here last Saturday. And today, they had enjoyed the sexual intimacy of their office together – regardless of impropriety given their professional relationship.

This room was beginning to carry too many sexual memories, not that it bothered Tom o Dana at this point.

They remained in that position, silent and still, for several more moments. Only when Tom began to go limp did Dana pull herself off; the condom stayed inside her so she rapidly and expertly pulled it out, mindful that none of the liquid inside the wrapping wound up inside her, though a lot of it spilled on the floor.

“Shit,” she said contemplating the stain.

“I’ll clean it up,” Tom offered.

She moved back to let him handle it, thanking him while picking up her panties and jeans; she was slowly coming to terms with her actions.

“Oh! shit… we just did that.”

“Yes,” he replied, tossing the tissues back into the bin, though he wasn’t looking at her.

“Oh! That’s bad.”

“Is it?”

He turned to her, concerned. She stared at him, not regretful but mindful of the consequences of acting out on their lust. For Dana, it meant something more.

“This wasn’t acceptable behavior on my part,” she answered. “I’m your boss. Well sort of. I’m so sorry.”

“Hey, don’t be,” he attempted to reassure her. “I was willing. So willing.Nothing improper happened here. You didn’t take advantage of me at all.”

“Even so… Tom, I’m…”

She broke her sentence as she sat down and quickly covered herself; Tom took the cue to do the same, pulling his underwear and pants up from his ankles. He looked away the whole time she was getting dressed, and made himself presentable.

“Listen, Tom,” she told him. “I don’t regret it. One bit. I just… it happened and… that’s it. That’s all. I needed it. And it doesn’t have to mean anything other than…”

“Other than what it is. I completely get it.”

It was a sincere thought in more ways than one. Tom respected Dana and in no way would he ever assume anything without confirmation. Besides, given Tom’s current arrangement with Myriam, it didn’t seem that far-fetched to slide this one under the rug too. He could tell that Dana was shaken up, and he suspected it had to do with other realities than just their recent love-making, although it surely played a part in it. Still, Tom, so near the event, didn’t feel confident bringing it up. Time needed to unfold before that conversation happened. Dana was on the same page.

“We need to get some coffee,” she told him, perhaps trying to move past the encounter. “And lunch. You know. I’m hungry. Didn’t bring a lunch.”

“Of course. To clear the air.”

“Yes. And… don’t think you weren’t good. God! You were great. I… I mean… you know what I mean.”

He laughed shyly as she jumbled with her ideas.

“I do. And you were amazing as well. Thank you.”

“No… thank you.”

A moment later, they were getting up and heading out. They dropped by a local café – the same as the other day – to get some coffee and lunch. Within twenty minutes of starting their meal, the awkwardness of their conversation had dissipated, and they were back to discussing business about the university and unrelated matters. In fact, they spoke for about three hours, with very little being said about Dana’s current difficulties with her impending separation, and nothing about their earlier sexual encounter.

When they parted, any semblance of unease between them had been cast out, and they gave each other a big hug.

“I really can’t thank you enough for being so understanding,” Dana said as they were heading out of the store.

“Well, I’m just glad I can be there for you.”

“I know. And… things got weird a bit, but thank you for…”

She didn’t finish the sentence. He just smiled at her, tempted to say “anytime”, but he deemed it inappropriate at this time.

“Take care, Dana. I’ll see you Thursday.”


He walked her back to her car, refusing her lift back to his place. He needed to walk and clear the air. He watched her drive away, then moved to the bus stop where he sat down beside an old woman. He smiled at her.

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