Unrestrained Ch. 10

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Reality 2.0

My cellphone was vibrating against the night table. My eyes shot wide open and I was torn out from this dream. Back into reality, the obnoxious sound of the phone was requiring attention and it couldn’t have been the alarm. As drunk as we were last night, I don’t think putting on alarm would have crossed our minds in the slightest.

The screen said Incoming Call: Home. Oh shit, was something wrong?



‘…Spencer? Is everything okay?’

‘Oh yeah… Are you coming home?’

‘Yes. Soon, buddy. I…’

My voice trailed off when I felt my heart throbbing in my groin. I assumed it was typical morning wood, but the vivid memory of that crazy dream was still fresh. I looked down and you, my lovely wife, were sleeping next to me in bed. I was facing you, leaning on my right side. When my eyes finally got accustomed to the brightness, I saw the hotel room where we ended up last night, after we left the club. I felt like I saw it for the the first time, but it was most likely because I couldn’t remember it.

The room we had booked looked very nice. Lush, cozy, everything was of an immaculate white. A gorgeous sun was beaming in, as we had forgotten to shut the blinds last night, I assumed. The whole room was so bright and blinding, but you my love, stood out against the scenery: you wore a snug and tiny black camisole with spaghetti straps. Further down, you had… no panties. Oh dear! I thought. I was seeing all that because we slept out of the covers. Your creamy, juicy thighs were inciting me to crawl up my hands on them and towards your naked butt that glowed in the morning sun.

Then my gaze fell upon the copious amount of cleavage that I had on display. The way you were leaning on the side, with your arms brought forward, made the flesh of your breasts swell and spill out of your top. And to make things worse, your chest was right on level with my groin, where my stiff cock throbbed and bounced threateningly against your cleavage.

Then, everything came back to me: that dream with my secretary, my orgasm in the kitchen, the spa, Carmin, the nightclub, and that other dream, so vivid, revealing. And now you, this offering of flesh, your golden skin smelling like güvenilir bahis sweet plum, your delicate and loving touch. How could I end up yet again in this state of pure arousal after all this? Yet, I couldn’t show signs of fatigue. I felt like the Energizer rabbit: I felt like I could go again, and again. As truthful as this dream may have seem, I didn’t feel like I learned anything from the introspection it allowed me to take. I was waking up hard and so horny, unable to take resolutions and start fresh at the dawn of this new day.

I held the phone and I could barely speak. I was hypnotized, paralyzed by the view I was graced with. My shaft bounced softly against the swell of your boobs, waking you up slowly. This phone call was requiring all of what I had left of sanity, in the wake of this lazy and cuddly Sunday morning with my hot wife. I had to say something…

‘Dad?’ said Spencer on the phone.

‘Yeah, bud?’ I whispered.

‘Are you there?’

‘Yes… Yeah, we’re coming home soon, Spencer. You guys knew we’d be away for a short night. Tell your brothers not to worry. Is the baby sitter nice with you?’

‘Yes. She made us chocolate chip pancakes.’

I laughed softly, which worked up my abdominal muscles, making you twitch and breathe in deeply, waking you up as well.

‘Pancakes. Awesome. Ok, gotta go, Spencer, I don’t want to wake up mommy. I’ll see you guys soon.’

‘Ok, love you, dad.’

‘Love you too, bud.’

I hung up, looked down at you and I hoped you weren’t fully awake. I felt my eyes were hot and watery. I was so happy: a perfect morning with the love of my life, and such lovely children, expectant for us at our house. I had to… I had to immortalize this.

Oh my God! Perversion crossed my mind again, and… I couldn’t go back. The taboo, the unknown only pushed me further… I took the phone, and tapped the camera button. And I hit record… I was now looking at you through a screen, capturing the moment. The framed image showed you, moving about in bed, still cuddled against me. I zoomed in on the swell of your breasts, next to my throbbing erection. This was magic, pure gold. A silent footage of your awakening to my searing desire for you. Then you breathed in some more, and opened türkçe bahis your eyes, freezing on the spot at the sight of my turgescent member, inches from your face.

‘Good morning.’ I said, smiling with a million teeth.

You unglued your eyes from my cock, and groggily, lifted your head to look at me with squinted and puffy eyes. Seemingly aware of the powerful image you were emanating, you smiled timidly at me; you stayed in character and accepted being behind a lens, posing for a camera. Reflexively, you adjusted your position a little, and moved the hair out of your face.

‘Wakey, wakey.’ You said. ‘Did you sleep well?’

‘Like a log. Though I’m sure you can tell when you see all that wood, right?’

At that, I shimmied my hips slightly, poking you with my cock in the process. You laughed weakly, still too tired to object to this bad pun.

You started caressing my thighs, sending more electric jolts up my groin. You eventually found the way to my cock and…mmmm, just started caressing it softly, while still looking at my camera.

‘I’m filming, you know?’

‘What? You’re filming?’ you retorted, tensing up.

‘Yeah, baby. I just love the scenery by this silent Sunday morning with the love of my life. Ahah! I thought I’d take home some memories from our second little honeymoon and keep it on tape, just like that, so we can cherish it later together.’

‘Ahah, right, for reference? You’re impossible, really.’ You laughed, shaking your head. ‘What is it with you and always wanting to put me in a picture frame?’

You maintained eye contact as you kept stroking my length, testing me. Your acting was convincing.

‘Well, we managed to get a few shots in the past, either done from us or through a professional. And, honey, you look… so fucking hot in those pictures, amazingly sexy, it’s unreal. You’re a natural at it. So I can’t imagine how it’s going to look like in moving picture… I’ll be floored, I’m sure.’

You smiled, taking in these last words. You rubbed me slowly, now pressing my helmet against your chest… right at the brim of the swell of your breasts… My mouth gaped open.

‘Plus… that kind of stuff keeps me company on these cold and lonely nights.’

‘Mmmmh. Should I wonder güvenilir bahis siteleri what goes through your mind when you’re by yourself?’ you said. ‘When you look at those sexy pictures of me?’

‘That’s… dangerous territory. In other words… Mmmmmh, don’t go there. Fuck, baby, that feels so good.’

Shifting position a little bit again, you looked down at my cock. A dirty thought seemed to have crossed your mind: all of a sudden, you crawled up a bit towards me. You took the bottom hem of your top and stretched it over my cock in order to trap it between your breasts. After some adjusting, it found its way out and made my wet helmet peek out the top of your cleavage. It was now so snug and held tight from all the weight, it was taking a purple hue, and I could feel my heart beat in it.

Holy shit! That was a lot to handle all at once. I didn’t dare move, speak or breathe: I was afraid to cum already. It was quite rare that you were treating me to this, but I was more than delighted to feel this anew.

You looked up at me again and grinned devilishly.

‘Hope you’re getting this, mister Cameraman… Mmmmmh, how would you like to fuck my tits?’

These words resonated in me and I suddenly rewinded to the scene with those same words in that dream I just had. I could have said this is a wish come true, but I thought this dream was brought to me to make me reflect on how obscene and inappropriate my fantasies and sexual acts may seem. The introspection, the inner vision, all vanished, poof! It was always losing all its sense as soon as I spiraled down into my attraction for you, my longing for you. Your person, your body, your soul made me crazy, made me lose all reason. The duality within me, the balance between my libido and my common sense, kept boiling in me and making sure this inner struggle was an everyday cycle I had to go through. It was the reason why I got up in the morning.

I looked down at your bubbly smile, your big brown eyes… I looked at the entirety of your curves, joining each other ever so smoothly, shaping up this exquisite figure of a woman that was you, Jessica, my life, my everything… Completing the picture, I looked at how you squirmed about in bed, heaving your chest up and down and making sure my cock was getting some friction from your breasts, making sloppy and squelching sounds from all the pre-cum I was impossibly leaking.

I was getting this fantastic massage from your breasts and I wondered… How could I resist?

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