Us growing up!


Us growing up!Our parents didn’t have much money — they usually drank it all — so my older brother Tim had to share his bed with me. Any other k** might have complained about sharing his bed with a brother who was six years younger and barely walking yet, but I never remember Tim complaining. And when my parents argued at night, I’d hug onto Tim, and he would wrap an arm behind my back and pull my head onto his shoulder, then he’d just hold me and sometimes stroke my back. I adored Tim.I’m not sure at what point I began getting stiffies while hugging onto him. Maybe I did all along. Little k**s do get them. Even as I got a little older and ready to enter elementary school, I still clung onto Tim at night, even on nights that my parents did not argue.When I rubbed my stiffy against Tim’s hip, he didn’t stop me. It was part of my getting comfortable against him. At some point, I started noticing that Tim was getting stiffies, too. I felt them with my knee. Eventually Tim started pulling my knee up so the inside of my knee rested on the underside of his dick, and when I rubbed my stiffy against his hip, the inside of my knee rubbed his stiffy as well. Sometimes Tim’s hand drifted down to my butt and rubbed it while I rubbed on him. Some nights we rubbed just a little. Some nights we rubbed longer until one or both of us tensed up with intense feelings. If I stopped rubbing before Tim was ready, he encouraged me on with his hand on my butt.We never talked about it.When Tim was about to start junior high, he told me he was going to quit wearing pajamas because he was too old to wear them. Well if Tim was going to sleep in his underwear, so was I. So that night we got into bed in just our tidy-whities — actually, mine weren’t so tidy or whitie. Like most of my clothes, my underwear were Tim’s hand-me-downs, and they were old and loose.Tim lay down on his back as usual, and I climbed onto the bed, threw my knee over his legs, and and hugged on him like usual, but the feeling of skin on skin wasn’t usual, not usual at all. We lay there for a long moment. Then Tim laid his hand on my back and drew his fingertips up the skin of my back. I slid my naked leg on his and pressed my bare chest to his. I laid the side of my face on the cool, soft skin in the hollow under his shoulder, and found that Tim’s comforting smell was more distinct than through his pajamas. I rubbed the side of my mouth on his skin and nuzzled into the smoothness of it.Moonlight was falling through our window, and I could see the tube of Tim’s boner lying up under his underwear, not hidden by pajamas. It lay almost to his waistband, and it was pointing in my direction. So I slid the side of my face down onto Tim’s flat belly for a closer look. We had not taken a bath together for a couple of years, and his dick looked like it had gotten a lot bigger. I laid my hand over the cloth-covered tube. It jerked under my hand. It felt thick and the movement excited me.I felt down the length of it, squeezing moving squeezing. I felt Tim’s hand on my back. I squeezed his boner and his fingertips pressed on my shoulder blade.I lifted his waistband. In the shadow beneath, the head of his cock had extended from his foreskin and stared at me like a mouse peeking from its hole. I slid my hand under Tim’s waistband to pet the mouse.The skin of his boner was marvelously soft and warm. I laid my palm on it and felt his skin slide a little loosely over his erection. I closed my hand around it and slid the skin up and down, testing it. Tim’s fingertips dug into my back and he moaned. So I slid the skin up and down again. Tim moaned again. So I continued, and Tim moaned and squirmed.I needed a better look, so I propped up on my elbow over him, so that my armpit was on his belly, and I pushed the sides of his waistband down. Tim lifted his hips and I pushed his underwear down off his hips and onto his thighs. His boner wobble and his balls slid up and then back down as he lowered his hips back to the bed. They looked big.Tim didn’t have any pubic hair yet, and only inches from my eyes, my brother’s thick boner and balls were marvelously big — fascinating — beautiful. The slit in the end, almost looked like a little mouth with thin lips. I kissed it and Tim’s dick twitched. I leaned over it for a closer look at his balls and lifted his scrotum on my finger tips. His egg-shapped balls slid off my fingers to either side, inside his scrotum.”Your balls got big,” I told him. “And they’re shaped different.” Mine were still little marbles. “Your dick is like, really big!” I said, pressing bursa escort my palm onto its underside.Tim moaned and squirmed.I dropped back onto my elbow over his waist and grabbed his boner in my hand. I started sliding the skin up and down again since Tim seemed to like that. I liked it, too. I liked the feel of his boner filling my hand. I liked the thick feel of it, warm and rigid.Up and down, I moved my hand.”Move it higher,” Tim murmured.I pointed his dick up in the air.”No, move your hand higher.”It wasn’t like his dick was that big, except to a little k** like me, but closing my hand around his shaft, half an inch higher to closer to the end seemed to be just what Tim wanted. He moaned happily.”Go faster,” he said.I went faster and he squirmed. I noticed his balls going up and down with the skin of his shaft. They looked awesome, so propping on my elbow, I used my other hand to lift them and play with them. Tim’s legs thrashed.I did that for awhile, and Tim’s body stiffened like he was getting intense feelings, but his dick stayed rigid after. My hand was getting tired, so I sat up, pulled off my underwear, then straddled the tops of his legs. I wanted to see how much bigger his stiffy was than mine. Sitting with my little round balls on his larger, egg-shaped ones, I leaned forward to press the underside of my stiffy to his.Tim’s stiffy wasn’t twice as long as mine, but it was longer, and it was easily twice as thick. I liked the feeling, and tried rubbing my stiffy on his, but it kept sliding off. That was okay, because it still felt good. I lay down onto him, and hugged on, and pumped my little hips to rub us together.”Wait, Jeffy,” Tim said. With one hand on my back to hold me to him, he reached down with his other and somehow managed to get his underwear the rest off the way off. My legs fell between his longer ones. He grabbed my butt with both hands and circled me around on him. “Okay,” he murmured in a thick voice.I laid the side of my face on his chest, sort of toward his shoulder, and I grabbed onto the tops of his shoulders, and I humped. Tim, grabbed my butt firmly and pulled his knees up and out to either side, and pumped his hips to meet mine.We ground, and I had never been so content, so happy, or felt such pleasure. I got my intense feelings, but Tim kept me going with his hands on my butt, and I ground on until I finally fell asleep there, between his legs.*The adventures continued. For a while, we just rubbed, or I’d pump Tim’s boner. He told me it was called jerking off, and that I had given him his first jerk off.The first time Tim laid on top of me the way I had laid on top of him, I thought it was the best thing we had tried. The weight of my older brother’s firmer larger body on mine, his hips between my legs, his boner between our bellies, his balls dr****g my little ones… it was incredible! Especially when he wrapped his arms under me and pressed his cheek against my temple and I could hear the rasp of his breath close to my ear and smell the nape of his neck. I could feel the muscles moving in his back with my hands, and I moved with him. It was like my brother and I were one.Our parents never looked in. They usually passed out in the living room and stumbled to bed later. Our younger sister, Caroline — younger than me by two years — had her own little room, and we never let her come in ours. We kept our door locked. So we simply stripped naked every night and crawled into bed to rub on each other until we fell asleep, usually in each other’s arms.We both grew over the next year or so. Tim started getting pubic hair. He started shooting cum between our bellies and we both tasted it. He never had to ask me to suck him. I started doing that when he started making precum. I loved the thick viscosity of the clear drops. Soon we were doing sixty-nines.Tim would have me lie on my side, and he would lie behind me. Wrapping his arms around me, and he would insert his dick between the backs of my thighs, just under my balls. He would hold me and thrust. His hand would drift down to caress my stiffy and he would press his mouth to the side of my neck. I didn’t like it as much as him on top of me, but Tim liked and, and I did like the way he held me.It was when he was behind me one night that he first talked about wanting to put his dick up my butt. “It’s called cornholing,” he told me.I let him try, but it wouldn’t go in.A few nights later, he brought a spoon of Crisco back to our room in a napkin. “I found out how we’re supposed to do it,” he told me. “Get on your hands and knees.”I climbed bursa escort bayan up onto the bed and did as Tim told me. Tim crawled up onto the bed on his knees behind me. A moment later I jumped as his finger spread cool Crisco on my pucker. I jumped again as the tip of his finger slipped inside and rimmed my anus with shortening. It felt funny, but not bad.Tim pulled his finger out and I looked back to see him put a dollop of Crisco on his palm and close his palm around the end of his dick. “Oh,” he whispered, as he slid his hand down. “That feels good.”Holding his dick, he came up behind me on his knees. Grabbing my hip with one hand, he aimed his dick with the other. I felt the Crisco-cooled head between my butt cheeks, then pressure at my hole, then the slick slide up my butt and the press of Tim’s belly against the backs of my legs. As easy as that. It doesn’t always hurt when you’re just k**s with k**-sized dicks, and when you use Crisco.Tim folded his body over my back and wrapped his arms under my chest and started slowly pumping. “It feels good, Jeffy,” he whispered behind my ear. “It feels real good.””It sorta feels good to me, too.””Really?””Yeah. Inside. It feels good inside.””Mmmm,” Tim murmured and nuzzled into the back of my neck. His hands rubbed my belly and down my sides. They felt the tops of my legs, then held my stiffy up against my belly while his fingers stroked my balls, then felt beneath them to where he was entering me. I reached down to feel, too, and his lips pressed the side of my cheek. My fingers felt his slick shaft disappear each time his belly flattened my fingers.Tim straightened up and grabbed my hips with both hands. His belly started making little slapping sounds against my bottom, and he went faster. Faster felt good. Almost like a really good tickle at my butt, and something else, something good, down between my legs.He bent over me again and wrapped his arms around me, and he took us onto our sides. His belly pressed my back and the tops of his legs pressed the underside of mine. He thrust deep and long; each thrust driving my own hips forward.He rolled us onto our backs and, holding my chest, bounced my hips with his thrusts.He rolled us onto our bellies and his legs fell outside mine. His weight was on me now, and each thrust downward pressed that deep feeling down inside me, down between my legs. His arms were still under me and his thrusts rocked our bed. He whimpered behind my ear. His voice had just begun to change and I remember he moans as pure adolescent.He drove down hard, his body went rigid, and his voice went higher. I felt his dick throb inside my hole and I thought I could feel him squirting inside me.He relaxed on me with a long sigh. “Oh, Jeffy,” he murmured. “That was awesome!””Can I try?” I asked. I still had a stiffy.”Sure,” he murmured, and slid off me to lie on his stomach beside me, all mellow. It didn’t matter that he might get Crisco on the bed sheets. We had to do our own laundry anyway.I knelt up and walked on my knees atop the bed to where he had left the napkin. Carefully, I got a finger full of the little bit of Crisco that was left, and then walking up on my knees on either side of Tim’s outstretched legs, I gazed down at his fleshy butt, all white in the moonlight of that night. Tim was growing tall and thin, but his butt was still bubbly, smooth, soft-skinned, and hairless.I spread his cheeks with the heels of my hands and spied his pucker. Keeping one cheek pulled aside, I spread the Crisco with my finger, then inserted my finger to smooth it inside his anus like Tim had done to me.”Feels weird,” Tim mumbled into his pillow.Reaching back for the napkin, I simply used the napkin to spread the last remains of the Crisco onto my long, thin stiffy. The sliding, greased napkin made me shudder.Then setting the napkin aside, I scooted up, straddling the back of Tim’s legs and sat on them with my stiffy lying up his crack. I spread his moonlit cheeks again and pressed the top of my dick at his pucker. The tip depressed it for a split second before it opened to swallow my glans like a mouth sucking it in. I slid my hips forward, watching my stiffy disappear, and all the while concentrating on how it felt inside Tim. Warm. The main sensation was the tight ring of his sphincter sliding up my dick. I pressed until my dick had vanished and my belly flattened Tim’s bottom.Pressing up on my hands, I ground down with my hips, eased back, ground down. “It does feel good,” I agreed.”Yeah, and this doesn’t feel bad either. Sorta like something good getting escort bursa rubbed.””Yeah.” I lay down on him and liked the feel of his butt under my belly. I slid my palms under the fronts of his shoulders and grabbed on and buried my forehead in the back of his neck as I cut loose with my hips and just ground away.It surprised me how quickly I came to a dry orgasm, burying my mouth between Tim’s shoulder blades to hide my grunts and moans. I stayed hard and kept grinding. Tim fell asleep, and I fell asleep, still grinding. I woke when my dick slid out, but fell back asleep on Tim.**It was a few months later that we got around to trying cornholing face to face. Tim had me lie on my back and pull my knees up. By then, we were getting by on mostly spit, and Tim spread some on his dick as he scooted up to my bottom and splayed his knees to get low to my entrance. He spread spit in my crack and then positioned himself and eased in.It was different, watching him like that, and seeing the muscle seams that had developed in his belly. He seemed more beautiful to me, all the time. He bottomed out and I felt his balls against my butt. He ground, testing. I ground back. He grinned down at me and I grinned back.”You like it?” I asked him.Tim nodded. “Yeah. It feels good. I feel your bottom bones.” His smile faded as he gazed down at me. “I like looking down at you like this,” he said softly. He got that look a guy has when he’s got butterflies in his stomach, or that feeling like the bottom’s dropped out, sort of achy. He laid his body down onto mine, gathering me in his arms. He embraced me tightly and drove his dick firmly up my butt. “I love you, Jeffy,” he whispered beside my ear. “I really love you.”If I hadn’t adored Tim before, I certainly would have then. I hugged him back and nodded my head against his. “I love you, too,” I whispered.Tim lifted his head and his eyes dropped to my mouth. Slowly, gently, he lowered his lips to mine and kissed me for the first time ever, softly. Then, grinding with his hips, he kissed me more firmly. I felt his tongue at my lips and when I opened my mouth, he pressed in with his tongue. His hips paused as we simply held one another and he explored my mouth with his tongue and we whimpered softly.His hips started to move again. I wrapped my legs around his waist. We hugged and he ground, and his belly rubbed my boner back against my belly.I came that night, a dry orgasm, with Tim inside me and the sides of our faces pressing, him panting in my ear.My dad moved out some time that year. Mom got moodier. She still got drunk most nights.To all the world, Tim and I were like most boys, and in fact, like most brothers. Tim did well in high school and was about to be on the varsity football team his junior year. I was awfully proud of him and had startedplaying pee-wee football so maybe he would be proud of me.And then, one night, our world came crashing down. Mom caught us.I don’t know why she suddenly decided to barge in on us, and I don’t know if we had forgotten to lock the door, or she had used something to open it, but there we were, in a sixty-nine, sucking away.We looked up. Mom froze, and for a moment, looked like she was trying to focus. I hoped she was too drunk to know what was going on. But she wasn’t.She exploded with cursing and throwing things and Tim and I scrambling to get pants on.She called our dad that night and made him come over to pick Tim up. They moved Tim over to my father’s aparrtment, and suddenly, for the first time since I was a toddler, I slept alone.I cried. I’d strip, crawl into bed and hug Tim’s pillow, and I cried.I fell asleep crying two straight nights.The third night, my mom threw open the door, turned on the light, and dragged in my sister, Caroline, naked and crying. Even younger than me, my sister was just as flat chested and hairless as I was.”Tim may be queer,” Mom said, swaying slightly because she’d been drinking. “But I’m not going to have you turn out that way.” She shoved my naked sister toward the bed. “From now on, Caroline sleeps with you.”My mouth dropped. Caroline stood there crying. Mom grunted angrily, and taking Caroline by the shoulders walked her to the bed as I scooted back. She got Carline down onto her back on the bed beside me.”Sit up!” she told me.So I sat up.Mom pulled open Caroline’s legs and pressed a finger at the bottom of Carloine’s slit. “It goes here!” Mom almost yelled. Then she left, slamming the door behind her.Caroline lay there, legs apart, belly heaving and tears streaming down her cheeks. I moved beside her and pulled her into my arms.I was naked, too, and got hard, but wasn’t about to do anything about it. Strangely, comforting Caroline took away some of my own ache for Tim. We fell asleep with her in my arms.I’m thinking about a second part. If I get time.

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