USAF: Fucked by “Pug,” Ugly, but he coul


USAF: Fucked by “Pug,” Ugly, but he coulI was in the Air Force before even Don’t ask, Don’t tell. Back then it was just, “don’t.” So we had to be extra careful about sex with men. Most guys avoided having sex with other USAF men as we thought it was easier to get caught and then get kicked out of the military. The only thing close to sex I had with other active duty guys was a weekly jerk off party with 3 others when in tech school (although later one of the guys and I went further), but we didn’t consider that “sex,” and certainly not gay sex. A Red Cross worker who fucked me in South Korea didn’t count as he was not military, but I felt that was very risky.When I was stationed at Andrews Air Force base in Maryland, I had become an NCO and was lucky enough to be able to have my own room. One of the guys I worked with had his next to mine. He was a short, ugly guy that everyone called Pug. Plus he had a reputation for being weird sexually. I never really knew exactly why guys thought that, but he used to hang around with several who would find girls into group sex or having “trains” pulled on them. Supposedly, he would eat their pussies after other guys had cum in them.The sounds from his room provided me a lot of jerk off pleasure when they pulled a train on a woman, especially if it were a woman I knew. (One of the women later told me she had heard me jacking off next door and asked why I had not joined.) The walls were not exactly thick, but I would strip naked and put my ear to the wall so I could hear illegal bahis everything and enjoy a nice, long jerk. He had a regular girlfriend who sort of matched him physically and apparently sexually that he would often bring to his room to fuck. And he loved fucking her up the ass. I could hear her saying “It hurts. Use more lube” or “Slower” before it evolved in to moans of sexual pleasure from both her and Pug, a the loud sounds of the bed squeaking and shaking as he must have really been pounding her asshole. Sooner or later I could always hear Pug come as he let loose with loud grunts as he shot. Sometimes, I’d get frustrated with all the fucking as they would go at it 3 or 4 times a night. I couldn’t sleep through it and I would be back up listening and jacking off myself. Although I knew the walls were thin, it got to the point where I did not care if they heard me and did not try to quiet the sounds of my jacking my cock r my own moans when I came.He soon started becoming friendlier to me, always greeting me and trying to start a conversation. I thought nothing of that. One day I went to our common shower area to have a shower before work. It had 2 shower stall with 2 showers in each stall. Most guys would take a shower in separate stalls if at all possible. When I got in, he came in the bathroom and said the other shower was not working right and asked if he could join me. I hesitated, but said yes. There was not much room for two men to shower without touching unless they were very careful. illegal bahis siteleri He was not. Then, of all things, I dropped my soap. “Shit” I thought, “now he is going to think I want him to fuck me.” But I picked it up and other than him accidentally brushing my ass with his a few times nothing happened.A week or so later I was lying on my bed watching TV, when he knocked on my door. “Can you help me unzip my pants?” “They are stuck.” I could see that he was hard or semi-hard and I surely did not want to stand in the doorway unzipping his pants for him. I gave him a pair of pliers and told him to try those. He left with them. I tried to put that out of my mind, I did not want to have sex with Pug, he was not my type and it was too risky to get fucked in an AF dorm by another guy. But I just kept thinking about his cock, him fucking his girlfriend up the ass, and knowing that I probably had the chance to get fucked that day. After about 30 minutes, I could not stand it anymore, changed into short pants and a t-shirt (no underwear) and walked barefoot over to his room and knocked on the door. He answered, and I asked if he had gotten his zipper fixed. He said he hadn’t done it yet, so I asked if he still needed help. I got the pliers and grabbed his zipper with them and it unzipped with no problem. (Shocking!) But he was wearing no underwear either and his cock was rock hard. He pulled it out, put his hand on my shoulder and asked if I would suck it for him. It was a nice fat cut cock and canlı bahis siteleri I no longer worried about getting caught nor did I care if he was not picture book handsome. I wanted him to fuck me. I got on my knees and put it in my mouth and began sucking him. HE grabbed my head and started forcing it so deep that I was more gagging than sucking and I had to push him away. Pug was very aggressive fucker.He told me that he wanted to fuck me and went over to his bed and stripped. I did too. “Kneel on it and spread your ass.” I did and he put lube on his cock and my asshole, and started shoving it in. He was not gentle about it. I understood then why his girlfriend said it hurt. He didn’t warm up much but was soon driving deep and hard and the familiar sounds of the squeaking and shaking of his bed started. We fucked like that for a while, his big balls slapping my with each thrust and the sound of his naked skin smacking my naked ass. Then he told my to turn over and he put a pillow under my ass and grabbed my ankles pushing them over my head until my ass was completely off the bed. He squatted down and entered my ass again and went into high speed high impact assfucking–not easy in that position. It dd not take long until I heard him starting his “coming” moans as his grunts stooped. He was still ugly, but his O-face made him a bit handsome as I knew he was coming in me. We did not fuck more that day, but over the next few weekends we fucked a number of times. He wanted to have a threesome with his girl, but I declined. We probably fucked at least once a month until I left about 1 1/2 years later. I still worried about getting caught, or I would have let him fuck me every night as it was the only consistent sex I was getting and it was good sex.

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