Used by My High School Bully: Chapter 1

Used by My High School Bully: Chapter 1″God you’re such a faggot, Vincent!” With a roar of laughter from thosearound him the bane of my existence, Eddie, brought to an end anotherschool day. He flipped me off to an equally loud round of applause beforegetting up from his seat and hoping off the bus. I watched with narrowedeyes as he made his way to his house, closing them only when the busstarted moving again.I hated Eddie and he hated me. Since we met in middle school we had hadperhaps one of the worst relationships any two people in the world haveever shared. He was the Stalin to my Roosevelt. In all truthfulness I neverknew what I did to him, but from as long ago as I can remember he made ithis mission to torture me. Before I even learned what the word `gay’ meanthe was slinging the word at me endlessly. He had only recently upgraded to`faggot’, which was to me the only proof that he had actually maturedbetween 8th grade and freshman year of high school.A small part of me had hoped that this year would be different or at thevery least that we would be assigned different busses in our suburbanPennsylvania town. I should have known better than to get my hopes up,however. Our stops were one after another. We were both white k**s in awhite neighborhood, and although I avoided sports like the plague I wasn’theavy. I didn’t wear glasses or hand-me down clothes or talk with a speechimpediment. I had a splattering of freckles on my face and arms – forwhich Eddie gave me hell almost just as much for with taunts like “FreckledFaggot Fuck!” – but beyond that there was really no big differencebetween us.Even in high school we looked like maybe, at least partially, we could havebeen brothers. I was 5’8 and he just an inch taller. He was slim, withheavy muscle definition despite just turning fifteen; compact muscles withraven-black hair and pale blue eyes. I was also pale, freckles included,with ocean-blue eyes. Unlike him, though, I had auburn hair and a thickerframe. I didn’t really have any muscle definition but my body was firmenough and I certainly didn’t qualify as fat or overweight.Until I learned what gay was – and what I was – I was obsessed withour physical characteristics. I understood that k**s were cruel, how couldI not, but I always assumed they picked on those that were just different –fat, ugly, four-eyed, whatever. I thought I was normal, if not a littleshy, so until my older brother – two years my senior – finally tookthe time to explain to me what `gay’ was, I just never could understand whyhe hated me so much.By 8th grade I knew that Eddie was right. I had discovered masturbation, inpart because of the internet, and knew that it was boys and not girls thatI pictured in my barely-pubescent fantasies. We didn’t shower at school. Wedidn’t have to change our underwear either, though we were expected tochange into sweats. This meant I never had the opportunity to throw a bonerin the shower or steal glimpses of cock in locker room. Still, I saw enoughtight briefs and specs of treasure trails on stomachs to know what Iliked. I was gay – but I told no one.What I could never understand is how Eddie knew – and why everyone elsewas so willing to believe him.Four weeks into my freshman year of high school and the taunts and torturehad only continued, though with fresher vocabulary. He shoved me when hegot the chance, even tripping me on a few occasions, but so far we hadmanaged to stay away from full on fighting. I was lucky.At least partially. Eddie had been placed in two of my classes; gym andbiology. To my surprise he had avoided me in gym thus far, too busy playingwith his friends to bother picking on me except for the occasional jeer. Tomy horror I had been placed in morning gym when most of my friends – thefew I had, anyway – were in the afternoon class. I did everything solo,from the stretches to running, and typically spent the entire hour and ahalf in quiet reflection about how I hated life.Biology was different. Nearly all of my best friends were in the class andit was Eddie who was the loner. This made ignoring him just that easier illegal bahis andwith a zealously young new teacher who seemed to actually care aboutstudent happiness, my torturer seemed far too nervous to risk chewing meout. That was until Ms. Shannon had paired us up.With frustration in my voice I begged her to change my partner for theupcoming research project. She just laughed, shaking her head. “Vincent,it’s just a temporary project and, besides, you two are the odd ones out.”For once I felt actually annoyed at having `too many’ friends, as our groupof five meant one of us was always screwed when it came to pairing. Withobvious annoyance I picked up my bag and moved to the back of the room tothe lab table where Eddie sat alone, a sly grin on his face.”Fuck,” I sighed pulling up a chair and opening my notebook.”You wish, faggot,” he whispered before punching my arm. I winced in painbut held my tongue, rubbing the spot with a free hand. I would just have tosuck it up. “Bet you’re all boned up with getting to work with me.” I hatedhow jealous I was of his voice. Since 7th grade Eddie’s had already begunto deepen, and now it had this glorious sexy undertone that just reeked ofmanliness. My voice was softer. I was still mistaken for my mother when Ianswered the house phone and while I could force it to go lower my naturalresting point seemed to be just a bit too high.”Shut up,” I replied, rolling my eyes as I tried to focus on Ms. Shannon’slecture. I took notes, trying to forget about everything but out of thecorner of my eye I could still see him watching me – that same damn grinplastered on his face.The bell rang and in an instant the room erupted into organized chaos asstudents packed up and each tried to be the first one out the room. “Nowremember, this project is important!” shouted the teacher, tapping herruler against the blackboard. “You need to work after school with yourpartner to get this done!” My breath caught in my lunges as I looked overto Eddie.His smile only grew and he reached over to punch me once again on thearm. “Great, freckled faggot. You get to come over today.” And then he wasgone, Ms. Shannon approaching out of nowhere to push me out of herclassroom with a warning about being late to my next class. For the rest ofthe day I moped, too distracted to really pay attention to lectures as Ipictured the coming insanity.Near the end of the day I escaped to the bathroom, empting my bladder andsplashing water on my face. My cropped hair fell, I thought, nicely over myeyes. It was straight enough, only curving at the edges, and to my bestefforts it resembled a few of the singers I adored from bands that most ofmy classmates didn’t care about. I caught myself looking into myreflection, eyes scanning my pale face as I willed myself to keep onbreathing.”I know you’re just so fucking ugly, huh Vincent?” I turned in surprise,unaware that someone had entered the bathroom. “But you only have to lookat it when you’re in front of a mirror. We have to suffer a hell of a lotmore than that.” It was Chris, a tall, muscular blond boy who had neverliked me. He was three inches taller than me and, to my memory, the mostman out of any of the boys in our grade. He just looked like he was readyfor juvie and to no one’s surprise had the attitude to go with it.Typically he avoided me though, and I narrowed my eyes as I watched him goto the urinal and begin to piss. Eddie never really scared me – I justhated him. I never hesitated to talk back to the black-haired boy, and on afew occasions had even shoved back when he pushed too hard on thebus. Chris was an entirely different story. There was an unexplainableanger to him that terrified me – and my tactic of survival was just toignore him. Stay low, stay quiet, and maybe stay alive.He finished fast and turned, looking me in the eye. “Hear you’re going overEd’s house to suck his cock,” he said matter-of-factly. I must have lookedlike I was shot dead because he burst out laughing. “Want to get some extrapractice in beforehand?” I noticed his hand moving and my eyes traced histight stomach youwin down to his pants. His flaccid dick was held tight betweenthe fingers of his left hand, flopping up and down. I could have sworn itwas growing. When I finally managed to peel my eyes away from his memberand back up to his face I caught a glimpse of his smile. He was serious.”No thanks,” I said after another minute before turning and leaving.Back on the bus Eddie was surprisingly quiet, only calling me faggot oncebefore sitting down on his seat and going back to musing with hisfriends. I sat alone in my seat near the back staring blankly at the seatin front of me. In no time we were at his stop and as if on auto-pilot Igot up and got off with him. The bus driver, to his credit, gave me a waryeye but I waved it off. A small part of me wanted to ask him for help, forsalvation, but in truth I wasn’t sure what I was so nervous about. We werejust supposed to be working on a biology project.I followed him quietly into his house, kicking off my shoes when he did soand moving with him into what I could only assume was his room. There wereposters of bands, even a cartoon, but beyond that it just seemed typicallynormal. It was lined with wood paneling, an aged red carpet making up thefloor. His twin bed hugged the wall near his lone window, a selection ofcluttered furniture set up elsewhere.I paused when I caught him removing his shirt, catching my breath as Idrank in his body. He had the pinkest nipples I had ever seen and a puff ofslightly wet hair under each arm. To my excitement – and horror –there was a gloriously dark treasure trail leading from his navel to amystery hidden by boxers. He had back muscles. “What the fuck?” I foundmyself asking.”I’m just getting comfortable, relax faggot.” He winked at me before movingto his desk and turning on his computer. “Try not to cum all over yourselfokay?” There was a poison to his words. “I’m going to go piss, you getstarted.”He left and I moved on instinct to the computer. My eyes traced the outlineof his sweaty shirt, the black T abandoned on his bed. I shook my head andopened up the internet browser, determined to get this finished as soon aspossible.”Oooh yeah. Ooh yeah baby. Fuck me, fuck me!” With a jump I fumbled withthe mouse, trying to search for a pause button. On screen a naked, amplebreasted woman was being pounded by an impressive cock, the faceless manmoving back and forth as she screamed and begged for more.”What the fuck faggot?” Yelled Eddie as he entered back into the room.”It’s your damn browser, idiot,” I replied defensively. My eyes stayedglued to the screen, hand lying still on the mouse. “You must have leftyour porn open on a tab when shut down last night,” I said, voiceslower. The cock was moving faster and faster as the woman squirmed. Ihadn’t seen straight porn in over two years.”It’s from this morning,” he said casually. I could feel him moving behindme as I sat in the chair unmoving and speechless. Eddie got quiet as wecontinued to both watch the action on screen. The woman changed positions,sitting up on her knees as she took the white cock in her mouth. I jumpedbackwards when I felt Eddie lean on me, chest rubbing against the top of myhead as he placed his hand on mine and clicked the `pause’ button. “Didn’tthink you liked vagina, Vince.””I don’t,” I said before throwing my hand to my mouth in shock. I hadn’tmeant to say anything. Shutting my eyes I felt myself die a bit on theinside, hoping beyond hope that he hadn’t heard me. I felt the chair beingturned and lifted up my feet to allow it, moving my hands to my side. Iknew I must be facing him now but refused to open my eyes to confirmit. “Eddie,” I said with a hint of pleading in my voice.”Faggot,” he replied. “Freckled faggot fuck in my house.” I felt fleshagainst my lips and in an instant thought that he was going to punch me. Iwinced, pulling back in the chair, as I waited for the blow to speed up andknock me out. It didn’t, however, and the spongy flesh just continued torub against my lips.In confusion I opened my eyes, almost dying youwin güvenilir mi when I saw the puff of blackpubes surrounding the semi-erect cock level with my mouth. My eyes moved uphis body until they met his. Eddie had a grin on his face, a slight laughescaping his throat as he flicked his dick against my face back andforth. “Suck my dick faggot. Shut the fuck up and suck my dick.” I pleadedwith him, eyes shaking, to let me go. I couldn’t speak, I had lost thatability as soon as I opened my eyes, but I hoped he could see it in myeyes. He only pushed his dick again against my lips.I opened up. Eyes shut again I ran my tongue on his head. I had never doneanything sexual with anyone. No c***dhood mutual masturbation stories orhorny p*******e cousins. Yet on instinct I knew to use my tongue and soonhis cock was growing. It pushed towards my throat and I gagged. I tried topull off, mouth and lips running along his cock, but something caught myhead. “Suck!” I heard him say and knew instantly he had placed his hands onmy head.Sniffling through my nose I got back to work, moving my head back and forthand trying to `suck’ as much as I could. Without even thinking my left handwrapped around his leg while my other moved up to his balls. His sack waslow hanging, a sprinkle of course hairs sprouting from the skin. I squeezedthem gently and he moaned.When I heard it I opened my eyes and looked up. He was still staring downat me. I could feel his hips gyrating back and forth as he tried to glidemore and more of his cock into my mouth. “Cover your fucking teeth,” hesaid angrily, eyes never leaving me. I did what he said and closed my eyesonce again. From what I could feel his fifteen year old cock was more thansix inches, cut, and the head of his cock was fat. I pulled back, and triedto focus on the mushroom, letting myself try and forget where I was. Imoved my mouth back-and-forth faster and faster over the head as Icontinued to knead his balls.I tasted something on my tongue and tried to pull off in disgust when Ithought he was cumming. “Fuck no, not yet bitch!” He said, panting, as hisstrong arms forced me back on. He was still hard and after another minuteof sucking I knew it was only pre-cum. “Fuck,” he said to himself as I feltmy jaw begin to tighten. I thought I could feel myself cry but I keptsucking. With a sudden pressure in my jeans I knew that I was hard and grewslightly red in the face from embarrassment. Swallowing as I felt my mouthfill with saliva I found myself getting use to the movements. It felt right– and simple enough. I could smell him, the muskiness of pubescent boyand unwashed pubes. I almost gagged but, after a moment, started to try andbreath in more of it.I swirled my tongue around his head in between mouth-thrusts completelydown the shaft. He gripped my hair tighter – it hurt – and continuedto moan and curse. “Fuck yeah faggot. Faggot!” I felt him growing evenbigger in my mouth and without even realizing it picked up my pace. Hecame.Like lava he poured into my mouth, the first shot going completely down mythroat as the second filled my mouth. He pulled down tight on my hair and Iscreamed, mouth coming off his cock with a `pop’. I saw him reach down forhis dick and jack it off. A rain of semen jetted out and smacked me on theface, cover my eye and forehead. I think another jet hit my cheek and neckbefore he shoved it back into my mouth. The taste was sour, but, to mydisgust, I actually liked it.I kept my eyes shut and hesitantly ran my tongue over hispiss-slit. Eventually we both stopped moving except for the panting in ourchests. My mind was racing a million miles a minute and despite being ahigh school freshman I just wanted to cry. My dick was still hard in mypants.It wasn’t until I heard the `click’ of a camera phone that I finally openedmy eyes. They instantly stung from the semen trapped in them but I just hadto make sure. Eddie was grinning and, as I thought, had his phone open inhis hand.”Freckled faggot fuck.” He slapped me with his free hand and immediatelyafter I felt his fingers pushing into my mouth. “Eww, get my cock snot offmy fingers.” When he pulled them out he backed away and, to my surprise, Ibegan to laugh. Shaking my head I couldn’t stop as the chuckles escaped mythroat. “What the fuck, faggot?” He said.”Who the hell says cock-snot?”

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