Val Part 3


Val Part 3my blogVal (Part 3)As we recovered from our initial spunking, Val settled us down and began her seduction. She gently told us to remove all our clothes, allowing us to see her hairy cunt and hard, erect nipples. She seemed to delight in making us hard again, and knew exactly what we would do, we were young and horny and at her mercy! She put 2 fingers up her twat and then waved them under our noses and teased our mouths and lips with her juicy residue!! Our cocks rose again and the first thing she did was get down on her knees and take Mowgan’s cock and put it in her mouth.She knew he had missed out first time, and therefore he would be first to experience her favours this time!! As she had him in her mouth, she grabbed my hand and guided it to her cunt. I automatically pushed 2 fingers deep into her hairy crevice as she pushed back to receive them!! Spud was guided to her tits and nipples, at first caressing, and then tweaking and pulling them!! Val moaned loudly and without barely removing Mowgan from her mouth, managed to tell me to stick my cock up her!! I needed no second reminder and swiftly knelt behind her and shoved my rampant illegal bahis tool as deep as I could up her wet cunt! She was wanking Mowgan with her lips and teeth now, his hand gently on the top of her head making sure she wasn’t going to remove her mouth from him!As we fucked her mouth and cunt in unison, I saw her guide Spuds hand from her nipples to her clit, placing his finger against it, I could feel my mates finger against my cock as I was pounding her, my balls slapping against her cunt and Spud’s finger! As I felt my spunk rise again, I realised that Mowgan was about to shoot again too, into Vals mouth, and she was licking and lapping and deep throating him, ready to receive his load, she knew it was imminent and took a deep breathe ready to take it all!! As if we were twins, Mowgan and I began to ejaculate together, I felt Val’s cunt muscles tighten against my shaft and I shot my spunky load, like an express train deep into her womb, just as Mowgan splattered the back of her throat with such ferocity that Val was unable to take it all without it leaking from her lips! As I pulled out from her and let the remains of my shortened spurts illegal bahis siteleri cover her bum cheeks, Spud moved in to continue!! Val had swallowed most of the spunk from Mowgan now and begged Spud to ‘Fuck me, Fuck my spunky hole too’!! Unable to resist, he pushed past the creampie leaking from Val’s wet, glistening cunt and pounded and thrust hard and fast!! Val pushed back at him and began moaning again and her cunt began to tighten and throb, the first throw’s of orgasm pulsating down her pussy!!She bucked and moaned one last time as Spud’s cock exploded inside her and as he pulled out, she rolled over, opened her legs wide, and smiled at us the spunk, mixed with her cumjuice, trickled from her sweaty, well used hole! As we stood there in amazement, she played her discharge against her clitoris, rubbing and teasing it, making it stand proud like a soldier, and indicated to us that we could tickle and kiss it if we wanted! Like a depraved a****l, she held her cuntflaps wide and pushed her hips towards us!! Reluctantly at first I knelt between her thighs, she had used a tissue to wipe her cunt, but that little pink organ looked canlı bahis siteleri so inviting that I just HAD to have a little taste! She took hold of my ears and guided me with words of encouragement so I licked and chewed and gently bit her just as she wanted! As I did as I was told she began breathing heavily and told me to apply a bit more pressure with my teeth. The musky smell and taste brought my cock up yet again ,and this time she moved around so she could suck me while I was still eating her!! My first 69!! The other 2 were wanking again now and as she experienced another huge orgasm, my spunk emptied from my balls yet again and Spud and Mowgan also wanked, yet again, this time on Vals back and bum, as she writhed above my face!!As we recovered and got dressed, Val smiled and went to clean herself up!! She came back in a less revealing dressing gown and poured us all a quick drink before we took our leave, hoping that this would be the start of many a session with her!! Unfortunately that was the only time, we think others had the benefit of her experience but it wasn’t us!! We talked about over the years, as we remained friends during our time at sea, and college and as we re-united 30 years later, back in Greenhithe, almost 50 years of age by then! We wonder what became of her as the ‘Worcester’ closed down in the mid 70’s, I guess by that time, she had ‘closed down’ too!!

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