Vanessa Cums Over


When our new employee Vanessa was first introduced in our sales meeting, Natalie had shot me a wide-eyed look. Her slender form slipped into the room and as she took her seat, I noticed her tight bum curving under her black skirt. The curly locks of her black hair pinned behind her head allowed a look at her elegant neck. I had looked back to Natalie, whose smirk revealed that she knew the exact contents of my filthy mind. That had been weeks ago and since then, smiles had ramped up to salacious flirting. Vanessa liked to whisper when she revealed her dirty thoughts, forcing her to lean in, teasing with the bits of her pert breasts exposed by her cleavage. “It’s been so long,” the words barely making it over Vanessa’s supple lips. “I swear the next time I cum is going to be fucking epic.” “Well Nat and I are heading out after work for a few drinks,” I replied. “Maybe we can find you a nice guy to take home.” “Ugh.” Vanessa rolled her eyes. “If only I could find a guy who ate pussy like a girl.” With that she turned and walked away. My eyes followed her, up her grey, wide cuff slacks as they crept up into the crevice of her flawless bum. “She’s so down.” Natalie’s bahis siteleri voice broke the train of naughty thoughts railing through my mind. “Fuck I hope so.” Nat gave my ass a slap with her handful of manila folders as she took off down the hall. Her hips swayed, knowingly teasing me with her rocking bum. As she turned the corner, the only thing that remained of the two girls fine rumps was the slow seep of juices from my impatient pussy.~ X ~  That afternoon, an impromptu meeting was called to discuss who would be going to Las Vegas for our annual sales convention. I’d been there before and didn’t give a shit about the drunken orgy of lecherous old men trying to slap with with their wrinkled cocks. The women there were never that interesting either. A few drinks and they think they’re all fucking kinky – but try to shove a heel into their cooch and they quickly revert back to their missionary style, AA vibrator, lights off selves. I looked at Vanessa sitting across from me. She’d put on a pair of black rimmed glasses. A few strands of her long hair had come loose and teased her slender neck. She glanced over to me, offered a soft smile, then went back canlı bahis siteleri to listening to our head of sales drone on. Just then, my pen rolled off my desk. I reached down to grab it and stole a look over to Vanessa’s heels then up to her crotch. She spread her legs and flipped me the bird underneath the table. Fucking dress pants. When I looked up, Vanessa’s gaze was locked at the front of the room, completely ignoring me. The rest of the day I wasn’t worth a fuck. I watched the clock turn over on my desk. 4:59. One more fucking minute. Then my computer chimed a new email from Vanessa. Still on for drinks? ~ X ~  I put the nearly empty rocks glass to my lips while pouring out the last bits of vodka and pulling an ice cube into my mouth. My body burned, from the sensation of Natalie’s fingers stroking my pussy lips through my panties. “So what do you girls do for fun?” Vanessa asks. She sits across from Natalie and I with the top buttons of blouse undone. “I have to pee.” Natalie is always the first to break the seal. She tilts back her glass, drains it, then stands. “Another round. And shots.” As Natalie disappears into the bathroom, canlı bahis I order more drinks. Vanessa and I share a moment of silence that was more refreshing than awkward. Then she reaches up and undoes her hair. As her waves fall down past her shoulders, my eyes follow them. Two dark freckles dot the visible parts of her upper breasts. “Knock knock,” Vanessa startles me from being lost between her tits. “Oh, sorry,” I stammer. “They’re real you know.” Her smile allows me to regain my composure. For a moment I’d lost my sass and I was glad to have it back. “Mine aren’t and no, I won’t let you feel them here.” “Well maybe we should go then.” Her words slip from her tongue and wrap themselves around me. Just then Natalie returns and sits next to Vanessa. “Did I miss anything?” “We were just thinking about leaving,” I reply. Natalie raises an eyebrow to me. “Can we at least finish our drinks first?” And right on cue our shots and beverages arrive. “A toast.” Natalie raises her shot glass and Vanessa and I follow suit. “Let’s be friends.” We all tip back drink then and slam our shot glasses to the table. Natalie’s hand slides off the table next to Vanessa, who shoots me a quick glance. I smile to relax her. “Yes, let’s all be friends.” ~ X ~  Back at the apartment, there is no time for pleasantries. I push Vanessa back onto the couch while unbuttoning the rest of her blouse.

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