Vanessa ‘s Empowerment

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Vanessa ‘s EmpowermentVanessa sipped her coffee, enjoying the warm breeze and the evening sunshine as she sat in the park with Dieter, her boyfriend.Had Dieter been more attentive, he would have noticed that she had a faraway look in her eyes, as she stared away into middle distance to her left. Any psychologist would tell you that she was remembering, and her cute smile, showing her neat white teeth, affirmed that the memory was a pleasant one. What Dieter did not know either, was that as she sat there in the sunshine, Vanessa was gently squeezing her thighs together, bringing on a delicious tingling between her legs, to accompany the moisture that had soaked her little black panties as the memories took form.On the previous night, when Dieter had been at the Hertha game with his football supporter friends, Vanessa had gone to a bar with her best friend Caroline for a few drinks and a bit of fun. By 2 a.m. they were ia little too drunk, as the barkeeper had taken a liking to them and given them a couple of drinks on the house. He was an older man, about 45, burly but fit. He was tanned and had cropped grey hair. An atractive older man, and he flirted expertly with them as it was a quiet night.”Where are you men tonight? You girls are football widows.” he joked.He continued “They go out with their friends, drink too much and arrive home unable to take care of your needs. All they want is to sleep it off. They don’t know how to look after their women.””And you’re not like that?” asked Vanessa. “Aren’e all men the same?””Let me tell you, if you were the woman in my life, there would be no football. I would dedicate myself to one pleasure only. bursa escort You must concentrate on things in order to become great at them.”She smirked and he caught the look.”Ah! So he isn’t all that great in bed yet?””Who?” she asked”That boyfriend of yours, what’s his name, Dieter?””Yes, Dieter.” She was surprised that the barkeeper remembered his name, and it showed on her face.”It’s always important to know your opponent” said the barkeeper.”Opponent?” she asked.”When I am jealous of a man and want his woman, then he is my opponent. What I need then is a chance to show what I can do. Just one chance, to let you compare and make a decision.””Will you give me that chance tonight?” he whispered, as Caroline tottered to the bar.She felt her pussy twinge and moisten. Her breath came in short pants, her face reddened.”What about Caroline?””I have ordered a cab. She can take it alone, ot you can go together. You are welcome to stay and let me compete with my rival. It’ your choice.”Ten minutes later Vanessa was still in the bar, now closed and with all the other customers departed. Caroline was on her way home alone. The bartender pulled down the shutters. She watched him, noticed his agile movements, the tightness of his ass muscles, the broadness and power of his shoulders. She was excited.When the shutters were down, he came to her and took her by the hand. He led her behind the bar to a living room which was used for staff breaks. There were a few large armchairs. He sat her down in one, kissing her hand. Then he knelt before her, and took her shoes off, befor caressing her ankles and toes . As he massaged each foot, he occasionally bursa escort bayan caressed her calves. He tanned legs were bare. She was wearing her little black dress with the tiny straps, it was a short dress. Sooon his hands were carressing her knees. Strong, experienced assured hands, expert hands. Feelings of guilt were overwhelmed by excitement as his hands brished the insides of her legs and began to move up her thighs. His fingers stroked and pressed the warm smooth flesh of her inner thighs. Then the back of a hand grazed her panties, as if by accident. He panties were damp already. She wanted him to rip them off an parted her legs as if to signal it. But he merely passed the hand over and back, each time pressing more firmly against the damp warm black gussett. By the time his thumb slid underneath the material and bgan to touch her sex, she was melting. Melting onto his string fingers, dripping her honey on his hand. He licked his fingers briefly, inhaled her scent from his fingers in the way as connoisseur would appreciate a fine Cuban cigar. She was ready. Her time.He stood up from between her legs, his cock already rampant in his jeans. Vanessa did not need a second invitation. She unbuckled his belt, pulled firmly at the top metal button, and agin to open the flies. Now she tugged the faded denim down over his thighs to reveal the tent in his white Armani briefs. She pulled the elasticated waistband towards herself to free the erection, and as she slid the briefs down, he presented himself to her in all his glory.She couln’t help but notice the difference bewteen this rampant, god-like cock and Dieter’s. This escort bursa one was enormous, fully 25cm or more, and it was half as thick again as Dieter. She realised this when her hand grasped the rampant pole and her fingers did not go all the way around. The head was already oozing precum. She licked the droplet off his tip, tasting his sweetness. He sighed. Vanessa continued to lick and suck the enormous cock head, while cupping the bartender’s heavy, scrotum in her willing and grateful hands. She felt the weight of his magnificent bag of seed. This sperm would be hers, she thought, in wonderment. She would take it deep in her womb, for this was the cock she knew must impregnate her. A masterful, manly cock. Two hours and seven orgasms later, Vanessa’s cunt was deliciously raw and swollen from the pummeling his thick cock had given her. They had fucked in positions she had never tried before. He had shown her how to lick his arse while pulling down on his scrotum to tease his penis head from behind. She had felt him penetrate her whole being, the first time ever that she had felt as though another life force had taken her, filled her body like an ancient spirit, And when he exploded for the third and last time, once again deep, deep in her womb, she knew her uterus was greedily gobbling up his seed, so as to make the baby she wanted.The memories of last night shad aroused her and she could sense the wetness between her legs. She knew now that Dieter had been just an amusement to pass the time. Not a real man. She realised that her body ached for her new lover. The barkeeper had been given his chance and taken it. Even as she was telling Dieter that it was over, she knew that she would go to her bartender’s place on the way home. She was no longer a girl, but a fully fledged sexual being…. a powerful young woman who knew life had more to offer than a lame boyfriend.

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