Vanessa’s Camping Tryst

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It’s day 3 at camp and Vanessa is ready to go home. The summer heat is getting to her but the kids she’s chaperoning weren’t bothered by the humidity, insects and general wildlife in the park. Oh and she also missed her fiance badly.

“Ms Vanessa!” Jamie called, tugging at Vanessa’s denim cutoff shorts. Vanessa jumped at being pulled away from dreamland with her fiance fucking in their apartment bedroom.

“Jeez Jamie, you startled me. What is it?”

“The school bus is here,” Jamie pointed to the yellow bus in the parking lot. “Shall we start packing?”

‘Oh thank god,’ Jamie thought to herself but instead said, “Yeah sure, tell the rest to gather their things. We’ll leave in an hour okay?”

“Okay Ms Vanessa!,” Jamie said enthusiastically and ran back to his group of friends.

Vanessa walked to her tent to put her things together. About 20 minutes later, she heard her name being called. She paused to wonder who it could be as the voice did not belong to any one of the 12-year-olds that she knew.

The voice was deep and gruff. It reminded her of Kevin, her fiance. Just imagining hearing Kevin’s voice as he whispered dirty things while being fucked as she lay on her stomach got her pussy pulsating and moist.

“Ms Vanessa? I was told you’re in here. I’m Josh, the bus driver.”

Vanessa snapped back to reality. “Yes I’m in here. Give me a sec and I’ll be right out.”

She could hear him pacing outside as his shoes trampled over dried leaves, twigs and dead branches strewn all over the natural landscape.

Vanessa came out of her tent and gasped at what she saw. Josh had to be over 6 feet. Josh’s broad chest and firm nipples poked out of the grey t-shirt he was wearing. The bottom of his t-shirt sway freely with the breeze, it’s movement not constrained and fixed in place by a bulging gut. No, Josh had the proverbial washboard abs. Vanessa imagined running her wet tongue between his ab muscles, slowly working her way down to his..

“Are you alright Ms Vanessa? You look a little pale,” Josh asked.

Vanessa’s face flushed red. “Oh yes. Sorry I zoned out,” she said, hoping Josh didn’t read too much into her momentary absence. “I was really excited to be on that bus by sundown. I’m more than ready to go home.”

“Well about that, I’m afraid I have some bad news,” Josh said as he took off his worn-out NY baseball cap.

“What is it?”

“Well the bus died the moment I parked it. I tried to start it again but it just wouldn’t. I’m guessing that the battery’s dead.”

“What! How are we gonna get back?” Vanessa took a few steps closer to Josh. She could catch a whiff of his musky aftershave.

“Well don’t worry about that Ms Vanessa,” Josh said holding both his palms outward. “I called my buddy who owns a workshop about 2 hours south of here, but since it’s getting dark, he can only come tomorrow morning. So I suggest that we put up another night and leave in the morning. He owes me a favour so he should be here by 7.30am.”

Vanessa was growing frustrated but she knew arguing with him over this would be pointless. Josh was right. They had no choice but to wait it out. She wasn’t too concerned with extending the camp for another night. They still had plenty of food and all she had to do was call 8 sets of parents and get them up to speed. She also had to call Kevin and tell him that their dinner reservation has to be pushed to the following day or week.

It was 9pm and all the kids were gathered around the campfire, roasting fish kebab over the crackling flames. Josh, who was listening to music in the bus, joined them for dinner. The camp was dark with the only source of light coming from the fire and the full moon. Vanessa was getting a little scared after hearing tales of the supernatural from Josh and the kids, but having Josh sit next to her gave her some comfort and warmth, more than the fire ever could.

She laughed a lot though. With every bouts of laughter, she inched closer and closer towards Josh, hoping that he wouldn’t notice. Josh, however, did notice her soft breasts jiggling in her low-cut tank top. Josh was an expert in taking in good views with the quickest of glances. Her long brown hair flowed over her shoulders, resting where her nipples would be poking out if she hadn’t worn a bra. He also noticed her coming closer and closer. Josh felt some heat on his cock. It was pressing against his jeans.

Every now and then the kids said or did something funny and she’d laugh and nonchalantly slap Josh’s right knee and thigh. This didn’t help quell the bulge in his jeans.

It canlı bahis şirketleri was 10.30pm and the campfire had died down to ember. “It’s bedtime kids,” Vanessa said as she got up off the log. The kids tried to stage a revolt but they were too tired to be persistent. Eventually they gave up and started cleaning up around the campfire.

“Thanks Ms Vanessa,” Josh said as he stood up.

“Oh please, just call me Vanessa. I’m not your teacher,” Vanessa said as she twirled her hair around her finger. Was she flirting with Josh? Vanessa knew it was wrong but carried on with her playfulness.

Josh laughed and said, “Okay Vanessa. If I had a teacher like you back in school I’d probably have a tough time concentrating in class, that’s for sure.”

“Why’s that?”

“Well cos you’re one hell of a hot teacher!” Josh said.

“You’re just teasing. I bet you had way hotter teachers in school.” Vanessa couldn’t hide her flushed face any longer. Plus the vodka she had been sipping off her flask helped loosen her inhibitions.

“Nah, you’re definitely on my ‘top-ten hot teacher’ list for sure,” Josh said. “Hey since it’s getting late I’ll head to the bus and sleep there. If you need anything, just knock on the door okay?”

Vanessa felt a little disappointed. The vodka in her system made her horny and she wanted a set of strong arms to coddle her as she slept. She wanted to spoon with his washboard abs and cock pressing against her ass. She was fantasising about him again and this time she pressed both her thighs together, holding the moistness within.

“Why sleep in the bus when there’s plenty of room in my tent? I’ve got an extra sleeping bag AND there’s a bug repellant. Trust me, you don’t want to sleep out here with no protection, unless you want to be bug feed.”

Josh was taken aback with her offer. “Oh that’s kind of you Vanessa but I’ll be fine in the bus.”

Josh tried to read the situation and see if she wanted to fuck or just being corteous. He wasn’t sure so he opted for the safer option.

“Are you sure?” Vanessa asked with her tone down half a pitch. “I mean I’ve even got a small A/C unit in case it gets too hot?”

“Thanks Vanessa, but I’m sure. Remember if you need anything just let me know okay?” Josh said as he retreated his steps and headed to the bus.

Vanessa felt slightly dejected and confused. She knew that if Kevin found out that she offered to share a tent with a strange, well-built guy, he’d be beyond pissed. She knew it was wrong but she also felt the overwhelming need to hold Josh’s cock in her hands and feel it grow in her palm.

A small part of her was thankful that Josh walked to the bus instead of crawling in her tent. She did love Kevin after all.

After making sure that the campfire site was clean and all the kids were in their tents, she went into hers and stripped off her clothes. She unclasped her bra and let her firm medium-sized breasts fall free. Her nipples stood erect. She cast her bra to the floor and slid off her white cotton panties and cast them aside too. She noticed a wet patch on the crotch of her panties, thanks to Josh’s effect.

She reached into her bag and pulled out an oversized black sweatshirt. She was on all fours when she took the sweatshirt out of the bag, exposing her bare pussy to the entrance of the tent, which was unzipped 1 feet off the ground. She was pretty confident that no one was around her tent, as all the kids were in their tents and Josh in the bus. If there was anyone nearby, she would hear the unmistakable crunch of leaves and twigs being stepped on.

Just then a whiff of cold breeze slithered into the tent and caressed Vanessa’s pussy. She let out a gasp, a little surprised. She turned back to see the flaps at the bottom swaying gently. She dropped the sweatshirt and touched her pussy. She felt incredibly horny. Her pussy was getting moist again. She bit her lips and let out a soft moan as she traced her fingers around her clit. She then slid her index finger into her wet pussy while she was in a doggy position and began to fuck herself slowly, each time perking her ass up higher and higher. She began rocking back and forth, imagining Josh’s hard cock sliding in and out, stretching her pussy to its limits. She let out a loud moan and bucked feverishly. Her hand was covered with her juices as she came.

She looked at her phone to check the time and it was 11.30pm. She figured it was time to call it a night. She put on the sweatshirt and got into her sleeping bag. Just as she was about to switch off the lamp, she heard footsteps canlı kaçak iddaa outside her tent.

“Is anyone there?” she said.

“It’s Josh. Sorry if I scared you.”

Just then Vanessa’s heart leapt into her mouth. She just remembered that lights cast a shadow and if so, her self-pleasure session just now would’ve cast a show on the tent’s walls. She hoped Josh didn’t see any of that. Oh who was she kidding. A small part of her wanted Josh to see her finger fuck herself.

“Hey Josh, no that’s fine,” Vanessa said. The sweatshirt she was wearing covered her to her knees so she didn’t bother putting anything else on. She unzipped the tent and crawled out. She stood up in front of him, hugging herself as it was chilly outside.

“Hey so what’s up? Can’t sleep?”

“Well you were right about sleeping out here without bug repellant. Damn mosquitoes would’ve sucked half my blood out and it’s not even midnight. I don’t think I can last another minute in there,” Josh pointed to the bus.

Vanessa laughed, letting her hands fall to her sides.

“Is that offer to sleep in there still on? I mean you do have another sleeping bag in there don’t you?”

Vanessa wasn’t ready for that question, but felt her nipples harden behind her sweatshirt. Her nipples stood ¾ inch when erect and she was aware that it could be poking from under her sweatshirt.

“Umm yea sure,” she said, “next time, listen to the hot teacher from the start why don’t you.”

Josh laughed and said, “I will.”

Vanessa gave a cute little curtsy, turned around and held open the tent’s opening. Josh admired her round perky ass as she turned around to open the tent and Vanessa caught sight of that. She felt her pussy getting warmer.

Josh crawled in and spotted the extra sleeping bag in one corner of the tent. The tent was spacious but it didn’t have room for a fully grown person to stand upright. Vanessa crawled in behind him and went to her sleeping bag.

“Great. I see you found the sleeping bag. Can you sort that out on your own?”

“Oh yeah sure,” Josh said, sounding a little nervous, “this isn’t my first camping trip you know.”

Vanessa laughed and slid into her sleeping bag. As she adjusted herself to slip into the sleeping bag her sweatshirt rode up to her thigh, just barely exposing her pussy. Before Josh’s eyes could adjust itself in the dimness of the tent and realise he’s staring at her pussy, she covered herself with the sleeping bag and zipped herself up.

“All nice and cosy in here. How is it going over there?” Vanessa asked.

Josh was having a little bit of trouble unzipping the sleeping bag. She asked what was wrong and he told her what the problem was.

“Well why don’t you just sneak in here next to me. This is a double-sized sleeping bag so there’s plenty of room.” Vanessa said. She unzipped her sleeping sack and moved over. She pocketed herself to the edge of her sleeping bag and patted on the space next to her in the bag. She did not know what came over her. She had lost all her inhibitions and only wanted him next to her however she could.

Josh looked at her beautiful body, her sweatshirt rolled up around her creamy thighs. “You mind if I take my shirt off?” he asked. She shook her head as her eyes locked onto his seductively.

He took his shirt off and went next to Vanessa. “Do you also sleep in your jeans all the time?” she asked.

“Well no, I actually sleep in the nude but I don’t think it’d be appropriate under these circumstances.”

“Come on Josh we’re both adults. You can take it off but leave your underwear on? Promise I won’t look,” Vanessa giggled.

“Okay if you insist,” Josh said. But really he was happy to be off those jeans. He unbutton his jeans and pulled them off his legs. He was wearing blue boxer shorts. His abs were just as she had imagined it during the day.

He crawled next to her and zipped them up snug. “Goodnight Josh,” Vanessa said as she switched off the lamp.

“Goodnight Ms Vanessa,” Josh said.

Vanessa turned to face the other side but her ass moved closer to Josh. He felt her ass graze the side of his thigh. His cock throbbed. Her sweatshirt had ridden up even further, exposing her bare flesh underneath the sleep sack. He couldn’t feel the fabric of her panties. She wasn’t wearing any! This excited him even more.

He slowly reached for his cock and started massaging the base of his cock, careful not to make any noise. She squirmed and moved closer to him. He could now feel her warmth and catch a whiff of her scent. His cock was throbbing harder, canlı kaçak bahis poking outside his boxers.

“Hey Josh, are you still awake?”


“Do you mind spooning me?”

Josh couldn’t believe his luck. Just an hour earlier he saw the silhouette of her fingering herself in the tent and that got him hard. And now here he is lying right next to her in a tent in the middle of wilderness. AND she wants him to spoon her.

He stuffed his cock back into the waistband of his boxers as best as he could. “Of course,” he complied and moved closer to her, placing his left arm over her waist. She took hold of his hand and brought it closer to her face, resting it just underneath her chin. He could feel her warm breath brushing the back of his hands. Her palm felt soft. Her waist slender, accentuating the rise of her freakishly sexy hips, noticeable even from underneath the bulky sleep sack.

She let out a soft moan and wiggled her ass closer to his. She felt his stiffening cock pressing against her bare asscheeks. Josh pressed himself closer. His cock was so hard now that it poked out from his boxers again, this time nudging itself between her asscheeks. Vanessa gasped and held his hand tighter. She wiggled some more and now all pretenses were lost.

Josh rocked his hips forward, pushing his cock deeper between her thighs. He felt the moistness of her pussy on the tip of his cock, which was glistening with precum. His hand moved downwards and rested on her left breast. He squeezed it. She moaned, biting her lips.

His hand went lower and found its way underneath her sweatshirt. He felt her soft stomach. He leaned in and kissed her exposed neck. She moaned and pushed her ass harder against his cock, covering his length with her juices. His hand moved up to her breast and found her hard nipple. He lightly pinched it while still kissing her neck and earlobe.

She moved around with her left hand and found his wet cock behind her. She stroked his cock making it even harder. He squeezed her nipple harder.

She turned around and they faced each other, lips less than an inch away from each other. She still had her hand around his stiff cock and his hand was on her pussy, rubbing her clit. They kissed and their tongues met. It was the most intense and passionate kiss Vanessa had had in a long time. Josh returned the fervour while massaging her clit.

Vanessa broke the kiss and threw open the sleep sack cover. She wanted to sit on top of him. She pushed his chest against the floor and straddled him. He pulled her face closer and kissed her. She grabbed his cock and rubbed it against her pussy, coating it with her slick juices, getting his cock ready to enter her. She held his cock straight up and sat on it, letting her pussy take in his full length.

Josh’s cock was 8 inches when fully erect with matching girth. “Oh my god that feels so fucking good,” Vanessa said as sat on his pelvis and rocked her hips in every which way. The kissing grew more passionate and intense. Josh thrust his hips harder while grabbing her tighter. The sound of their flesh slapping each other as he fucked her was loud in the quiet of the wilderness. Vanessa only hoped that all the kids were sleeping soundly.

Vanessa sat up straight and fucked him harder, matching his thrusts. She threw her head back and clawed his chest. He squeezed her breasts, mesmerised by their jiggling. He wanted to suck her nipples badly. He pinched her nipples hard and that caused her to yelp in surprise and pleasure.

Josh’s cock was now ready to explode inside her. The thrusts were getting wild and hard. Her pussy drenched his cock. Every pounding that she took sent shivers throughout her body. Josh grabbed her throat and pulled her to him. They kissed while she kept grinding her pussy on his cock. Josh kissed back passionately and coiled his arm around her waist, holding her tight against his body and increased his pace. He fucked her harder and faster, she moaned louder, the sound of flesh slapping against each other became frantic.

“God you fuck me good baby,” Vanessa said as she felt his cock thrust deeper and harder. Josh couldn’t hold it in him anymore.

“I’m gonna cum!”

“I want you to cum inside me.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m on the pill baby.”

With that final word, Josh erupted inside Vanessa’s sopping pussy. She came as soon as she felt the warm liquid gushing inside her womb. She bucked hard, matching Josh’s orgasm. Vanessa collapsed on top of Josh.

“That felt so good Ms Vanessa,” Josh said as he kissed her lips, still holding her tight. “I’m glad I came over cos if it wasn’t for the show you put up in your tent earlier, I would’ve definitely slept solo in that bus.”

Vanessa raised her eyebrows and said, “You fucking saw that?”

Josh smiled and winked at her.

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